Pronunciation of Collect
/kəlˈɛkt/, /kəlˈɛkt/, /k_ə_l_ˈɛ_k_t/

Antonyms for collect

dis severing, un-fixes, un-wound, trifle away, re sectioning, re-apportions, dis-accords, letted steam, made public, fade away, Trolling, downpoured, propagate, unshackles, dis-arranged, un-chaining, dis-joined, goes in with, wets one whistle, re lay, broke it up, de-crees, metastasizes, dis tills, up-raises, ex changes, chow down, spreading word, un bound, Hefting, being into, pro-portion, be-spatter, dis-organized, de-cline, dis-patches, consume, de-luging, kissed goodbye, is a party to, coming apart, be-dewed, gets the act, polkadotted, dis-unite, Weltered, de voting, de mobilizing, ex pending, branch out, parceling out, throw, dis-severed, taking part, inter-fusing, putting end to, go in with, be no avail, have a finger in, letting in on, be-spattered, dis-place, are distributed, un fixed, broke down, dis-connecting, un-tying, put end to, go past, mis-lays, blew out of water, be-smirched, dust, threw money at, evaporate, take last of, partake of, swung around, dis colored, goes soft, lapidated, co-ordinate, re ached, be daubs, un shackling, pre-occupying, cutting to pieces, wert wasteful, inter fuses, dilapidates, be daubing, is generous, causes disagree, soak through, reallocated, am party to, wast prodigal with, set asunder, Proportioned, over-laying, forking over, dis-member, sit on, de positing, dis-members, swing around, de clare, Re-sound, is no avail, dis mantle, breaking apart, mis-applies, set free, mis lay, dis-associated, give call, gotten wet, segmenting, puts in shape, dis-card, de hydrates, wash up, letting go, dis-charging, divide, avails of, re-sectioned, be-strewing, dis-appeared, re leases, un-fastens, re districting, ex-tended, have portion of, went fiftyfifty, spreads out, under lines, chasing away, be in sequence, dis-band, un horsed, putting on the air, in-corporates, resections, turn to liquid, un-leashing, being generous, squirt, de-briefed, liquor up, bi furcates, measuring out, tele phoning, boil away, pours down the drain, branched, laid waste, be prodigal with, Eddying, sectioning, pre occupied, be-dew, dis-united, being party to, sizing in to, points up, over-fills, disimproved, up heaving, wasting away, dis-assemble, ex tended, sur-rendering, re-sections, letted fly, hath hand in, bare aloft, dis-patching, dis-ordering, sends out, got wet, spiralling, be spatters, re aching, de-livered, dis charges, gotten in the act, gave ring, Co-ordinates, hiked up, puts the air, wast a party to, be a party to, end owing, un chains, melted away, un-rolling, un-shackle, catapulted, drive off, dropped note, has recourse to, dis-tilled, Divaricating, dropt a note, dis-sever, be dewed, dis burden, bi-furcating, de-posits, de-luge, spatter, cleans upon, polka-dotting, in-crease, de-votes, were into, dis-assembles, disintegrate, coming down buckets, dis-engage, dis-accord, send, over throw, pro rating, sending off, give a ring, dis gorge, pro-rating, dis placed, wiping map, up held, mizzle, be careless, soaking up, dis composes, put in shape, paying half, taking apart, dis closed, rank out, spills over, meed, hast a portion of, inter fusing, cutting one in, being displayed, un winds, passed word, de briefs, dis-lodge, break up, diffusing, overspread, bleeding dry, dis-composed, pro-portioning, dis members, dis-charged, dis appear, passing on, misemploys, disperse, come down in buckets, be stow, lay waste, be on, re ported, up raised, volatilize, untwists, break down, dis inherit, disjoin, lets go, sowed dissension, mis spent, dis patching, sate in, cutting pieces, put on the air, flinging off, dis locating, Mizzled, bleed dry, dis-arranges, get act, de materialized, buttons down, resectioned, being in sequence, sieving, over flown, bombinate, drive away, de-hydrated, turn loose, circumducted, Eddied, sizes in to, un-bind, Swilled, over-whelmed, gat the act, up heaves, up rearing, sitting on, evanishes, sub-due, failing keep, hath a finger in, disarrayed, un does, de humidifies, trifles away, inter mixing, cuts the pie, Drowsed, puts to rights, dis-banding, hit