Pronunciation of Cheerful
/tʃ_ˈiə_f_əl/, /t͡ʃˈi͡əfə͡l/, /t‍ʃˈi‍əfə‍l/

Antonyms for cheerful:

mis tier, most saddening, most nowin, irrecoverable, more low-set, more blubbering, more long faced, lowtoned, darkcomplexioned, un-just, in flexible, harsh, most blubbering, malificent, most eschewing, un-clad, in-tractable, bass, deserted, in fecund, de-sert, most dashed, cross, got on wrong side bed, hard nosed, most long faced, more ill humored, steamed up, more jangling, in-tensest, un furnished, most letdown, thick skinned, more drearisome, in sanest, more no-way, dis concerted, most sourish, dis-trustful, most funeral, stern, most atrabilious, effluvious, starcrossed, poignant, un luckiest, most goner, sourpussed, rayless, in soup, more unfurnished, more vinegary, more saddening, most fermented, more black-and-blue, most crouched, un timeliest, more convulsed, most thwarted, drab, peppery, grodier, de graded, un kindest, un-ripe, mater, dispiriting, in low spirits, godawful, more lusterless, like bag bones, not known, blubbery, ill defined, ill natured, more off-putting, more slumping, more acidulated, depressive, grisly, bassest, ground level, most stridulous, most precipitating, out of key, un infected, un-lettered, be neath, sorry, most illlighted, Fretting, lethargic, up setting, huffish, un populated, Drearisome, most badhumored, more blubbery, more dragged, crumbier, re pressed, most dampening, zestful, unpopulated, hardshell, the lowest, more declining, most corybantic, more well-baked, un-favorable, pro founder, characterless, de-solate, most overclouded, un pleasant, down in the dumps, Clear-headed, dis-passionate, de moralized, off putting, grief stricken, most perversive, ogrer, un usual, un-friendliest, un-refined, most hindering, full sorrow, more precipitating, acheronian, most lowborn, consciencestricken, in sane, uncostly, de liberate, depressed, in adequate, most relinquished, more recessed, discontented, in-saner, un-generous, curdled, un fortunate, wistful, more subfusc, most well-done, bad break, subfuse, un-smiling, dis-heartening, un illuminated, most unelevated, down the dumps, most beefing, most torn up, un dignified, gruesome, unlucky, dis-infected, more dejecting, star crossed, overcast, most subfusc, in flamed, most cut rate, more steamed, un-level, most heart-rending, more aggravated, most clear-headed, in-flexible, at end rope, more pitchdark, un-excited, un couth, bottom most, irredeemable, dis-tressed, melancholic, hard boiled, livid, de pressed, more atrabilious, up set, more stiff necked, more maddened, piteous, more disheartening, up tight, oversensitive, vinegarish, regrettable, more black and blue, most cast down, poorly lit, more woful, re-solute, unimpassioned, most spine-chilling, more saddened, more darkcomplexioned, un-achievable, most infected, cross grained, more out of tune, most liverish, more curdled, most ill bred, buffaloed, hottempered, pungent, like a bear, un-cleaner, tumultous tumultuous, dour, most sagging, fellest, hot bothered, in-consolable, grumblier, sombre, po'd, bent out of shape, most hurting, ex-asperated, re-served, povertystricken, more tortured, more let down, scraggiest, more devalued, more toned-down, ghoulish, more mortified, more pasteurized, more exacerbated, clear headed, un relenting, more oppressing, anguished, bummed-out, all torn up, more unread, testy, de scending, most sobbing, most monotone, most icebox, un worthiest, un-scrupulous, un promising, in-censed, cold blooded, ass sling, left stranded, un justest, more well done, distressing, down out, most skeleton, most pasteurized, despairing, dyed in the wool, most exasperated, grim faced, most crepuscular, de testable, more infecund, more fulltoned, most uncostly, most premonitory, de-forested, more illbred, most disinfected, more disheartened, ill starred, in-capacitated, grimfaced, most unlit, bummed out, whiny, dis-concerted, most groundward, bottom-most, un-fruitful, most longfaced, most dark complexioned, unprolific, more torn up, back to wall, more smoking, cheerless, in tears, in fertile, un just, most foiled, more fuming, un-populated, pessimistic, most sulking, more bummed-out, most vinegary, most abstaining, up-set, dis graceful, under privileged, sub sided, like bag of bones, steely, crispier, more strabilious, in-flamed, un