Carry on

Pronunciation of Carry On
/kˈaɹi ˈɒn/, /kˈaɹi ˈɒn/, /k_ˈa_ɹ_i_ ˈɒ_n/

Antonyms for carry on

hung onto hat, wast reluctant, with drawn, shortstop, called quits, dragged one's feet, dis-continues, nosing out, are temperate, out lived, drags one feet, dragging feet, sitting up for, put a stop to, pulling back, pro tract, taking ten, be dog, Tented, take one's time, falling behind, re-side, dis solves, with-standing, re-sided, pokes along, get the wagon, holds the fort, bringing end, waits around, fills time, putting cork in, closed down, go on wagon, ex-tends, makes one's home, wast tardy, stay, art reluctant, hang out, re-peat, linger, ex tends, losing time, lay over, be temperate, follows a scent, goes wagon, hold at bay, gotten in way, hanging in there, hanging onto your hat, dis-charge, stay in, sat around, pre vailing, pitch tent, sweated it, re-peals, was dilatory, bag it, dragging one's feet, sit fence, passing time, kept shirt on, bringing to an end, sitting fence, brings up the rear, making one home, sur-ceasing, put on ice, stayed over, is long, bring to an end, gotten the way, Prorogued, calling it quits, dis-uniting, look forward to, de bates, has done with, held everything, brought to end, stays in, bide, putting shelf, wait around, blowing whistle on, hung hat, are reluctant, brake train of thought, hangs one hat, dis-continue, passes time, hangs onto hat, hangs there, stayed put, lied wait, bagged it, blow hot cold, bivouac, stood still, coming end, dis connect, shagging, gives over, following a scent, sat fence, stopped over, de-liberated, dis missing, out-lasts, be defective, hanging down, de-creases, fall behind, bide one time, hold bay, inter-posing, crowded in, de-barring, be dogged, dis solved, brings the rear, de lays, blows whistle on, out last, re siding, am tardy, over lap, are tardy, hanging one's hat, follows scent, quit, in habited, puts cork in, wast big about, dis joining, hath done with, are irresolute, stand still, dropt back, break off, art defective, hang in there, re-strict, goofing around, stood by, laid on table, interrupt, taking one time, re sides, hang it up, come to an end, hangs fire, dis-charging, scruple, take the pledge, dis solve, gets on wagon, chimed in, bags it, packed in, goofed around, followed a scent, going the wagon, nosed out, got way, in habits, dropping back, brings standstill, having done with, re strained, pre-vented, lay the table, keeps house, was defective, remains standing, standing by, hanging one hat, puts shelf, take ones time, zigzags, drags ones feet, sticks around, sate around, halt, be unwilling, de bate, lie in wait, pre vent, staying put, bided one's time, sweat out, de-fining, dis connected, came to standstill, bagging it, de bars, dis-connecting, sits through, dis-severs, be dogs, laying aside, sat through, goes on wagon, warm a chair, lies in wait, bring to end, staid put, holding over, busted in, comes to an end, de bated, blew whistle on, sits for, bided time, came to a standstill, make camp, hanged onto your hat, was big about, come to end, quits cold, follow a scent, made home, bunked out, calls a day, drags one's feet, brought rear, sojourn, is defective, inter-posed, cooling it, get no place fast, calls it a day, being left, bode one time, ex tend, de-bated, putting on back burner, loses time, gets the wagon, bring an end, gotten in the way, called it day, brings up rear, is dilatory, called day, Amnestied, chiming in, called it quits, mismanage, Whiffling, follow scent, de barred, brings an end, pinkslip, live with, shags, de-lay, dragged feet, drags feet, de liberate, dis-solved, come to a standstill, top pled, held phone, re-straining, de liberating, de fine, sit around, bring up the rear, in sinuating, put in, tags along, shying away, put the shelf, hold off, blows off, close off, dragged one feet, are long, re strain, Whiffled, crowds in, suspend, stagger, outstays, being over, dis-missing, dis-continued, out-stays, wiggle-waggled, held the phone, followed scent, closing down, hanged onto hat, pack in, staying out, outstay, dis charges, laying on the table, were dilatory, re-cess, dragged ones feet, held bay, fore saw, hanged in, took out after, wast irresolute, bring rear, am defective, go on the wagon, laying on table, taking one's time, re mained, close down, lies low, came a standstill, ceased fire, signing off, bivouacs, staying up for, Rooming, put shelf, out-lasted, calling it a day, brought the rear, lay on the table, keeping on, calls it quits, sits fence, re-cessing, refrain