Pronunciation of Chat
/t͡ʃˈat/, /t‍ʃˈat/, /tʃ_ˈa_t/

Antonyms for chat:

silence, be quiet, quiet.

Synonyms for chat:

conversation (noun)

argument, confabulation, conference, confrontation, consultation, conversation, interview, meeting, seminar, words.

speech (noun)

allocution, babbling, chattering, chitchat, circumlocution, debate, dialect, dialog, discussion, elocution, jabbering, locution, oral communication, oration, patter, prattle, recitation, remark, report, speaking, speech, spoken word, talking, vocalization, voice.

talk, often short (noun)

babble, bull session, chatter, conversation, converse, gab, gas, gossip, hot air, jabber, palaver, prattle, rap, rap session, visit, yak, heart-to-heart.

converse (verb)

argue, confront, consult, converse, discuss, meet, parley, talk.

talk, gossip (verb)

blab, burble, cackle, go on, jaw, prate, yap, run on, chew the fat, shoot the breeze, chew the rag.

Sense 1

badinage, banter, repartee, scuttlebutt, upload, Goss, unsubscribe, Phish, facebook, old talk.

Sense 2

browse, communicate, conversational, grapevine, navigate, refresh, small talk, swap, engage in, dial-up.

Sense 3

bookmark, download, gas, hook up, monopolize, search, subscribe, surf, waffle.

Sense 4

catch up, maintain.

Sense 5

fall into, story.

Sense 7

rap, wind.

Sense 9


Sense 10


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