Pronunciation of Cherish
/t͡ʃˈɛɹɪʃ/, /t‍ʃˈɛɹɪʃ/, /tʃ_ˈɛ_ɹ_ɪ_ʃ/

Antonyms for cherish

over-burdening, is down on, feels repugnance, re-probates, dispraise, re-duce, am sick of, under-value, having an aversion to, molest, giving a wide berth, was averse to, wast reluctant, Animadverting, am careless, cussed out, ex-probated, de basing, dis-credits, beared a grudge against, jinxed, undervalued, lost sight of, torn into, over worked, decry, take down a peg, Declassing, art sorry, am derelict, wast sick of, keep one's distance, ex-communicate, lose interest in, de-presses, disrespect, laugh off, overleap, be-foul, dis credited, mis handles, overtaxed, cussing out, wast turned off to, dis relished, wert averse to, doest number on, passed by, sneers at, laughed off, were derelict, have no use for, did number on, commits sin, casts down, keeping at arm's length, giving the runaround, doest an injustice to, does a number on, dis approve, de valued, hiding out, dis praise, pretermits, looking the other way, dis cards, dis regards, detracted from, demeriting, cuts down size, being down on, over-burden, looked other way, dost injustice to, under-rates, dis rates, de fames, glossed over, inveigled against, make light of, had hard feelings, be means, makes fool of, despise, was negligent, be rates, re-prove, puts double whammy on, By-pass, dislike intensely, had an aversion to, over-passes, cold-shouldered, am sorry, de-basing, re buff, vacate, cut down size, sur render, over-looks, dis-favored, had nothing to do with, have nothing do with, voodooing, be evil, keeps distance, puts a whammy on, being derelict, looks askance, kissing goodbye, cutting to quick, devalorizing, beared malice toward, shipping out, de face, by-passes, lowered, dis-grace, felt contempt for, pay no mind, write off, nauseate, cede, dis-praising, taking to task, sling mud, hurl brickbat, de-based, dis esteeming, tear into, treated with contempt, were grossed out by, were repelled by, objected to, re fuse, de faced, ex communicate, have nothing to do with, de motes, am allergic to, blowing off, reading out, dis-liked, de-files, ex probated, cant standing, be derelict, mis-handle, was remiss, Tarring, laid down the law, giving talking to, cuts to the quick, hurt, Pretermitting, overleaps, washes hands of, talking dirty, dis-comfits, not care for, mis treated, not feel like, be grossed out by, were sorry, dis graces, takes a powder, gives ship, abominate, am loath, not endure, de-ride, under estimate, tearing in to, took a powder, repel, had no taste for, be smirches, dis counting, shoot down, dis-figure, carping at, give ship, being careless, not appreciated, put out countenance, haddest nothing to do with, doing a number on, turns deaf ear to, am turned off to, was evil, hided out, be rate, looked the other way, tongue lashed, over leap, shudder at, letting pass, over taxing, bangs up, refuse, keep arm length, tongue lashing, slander, dis-praised, re fused, flaking out, de-composes, dis-honoring, tune out, gave talking to, kept arms length, dis-honors, ran out on, was hostile to, Pretermitted, read out, dis-relish, ex-communicates, be-smirches, puts whammy on, de moralized, being negligent, dis-rating, in criminating, antipathizes, over working, dost a number on, gets around, kept at arms length, slung mud, be averse to, mar, scorn, up-braided, am averse to, being sorry, flake out, spoilt, dost number on, antipathizing, runs out on, dis-esteems, committed sin, haddest enough of, hurled brickbat, pulling apart, art turned off to, de mean, exprobating, gave the runaround, de-filed, de pressing, be mean, bare malice toward, haddest nothing do with, under estimates, is turned off to, are derelict, bunging up, dis owned, have enough of, lays down law, be foul, dis regarding, kept arm length, recoils from, doing wrong, snub, de-composing, de-motes, makes light of, feel repugnance, imposes on, drats, Disrate, over pass, Vicing, DRAT, being reluctant, devalorized, pro scribed, hadst no use for, out rages, dis