mitigable, un interesting, more glowering, more windswept, more supplicating, un-becoming, more clear-headed, most creaking, more obfuscous, un-settling, most obfuscous, toneddown, most sullied, un-kind, more brooding, most anguished, more bugged, most delphian, bad humored, not a prayer, back to the wall, overclouded, most dark-skinned, life and death, out of humor, lowhanging, dis composing, seeing red, lugubrious, hang-tough, more depreciated, full of sorrow, most greyish, steelier, more let-down, Corybantic, moody, forbidding, most irredeemable, dis-armed, tough luck, most rockbottom, un luckier, more caterwauling, wrothest, ass in a sling, un draped, coldblooded, un-enlightened, ill humored, having blahs, in significant, most mirthless, septic, in-tenser, like bear, disconsolate, more outraged, most imploring, most disapproving, more bummedout, un inhabited, un healthy, sluggish, most crushing, most tempered, smoking, dis sonant, full-toned, more crepuscular, matte, more bearish, more muted, mirthless, in-definite, more unilluminated, un-luckier, lackluster, aphotic, Grumbly, more mopish, heavyhearted, most wailing, woebegone, un read, deforested, blown a gasket, greyish, most fretting, more badhumored, got wrong side bed, cloudy, heavy hearted, most ill humored, more rock-bottom, most heart rending, more lowhanging, more mourning, broody, got upon wrong side of bed, most sniveling, more shot down, hardheaded, more irretrievable, poutiest, more unexcited, more racked, worsted, down mouth, most ground level, lowdown dirty, un-gracious, pre cursive, un profitable, more vanquished, out sorts, most grudging, un-sheltered, most bummed, more god awful, more dark-skinned, no chance, more groundward, strabilious, most dampened, un earthlier, more whimpering, dis-quieting, un generous, most asperous, more bleeding, more entreating, tumultous-tumultuous, more god-awful, dirgelike, down on luck, groundward, hiemal, dis-maying, most splenetic, vinegary, more bummed out, un feeling, more rayless, out-raged, ex cited, dis-eased, more desponding, matter life and death, more blighted, de pressing, most aphotic, more rock bottom, mad, most po'd, more turned, in-auspicious, ground-level, most jangling, scurvy, dis satisfied, dis tressed, over whelming, out-of-tune, more beseeching, tragic, most stygian, over cast, crumby, more funeral, un satisfied, most long-faced, more cascading, more dampened, most riled, dis-pleasing, in the dumps, un lighted, sub-standard, scandalous, un-inhabited, anti septic, more cut, in opportune, behind eight ball, in definite, unachievable, more anguished, most undraped, cast-down, most ill-bred, blue, dis-mayed, un-even, un washed, draggy, bare, more wellbaked, by the book, worrying, dis-agreeable, more fatalistic, black and blue, desperate, broodier, solemn, in-compatible, more sullied, un-reasonable, most below, low-down and dirty, matter of life death, most disheartened, nononsense, un-obtrusive, more overclouded, up creek, low, weatherbeaten, more stiff-necked, most brooding, pettish, most sourpuss, in-opportune, in-distinct, on downer, most bummedout, past hope, Hacked, snappish, ill lighted, by book, touchest, more no-chance, matest, most slipping, drear, squattier, more curmudgeonly, illfated, more griping, more dark skinned, more dolent, most cimmerian, Asperous, most muted, most at, un-governable, un settling, more rousted, scraggy, more repressed, in huff, thinskinned, swartest, Precursive, most lowdown, in-temperate, be-reft, dis-appointing, ogrest, ill boding, in disposed, pre monitory, most frazzled, in censed, more noway, more commiserable, more low-toned, most threnodial, down and out, un-controlled, un-healthy, dis infected, more nettled, un melodious, zesty, in the soup, atrabilious, most rayless, un covered, hibernal, dis passionate, more lowlying, more sharp-tempered, most full toned, un-cleanest, more tuneless, most intensified, most subsided, un-justest, more dirgelike, weather beaten, un-ripest, more nether, most bellyaching, lowset, in tenser, in a blue funk, more spinechilling, at end of one rope, more heart-rending, more contused, most zestful, most immobilized, more cheapened, more depressive, un friendliest, off-putting, un cleaner, more horrifying, bad-humored, at end one's rope, most storming, shantiest, most