Pronunciation of Careless
/kˈe͡ələs/, /kˈe‍ələs/, /k_ˈeə_l_ə_s/

Antonyms for careless

more described, far-sighted, more cost conscious, on money, un sleeping, quickwitted, graceful, un social, inquiring, most balletic, money saving, well thought-out, more disciplined, most dead center, more percipient, most apperceptive, dime dozen, un-wasteful, like a clam, most laggard, elaborated, more safeguarding, precise, re liabler, most even-steven, most sure-enough, most insulating, in know, most glued, rational, judicious, most tight fisted, most ultraprecise, doctrinal, on button, supra liminal, wise, mis trustful, more money-saving, Ungiving, pre-determinate, over-cautious, aforethought, crossing t's, with ones eyes peeled, most hard-working, concerned, judgmatic, un flappable, in-communicable, most card-carrying, de terminate, more supraliminal, crossing ts, clammed up, most precautious, more elaborated, regarding, bought for a song, regardful, well grounded, most unmistaken, money-saving, observant, more aforethought, on the rims, caring, most defined, be-coming, un equivocal, more nit-picking, to point, un sure, on the numbers, nimble-witted, clear cut, like clam, more tightwad, very accurate, in dividual, predesigned, on job, detailed, well-regulated, un-doubted, punctilious, at length, un erring, more fuddyduddy, hard working, more unsocial, unerring, able to recognize, more conscionable, wise to, scheming, more felt, discreet, gingerly, taking it easy, tight fisted, minding ps and qs, on qui vive, more unrefuted, supraliminal, uneager, handling with kid gloves, most deistic, most well-kept, ultra precise, over-conscientious, most stewardly, sagacious, re-liablest, more true to life, meager, hit nail head, over-scrupulous, Conservational, lost in thought, over scrupulous, most cost-conscious, dotting the is, bull-eye, straight from horse mouth, in voluntary, sure-enough, neat as pin, in doubt, free error, in-tensive, uneasy, out righter, fore-sighted, most felt, more cardcarrying, well groomed, cut fine, keeping on toes, most museful, most advertent, most wellprepared, overfastidious, more card carrying, choiciest, well prepared, most highprincipled, most sophic, more unwasteful, more bornagain, pre-serving, straight from horses mouth, un easier, hedging one bets, most attached, most observative, playing cool, Museful, most unsocial, most skimping, most surveying, more astucious, most tight-fisted, eagle eyed, un impeachable, card carrying, dis criminative, done purpose, in the know, formalistic, mindful, tight-fisted, most penny-wise, crossing the t's, minding p q, ironhanded, most stickling, accurate, openeyed, highminded, bull's eye, ear the ground, painstaking, right thinking, going to great lengths, balletic, un distorted, most reasoned, most bornagain, de liberate, mingier, more balletic, most churchgoing, in comparable, wellbred, disciplined, more conserving, un believing, more efficient, high-principled, most detecting, de scribed, dyed in the wool, de signed, more circumscribed, ex-press, more pinpoint, to the point, keeping one's toes, more well-kept, pre determined, lithe, dis trustful, fast on draw, dotting is, a turn, more fuddy duddy, most disciplined, more attached, most percipient, more overconscientious, most pussyfoot, far sighted, more projected, over-fastidious, sparing, on the watch, on watch, dis-criminating, god fearing, know ins outs, most disheartened, most gnostic, most right thinking, fast on the draw, structured, cost nothing, de voted, more time saving, dis-covering, know ins and outs, most money-saving, more high principled, more disclosed, more nimblewitted, safest, true-to-life, in-disposed, penetrative, most nimble witted, Stewardly, switched on, dis criminatory, most guardian, bought for song, more penetrative, on to, un disputed, more moneyconscious, welladvised, most enumerated, Unrefuted, un-eager, wideawake, un compromising, more designed, diligent, recherche, un-believing, in-comparable, to t, out standing, mingiest, neat, re-liable, most safeguarding, more discovering, more penny wise, hedging one's bets, shrewd, dis closed, noncommittal, more individualized, more predesigned, over conscientious, most scriptural, un-permissive, pre cautious, priestliest, most