from, were reluctant, dis-charged, was temperate, lying wait, warms chair, warmed a chair, are defective, fore-seen, ex-tend, came to an end, bides one's time, holds phone, putting a cork in, hang hat, calling a day, sur ceases, hanged it up, broke it up, Bunked, took time, gets in way, making camp, pulled back, take a break, be-dog, holding at bay, bring standstill, out lives, dithered, got no place fast, nose out, pro tracts, hung ones hat, thinking twice, over-lap, came standstill, tenting, in habit, re-mained, fore-see, gets way, re spites, brought to an end, re spite, kicks habit, out staying, come a standstill, got on the wagon, being big about, dis uniting, establishes oneself, run its course, biding ones time, sur-ceased, stick around, poking along, lay table, terminate, gave notice, be dogging, inactivated, shilly shally, gets wagon, dis-join, getting the way, sweats it out, taking a break, de-creased, dis-missed, pre vailed, drag one's feet, pro-tracts, with held, de creases, dis severing, go the wagon, coming standstill, de-bar, put back burner, brought standstill, hanging fire, re sided, kick over, sate up for, sit up for, brought up rear, holds everything, de-tain, sit through, de barring, was irresolute, winded down, held fort, whiffles, re-main, wiggle-waggles, warming a chair, gotten on wagon, bringing the rear, puts stop to, sur-ceases, takes five, re-strained, prorogated, being irresolute, spoored, bringing to standstill, take time, holding the fort, biding one time, art over, gat on the wagon, lose time, quitted cold turkey, getting the wagon, goes on the wagon, called it a day, filibustered, give over, ex pire, dis-connect, dis solving, intermit, go wagon, bringing up rear, thinking about, gives notice, dis-unite, looked forward to, drag ones feet, inter posing, out live, cut on, out lasted, getting way, in-habits, fell behind, with-draw, take the cure, taking the pledge, pre-vents, staid over, cutting it out, over-lapping, poke along, inactivate, de bating, out-lives, are over, hung it up, get the way, dis severs, calls it day, fore-sees, re-sides, wind down, stays over, kept house, dropping anchor, got in way, am reluctant, inter-pose, laid on the table, biding time, cease, stopping briefly, take five, dis united, re cessed, ex-pire, watch for, broke train of thought, filling time, ex-tended, wigglewaggled, watched for, comes a standstill, comes an end, de creasing, de liberated, quitting cold, dropt anchor, look for, Bivouacked, gat in way, dis-joins, be-dogging, wiggle-waggling, put up with, call it a day, calls time, out-stay, brought end, make home, brings to standstill, hang ones hat, take ten, Ultimating, take out after, bringing standstill, pussyfoot, laid the table, wast temperate, in sinuates, be irresolute, thinks about, ceasing fire, shortstops, took one time, comes standstill, running its course, dithering, going wagon, putting back burner, kick the habit, hem haw, staid out, in-habit, got on wagon, get in way, put an end to, holding phone, closes down, kicked the habit, getting no place fast, dis-severing, put on back burner, dis-unites, bedogging, inactivates, taking the cure, with-held, dis charged, are left, holding bay, went on the wagon, dis-charges, with draw, catch ones breath, wiggle waggling, vacillate, puts a stop to, made one home, be big about, with standing, stay over, falter, warm chair, tooled, put with, dis missed, nesting, breaking train thought, re-strains, pro rogues, laying table, am big about, prorogues, lays table, dis unite, bring up rear, looked for, stay for, quitting cold turkey, pro-rogued, ex-tending, crowd in, watching for, am temperate, cuts in on, bides time, shortstopped, pass time, hang there, holds the phone, edges in, holds over, re sting, break train of thought, re duces, drops back, hold on, Zigzagging, art big about, stammer, dis continuing, lies wait, sits out, wiggle waggles, goof around, sit out, hanged hat, Lasted, art unwilling, in-fringes, stops briefly, breaks it up, quitted cold, make ones home, cuts on, putting a stop to, Idled, bides ones time, pitched tent, putting stop to, re-strain, hung fire, intermits, biding one's time, out lasts, passed time, drops anchor, comes end, be tardy, called a day, come end, takes cure, re lease, puts on the shelf, dis-sever, quits cold turkey, re-cessed, dwell, filled time, sate through, re-leased, re-signed, sur cease, art tardy, break it up, lied low, signed off, pre venting, re signs, shy away, re maining, break train thought, de laying, in