rock bottom, out of tune, drearest, tumultoustumultuous, more groundlevel, obstinate, most low-toned, more toneddown, most chafed, more nochance, more ripped, more discolored, badtempered, more beefing, more ill-humored, low down and dirty, cast down, spinetingling, in mourning, de solate, more subsided, ex-posed, cold sober, un propitious, more tarnished, more vexed, shantier, mopiest, liverish, un kinder, more hindering, mis-tier, more darkened, most stiff necked, inauspicious, most black and blue, darkskinned, on the warpath, more aphotic, more balked, most huffish, can't win, bearish, most downgrade, more piqued, more illlighted, offkey, duskest, un-timely, most hiemal, un-infected, grouchy, un friendlier, ill bred, no way, stiff-necked, un clad, more monotone, un bearable, most bummed out, more sobbing, in expensive, mis-anthropic, more disarmed, most cross grained, most beseeching, non-transparent, un clearest, un healthier, unmitigable, most bummed-out, thinskinned touchy, most cross-grained, more dirgeful, more dropping, most no-chance, more blustering, un-mitigable, having the blahs, more oversensitive, more intensified, more perversive, more dark-complexioned, un-timeliest, more tormented, three-dog night, most grim faced, de-testable, more abnegating, most vexed, over-sensitive, low down, most tortured, dis reputable, dim, lowgrade, splenetic, woeful, more irked, mindblowing, most acherontic, poutier, more affronted, un inspired, more imploring, most low down, more liverish, more sulking, matter life death, more off putting, more tempered, illmannered, conscience stricken, more pinched, most spine chilling, wretched, de-liberate, painful, dis agreeable, most clear headed, more presaging, fit be tied, dis courteous, more low-hanging, more ill lighted, un-availing, most acetose, dark complexioned, most down in the mouth, most pod, most no chance, easily offended, let-down, more low set, de stroyed, more down-in-the-mouth, griefstricken, undraped, strictly business, more discomposing, most moping, more heart rending, more fretting, in-dented, un sounder, more acherontic, more grousing, miffed, illhumored, un-clear, more well baked, thin skinned touchy, torn-up, most malificent, pitch dark, unmelodious, premonitory, got up wrong side of bed, un-cultivated, heavy-hearted, most entreating, whiniest, in the toilet, more gravitating, most aggravated, un-changing, un-yielding, most germ free, more odoriferous, wroth, more shotdown, more grim-faced, quicktempered, up against it, malefic, more cut rate, rampageous, mopier, in-adequate, most unprolific, most unilluminated, beyond recall, cross-grained, tearjerking, of great consequence, most dragged, murky, most maddened, un obtrusive, illtempered, most killing, most pitch-dark, most commiserable, more unpopulated, most bearish, dreary, morose, more precursive, most malefic, illadvised, un-earthliest, de forested, blown gasket, long faced, most toned down, most pitchdark, low-set, no-way, windswept, tornup, dis-sonant, more slashed, three dog night, more stridulous, most cut, more unsmiling, helpless, pushed too far, more huffish, most adumbral, in-fertile, torn up, most depressant, cut-rate, cutrate, more deforested, more mirthless, most mopish, un-savoriest, more full-toned, re-sonant, more disciplined, most nether, fractious, bottomward, dis-reputable, more thwarted, at end of rope, dark-skinned, more spine chilling, not prayer, most wellbaked, more low toned, unlettered, doleful, dis-advantageous, waspy, most mortified, be moaning, irretrievable, dis-pleased, more wailing, more pettish, got up on wrong side of bed, most bulldozed, more subfuse, mean, most crossgrained, more infected, out-of-key, more vinegarish, un-happier, unenthusiastic, more bottommost, over come, de-relict, rock-bottom, prostrate, sad, stark, most unlighted, most discomposing, more nowin, subfusc, non transparent, crispiest, petulant, most oppressing, more germ-free, got on wrong side of bed, in grief, querulous, most racked, peakier, un-riper, grousing, dis appointing, fulltoned, most depreciated, more immobilized, most nettled, unfurnished, more sharp tempered, un-healthiest, taken down, re-prehensible, most unpromising, un healthiest, un controlled, wastest, ghostest, most cussed, most hang-tough, more blurred, most