cost conscious, un tiring, dotting the i's, more grooved, most witting, more welljudged, non committal, more seriatim, plugged in, un easy, Designful, out-righter, marked down, be coming, Astucious, out and out, in good shape, Precautious, suspicious, pickypicky, un-compromising, most unassured, hard to please, work saving, meth-odic, more concrete, choicier, faithful, more well-regulated, most work saving, more money-conscious, ex acting, with one's eyes peeled, most zipped, having foresight, cost effective, dis-trustful, more recherche, most card carrying, in right mind, ear to the ground, most cognitive, bornagain, more insulating, prudential, dotting the i, unassured, deistic, stealest, uneffusive, in definite, not missing trick, dog cheap, low tariff, clean cut, not born yesterday the lookout, to a turn, looking to, heart soul in to, un-impeachable, Intentive, most recherche, well thought out, know the answers, most protecting, quick witted, thoughtful, more hard working, bull'seye, undistorted, true to life, pre meditated, un-qualified, most deducing, most plugging, theistic, minding p's and q's, with forethought, more scrimping, more pickypicky, lowpriced, un-sleeping, on ones guard, coolheaded, blow-by-blow, dead-center, unassertive, re-gular, most grudging, more high-principled, in-grained, purposive, advertent, minding p and q, most money conscious, more ultraprecise, wellprepared, clear-sighted, most uneager, been hit before, more pondering, forethoughtful, fore sighted, most amplified, un-changing, de-scribed, minding p's q's, good eye, more deductive, fuddy duddy, most circumscribed, un doubted, proper, wellgrounded, watching ones step, most money saving, not rash, most money-conscious, guarded, more custodial, re gular, most well regulated, self effacing, spick and span, nit picking, more aesthetic, more thorough, minute, most prudential, more theistic, re liablest, attentive, bulls eye, more right-thinking, pro founder, SAFER, thought out, cautious, selective, crossing the t, more grudging, pre occupied, un responsive, more reasoning, more on the fence, most overcautious, on ones toes, more streetwise, most rightthinking, more work-saving, low priced, kind, pre-meditated, more unassertive, most judgmatic, in-definite, most particularized, self disciplined, more well judged, de-liberate, more defined, more on-the-fence, niggardly, more formalistic, de-fined, walking eggs, un adorned, selfpossessed, most poised, most described, cut rate, more sharp eyed, more enumerated, matter-of-fact, in-credulous, un-revealing, in flexible, most unwasteful, more temporizing, more conservational, in tensive, the point, fast draw, most methodized, in disposed, most wellregulated, pre-pared, overcautious, hedging ones bets, most schemed, with eyes peeled, most clear sighted, penny wise, more tight fisted, most on-the-fence, most pinpoint, moneyconscious, more wellprepared, most deadcenter, un-deniable, provident, un ambiguous, more prudential, more picky picky, more true-to-life, churchgoing, un refuted, more glued, money conscious, Middle-ground, more advertent, most grooved, most middle ground, meticulous, in one right mind, more reflecting, Prepense, more rightthinking, like sport, more well kept, most niggardly, sure enough, most scrimping, out right, searching, most structured, nit-picking, veracious, more judged, more penny-wise, most middleground, careful, watching step, pro-found, un swerving, artful, keeping on one toes, most clear-sighted, un-assured, more well-prepared, heads up, un-sure, super natural, more weighed, de-liberative, most disclosed, most enrapt, re-served, in-dividual, pre-determined, most fuddy duddy, most theistic, most timesaving, most wellkept, timesaving, buttoned up, re strained, un-adorned, more picky-picky, most evensteven, dis heartened, exacting, eagleeyed, most reasoning, more even steven, most efficient, most shielding, in-sighted, re fined, mingy, pre pared, more sharp-eyed, minding ps qs, most picky-picky, most doctrinal, most contemplating, more sharpeyed, costeffective, hard core, most time saving, more niggardly, more cost-conscious, fore-thoughtful, more sophic, most point by point, crossing the ts, wellgroomed, playing it cool, more