Pronunciation of Character
/k_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ_k_t_ə/, /kˈaɹɪktə/, /kˈaɹɪktə/

Antonyms for character:

top side, re-semblance, cloak, fig leaves, Manteaus, sin, fore-grounds, disrepute, in tegument, dissimulations, sur face, building front, pre tensions, dis-guise, indecorum, dis-simulation, puton, pre-texts, standard, pro-file, underhandedness, dissimulation, fore heads, top sides, surface, guise, unemployment, ignominy, co-lorings, front views, fore-ground, pre tense, dis simulations, unscrupulousness, out-sides, fores, discredit, fore ground, iniquity, brute, superficialities, top-sides, reproach, capotes, capote, semblance, villainy, cover up, sur faces, Proscenia, corruption, coverup, disgrace, conventionality, opprobrium, face, windowdressings, re semblance, topside, meanness, normality, fore-parts, social position, proscenium, front view, dis-plays, fore-heads, in teguments, debauchery, pervertedness, dis play, in-tegument, critter, foreparts, dis guises, lineaments, obloquy, viciousness, badness, facade, dis-play, pre-tense, withouts, Manteaux, regularity, topsides, dis guise, re semblances, false show, impropriety, in-teguments, crookedness, Fore part, lineament, top-side, follower, lowness, conformist, wickedness, fore grounds, out sides, odium, fig leaf, fore-part, BEASTIE, shame, indecency, disguise, Manteau, social positions, co lorings, pre text, superficies, indiscretion, window-dressing, co-loring, building fronts, animal, foreground, out doors, out-doors, window-dressings, dis-guises, degeneracy, evildoing, superficiality, externalities, pro-files, pre texts, pre-text, conformity, ill repute, co loring, anteriors, pre tenses, fore parts, self respect, perversion, sheep, phonies, evil, dis-simulations, get ups, pre-tensions, degradation, infamy, out side, false shows, sur-face, beast, sinfulness, pro files, dis plays, get-up, forepart, get-ups, dishonor, makebelieve, pro file, immorality, vileness, dishonesty, front, depravity, selfrespect, dis simulation.

Usage examples for character:

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