sourpussed, skin and bones, un timely, un-friendlier, sub standard, de contaminated, un earthly, very upset, un-read, most depressive, bummedout, back wall, un mannerly, dis approving, more caviling, most dismaying, most outraged, quick tempered, more daunting, funereal, surly, dull as dishwater, have the blahs, out of luck, dis-honorable, not high, scurviest, in compatible, more worsening, hard as nails, out luck, most vanquished, un savory, dun, un-earthly, un ripe, lowpitched, un-bearable, low-toned, most lowhanging, un costly, nontranslucent, most recessed, more septic, dead duck, illbred, most out of key, unsatisfied, un reasonable, un level, germ free, scurvier, un-melodious, more lowtoned, most crybaby, more atramentous, de sert, more cross-grained, dark, ominous, most downer, short tempered, in a huff, more sagging, unsmiling, ill-lighted, out of sorts peevish, most steamed, waspier, most unmelodious, most pettish, dis-colored, most darkcomplexioned, most irked, Stridulous, most rousted, dis quieted, un wholesome, unlighted, mis fortunate, most soured, dark skinned, in auspicious, down luck, whiffier, mind blowing, most disquieted, dis-approving, most blubbery, most tuneless, more galled, most noway, un-lighted, most strabilious, apathetic, furious, in-disposed, over clouded, scummier, most unsmiling, more long-faced, most griping, most suffering, most horrifying, most effluvious, more unmitigable, hopeless, sick at heart, low grade, most affronted, unhappy, most agitating, more cross grained, most dolent, in dumps, re signed, un-savory, depressing, in funk, cut rate, dis heartened, most galled, nowin, most let down, more low hanging, sullen, more clashing, de-pressed, re-signed, more baritone, more scorched, most clashing, un refined, dark-complexioned, Doomful, dis trustful, down the mouth, in distinct, in despair, Infecund, most mourning, peaky, most rock-bottom, colorless, undignified, more sunk, most germfree, more ill-bred, ex posed, basser, huffy irascible, un juster, most atramentous, more tornup, unexcited, subdued, more torn-up, melancholy, most grim-faced, most unlevel, squattiest, baritone, most scowling, more nubilous, most earthward, Bummed, more brumal, more nontransparent, in-clement, cranky, in pain, most fulltoned, pro-found, most unexcited, un-kinder, somber, more whining, fore-boding, most rampageous, got wrong side of bed, un-illuminated, more hang-tough, stygian, un even, sober, dull, pathetic, thin skinned, more grimfaced, more unlit, most dirgelike, un comfortable, castdown, more low-down, most hardheaded, in-hospitable, out spirits, grim-faced, Despisable, most germ-free, most slumping, de-stroyed, most moderated, whiffy, offputting, grumbliest, un-clearest, more low-lying, dis pleasing, un-pleasant, most daunting, most dejecting, more maniac, spookish, non translucent, more germfree, most characterless, pasteurized, hopping mad, most scorched, re-doubtable, most unfurnished, more unelevated, shorttempered, toucher, grody, un-worthiest, more unlighted, be reft, un savorier, un earthliest, acetose, most ebon, heavy, more grim faced, no nonsense, more underneath, more nontranslucent, more creaking, swarter, most chapfallen, most infecund, most maniac, over sensitive, most grieving, un happier, spine chilling, lowdown, most pinched, un frequented, more undignified, indignant, more bemoaning, most devalued, most chastened, most agonized, hard, un-usual, sharptempered, opprobrious, more crossgrained, fault finding, un-savorier, in-tolerable, more low lying, un enlightened, to the bottom, bottommost, more low down, Nubilous, most daunted, dis maying, most torn-up, Earthward, curmudgeonly, beefing, un-satisfied, more decontaminated, most slashed, most sharptempered, hard core, ill-bred, most ill-humored, most softened, un-wholesome, most antagonized, un-sound, hardboiled, Racked, un cultivated, more foreboding, most nontransparent, more germ free, most blighted, more stygian, dis-enchanted, un yielding, ugly, at end one rope, most down-in-the-mouth, un-friendly, most whining, pitiful, most lowset, ex-cited, forlorn, ill mannered, more no-win, un favorable, lusterless, most piqued, un-happy, more stiffnecked, out sorts peevish, re strained, cant win, browned off, got upon wrong side bed, deplorable, dis-courteous, most no way, ex asperated, low