Pronunciation of Clear
/klˈi͡ə/, /klˈi‍ə/, /k_l_ˈiə/

Antonyms for clear:

vague, unapparent, HIT, blocked, indiscernible, slippery, punishable, dull, entangle, palish, forfeit, filled, Obscured, cloudy, smoky, gray, clutter, incriminate, corrupt, diffident, Gated, ambiguous, jammed, muddled, dirty, unreadable, obligate, blustering, glazed, unintelligible, lose, breezy, indecisive, inculpate, responsible, troubled, indistinct, blameworthy, impeach, constricted, questionable, accused, pile up, disputable, Hindered, clogged, inexact, undiscerning, unsure, disputed, cloudlike, smudged, indecipherable, complicated, cloud-covered, block, find guilty, darkling, bind, gusty, dissuade, sketchy, culpable, stormy, unlit, impure, barricaded, blame, unclouded, tenebrous, colored, mysterious, cramped, keep, refutable, unassuming, impeded, inconclusive, dimmed, darkish, harsh, impassable, noncommital, difficult, waste, filmy, shadowy, dark, inaudible, charge, darkened, blustery, sullen, bounce, oblige, faint, imperfect, shamefaced, upset, censurable, congested, concealed, unknowable, indictable, tinted, qualified, blamable, Trammeled, prohibit, hidden, condemned, plugged, convicted, blockaded, foggy, discourage, pitch-dark, dense, confusing, full, hold, load, doubtful, run into, wavering, dim, Darksome, sentence, undecipherable, pitch black, hesitant, Semiopaque, shut, controversial, fail, plant, darken, fuzzy, imprecise, closed, equivocal, fill, clouded, vacillating, impalpable, shamed, obscure, imprison, lightless, depress, accuse, pollute, nonobvious, compel, convict, stuffed, uncertain, Mistakable, guilty, indefinite, uncleared, misty, spend, opaque, unclear, undecided, disperse, hangdog, rainy, stopped, undefined, unfree, condemn, gloomy, lackluster.

Usage examples for clear:

  • The next morning all was clear. - "The Young Forester", Zane Grey.
  • " Quite clear, I should say," replied Mr. Eustace. - "The Eustace Diamonds", Anthony Trollope.
  • And so it is clear enough that they were. - "The Coming of the Friars", Augustus Jessopp.

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