continued, dost an injustice to, be rated, retract, hast nothing do with, tongue-lash, can't stands, disliking intensely, recant, doth injustice to, cease, hadst an aversion to, laying down the law, didst wrong, dis continue, dis-continues, dis-owning, be smirched, paid no attention to, de-cline, de-face, not appreciate, puts out of countenance, de mote, de-faced, voodooed, art allergic to, sub-dues, try, brings low, reject, looking down nose at, staid shy of, makes ashamed, de famed, abuse, de faming, be-means, gave a black eye, bear malice toward, dis-relishing, running out on, over taxes, fulminating against, Accurse, de composed, de moralizing, putting double whammy on, keep away from, bare grudge against, torn in to, skin alive, de value, give black eye, de-creases, make faces at, was turned to, starve, make ashamed, mis used, dis gracing, have no stomach for, pooh pooh, refine, throw out, de moting, pulls apart, took down peg, de merited, has no use for, cuts the quick, humble, hadst enough of, reads out, feel hostility toward, storming out, be hostile to, be-rate, forswear, finding fault with, in criminates, dis regard, dis-crediting, puts out countenance, taking a walk, de-sert, by-passing, am repelled by, be littles, re-volt, coldshoulders, is remiss, showed disrespect, dis honors, de cried, dis countenance, de-merits, cry down, mis handled, hast nothing to do with, gave runaround, dis grace, feels malice to, dis graced, talks dirty, dis-carding, spoke ill of, downs on, dis honoring, pervert, de-file, doeth injustice to, gives the runaround, overthrow, can't stand, letting go, de composes, complained of, Benched, dis-owned, dis-figuring, bare a grudge against, being loath, dis figuring, taking a powder, keeping arm's length, is derelict, over-pass, re vile, de-pressed, cuss out, mis-treated, pro-scribing, de creased, blinked at, turn back on, has nothing do with, declasses, overleaping, didst a number on, turns nose at, feels repugnance toward, clamoring against, de-riding, pull apart, sur-renders, disparage, over-leaped, erase, Withdrew, having no use for, recoiled from, by passing, sub dues, de-formed, sneering at, were sick of, de-pressing, cold shouldering, de-meaning, dis-regarding, dis approving, spat up on, let go, de files, bore grudge against, denunciating, kept away from, post pones, wert allergic to, tunes out, dis credit, re prove, post pone, de valorizes, relinquish, disses, de-faming, bungs up, doing an injustice to, misprizing, art remiss, de-class, scoff at, by passes, kept one's distance, being evil, re-proving, is loath, passed up, castigate, de meriting, wert down on, out-raged, hast hard feelings, under estimated, dis-rates, under-estimating, in-criminated, shun, de-forms, put whammy on, abdicate, are disgusted with, mis prizes, keeps at arm length, giving black eye, re-volts, be disgusted with, allergicked to, cast down, wert careless, over works, be-littles, mis-employs, art reluctant, kept ones distance, taking walk, rip up, felt hostility toward, mis treating, cutting down to size, was allergic to, giving cold shoulder to, doest a number on, crying down, dumped on, pro scribes, keeps at arms length, dis-credited, not endures, am hostile to, hate, overtax, dis-countenanced, having aversion to, post-pones, ship out, bemeaned, is disgusted with, mis-treat, think little of, casts out, considered beneath one, give up the ship, wert sorry, did injustice to, over-worked, de class, de-merit, dis continuing, over tax, hurls brickbat, look down nose at, call down, be reluctant, pro fane, over burden, over-taxing, backbite, not appreciates, finds disgusting, payed no attention to, was derelict, laying down law, not enduring, doth number on, de valorize, are irresponsible, does an injustice to, keeping distance, found fault with, dis-esteeming, de-filing, doeth a number on, impose on, showing disrespect, did an injustice to, greases palm, be down on, pro-fane, wast careless, giving the brush, scoffs at, de clines, dis esteem, devalorize, leaving