Pronunciation of Coat
/kˈə͡ʊt/, /kˈə‍ʊt/, /k_ˈəʊ_t/

Antonyms for coat:

strip, uncover, reveal.

Synonyms for coat:

animal hair (noun)

crust, ectoderm, epidermis, felt, fleece, fur, hide, husk, integument, leather, membrane, pelage, pellicle, pelt, protective covering, rind, scale, shell, skin, wool, Peltry, Scarfskin.

clothing (noun)

afghan, apparel, array, attire, bathrobe, beret, blazer, blouse, bonnet, boot, bowler, brassiere, burnoose, caftan, camisole, cape, chapeau, chemise, cloak, clothes, clothing, corset, costume, crinoline, dinner jacket, doublet, dress, dressing gown, duds, ensemble, evening gown, fedora, fez, footgear, frock, fur, garb, garment, gown, greatcoat, habit, halter, hat, headdress, homburg, housecoat, jacket, jersey, jumper, kilt, kimono, mackintosh, nightgown, outfit, overcoat, pajamas, pants, parka, petticoat, pillbox, pinafore, poncho, pull over, pyjamas, raiment, raincoat, robe, sari, sarong, scarf, shawl, shirt, shoes, shorts, skirt, slacks, slicker, smock, smoking jacket, sports coat, stetson, suit, sweat suit, sweater, t-shirt, topcoat, trench coat, trimming, trousers, tunic, tuxedo, ulster, v neck, vestment, vesture, windbreaker, wrap, wrapper, blue jeans, panties, pea coat, stockings, sweat shirt, turtle-neck.

covering (noun)

bark, canopy, casing, coating, covering, dermis, envelope, finish, glaze, gloss, lacquer, lamination, layer, overlay, painting, patina, plaster, priming, roughcast, screening, set, shroud, skin, tinge, varnish, veneer, wash, wrapping, Whitewashing.

layer (noun)

graduation, hierarchy, lamination, layer, level, mantle, story, tier, Strata.

personal outerwear (noun)

anorak, cape, cloak, cutaway, duffle coat, flogger, frock, greatcoat, jacket, mackinaw, mink, overcoat, pea, raincoat, slicker, suit, tails, threads, topcoat, trench, tux, tuxedo, ulster, windbreaker, wrap.

cover (verb)

blanket, cover, encase, enshroud, envelop, mask, overlay, sheath, veil.

cover with layer of material (verb)

apply, cover, enamel, foil, incrust, laminate, paint, plate, smear, spread, stain, surface.

layer (verb)

grade, laminate, stratify.

protect (verb)


Sense 1

anorak, armour, bark, beard, bolero, bomber jacket, camouflage, creosote, crust, dander, dewlap, drape, drop cloth, duffel coat, duster, encroach, exoskeleton, film, forelock, grout, hackles, hide, integument, jerkin, keratin, leash, mac, mane, masking tape, maxi, oilskin, sealant, smear, spackle, sport coat, sport jacket, sports jacket, spray paint, sprinkle, tailcoat, tux, undercoat, whalebone, whisker, windcheater, Hoody, Kaross, hoodie, choke chain, flea collar, gloss paint, paint stripper, parcel up, shortie.

Sense 2

distemper, dj, fold, leaf, overall, pelt, recover, sealer, sheepskin, sheet, slather, smooth, smother, straitjacket, stripper, superimpose, surmount, wallpaper, wipe, Reapply.

Sense 3

apply, bury, cocoon, crown, dab, daub, dog collar, dot, fluff, horn, ivory, plaster, resurface, rub, shell, waterproof.

Sense 4

armor, collect, tail.

Sense 5

brush, muzzle, spread, top, whitewash.

Sense 7

gloss, plate.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 13


Sense 14


Sense 19










Usage examples for coat:

  • With him came a gentleman in a fur coat. - "The Wheel O' Fortune", Louis Tracy.
  • In your coat too. - "The Heath Hover Mystery", Bertram Mitford.
  • But what could the frock- coat mean? - "Miss Mapp", Edward Frederic Benson.
  • " At least, sir," the man urged, " put on your coat." - "The Indian Drum", William MacHarg Edwin Balmer.
  • " Put on your coat, Bagley, and come with me," I said. - "Driven Back to Eden", E. P. Roe.

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