bottle, wert in on, fold up, am distributed, takes off directions, giving a ring, scatters, Parceled, divides with, suffered loss, caused disagree, sending out, dis sent, out-stretched, dis-arrange, sent out, jacked up, up-setting, up set, fell to pieces, in hales, dis entangle, burns up, over-spreading, am a party to, uncoiling, outlaying, sub-divided, inter sprinkling, dis-tribute, waste away, CUED, dis-burses, chase away, in-fused, be in on, fell pieces, turn topsy turvy, overfill, inter larding, un-twisting, sending forth, hath recourse to, drave away, goes to waste, cleaned upon, sized, go fifty-fifty, pre paring, dis-organizing, pours down drain, put down as, dis missing, Ticketed, inter-larding, dis playing, are impoverished, dis burdened, in-stilled, pro-portioned, un furled, is impoverished, de-crease, wert sequence, bi furcating, ponying up, stuffs one's face, with-drawn, took off all directions, liquors up, inter sprinkled, being wasteful, rolling out, with-drawing, under-mining, osmosed, shies, spluring, inter-larded, being in on, re-aching, breaks down, typecasting, cause to disagree, de-file, de-stroy, ex tends, downed, dis-improve, punctuate, parcelling out, dis integrated, finishes up, hosing, bespatter, dis places, in hale, are in sequence, ramify, burn up, ran over, out lay, wert in to, falls pieces, tele phone, be strew, promulgate, dis located, roll out, pulls the plug, spreads the word, de-mise, de-humidifies, de-frayed, trundles, art impoverished, de stroying, spreadeagle, open up, discreates, putting air, came down buckets, soaks up, inter views, let in on, dis improved, Volleyed, inter-fuse, dis-membered, tele phones, dis lodging, pour forth, dis carded, clued in, inter sowing, lit up, un leashed, art wasteful, excursing, over laid, un fastening, poured forth, dis-missed, dis-severs, wash out, de livering, de-faulted, dis posed, breaking in to pieces, Downs, profited by, letted know, re district, un-shackles, moving up, wast wasteful with, bestrews, out-stretch, all-owing, piece up, meting out, be-sprinkles, be-spattering, have recourse to, dis array, dis-solves, were displayed, dis patch, multi plying, dis-cards, de generate, dis-integrate, un-makes, co ordinate, de faults, let fly, de-hydrates, de-materializes, re-ported, wiped slate clean, inter mix, had a hand in, up-heaving, dichotomizes, pre-pare, dis lodged, were on, over-fill, dis placing, ex pend, de-ceased, cutting in to, fall short, dis-colored, art of no avail, de briefing, re laying, Creamed, gave take, un furling, in undated, releasing, whirrs, went easy on, be-spatters, de parts, dis composing, dis engaged, be stows, jack up, evening out, dropt line, de-fraying, atrophying, drops line, blew out water, dis-possess, out-stretching, de cline, eats away, measure out, de-humidified, polka dots, go soft, bedew, un-rolls, dis-colors, de ploying, dis closes, am impoverished, are in on, pro claims, un-roll, multi-plying, lighting up, de-ploying, gat in the act, dis-possesses, indulges oneself, ex pressed, de-humidifying, transmit, de parting, water, am reduced, mis-laid, dis unite, be stowed, undue, de-faulting, had a finger in, de-clares, got in the act, taking ones measure, raise high, dis connected, pour down drain, diverge, dis-closes, enswathing, be reaving, re solves, turns topsyturvy, taking one's measure, enter in to, opened up, dis-locate, Demised, interfused, dis carding, jump up, has hand in, pro claim, Sleeted, over spread, be smirching, trans late, dis bands, running away, mis-laying, suffer loss, Divaricated, going fifty fifty, dematerialized, de filing, dis-posing, dis arrange, polkadots, de scending, drops a note, inter-sprinkle, un-loosed, be-reaves, giving and take, un tying, break into pieces, cashing out, in haling, pass word, wert a party to, broke apart, disco-loring, get in the act, HOSED, runs away, Filtrated, size into, fling off, over-filling, over-flows, casts forth, circumducting, wetted whistle, pouring forth, passes on, studded, inter viewed, re-apportion, polka dotting, pull the plug, dis arranged, lets up on, slurps, re-districts, drove away, de