key, more toned down, most repressing, most irrecoverable, more dashed, most out of tune, fatalistic, more pitch dark, most hacked, more illhumored, threnodial, most spinechilling, most welldone, ticked off, steamed, most lowtoned, over-whelming, un-satisfactory, most fatalistic, most gravitating, more disinfected, not smooth, more splenetic, un-washed, most bad-humored, un ruffled, most castdown, angry, more difficult, most sliding, dis enchanted, at end ones rope, most tornup, Commiserable, downcast, most let-down, un-draped, in temperate, bad tempered, unlit, most turned, in-sane, in blue funk, most toneddown, sombrest, in-elegant, most whimpering, sub fuse, more offputting, most caviling, most convulsed, more bereaved, most under, un-eventful, disheartening, toned-down, most pitch dark, most discolored, most unlettered, unpromising, fore boding, more unimpassioned, dis agreeing, most god awful, sour, most sunk, more foiled, more fermented, more effluvious, more sharptempered, most vinegarish, more castdown, more bummed, ex acerbated, more downer, un-fortunate, dis-heartened, mattest, most stiff-necked, more lowdown, down-in-the-mouth, most nontranslucent, more bad-humored, low-down, most dark skinned, un-comfortable, dis heartening, more daunted, most curmudgeonly, poverty stricken, in elegant, inactive, most godawful, up-setting, forgotten, un-occupied, more unprolific, un occupied, most ill-lighted, cimmerian, more moderated, most snarling, draggiest, crumbiest, ill fated, in capacitated, most deploring, un civil, un timelier, unlevel, most low-down, most out-of-tune, out humor, most foreboding, more despisable, more cut-rate, most buffaloed, more hacked, hard luck, most shot down, more attenuated, de-monic, under-privileged, more delphian, most zero, over-cast, grave, un-natural, un-musical, most drearisome, dis-illusioned, un-juster, god-awful, deep, gaunt, more chastened, nosey, un gracious, more unclothed, more malefic, torpid, most tormented, goner, more lowset, long-faced, more bellyaching, most unread, un sheltered, more crouched, most black-and-blue, most sharp-tempered, re-cessed, pro-founder, icebox, unilluminated, more yearning, most dark-complexioned, lamentable, more cussed, like a bag of bones, spine-chilling, most woful, un successful, more malificent, got up wrong side bed, most blustering, back the wall, more down in the mouth, gloomy, Dirgeful, heart-rending, most saddened, re-strained, most decontaminated, well baked, more hangtough, un satisfactory, wellbaked, un smiling, crestfallen, Crossgrained, un cleanest, dis-composing, hard line, most cutrate, more agitating, lower, most low set, un-civil, brumal, re doubtable, more objecting, most shot-down, got up on wrong side bed, sorrowful, most screeching, hyper critical, most grousing, most off-putting, more deploring, ill-humored, Mopish, un happy, un-frequented, dis quieting, un clothed, more dismaying, more uninfected, stiff necked, bad, low set, joyless, more agonized, low-down dirty, germfree, unelevated, lifeless, more uncostly, more sniveling, dejected, whinier, most bawling, bleak, more acheronian, dis honorable, dissatisfied, re prehensible, no-win, most lusterless, low-lying, irate, on warpath, low down dirty, most no-win, un-sounder, in tolerable, most precursive, most unachievable, mono-tone, more exasperated, un availing, ass a sling, most acidulated, spinechilling, un-clothed, more ill bred, more undraped, more suffering, black-and-blue, de-contaminated, singing blues, pouty, most low hanging, germ-free, more scowling, un-lucky, heart rending, in-curable, most attenuated, pitchblack, un worthy, adumbral, dis eased, most oversensitive, acherontic, most smoking, un sound, most toned-down, most illbred, in pits, more goner, up-tight, un clear, most ripped, god awful, de-scending, un clean, disheartened, most lightless, most bemoaning, most windswept, most contused, down, more crushed, un sympathetic, longfaced, dis illusioned, illboding, steeliest, dis armed, dismal, be-moaning, singing the blues, ebon, at end of one's rope, more premonitory, most dissuading, more depressant, most grimfaced, most desponding, whiffiest, more buffaloed, huffy, burned up, badhumored, running out of time, in-expensive, un-soundest, disagreeable, be-neath, duner, distressed, most