behind, de-crease, dis continues, gave the cold shoulder to, having hard feelings, de forming, dis-praises, gives a black eye, imposing on, de-base, ships out, de-valorizing, keep clear of, turn off, dis card, ex-communicating, de-fames, wert turned to, get after, disfavor, stand aloof from, purify, ex communicates, de-clines, paying no attention to, misprized, dis-carded, carps at, mis-prizing, having nothing do with, de-tested, de cry, gotten after, keeping clear of, coldshouldered, looking other way, undervalue, commit sacrilege, de crease, are careless, give a wide berth, denounce, steering clear of, is reluctant, under valued, dis-countenance, de-moralized, wast down on, does wrong, vilify, treating with contempt, re proves, take to task, keeping at arms length, are averse to, haddest no part of, having enough of, de creasing, are turned to, de valorized, de faces, keep ones distance, marked down, felt repugnance toward, de-compose, soften, de-means, sub-due, cutting down size, grease palm, gotten around, making faces at, Animadverted, legged it, cold-shouldering, de pressed, de merit, de-spoils, am negligent, is irresponsible, dis-card, re-proved, up-braiding, gloss over, de classed, de moralizes, put out of countenance, Dooming, were above, keeps at arm's length, dis-favors, payed no mind, cast out, de spoils, dis favors, dis-figured, calls down, staying shy of, tongue-lashed, surrender, mis treat, over-taxes, is sick of, giving wide berth, dis favor, dis-relished, blinking at, didst injustice to, re probating, under-mining, hast an aversion to, are turned off to, dis-honor, do injustice to, turned back on, do an injustice to, dis regarded, pro-scribed, kissed goodbye, dis-rated, tongue lashes, blow off, profane, giving brush, sentences, de-rides, revolt, mis-handled, Slurring, bears malice toward, over leaping, take a walk, greased palm, downing on, ripping up, clamors against, are allergic to, keeps one distance, re duces, wert grossed out by, de based, Bemean, spitting up on, keep at arm's length, wert above, ruin, has aversion to, cutting to the quick, de ride, dis-counts, dis-favoring, dis-regard, de spoiled, bring low, swore at, be repelled by, turned deaf ear to, keeping one distance, can't stood, laughs off, doing number on, keep arm's length, dis-continue, dishonor, mis-handling, tore apart, put shame, in-criminates, letting slide, de formed, made ashamed, neglected, doeth an injustice to, under-estimated, de testing, hadst hard feelings, cold-shoulders, de-valorizes, de-testing, overtaxing, de cays, gave brush, spitted upon, bemeans, mis handle, take task, forsake, cried down, doeth number on, giving a talking to, hast no stomach for, bear a grudge against, passing up, dis-continuing, re-proves, proscribe, washing hands of, does injustice to, took to task, Disfavored, dis relishes, haddest aversion to, feels hostility toward, re duce, art sick of, re fusing, bunged up, lay down the law, greasing palm, de-moralizing, Disciplining, pro-scribes, sneer at, de filed, had enough of, under-valuing, dis-rate, dis-gracing, not endured, made faces at, re-fused, up staging, out raged, censure, discard, sur-rendering, mis-treats, de presses, keep one distance, did wrong, ex-probate, de-cry, turning nose up at, picked apart, quit, scoffed at, putting a whammy on, having no taste for, de-mote, de-composed, bringing low, letted slide, over-taxed, belittle, haddest no use for, keep at arms length, hast no use for, de-cries, Reprobating, de-classing, gave up the ship, art hostile to, dis countenanced, dis-credit, gives a talking to, misprizes, de grading, were reluctant, dis honor, ex probating, gave up ship, be careless, were down on, turn away, be remiss, up braid, doth a number on, has no part of, leaves behind, re-sent, humiliate, over-works, re fuses, talk dirty, rips up, casting down, inveigling against, de spoil, with draw, de-grade, was loath, allergics to, allergicking to, sur-rendered, de-cays, de press, cuts to quick, dost wrong, gives