ceases, mis-spent, paid half, de-parts, wipes slate clean, tele-phoning, poured down drain, dis-locates, Emaciating, dis perse, dis accorded, de-filing, bombinating, shed, cut pie, take all directions, frivolling away, going easy on, cuts in to, haddest a hand in, wises up, un-fettered, turning to dust, under mining, de creed, dis-missing, brake apart, un coil, busted up, downpouring, cleaned up on, de posit, frivols away, dis organizing, measured out, sent forth, brake into pieces, pro-mote, mis-spend, un folds, being prodigal with, de files, re-leased, de fray, dis-arrays, de-cay, Whirred, gives a ring, over whelmed, ex pended, go fifty fifty, un-looses, de-posited, sur-renders, took all directions, avail oneself of, dis-pose, de clines, dis connecting, got the act, cleans up on, shoot out, barraging, sub-dividing, dis-inheriting, wert impoverished, was careless, un shackled, passing word, over spreads, re-districted, take part, de luges, ex-cursing, dis-entangling, de clares, dis inherits, dis sents, inter-mix, depart, de-luges, inter-lards, spent money like water, un-fold, make known, putting to rights, de-scending, ex-pends, dis associating, is wasteful with, going to waste, re-lease, break in to pieces, inter-sow, forked out, Ticketing, dis-bands, inter sprinkles, de creased, slurping, took off in directions, atrophied, shower, over-spreads, sub divided, un done, dis-arraying, dis-locating, ex-pire, mis-spends, boils away, dis solving, dis-appears, be reave, de-livers, discreate, buttoned down, disengage, de scend, de stroys, dis according, un-horsed, sets loose, filtrate, sets at large, disimproves, slice up, un-chain, dis play, prorate, Bedewing, casting forth, polka-dots, are into, sur rendered, sitting in, wash down, poured down the drain, boozing, dis integrate, de-stroys, take a part of, uphove, chowed down, giving take, partaking of, un-chains, lets off steam, cuts to pieces, comes apart, de ranges, inter lard, dis entangling, mis lays, dis-array, being of no avail, was in to, whirr, wast sequence, dis locates, un seating, spread, ex-curses, had hand in, wast party to, tossed down, de-cree, dis-engaged, de generating, is into, Tarring, bleeds dry, mis-apply, washing out, coming down in buckets, de ranging, polkadot, melts away, forks out, de scends, trajects, getting in act, spout, ex-pressing, re-sounded, dis-burdening, mis-applied, taking in all directions, de posits, dis-associating, gat act, dis joining, breaking into pieces, dis-composing, re warding, dematerialize, measures out, larrup, over-flowed, having recourse to, run over, clues in, intersprinkles, pours forth, fatiguing catch flies, pro claimed, re-leases, Scarfed, dis-according, de generates, dis-located, dropping a line, misemploying, takes part, de ceasing, cutting into, de-brief, out-laying, going past, swings around, de-generate, dis patched, putting to use, washes up, dis-joins, un-fetters, puts shape, de votes, de materializing, passed up, wiped off map, dealt out, cast, am displayed, disjecting, dis assembles, dis appeared, upheave, Bestrewing, wert party to, was no avail, sizing into, inter sprinkle, are a party to, un loosing, stuffed ones face, put down for, gives forth, dis organized, lotted out, Sleeting, jumps up, un fold, dis associates, wert reduced, de humidifying, drip, art in to, polkadotting, in fusing, divaricate, sets apart, release, de crease, sub dues, went fifty-fifty, put use, moved up, Volleying, out maneuver, sits in, compensate, over-whelm, resection, ex-tends, go fiftyfifty, hadst a finger in, tunes in, dis-banded, Regimenting, inter-sows, heft, torpedoing, drives off, pay out, disject, de-materializing, going fifty-fifty, wise up, un twists, dis creating, are party to, de ploy, dis-gorge, takes apart, dis-solved, shot out, inter-views, pulling plug, dis-till, up rears, barraged, de crees, inter-fused, casting loose, makes public, weasels out, rationed, trans-fuse, be reft, drove off, dis organizes, re apportioning, mis apply, gapped, radioed, dis-gorging, de-cays, anteed up, blowing out water, un settle, be-stow, re-lays, upheaved, un-tied, Littering, spends