Pronunciation of Claw
/klˈɔː/, /klˈɔː/, /k_l_ˈɔː/

Antonyms for claw:

heal, wait, mend, agree, help, fix, hide, cure.

Synonyms for claw:

Sense 1 (noun)

ambush, assail, assault, attack, barb, cant hook, crook, fang, fingernail, go for, grapnel, grappling hook, grappling iron, manus, mug, nail, paw, set on, spur, tentacle, unguis, Dewclaw, Pincers, Ungula, come at, fly at, strike at, clutching hand, forked end, nail claw, tack claw.

Sense 2 (noun)

anatomical, anatomy, antler, arm, belly, blowhole, body, bony, capsule, carapace.

Sense 3 (noun)

ancillary, ball bearing, bearing, belt, bucket, button, cam, camshaft, carriage, chamber.

Sense 4 (noun)

catch, clutch, dip into, fumble, juggle, pounce, catch at, grab at, grasp at.

claw (noun)

chela, hook, nipper, pincer.

nail of animal; tool shaped like nail of an animal (noun)

barb, cant hook, clapperclaw, crook, fang, fingernail, grapnel, grappler, hook, manus, nipper, paw, pincer, retractile, spur, talon, tentacle, unguis, Ungula, nail claw.

using sharp nail (verb)

break, dig, graze, hurt, itch, lacerate, mangle, maul, open, rip, scrabble, scrap, scrape, scratch, tear.

Sense 1

bristle, feeler, jig, paw, predation, prong, scavenge, tine, catch at, fire irons, grab at, razor blade, the business end.

Sense 2

broomstick, burrow, frisk, gore, hibernate, maul, migration, point, prance, scrabble, seize, sheath, slough, overwinter, grasp at.

Sense 3

beach, buck, butt, chuck, growl, lap, rose, shank, shy, spray, switch, tolerate.

Sense 4

dip into, juggle, mimic, trot.

Sense 5

blade, edge, fumble, rear.

Sense 6

attachment, shaft.

Sense 7

bite, clutch, lash.

Sense 9

cast, mount.

Sense 27








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