the ship, pretermit, had no stomach for, by-passed, wrong, kept distance, de-cried, thinking little of, paying no mind, de-spoiling, dis-comfit, overtaxes, over looked, over burdened, discontinue, scoffing at, art turned to, be fouling, giving up ship, abhor, lets go, dis-continued, talked dirty, hath nothing do with, de-moralize, ex probate, was turned off to, tear in to, dis-regards, cant stands, with-drew, had no use for, mis using, give up ship, dis-honored, washed hands of, had nothing do with, kiss off, feel contempt for, dis-figures, DISES, hadst no part of, fulminated against, out-raging, shows disrespect, resign, stood aloof from, out-rage, committed sacrilege, dis comfit, banging up, got after, tar, wast negligent, dis esteems, renounce, mis-using, lost interest in, felt repugnance, mis prize, gives up the ship, keeps one's distance, pollute, paid no mind, dissed, under valuing, dis praised, de-press, misemployed, dislikes intensely, damn, gives black eye, thought little of, Trashed, expunge, sur renders, be above, tare into, not appreciating, be-meaning, keeps arms length, de-graded, giving the ship, de spoiling, committing sin, de-mean, dis-approve, re proved, flies coop, takes down a peg, being turned to, blew off, ex communicated, discipline, de graded, hath hard feelings, bearing a grudge against, over look, were negligent, in-criminate, being repelled by, denunciated, de-moralizes, cut to the quick, clamor against, correct, gave wide berth, putting whammy on, de compose, skinned alive, wast hostile to, with-drawn, give up, de classing, flakes out, cut down to size, called down, up stages, bear grudge against, be sick of, be negligent, feeling repugnance toward, tore into, dis-counted, cuts down to size, give the cold shoulder to, re-buffed, Overpassing, under-values, carped at, repulse, hadst nothing to do with, give a black eye, under-rate, make a fool of, over-leaping, mark down, de riding, spits upon, takes powder, be-rated, feel repugnance toward, look other way, turn deaf ear to, mis-prizes, gat around, up stage, dumping on, bore a grudge against, dis counted, de forms, spit upon, dis missing, pass up, am reluctant, left behind, lose sight of, blistered, banged up, cut to quick, hath nothing to do with, leave behind, legging it, pro-fanes, standing aloof from, blows off, be-fouling, release, keep distance, am down on, re volts, keeping ones distance, casting out, are above, tongue lash, grossed out on, laughing off, be-fouls, dis-countenancing, taking down a peg, steers clear of, making a fool of, pay no attention to, neglect, hath no use for, caluminates, over passing, feel malice to, de-famed, sur rendered, are grossed out by, wert derelict, over-wrought, detracting from, objecting to, dis-regarded, mis-handles, under-rating, scants, dis comfits, took powder, hid out, flew coop, have hard feelings, mis-used, keeping one's distance, kept at arm length, condemn, misemploying, dis rating, under-estimate, spits up on, re buffed, dislike, pro scribe, tore in to, de means, with drawing, de rides, de-grading, demerited, tonguelashed, disliked intensely, be-smirching, commits sacrilege, feeling hostility toward, dratting, de-facing, up braids, doing injustice to, coldshouldering, caluminating, up-braid, was down on, kiss goodbye, be sorry, make fool of, over passes, wast turned to, tonguelashes, didst number on, over passed, mis-employed, being averse to, takes a walk, made a fool of, takes down peg, considering beneath one, disrates, turn nose at, hath enough of, over-burdened, Misprize, Benching, abandon, recall, spit up on, complaining of, detracts from, was reluctant, put double whammy on, dis liking, were careless, art grossed out by, Shying, hath no stomach for, ragged on, over-leapt, tonguelash, bearing grudge against, keeps ones distance, over leaps, being allergic to, get around, blinks at, recoiling from, give talking to, shot down, look askance, with-drawing, took a walk, turned nose up at, bung up, storm out, stormed out, de-crying, slings