Co Ordinate

Pronunciation of Co Ordinate
/kˈə͡ʊ ˈɔːdɪnət/, /kˈə‍ʊ ˈɔːdɪnət/, /k_ˈəʊ ˈɔː_d_ɪ_n_ə_t/

Antonyms for co ordinate:

varying, inconsistent, turn out, conceal, serve, give up, separate, divide, counteract, disarrange, harm, assist, unrelate, mismatch, unparallel, disorder, pupil, reverse, hide, enemy, agitate, important, increase, neglect, misguide, necessary, direct, mismanage, stop, main, destroy, scatter, unrelated, zigzag, disintegrate, deny, unmesh, changing, dissimilar, reality, upset, unfair, check, vary, disassociate, aid, join, inferior, waver, unjust, disperse, help, obstruct, estrange, leave, different, frustrate, forget, clash, confuse, major, obey, antagonist, oppose, abandon, hold, limit, unfit, keep, disorganize, break, skewed, displace, release, archetype, foe, dissociate, reject, collect, incite, worsen, differ, deregulate, biased, cease, dispute, bar, disproportionate, prototype, unlikeness, fight, mess up, move, disagree, imbalance, crooked, difference, estimate, liberate, refuse, free, unite, walk, irritate, hurt, delay, exclude, let go, student, disregard, Unsuit, follow, unmatch, ruin, part, primary, divergent, combine, ignore, damage, variable, Unequitable, disproportion, encumber, disobey, decline, lose, singular, turn away, mix up, divorce, uncoordinate, unlike, dissimilarity, opponent, soften, stranger, roughen, handicap, unsettle, mislead, prevent, principal, guess, hinder, derange, untangle, opposite, stand, impede, disallow, independent, model, argue, disturb, not correspond, gather, original, block, maintain, unequal, chief, protest, halt, disconnect, disjoin, unmatched, accidental, fail, mismatched, detractor, chance.

Synonyms for co ordinate:

coincident (adjective)

ancillary, attendant, attending, coinciding, collateral, concomitant, consonant, contemporaneous, contemporary, incident, satellite, simultaneous, synchronous.

collateral (adjective)

accessory, accompanying, added, adjunctive, adjuvant, appurtenant, auxiliary, circuitous, coincident, complementary, concurrent, confirmatory, corresponding, corroborative, dependent, lateral, related, roundabout, side, sub, subordinate, subservient, subsidiary, supporting, tributary, under, not lineal.

concomitant (adjective)

agreeing, associative, belonging, coefficient, coetaneous, coeval, coexistent, coincidental, concordant, conjoined, connected, corollary, coterminous, fellow, in time, synchronal, synergetic, synergistic, Isochronal, Isochronous, joint, associated with, coupled with, conjoined with, in tempo.

coordinate (adjective)

alike, coequal, correlative, correspondent, counterpart, equal, equalized, like, parallel, same, tantamount.

equal (adjective)

according, balanced, break even, commensurate, comparable, egalitarian, equivalent, fifty-fifty, homologous, identical, indistinguishable, invariable, level, look-alike, matched, matching, one and the same, proportionate, uniform, unvarying, Identic, spit and image, to the same degree, evenly matched, same difference, stack up with, two peas in pod.

parallel (adjective)

alongside, coextensive, equidistant, laterally, Coextending, extending equally, in the same direction, never meeting, running alongside.

reciprocal (adjective)

changeable, convertible, exchangeable, interchangeable, interdependent, mutual, reciprocative, reciprocatory, give-and-take.

double (noun)

angel, clone, companion, copy, dead ringer, duplicate, image, impersonator, mate, picture, portrait, reciprocal, replica, ringer, simulacrum, spitting image, twin, lookalike, stand-in.

duplicate (noun)

analogue, carbon, carbon copy, copycat, counterfeit, ditto, double, dupe, duplication, facsimile, fake, germination, imitation, likeness, obverse, phony, photocopy, photostat, pirate, recurrence, repetition, replication, similarity, xerox, knockoff, STAT, REPRO, chip off the old block, counterscript.

ensemble (noun)

costume, garb, togs, coordinates, get-up.

fellow (noun)

assistant, cohort, compeer, comrade, confrere, consort, instructor, lecturer, member, peer, professor, Coworker.

mate (noun)

acquaintance, alter ego, analog, bride, buddy, chum, classmate, colleague, complement, crony, friend, groom, helper, helpmate, intimate, pal, playmate, roommate, schoolmate, sidekick, spouse, Familiar, Bedmate.

