Carrying Off

Pronunciation of Carrying Off
/kˈaɹɪɪŋ ˈɒf/, /kˈaɹɪɪŋ ˈɒf/, /k_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ__ɪ_ŋ ˈɒ_f/

Synonyms for carrying off:

abduct (verb)

carry off, grab, kidnap, remove, seize, shanghai, sneeze, spirit away, make off with, snatch, dognap, put the snatch on.

bring off (verb)

achieve, carry out, discharge, effect, effectuate, execute, perform, realize, succeed, pull off, bring home the bacon, bring to pass.

complete (verb)

accomplish, actualize, cap, close, conclude, consummate, crown, determine, develop, elaborate, end, equip, fill, finalize, finish, fulfill, furnish, get through, halt, make good, perfect, refine, round off, round out, settle, supplement, terminate, ultimate, wrap up, make up, wind up, call it a day, DO, go through with, sew up, go whole hog, bring to fruition, bring to maturity, do thoroughly, go the limit, put to bed.

finish (verb)

annihilate, assassinate, best, bring down, destroy, dispatch, dispose of, do in, down, exterminate, get rid of, liquidate, overcome, overpower, put away, rout, rub out, ruin, slaughter, slay, take out, vaporize, worst, take off, put an end to.

hack it (verb)

avail, come through, make it, prevail, score, win, deliver the goods, hit the mark, be successful, come out on top, cut it, cut the mustard, get to the top, make a go of it, pull it off, make the grade, make the cut.

kidnap (verb)

bundle off, capture, carry away, coax, decoy, entice, hijack, impress, inveigh, lay hands on, lure, pirate, seduce, steal, waylay, skyjack, run away with, body snatch.

remove (verb)

abolish, abstract, amputate, cart off, clear away, delete, depose, detach, dethrone, dig out, discard, dislodge, dismiss, displace, disturb, do away with, doff, efface, eject, eliminate, erase, evacuate, expel, expunge, extract, junk, oust, pull out, purge, raise, relegate, rip out, separate, shed, ship, skim, strike out, take down, throw out, transfer, transport, unload, unseat, uproot, wipe out, withdraw, cut out, tear out.

seize (verb)

ambush, annex, apprehend, appropriate, arrest, arrogate, bag, bust, catch, claw, clutch, commandeer, confiscate, conquer, exact, force, gain, get, grasp, hook, impound, incorporate, lift, nab, nail, occupy, overrun, overwhelm, pounce, secure, snag, snare, subdue, take, take over, throttle, trap, usurp, wrench, pick up, take captive, take possession of, take by storm.

shanghai (verb)

abduct, hold for ransom.

shoplift (verb)

burglarize, defraud, embezzle, heist, hold up, loot, pilfer, pillage, pinch, stick up, swipe, rip off, walk off with, run off with.

snitch (verb)

keep, pickpocket, plunder, poach, shoplift.

steal (verb)

blackmail, cheat, cozen, despoil, divert, housebreak, misappropriate, peculate, plagiarize, purloin, ransack, rifle, sack, snitch, strip, swindle, thieve.

succeed (verb)

acquire, arrive, benefit, come off, distance, earn, flourish, make out, obtain, outdistance, outwit, possess, profit, prosper, reap, receive, recover, retrieve, surmount, thrive, triumph, vanquish, work, turn out, HIT, make a fortune, do all right, do the trick, grow famous.

take (verb)

accept, attain, borrow, clasp, collar, collect, ensnare, entrap, expropriate, filch, gather up, get hold of, grip, handle, have, hold, liberate, nip, overtake, pluck, pocket, preempt, prehend, reach, salvage, sequester, strike, take hold of, Accroach, take in, pull in, lay hold of, carve out, haul in, gain possession.

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