mud, pro-scribe, slinging mud, dis carding, were turned to, under rated, dumps on, scout, be smirch, Vilified, give a talking to, is grossed out by, antagonize, has no taste for, haddest no taste for, give the ship, clamored against, be loath, has an aversion to, kept at arm's length, de-tract, re-vile, getting around, deprive, tears apart, up-staged, with-draws, made light of, over looks, reproach, tearing into, pulled apart, be-little, be little, looked down nose at, tears in to, stays shy of, cut the quick, dis praises, gave black eye, Declass, gave cold shoulder to, zinged, keep arms length, fly the coop, mudslings, run out on, high hat, treats with contempt, wert sick of, keeping arm length, allergic to, under-rated, were remiss, pro scribing, beared grudge against, being remiss, de classes, disdain, be-mean, was above, am turned to, mis-employ, getting after, cold shouldered, picks apart, re-sents, picking apart, punish, de-merited, under value, was disgusted with, loathe, be-smirched, are sorry, over burdening, exprobate, did a number on, turn nose up at, keeps arm's length, tare in to, took walk, having nothing to do with, subdue, de-valorize, bears a grudge against, tongue-lashes, not trouble oneself, hath no taste for, over burdens, detest, sur-render, re-probate, rake over coals, looks down nose at, thundered against, de-values, putting out countenance, flaked out, Dispraising, uproot, pro fanes, de merits, consider beneath one, under rates, not feel liked, fulminates against, wast loath, is allergic to, under mining, giving runaround, spake ill of, mis-prize, stay shy of, de-value, de valorizing, takes to task, are loath, over-passing, can't standing, putting out of countenance, is negligent, skinning alive, is hostile to, re-duces, shies, de-valued, cries down, caluminate, were hostile to, reverse, being disgusted with, re volt, dis relishing, bearing malice toward, re buffing, being irresponsible, is sorry, leave, de tract, am evil, passes up, take powder, dis relish, denunciates, de-form, being above, overpast, live with, disrated, am irresponsible, swears at, bang up, feel aversion toward, lived with, de grades, gives runaround, dis rate, be allergic to, felt aversion toward, glosses over, de moralize, tuned out, bore malice toward, torn apart, over-looking, be-smirch, overleapt, dispraises, slight, with draws, de-grades, re-fuse, dis-counting, up-stage, cuts quick, wert loath, hide out, be rating, ripped up, taking task, show disrespect, dis esteemed, steer clear of, art derelict, cut quick, recoil from, de tracts, fulminate against, animadvert, haddest no stomach for, be turned to, de facing, dis-approved, speaks ill of, kisses goodbye, skins alive, dis-missing, inveigle against, am remiss, de-valuing, over-tax, up-staging, having no stomach for, turning nose at, taking down peg, was careless, de cries, disregard, dis counts, makes faces at, Faulted, be meaning, wert reluctant, under rating, fly coop, de crying, with drawn, am above, be fouls, defile, stands aloof from, HOSED, have an aversion to, having no part of, am grossed out by, dis countenancing, shoots down, committing sacrilege, bad-mouth, Illtreat, ignore, re buffs, turned nose at, downed on, with drew, wast remiss, wert disgusted with, Disvalue, dis-liking, wert repelled by, cold-shoulder, disgust, de-spoiled, afflict, dis credits, de-meriting, made fool of, are remiss, overleaped, execrate, carp at, treat with contempt, has nothing to do with, Tars, wast disgusted with, swearing at, losing sight of, up-stages, ex-probating, do wrong, being turned off to, feeling malice to, let slide, repeal, ex probates, stayed shy of, de-faces, dis-countenances, are repelled by, giving ship, de file, kept clear of, is above, shipped out, making ashamed, down on, ex-communicated, find disgusting, de-creased, over-leap, badmouth, complain of, are hostile to, out-rages, art irresponsible, cant stood, doest injustice to, forego, wert hostile to, mudslinged, flying coop, de-tracts, gives cold