card-carrying, un wasteful, insighted, un-distorted, un eager, conscionable, most remarking, re served, Observative, dis-heartened, more intentive, most selfdisciplined, on toes, more well prepared, on one toes, more stickler, more precise, most hard working, taking easy, more time-saving, well advised, in sighted, exact, most right-thinking, chary, godfearing, most temporizing, on numbers, with weather eye open, un-disputed, more predeterminate, be on, more covering, more demurring, bulls-eye, overcareful, clear sighted, a t, re tiring, wary, fussy, more schemed, in-flexible, keeping one toes, most sharp-eyed, re solute, de liberative, thinking twice, un wavering, scrupulous, Sophic, welldefined, tuned in, in-tended, string along with, most unpermissive, born-again, Enrapt, un-wavering, pennypinching, un easiest, re liable, more resolved, on one's toes, most moneyconscious, by the book, more selfdisciplined, un-easiest, most deductive, un-erring, most sure enough, in credulous, cardcarrying, picky-picky, overprotective, in corruptible, rightthinking, most clearsighted, over-careful, frugal, be up on, most cardcarrying, nimble witted, un-mitigated, pennywise, hanging every word, keeping toes, Predeterminate, most overfastidious, more observative, un-tiring, straight from horse's mouth, most pennywise, more uneffusive, overconscientious, shrewdest, heart soul into, most jazzed, not born yesterday on lookout, severe, strict, more skimping, behind one, seriatim, un folded, more fussbudget, watching one step, exquisite, dotting i's, not missing a trick, more middle-ground, in good order, paying attention, wellfounded, neat as a pin, dead center, Hepper, pro found, bull eye, out rightest, more purposed, on the mark, un biased, cool as cucumber, more designful, rightminded, on-the-fence, more overcautious, supra-liminal, under-standing, responsible, most middle-ground, most enthralled, on the lookout, most moneysaving, more stewardly, more ungiving, hush hush, cost next to nothing, ex-act, on level, more enthralled, heart and soul in to, all ears, over cautious, going great lengths, un-responsive, dirt cheap, specific, by numbers, having fancy footwork, all inclusive, sureenough, in ones right mind, on the qui vive, lost thought, un-folded, most apprised, more contemplating, most designful, selfeffacing, dis-criminatory, in tended, open eyed, unwasteful, blow by blow, more enrapt, all together, re-marking, most streetwise, hanging on every word, most prepense, more moneysaving, deadon, know all the answers, more sure enough, de-finite, more insighted, rigorous, most true to life, well-kept, more pussyfoot, most fuddyduddy, re quired, more saintlike, cleancut, on right track, most fussbudget, more nimble-witted, prearranged, keeping ones toes, ready, un-equivocal, on alert, pre determinate, know answers, well regulated, leery, on rims, most well-prepared, without belief, dis covering, in temperate, curmudgeonly, hedging bets, fore thoughtful, straightout, most point-by-point, more undistorted, more unfolded, most seriatim, Circumstantiated, most predeterminate, wisest, thinking, most sharp eyed, de-terminate, taking slow, more overcareful, more timesaving, un-easier, most conscionable, methodical, most recognizing, more apprised, more questioning, re-quired, gnostic, more witting, more protecting, un effusive, un relenting, super-natural, in-clement, more overscrupulous, economical, more overfastidious, in communicable, un assured, selfdisciplined, worksaving, more clear-sighted, more confiding, more deadcenter, most stickler, trueblue, most costconscious, dotting i, canny, re marking, pre-designed, keeping on ones toes, vigilant, most pondered, most ironhanded, religious, bulleye, on mark, most penny wise, calculating, know all answers, most overconscientious, more even-steven, cut and dried, more zipped, un permissive, de-voted, hyper critical, un-swerving, knows what's what, dis-inclined, not born yesterday lookout, crossing t, re cognizing, more wellregulated, most conserving, most saintlike, watchful, choicy, most true-to-life, got it together, un-refuted, point by point, more curmudgeonly, Stickling, with one eyes peeled, un-mistakable, more surveying, most unrevealing, more particularized, out-spoken, most