Pronunciation of Cede
/s_ˈiː_d/, /sˈiːd/, /sˈiːd/

Antonyms for cede

transcends, de-bates, outplayed, give one all, subject, sub dues, lighting in to, wast victorious, sticks to, Cudgelling, disallow, ex-celled, putting up argument, lace into, beat, shoot ahead of, out-rivaled, win, goes for broke, is victorious, with-stands, out-did, Cudgeled, went after, sock it to one, haddest bone to pick, art victorious, rout, shoots ahead of, wrest, out shine, out-running, de-bating, having at, uphold, knocks oneself out, giving got, undertake, out doing, over came, jockeyed for position, mixed it with, shooting at, out playing, putting argument, mix it with, out-run, gave one's got, assume, Caned, out rivaled, over whelming, outrivals, out-runs, cherish, Cudgelled, over taken, de-fends, favor, go at, give one got, having bone to pick, out does, sock to one, give ones all, over-whelm, out-rivals, challenge, gave one all, out-rival, overwhelms, mixes it with, lighted into, outrivaled, have bone to pick, out played, mix up with, scrambling for, out-play, de bate, socked it to one, laces in to, be sting, setting to, over-came, mix it up with, caning, refuse, shoots at, giving ones got, pushes for, socked one, socking to one, lights into, pre scribe, pushing for, give one's got, fly face of, goes for jugular, hadst bone to pick, expropriate, jockeying for position, laced into, give all got, de bated, scrambled for, lock horns with, de fends, arrogate, out-rivalled, Cudgeling, socking one, gives one got, de bates, over-whelming, out-stripped, gave one got, over taking, hadst at, laced in to, fly in face of, out run, giving ones all, seek, jockeys for position, mixed with, mix it up, go for broke, lace in to, usurp, had at, light in to, gives one's all, over coming, let have it, occupy, malleates, lighted in to, hast bone to pick, had bone pick, lay in to, be victorious, mixes it up, pursue, over-took, re-porting, outrivalled, mixing it with, went at, giving all one's got, mixed it up with, be-sting, gives all one got, lets have it, over comes, hast at, going for broke, de fended, over-whelmed, go after, shoot at, socked it one, over take, with-stand, out-strips, out-played, giving one got, locked horns with, out shone, prosecute, keep, maintain, flies in face of, mixt it up with, out rival, out done, push for, wert victorious, put up argument, socks it one, out-shined, de fending, was victorious, going at, ex-celling, over-whelms, having bone pick, excels, outplay, going for jugular, hath at, give all one's got, out strip, over whelm, haddest bone pick, fight, knocking oneself out, mixt with, give one's all, gang upon, puts argument, make play for, adopt, giving all ones got, flies face of, over-takes, scramble for, shoot for, sock one, sticked to, secure, flew in face of, Malleate, lacing in to, giving one's got, jumped on, give ones got, stuck it to, tangles with, mixes it up with, appropriate, flying face of, socked to one, oppose, Malleated, over-come, mixes up with, ex celled, out-shines, flying in face of, lacing into, out-playing, overtake, give got, over-taking, withhold, contend, outrivaling, have at, giving one's all, out-does, out plays, jump on, made play for, mixt up with, out-rivaling, mixt it with, out-plays, de-fending, socking it to one, gives one's got, hath bone to pick, has at, go for jugular, locks horns with, shot ahead of, jumps on, assert, over took, over whelmed, gives ones got, out runs, over-taken, outplaying, gave all one got, knocked oneself out, mixing up with, giving all, insist, re porting, out-doing, sub-dues, sticked it to, gave ones got, sticks it to, tangled with, out rivals, mixed it up, get, shot at, gives ones all, out rivalling, defend, jockey for position, seize, has bone to pick, with standing, set to, out rivaling, over whelms, outrival, mixing with, has bone pick, mixed up with, sub-due, mixes with, gives all one's got, locking horns with, out-done, hadst bone pick, out strips, re-ported, with stand, tangling with, take over, protect, were victorious, pre-scribing, de-fend, guard, jouncing, stick it to, haddest at, over takes, had bone to pick, pre scribing, put argument, sticking it to, de fend, pre-scribe, stuck to, went for broke, give all one got, flew face of, pushed for, socks one, support, with stands, out did, safeguard, de bating, sub due, hold, hast bone pick, shooting for, puts up argument, out play, letted have it, over come, giving all one got, out-stripping, with stood, outrivalling, shot for, shooting ahead of, gain, gives all got, socks to one, hath bone pick, pre-scribed, giving one all, de-bate, claim, being victorious, lit into, mixing it up, sets to, continue, out-strip, went for jugular, pre-scribes, court, lit in to, de-bated, down, out shined, are victorious, stick to, over-coming, lighting into, giving all got, out rivalled, deny, socks it to one, advocate, over-comes, outplays, re ported, vindicate, gave all ones got, socking it one, give all ones got, retain, scrambles for, letting have it, out-rivalling, sock it one, goes at, over-take, laces into, gives got, mixing it up with, Whaling, out-shine, ex celling, gave all one's got, reject, haunt, with-standing, have bone pick, making play for, out-shining, lights in to, mixt it up, de-fended, gives all ones got, disapprove, jumping on, sticking to, am victorious.