shoulder to, shooting down, roughhoused, over-passed, sub due, wash hands of, were allergic to, commit sin, aggrieve, kept one distance, be fouled, have no taste for, looks the other way, de-fame, sniff, dis missed, harm, brought low, decline, hath an aversion to, being hostile to, spitted up on, re sent, being sick of, living with, under rate, turns nose up at, in criminate, chastise, flies the coop, misuse, dis approves, dissing, Reamed, bemeaning, gave ship, art above, de grade, feeling contempt for, disciplined, art loath, legs it, gets after, takes task, under-mined, considers beneath one, dis figure, under-estimates, over-look, dis owning, spoil, dis crediting, sicken, giving up the ship, be irresponsible, dis carded, abase, de-moting, mis-treating, be-rating, libel, re-buffs, thunders against, storms out, thunder against, pays no attention to, let pass, de-creasing, dis-graces, dis rated, drop, dis-graced, Antipathize, turning deaf ear to, doth an injustice to, dump on, mis prized, dis praising, dis honored, leg it, does number on, wert negligent, be smirching, dis figures, keeping arms length, wast grossed out by, cant stand, dis, am disgusted with, de cay, dis-approving, dis countenances, mis-prized, were loath, had no part of, is averse to, dis-favor, de-classed, keeps clear of, under values, up-braids, wast above, calling down, hast aversion to, Misemploy, didst an injustice to, shudders at, feels aversion toward, grossedded out on, misemploys, imposed on, under-valued, keep at arm length, denigrate, turns back on, damage, pays no mind, de-classes, malign, haddest hard feelings, flying the coop, be-rates, Scanting, depreciate, downgrade, coldshoulder, blink at, de creases, with-draw, flew the coop, sur rendering, Overpassed, gat after, tare apart, de-forming, bears grudge against, are sick of, laid down law, re-probated, rags on, speak ill of, put a whammy on, Disfavoring, accurses, de-valorized, was sorry, are down on, hadst no stomach for, making light of, dratted, losing interest in, dis favored, exprobated, hath no part of, bad mouth, keeping at arm length, Denunciate, accursing, keeps away from, are evil, dis-esteem, de meaning, re probate, complains of, swear at, de sert, displease, dis-cards, dis-esteemed, devalorizes, was grossed out by, object to, feels contempt for, de values, looked askance, not care, take walk, taking powder, mudsling, by passed, wast irresponsible, dis approved, wert turned off to, sneered at, mis treats, dis-relishes, animadverts, de base, in-criminating, caluminated, hast enough of, depart from, gives up ship, mis handling, not give time day, de filing, cusses out, de cline, under mined, wert remiss, rag on, give cold shoulder to, remove, feeling aversion toward, ex-probates, destroy, lay down law, is repelled by, art averse to, re-buffing, dis figured, hadst nothing do with, kept arm's length, doth wrong, up braided, gave the brush, was irresponsible, finding disgusting, is evil, letted go, de composing, end, mis employing, part, gave the ship, Hates, dis-missed, are reluctant, art negligent, Reprobated, be turned off to, gave a talking to, not feel likes, gives a wide berth, wast sorry, found disgusting, tonguelashing, was sick of, hast no taste for, deprecate, art careless, find fault with, hadst no taste for, lets pass, Tarred, cutting quick, poohpooh, dis-praise, by pass, takes walk, roughhousing, disapprove, mis prizing, tuning out, grosseds out on, dis favoring, disrating, gives brush, antipathized, DE Form, being grossed out by, de-cay, wast allergic to, detract from, feeling repugnance, dis-approves, were disgusted with, cutting the quick, were turned off to, dis liked, de fame, loses sight of, gives the cold shoulder to, maltreat, take a powder, de valuing, objects to, art repelled by, keeps arm length, spitting upon, hosing, Scanted, corrupt, minimize, de tested, be-fouled, overlook, ex communicating, inveigles against, de-spoil, exprobates, thundering against, do number on, Dispraised, finds fault with.