twin (noun)

doppelganger, fraternal twin, identical twin, Siamese Twin.

accommodate (verb)

accord, accustom, adapt, attune, comply, compose, coordinate, correspond, fit, modify, settle, suit, tailor, tailor-make, tune, bend over backwards, play the game, don't make waves, don't rock the boat, go by the book, go with the flow, make consistent.

adjust (verb)

allocate, arrange, clarify, conclude, doctor, fiddle with, fine-tune, fix up, grade, sort, standardize, straighten, tally, Methodize.

align (verb)

even, even up, fix, order, range, Allineate, make parallel.

attune (verb)

acclimatize, balance, compensate, counterbalance, Familiarize, make agree.

classify (verb)

allot, alphabetize, analyze, assort, brand, break down, catalogue, class, codify, collocate, dispose, distinguish, distribute, divide, docket, embody, file, group, incorporate, index, label, match, name, number, peg, pigeonhole, put away, rank, rate, regiment, segregate, size, size up, tab, tabulate, tag, ticket, type, typecast, put down as, put down for, rank out, button down, take one's measure.

conform (verb)

follow, keep, mind, move over, obey, observe, quadrate, square, straighten up, toe the line, yield, fall in with, be guided by, follow the crowd, run with the pack, meet halfway, clean up act, follow beaten path, make room, roll with punches.

cooperate (verb)

abet, advance, back up, band, befriend, chip in, coincide, collaborate, concert, concur, conspire, contribute, espouse, forward, further, help, join forces, league, participate, partner, pitch in, second, stick together, succor, take part, unite, uphold, comply with, go along with, lend a hand, play ball, side with, join in, work together, be in cahoots, coadjute, pool resources, share in, show willingness, work side by side.

coordinate (verb)

accommodate, adjust, agree, combine, conduce, conform, correlate, harmonize, integrate, mesh, organize, pool, proportion, pull together, quarterback, reconcile, regulate, synchronize, systematize, team up, shape up, atune, get it together, get one's act together, reconciliate.

correlate (verb)

associate, connect, interact, tie in, be on same wavelength, have good vibes, relate mutually, tune in on.

equal (verb)

approach, come up to, compare, comprise, emulate, equalize, equate, equipoise, live up to, measure up, meet, reach, rival, tie, touch, Equiponderate, amount to, consist of, partake of, rise to, square with, be commensurate, be identical, keep pace with, rank with, be level, be tantamount, run abreast.

equalize (verb)

communize, democratize, establish, handicap, regularize, smooth, socialize, trim, Commeasure.

harmonize (verb)

blend, carol, cohere, cooperate, orchestrate, relate, set, sing, symphonize, synthesize, unify, chime with, fit in with, be of one mind, be in unison.

integrate (verb)

amalgamate, articulate, assimilate, coalesce, come together, compact, concatenate, concentrate, conjoin, consolidate, desegregate, fuse, get together, interface, intermix, join, knit, link, wed, meld with, throw in together.

mesh (verb)

catch, dovetail, engage, enmesh, ensnare, interlock, net, snare, tangle, trap, fit together.

orchestrate (verb)

manage, present, put together, score, set up.

organize (verb)

classify, constitute, construct, create, fashion, form, formulate, frame, get going, look after, marshal, mold, run, shape, straighten out, line up, see to, whip into shape, put in order, take care of, be responsible for, lick into shape.

reconcile (verb)

appease, arbitrate, assuage, bring together, conciliate, cool, intercede, mediate, mitigate, pacify, patch up, placate, propitiate, rectify, resolve, reunite, win over, make up, re-establish, patch things up, bring to terms, get together on, kiss and make up, make matters up, restore harmony, bury the hatchet.

regulate (verb)

administer, conduct, control, correct, determine, direct, govern, guide, handle, improve, legislate, measure, moderate, modulate, monitor, oversee, readjust, rule, superintend, supervise, temper, time, true, tune up, pull things together.

relate (verb)

affect, ally, appertain, apply, ascribe, assign, bear upon, bracket, concern, consociate, couple, credit, impute, interconnect, interdepend, interrelate, orient, orientate, pertain, refer, yoke, correspond to, identify with, tie in with, have to do with, be joined with, be relevant to, have reference to.

run (verb)

boss, carry on, head, head up, helm, lead, operate, ordain, own, ride herd on, be in charge, be in driver's seat, be in saddle, pull the strings.

tune/tune up (verb)

dial, pitch, string, tighten.

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