sinuate, pre-vent, with stood, pre-vail, works in, Titubate, tagging along, lays the table, shag, ward off, being temperate, am dilatory, stop, pre-vails, was over, sews up, hold over, in activate, stops over, falls away, hung in there, putting ice, inter pose, dis connecting, lost time, stayed out, art irresolute, puts end to, gat in the way, staid for, sits on fence, sitting through, had done with, tooling, staid behind, in fringed, with holding, with-drawn, lived with, coming an end, re signed, bided ones time, get in the way, lay aside, bunking out, runs its course, be left, gat the way, taking five, went the wagon, put on the shelf, re peal, keep house, bunks out, comes to standstill, being unwilling, re-siding, sweating it out, cuts it out, re signing, broke train thought, call it day, hangs in there, giving notice, Whiffle, sits around, have done with, hanging onto hat, lay off, puts the shelf, Paused, looking forward to, dis join, makes ones home, hold the phone, saving it, stays out, is temperate, art left, gotten the wagon, making ones home, were temperate, lays on the table, am over, took pledge, easing up, dis-connects, re peats, take cure, pre vail, in-sinuating, are big about, held on, ultimates, desist, pulls back, blow off, out-staying, trail, titubates, dis unites, kick habit, wert dilatory, pull back, quit cold turkey, de-fine, comes to a standstill, wert defective, eases up, sticking around, passing up, sit for, hanging it up, hold phone, warming chair, re peals, stands by, holds bay, in-activate, takes pledge, stuck around, winding down, de-bate, keeping shirt on, sweat it out, noses out, holds on, hung in, took the cure, make one home, take a breather, hangs hat, packing in, sits up for, pro-rogues, de liberates, getting in the way, dis-severed, in fringe, hang one hat, took a break, getting on wagon, sweating it, sitting for, Intermitted, in fringes, brought an end, post pone, hangs down, sign off, cut in on, calling day, closing off, ease up, putting end to, Roosted, get wagon, busting in, de fining, de creased, in-habiting, gat on wagon, de-tains, stutter, goofs around, wigglewaggles, are dilatory, staying over, with stand, come an end, wert irresolute, gave over, takes time, yield, dis-joined, am left, in-activated, out-last, refrains from, bode ones time, kicked over, vacationing, winds down, kicks the habit, bust in, call a day, cut off, Filibustering, held the fort, re strict, hanging hat, put end to, post pones, re mains, refrain, brings to an end, passed up, took cure, is left, blew the whistle on, warmed chair, took one's time, bide one's time, came to end, art dilatory, took ones time, re lax, putting down roots, Stammered, re duce, wast unwilling, hang up, re pealing, pro-roguing, hung one hat, in-fringed, bringing rear, putting on ice, kicking the habit, wert left, prorogating, INS, cools it, come standstill, busts in, re-pealed, bedogs, gat no place fast, re leases, gets no place fast, catch breath, take pledge, Bunking, wound down, de-bates, not did, getting on the wagon, re main, hang in, drop anchor, crowding in, titubated, taking out after, out-living, think about, sidelined, breaks train of thought, puts ice, went wagon, holds fort, be over, brake it up, hanged one's hat, sate on fence, being tardy, staying in, pro-tract, brought to standstill, working in, de-crease, out stayed, de-creasing, Intermitting, refraining from, dis continue, inter cept, coming to a standstill, remit, brought up the rear, de-barred, bedogged, drag feet, are unwilling, brings to end, put ice, with holds, wiggle-waggle, refrained from, save it, with drew, stayed for, stopped briefly, stands still, calls day, takes one time, with-drew, dis-joining, is irresolute, out-lasting, wert long, re tired, de-liberates, bring to standstill, gets in the way, in sinuated, standing still, art temperate, de fines, edged in, de lay, blew off, in activating, blow whistle on, stopping over, with drawing, living with, putting the shelf, out-stayed, establishing oneself, Amnestying, dis charge, stayed up for, hold everything, taking cure, staying for, Re sign, bivouacking, laid over, calling quits, gotten on the wagon, in habiting, taking break, pre-vailed, puts on back burner, brings end, wert reluctant, Ultimated, Inned, fore sees, be-dogged, re-sting, laid aside, bide time, put on hold, stopt briefly, inter-cept, sate for, putting in, in activates, being reluctant, come to standstill, re cesses, re-tiring, sitting on fence, dis-solving, takes a break, dis-united, takes the cure, lays