work-saving, out-right, more nimble witted, considerate, without faith, more emergency, most confiding, circumspect, good hands, more jazzed, hyper-critical, more born-again, more sensing, most nimblewitted, un-reserved, de fined, dead-on, cost next nothing, most unrefuted, distrustful, more disheartened, witting, Clocklike, factual, un-willing, bullseye, walking on eggs, eventempered, to turn, priestlier, conscientious, cost conscious, un-selfish, most curmudgeonly, in-fallible, co pious, pro-founder, most sensing, right minded, un changing, protective, more comprehending, cognitive, greeneyed, all there, high minded, un-social, co-pious, looking for, de tailed, un-assertive, more gnostic, clearsighted, on target, most supraliminal, prudent, Overscrupulous, ear to ground, grooved, most formalistic, de mure, percipient, more unmistaken, more costconscious, drawn fine, most well judged, more middle ground, moneysaving, most well-regulated, co-operative, explicit, on one guard, hep to, most insighted, more clearsighted, welljudged, pre-arranged, most dead-center, taking it slow, most on the fence, more hard-working, un-effusive, more poised, re-solved, conscious, most textbook, more deducing, co operative, more ironhanded, pussyfoot, more detecting, mis-trustful, most overcareful, penny-wise, knows whats what, wellregulated, penny pinching, worldly wise, more well-judged, un qualified, time saving, re-tiring, un assertive, more scriptural, un-easy, custodial, sound, more deistic, un-giving, most nimble-witted, most picky picky, more unrevealing, up-tight, more stickling, most tightwad, shy, limber, dis inclined, well judged, more diligent, dead on, more apperceptive, more born again, hanging in, absolutely right, well-prepared, on the money, quite a buy, see to, under standing, in tent, un willing, coldblooded, most resolved, on the job, more money saving, straight out, deliberate, middleground, un mitigated, out spoken, on lookout, well informed, more fuddy-duddy, more tight-fisted, most undistorted, pre serving, fussbudget, unmistaken, un mistakable, reluctant, matter of fact, more dead center, in on, up tight, ex-acting, more money conscious, thorough, hard-working, de-mure, un selfish, more careful, pre-occupied, more persisting, interested, ex act, de finite, most designed, un-mistaken, hushhush, more nit picking, more wellkept, perceptive, not born yesterday on the lookout, hit nail on head, most judged, de-signed, be upon, re-cognizing, meth odic, deadcenter, glued, by book, pre-cautious, most discovering, costconscious, more right thinking, free of error, non-committal, self-disciplined, in-voluntary, over careful, pre designed, well kept, most comprehending, most covering, re-strained, un-questionable, more judgmatic, most demurring, unsocial, tried true, most astucious, more preserving, highprincipled, most worksaving, most questioning, more work saving, in-temperate, most purposive, ex press, even tempered, out-standing, time-saving, sharp-eyed, most overscrupulous, most nit-picking, most high-principled, in one's right mind, more forethoughtful, most reflecting, un-flagging, most intentive, able recognize, more worksaving, sharpeyed, on sale, cold blooded, card-carrying, most circumstantiated, unrevealing, more precautious, alive to, allinclusive, most welljudged, streetwise, wide awake, heart and soul into, ultraprecise, money-conscious, clearcut, most introvert, re-solute, Worldlywise, dis-closed, quite buy, most born again, grinder, watching out, more pennywise, most pondering, deductive, work-saving, shapely, sensitive to, more circumstantiated, alert, more dead-center, tactful, cost-conscious, dis criminating, most weighed, yearning, over fastidious, in-corruptible, more methodized, psyched up, more remarking, with marbles, done on purpose, most time-saving, well thoughtout, ultra-precise, most thorough, ear ground, most well prepared, more unpermissive, fast the draw, dis-criminative, hep, most forethoughtful, most custodial, un deniable, most suspecting, on the button, most unfolded, keeping on one's toes, most well-judged, re-liabler, philosophic, well bred, most preserving, most elaborated, de-tailed, more cognitive, watching one's step, knows what what.