Pronunciation of Cognizant
/k_ˈɒ_ɡ_n_ɪ_z_ə_n_t/, /kˈɒɡnɪzənt/, /kˈɒɡnɪzənt/

Antonyms for cognizant:

more knownothing, most mystified, out of it, dis inclined, un-truest, un-aware, more misused, most mooning, de-laying, mentally defective, most frittered, most time consuming, Inconversant, more baffled, most misused, more mind-blown, more snaillike, irretrievable, un thinking, slow-moving, time consuming, un intelligent, un-informed, more dumbbell, half witted, more procrastinating, know nothing, nowhere to be found, un-witting, unremembered, mercurial, weakkneed, dupe, sub normal, most daydreaming, dull, most unpunctual, most squandered, more loser, most two-timing, un remembered, heedless, empty headed, most laggard, dis-oriented, dis-inclined, punchdrunk, most born-again, most tortoiselike, in-discreet, un-conscious, pigeon, most two timing, light headed, tortoiselike, Numskulled, ignorant, mystified, most baffled, flighty, un familiar, most numbskull, more detained, be-fuddled, more irretrievable, in-conversant, in-sensible, un faithful, retarded, most eradicated, more abolished, slap happy, more loitering, more annihilated, more dawdling, dim witted, more weak-kneed, long-delayed, most untaken, most adrift, most consumed, in-expressive, most clueless, more twotiming, most slap happy, more duped, over due, un-truer, in a daze, Fooled, most dumbbell, mis spent, illadvised, un-steadier, shooker, most weakkneed, most entranced, unknowledgeable, un-steadiest, long delayed, be-mused, more irrecoverable, temperamental, most staggered, Tenantless, mis-laid, dummiest, un-schooled, un inhabited, unredeemed, most slow moving, most unglued, most hindered, untenanted, most devastated, un stable, emptyheaded, seeing stars, more dumbo, more yo yo, inconscient, more forfeit, slow the uptake, most hornswoggled, more forfeited, more cheating, most longdelayed, offcourse, long drawn out, dis appeared, more unengaged, most snaillike, out cold, in a fog, most impeded, unintellectual, snaillike, unengaged, most long delayed, in-sensate, simple minded, cold, senseless, unsteady, not bright, un-thinking, mind-blown, most annihilated, to let, be-wildered, under achieving, unwary, un-mindful, more subnormal, in daze, in-cognizant, slowest, lamebrained, most slap-happy, slow on uptake, un-expressive, most dazzled, at sea, more thick-headed, empty-headed, more dumdum, more mooning, more unremembered, un-true, most disappeared, more weakkneed, more eradicated, timeconsuming, be lated, most inconversant, unpunctual, most dawdling, knownothing, hazy, more inconscient, halfwitted, weak in knees, un employed, dis-trait, in curious, un-eventful, un-remembered, draggiest, most yo-yo, most lamebrained, more unintellectual, slowwitted, slow witted, un-tenanted, more demolished, most thick-headed, YOYO, dumdum, most doublecrossing, de-liberate, in-curious, more lamebrained, most unengaged, more squandered, un-responsive, be-sotted, mucked up, mis placed, by-gone, un-suspecting, in cognizant, sucked in, taken in, more unglued, not there, more slaphappy, un-enlightened, most snowed, un-familiar, most dumbo, de liberate, un-glued, more know nothing, more hornswoggled, un-faithful, un conscious, more numskulled, un-filled, be wildered, de laying, most know nothing, more nonplussed, off balance, un stabler, most duped, most knownothing, un-taught, more postponing, caught napping, un taken, lost, more untaken, most floored, most weak-kneed, un productive, more bollixed, more snowed, mis-spent, more perished, uninformed, be sotted, more slap happy, draggier, mutable, most abolished, un true, slow moving, yo yo, more long delayed, in sensate, more retardo, fallen between cracks, un taught, gorked, most long-delayed, dis-appeared, not all there, nowhere be found, un glued, un expressive, mindblown, unexpressive, irrecoverable, more mindblown, numbskull, more outfoxed, most slowmoving, in expressive, dis oriented, feeble minded, off course, most conned, most mindblown, most retardo, thoughtless, out it, dead, untaught, most mind-blown, pro-longed, pre occupied, slow on the uptake, un filled, most without, more conned, more clueless, deaf, at a loss, weak the knees, most unexpressive, most thick headed, incognizant, un concerned, un-intellectual, going in circles, most know-nothing, un-inhabited, indifferent, sub-normal, most nonplussed, most detained, in fog, more tortoiselike, out window, more dazzled, more doublecrossing, time-consuming, un-productive, un-used, more long-delayed, oblivious, most cheating, un schooled, more mind blown, more without, more tenantless, more slow moving, stupid, more longdelayed, weak kneed, most forfeited, most swaying, deaf to, un predictable, slap-happy, out lunch, in visible, taken up, un engaged, dummier, un informed, out of date, more devastated, more two-timing, unfamiliar, un acquainted, under-achieving, more gorked, be-lated, un-taken, mind blown, un-educated, most bamboozled, un suspecting, un witting, un educated, slowmoving, more weak kneed, longdelayed, un-redeemed, un steady, ex terminated, duncest, more double-crossing, not in use, most mind blown, un tenanted, de void, in sensible, be mused, going circles, un redeemed, most slow-moving, thick headed, underachieving, slow, most double crossing, unaware, more entranced, duncer, un stablest, more know-nothing, un aware, un steadiest, more bamboozled, un truer, come unzipped, most unintellectual, most irrecoverable, most numskulled, more mystified, quicksilver, more adrift, unglued, most flimflammed, most loser, without contents, pigeons, un-stable, shookest, most rattled, more slow-moving, kiss goodbye, without clue, more slap-happy, down drain, punch drunk, un progressive, ex-terminated, yo-yo, weak in the knees, know-nothing, more yoyo, un-progressive, in-visible, over-due, pre-occupied, uneducated, more rattled, not use, draggy, gone astray, un-acquainted, Snowed, come apart, clueless, more flimflammed, most outfoxed, out foxed, more daydreaming, retardo, un steadier, in-constant, un-concerned, more thick headed, birdbrained, more frittered, un knowing, most perished, unsteadiest, more plodding, unguarded, more quicksilver, un enlightened, most yo yo, in conversant, most bollixed, mis-used, by gone, dis-engaged, more hindered, weak knees, unlived in, groggy, more numbskull, bollixed, more staggered, un-instructed, most plodding, puzzled, Thick-headed, unmindful, unwitting, most yoyo, un responsive, un instructed, most forfeit, un-intelligent, more two timing, slow uptake, most double-crossing, in-active, re tardo, un-stabler, in-attentive, inattentive, more floored, vacant, unheeding, more inconversant, behindhand, more unexpressive, un intellectual, un-stablest, not cognizant, faraway, most demolished, dis trait, un truest, de-void, un-predictable, incautious, more yo-yo, cast away, without a clue, at loss, more pinhead, fickle, mindless, more time-consuming, careless, most unremembered, most tenantless, in discreet, most twotiming, mis used, dis engaged, be fuddled, un-steady, more impeded, most underachieving, out the window, most procrastinating, woozy, more swaying, most unredeemed, most inconscient, un-knowing, more double crossing, most quicksilver.

Usage examples for cognizant:

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