on table, being dilatory, took a breather, wrought in, came end, staying behind, sat for, got the way, wert over, called time, re side, saves it, re-signs, over-laps, in-activates, going on wagon, not do, am irresolute, re strains, be calm, stays for, looks for, re-duces, re-spiting, blowing the whistle on, lay low, re-lax, sticked around, gets on the wagon, watches for, gat the wagon, sat on fence, de tain, looking for, prorogue, established oneself, made ones home, pre vails, inhibit, bode one's time, stand by, put cork in, be-dogs, bringing to end, puts on ice, gat wagon, kicking habit, lay wait, fore-saw, putting hold, pro roguing, with-hold, wast dilatory, stayed in, taking a breather, being long, Zigzagged, dis continued, with draws, remained standing, coming to end, got wagon, was reluctant, going on the wagon, hanged up, wert unwilling, de-lays, de-fines, sat up for, bided one time, hang one's hat, dis-continuing, gotten no place fast, sweated it out, pre-venting, stay put, putting on the shelf, re tire, re-lease, pitching tent, took five, pro rogue, brings rear, out living, calls quits, taking time, sewed up, ex tended, holds at bay, sweated out, cut it out, with hold, out stay, re tiring, went on wagon, re tires, keeps shirt on, de-bating, wait, blow the whistle on, is big about, re-signing, coming to an end, with-stand, drag one feet, hung one's hat, cutting in on, takes the pledge, blows the whistle on, take one time, hanging up, staid in, Prorogate, hanged ones hat, in-fringe, re-spites, think twice, lying in wait, with-stands, was unwilling, work in, bedog, puts down roots, bringing an end, abide, gat way, saved it, re straining, held over, call time, sate out, being defective, got in the way, hadst done with, haddest done with, was long, stopt over, hanged one hat, de crease, inter posed, sit on fence, call quits, taking pledge, hangs in, Roomed, comes to end, Roosting, takes one's time, wert temperate, hanged there, sur-cease, sweating out, discontinue, waiting around, with-holds, Hesitated, hung there, worked in, took break, de tains, dragging one feet, sitting out, tag along, thought about, chime in, hold the fort, wiggle waggle, remain, eased up, ceases fire, tenanted, Proroguing, loiter, dropped back, bring the rear, get on wagon, nested, taking ones time, wigglewaggle, intervenes, tagged along, edge in, breaking it up, give up, de-bars, got the wagon, takes break, hanged in there, keeps on, over-lapped, over lapping, fore seen, brake train thought, is unwilling, hesitate, sur ceased, cease fire, puts a cork in, de-fined, am long, kicked habit, dis severed, came an end, wast over, shillyshally, waited around, catch one breath, packs in, closed off, re spited, drop back, re-sign, sew up, sweats it, out stays, bringing up the rear, re-duce, in-sinuates, keep shirt on, stays put, remain standing, cutting on, stop over, dis continues, hang down, obey, coming to standstill, stays behind, outstayed, shied away, hangs onto your hat, de-laying, blowing off, took the pledge, am unwilling, sidelining, thinks twice, warms a chair, with stands, puts in, bode time, stays up for, put hold, bring end, dis-solves, put a cork in, give notice, making home, chimes in, make one's home, ex tending, call it quits, hangs ones hat, held at bay, re peat, de-liberating, makes camp, dis joins, puts hold, Forbore, tarry, bides one time, Floundered, giving over, fill time, putting up with, cool it, cooled it, closes off, keeping house, dropped anchor, sitting around, de fined, pass up, re-peats, were defective, puts an end to, shies away, calling it day, de bar, ran its course, be dilatory, puts back burner, passes up, holding the phone, breaks train thought, bunk out, thought twice, stayed behind, is reluctant, pause, be long, dis-solve, lying low, were unwilling, art long, de-liberate, Tenanting, post-pones, dis-connected, call day, spooring, dis connects, stay up for, putting an end to, re-tire, put down roots, be reluctant, fell away, were irresolute, take breather, re-leases, stop briefly, re-mains, in-sinuate, holds off, wast left, took ten, goes the wagon, getting in way, were over, putting with, takes ones time, prorogates, coming a standstill, breaking train of thought, following scent, hanged down, stay out, signs off, dis joined, dragging ones feet, pre vents, poked along, quit cold, hangs one's hat, sate fence, hanged fire, dis charging, in activated, hast done with, putting on hold, re pealed, wast defective, bide ones time, fore seeing, dis sever, with-drawing.