misfortunate, morbid, spine tingling, most repressed, dusker, more arousing, most dismayed, with drawn, more welldone, de monic, most ill lighted, dis mayed, the bottom, more lightless, dis-agreeing, most unimpassioned, more grieving, dis advantageous, broodiest, more no chance, more grudging, sick heart, more cast-down, most unpopulated, nochance, most baritone, most beneath, un-pretentious, dis colored, more hiemal, more bawling, most odoriferous, most offputting, hot tempered, illnatured, threedog night, more doomful, more below, un-kindest, zestiest, low toned, mis-fortunate, be reaved, most disheartening, most illhumored, serious, more corybantic, hangtough, hard shell, upset, macabre, un prolific, sub missive, un-earthlier, un-relenting, more grieved, most bleeding, more hurting, most glowering, more disquieted, in sorrow, more skeleton, cantankerous, un happiest, un achievable, re sonant, low spirited, dis-quieted, de-graded, marked down, most subfuse, more hibernal, more no way, plaintive, most supplicating, on a downer, most septic, most declining, most well baked, most no win, lowspirited, most cast-down, in bad mood, ponderous, more relinquished, de valued, most sharp tempered, zestier, most grieved, incensed, mournful, de-valued, un fruitful, dis-graceful, un-costly, low pitched, most deforested, Atramentous, in dented, in the pits, in the doldrums, dunest, most low lying, in obtrusive, off color, pre-cursive, shot down, un-happiest, in-tense, de relict, more sourpussed, in famous, more asperous, in hospitable, most hang tough, disappointed, thickskinned, despondent, most exacerbated, out raged, most tarnished, more antagonized, pro found, in a bad mood, most stiffnecked, up the creek, mopey, welldone, most worsening, most fagged, more rockbottom, more ground-level, un worthier, in doldrums, with-drawn, illdefined, full toned, lowborn, un kind, un-successful, up arms, un lettered, disciplined, grumpy, irritable, desolate, most lowlying, most cascading, mis anthropic, dis contented, most undignified, crusty, discouraging, ex acting, wintry, misfortunate, un-prolific, un impassioned, dispirited, re solute, dis appointed, most no-way, in-exorable, more dampening, more fagged, sharp tempered, most groundlevel, ass in sling, most brumal, more unpromising, contused, tearful, un-elevated, more ebon, most hangtough, grim, uninfected, more full toned, un excited, illstarred, more emulsified, sharp-tempered, in tense, un becoming, have blahs, de-pressing, more lowborn, hardnosed, uncomfortable, dis-appointed, re-pressing, most yearning, more pod, un changing, lowkey, anti-septic, wrother, dis pleased, in-obtrusive, more po'd, Noway, most bereaved, ex-acerbated, thin-skinned touchy, in tractable, not clear, in saner, more dismayed, more cast down, un-ruffled, in exorable, most crabbed, down in dumps, lightless, knocked over, more riled, at end of ones rope, illlighted, un-furnished, more threnodial, more out-of-tune, most shotdown, more shot-down, be-reaved, dis-contented, most acheronian, in-fecund, un-mannerly, tuneless, more soured, out of spirits, most despisable, most darkskinned, down dumps, more zero, draggier, most fuming, more slipping, more forgoing, crotchety, in curable, more letdown, faultfinding, pitch-dark, more sourpuss, un-restrained, chapfallen, more longfaced, in consolable, more bad humored, un-worthier, un scrupulous, un-important, well done, most disciplined, un-promising, more moping, having blue devils, most arousing, more frazzled, most bugged, un-impassioned, drearer, irascible, pale, most doomful, un-timelier, waspiest, more storming, in toilet, most ground-level, pitchdark, miserable, un ripest, most bad humored, elegiac, more hang tough, more abstaining, under-neath, down in mouth, Woful, odoriferous, most god-awful, un elevated, most crushed, un-inspired, no fooling, sub-fuse, de-moralized, un lucky, most dirgeful, dire, more irrecoverable, most discontented, more downgrade, fagged, more pitch-dark, crispy, ex-acting, more bottomward, bent out shape, un-couth, most hibernal, most underneath, more snarling, re pressing, re served, hyper-critical, more chapfallen, under neath, perversive, more no win, Dolent, stiffnecked, scraggier, crepuscular, re cessed, dis-satisfied, offcolor.

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