Caves in

Pronunciation of Caves In
/kˈe͡ɪvz ˈɪn/, /kˈe‍ɪvz ˈɪn/, /k_ˈeɪ_v_z ˈɪ_n/

Synonyms for caves in

accede (verb)

accept, acquiesce, admit, allow, assent, cave in, comply, concede, concur, cooperate, endorse, fold, grant, let, okay, permit, subscribe, throw in the towel, yield, enter into, go along with, play ball, be game for, give the go-ahead, give the green light, roll over and play dead, cry uncle.

acquiesce (verb)

accede, accommodate, adapt, adjust, agree, approve, buy, come across, come around, conform, consent, ditto, give in, give out, go along, jibe, pass, reconcile, set, submit, yes, bow to, shake on, say uncle, cut a deal.

assent (verb)

accord, adopt, defer, embrace, espouse, knuckle under, pass on, recognize, sanction, give five.

back down (verb)

abandon, back off, back out, backtrack, balk, beg off, bow out, cancel, chicken out, cop out, demur, give up, go back on, hold back, pull back, pull out, recant, recoil, renege, resign, retreat, surrender, take back, withdraw, back pedal, give ground, have no fight left, wimp out, withdraw from agreement or statement.

buckle (verb)

bend, bulge, collapse, crumple, distort, twist.

capitulate (verb)

bow, buckle under, cede, put out, relent, succumb, come to terms, give away the store.

collapse (verb)

break, conk out, deflate, disintegrate, droop, drop, exhaust, fail, faint, fall down, flag, flake out, founder, give, give way, go, go to pieces, keel over, languish, shatter, subside, tire, topple, weaken, weary, wilt, belly up, crack up.

comply (verb)

conform to, discharge, fit in, fulfill, keep, mind, obey, observe, perform, quit, respect, satisfy, straighten up, shape up, agree to, adhere to, consent to, play the game, don't make waves, don't rock the boat, go with the flow, knuckle to, stay in line, throw in towel, toss it in, yes one.

concede (verb)

avow, award, capitulate, confess, hand over, let on, own, relinquish, waive, fess up, own up, play ball with, bury the hatchet.

crumple (verb)

break down, buckle, crease, crimp, crinkle, crush, fall, pucker, ruck, rumple, scrunch, shrivel, wad, wrinkle, Rimple, Crimple, screw.

cry uncle (verb)

put one's tail between one's legs.

descend (verb)

cascade, cataract, coast, crash, crouch, decline, deplane, detrain, dip, disembark, dismount, dive, dribble, get down, get off, go down, gravitate, ground, incline, light, penetrate, pitch, plop, plummet, plunge, prolapse, settle, sink, slide, slip, slope, slump, stoop, stumble, submerge, swoop, toboggan, trickle, trip, tumble, weep, slough off, slant, fall prostrate, lose balance.

drop (verb)

bring down, depress, descend, duck, dump, fell, floor, flop, knock, loosen, lower, plump, release, shed, shoot, unload, nose-dive.

fall (verb)

abate, backslide, decrease, depreciate, diminish, drag, drop down, dwindle, ease, ebb, fold up, hit the dirt, land, lapse, lessen, recede, regress, relapse, spin, tip over, totter, trail, wane, be precipitated, take a header.

give in/give up (verb)

back down, bail out, cease, desist, despair, forswear, leave off, stop, cut out, walk out on, drop like a hot potato, take the oath, wash one's hands of.

go down (verb)

go under, keel, reduce, sag, submerse, be defeated, be beaten, make less, suffer defeat.

implode (verb)

fall in.

indent (verb)

bash, cut, dent, dint, hollow, jag, mark, nick, notch, pink, pit, rabbet, rut, scallop, score, serrate.

kowtow (verb)

court, cower, cringe, fawn, flatter, genuflect, kneel, pander, prostrate, brownnose, toe the mark, lie down and roll over.

relent (verb)

cool it, die away, ease off, forbear, let go, lighten up, mellow out, melt, moderate, relax, slacken, slow, soften, show mercy, be merciful, change one's mind, ease up on, give quarter, give some slack, go easy on, have mercy, have pity, lay back, let it happen.

retreat (verb)

avoid, back, back away, decamp, depart, disengage, draw back, elude, escape, evacuate, evade, fall back, go back, hide, keep apart, lay down, leave, move back, opt out, quail, reel, retire, retrograde, reverse, run, sequester, shrink, turn tail, vacate, Retrocede, start back, keep aloof, beat it, seclude oneself.

sag (verb)

bag, curve, dangle, fall away, fall off, flap, hang, lean, swag, drop off, hang down.

sink (verb)

bore, capsize, cast down, couch, dig, disappear, drill, drive, drown, engulf, excavate, flounder, immerse, lay, let down, overturn, overwhelm, ram, scuttle, shipwreck, stab, stick, swamp, thrust, wreck, Demit, put down, force down, go to the bottom, touch bottom.

slump (verb)

blight, decay, deteriorate, hunch, loll, slouch, go downhill, go to ruin, reach new low.

subside (verb)

de-escalate, level off, lull, peter out, quieten, taper, let up.

succumb (verb)

cave, croak, decease, demise, expire, knuckle, pass away, perish, take the count, pack it in, eat crow, fall victim to, give in to, give up the ghost, meet waterloo, show white flag.

surrender (verb)

commit, consign, entrust, forego, part with, renounce, roll over, eat humble pie, deliver up, play dead, put up white flag.

wilt (verb)

dry up, fade, mummify, waste, wither, wizen, waste away, become limp.

yield (verb)

abdicate, call it quits, admit defeat, give oneself over, lay down arms.