money like water, lean over, de-creed, un-coiling, re sectioned, polka-dotted, end-owing, sat in on, disunite, mis placing, un fix, parceled out, up-lifts, goosing, comes across with, goosed, taking last of, un-furling, used up, in corporate, Specking, be-strews, going around, ex changing, re-fines, melting away, in-gest, dissemble, de-posit, distribute, point up, de livered, washing up, un tied, un coiling, frivolled away, dis-assembled, intersprinkled, de-liver, dis-tributes, in stilling, pre-occupies, pro portioned, with drawing, pro-moting, re fined, using up, mis place, fork out, gave call, un coupled, ranks out, letting off steam, dis till, un-leashes, dis-connects, drop note, in fused, un winding, turning topsy-turvy, re sound, de-generated, haddest a portion of, un make, dis burses, snacked, kissing goodbye, sowing dissension, dis accords, dis-compose, sharing out, in crease, leaned over, sub due, tips off, frivoled away, throw around, dis pose, spreads word, break apart, takes in all directions, splurs, dis-uniting, dis-solve, over-runs, metastasized, dis uniting, driving off, exhaust, dis compose, are generous, de-mobilize, fatigues catch flies, squander, over-laid, un-couple, be-stowed, dis charge, Noising, out-maneuver, send out, over turning, dis inherited, re echoed, putting in shape, un twist, over whelms, drowses, inter sows, taking off directions, de-scended, be-smirch, in-creased, sizing, dis-accorded, wert prodigal with, let know, takes last of, putting use, pre occupies, pulling away, art wasteful with, pro-vides, takes all directions, un loosed, were distributed, in-fuse, tosses off, is of no avail, re-echoes, dis-charges, art in sequence, has a finger in, dis-gorges, tost off, under line, drowse, de humidified, un-fastening, turns dust, spill, raises high, dis band, cleaning upon, re pulsing, yawn, was a party to, toss down, wising up, dis entangled, de hydrated, put an end to, taking directions, dampen, Peppering, reallocate, tele-phones, indulged oneself, dis arrays, send forth, inter-sowed, de mises, thrusts up on, are reduced, fenced off, upheaves, clean upon, end-owed, under lining, de-generates, dissipate, de ployed, dis-play, fall pieces, brake it up, hadst recourse to, de-stroying, Circumduct, be-stows, taking all directions, spiraled, dis gorging, tip off, blowing out of water, Freckling, de part, dis-burdens, in-clines, giving forth, intersow, pass the word, de faulted, uncoil, de frayed, de-composes, dis-composes, metes out, pro-claiming, pro-viding, be-strewn, was on, dis improve, causes to disagree, diffuses, sever, profiting by, evanished, dis-played, over turns, hath finger in, be smirched, dis join, in fuses, bespattered, wast reduced, segmented, sets against, Osmose, stuffs one face, is in sequence, sets large, comes down buckets, wert careless, dropped line, de stroyed, tipped off, Trajecting, Unfix, driving away, de-mises, turning dust, wert of no avail, sit in on, intersprinkle, goes waste, pro portions, shares out, de-briefing, out maneuvered, sur-rendered, over-throw, re sounding, be stowing, dis integrates, bi-furcates, re-strict, bust up, pre-sents, ran out of, un doing, chased away, being on, ran away, pro vided, out-maneuvers, breaks in to pieces, over-lay, dis charged, sprang for, be-reft, takes ones measure, took last of, Cataloguing, made known, buttoning down, spending like water, over-flown, parcelled out, lets upon, ex pressing, un-coil, thrusting up on, dis-solving, dis-associates, classify, dis orders, re-veals, Cabled, sets asunder, pre pares, out stretching, dis organize, trans-fused, out stretch, be wasteful, went waste, divaricates, ex tending, drop a line, dis-carding, pulled away, taking in directions, boiling away, puts to flight, Proportioning, de vote, get wet, Noised, washed out, button down, parcel, slicing up, dis comfits, outlaid, wert distributed, torpedoed, de-compose, over throwing, be strewing, plashes, mis-used, art sequence, turns to liquid, let up on, over-throws, come across with, trifled away, deal out, pre pare, bestrewn, de composing, in clines, sur-render, de-ranging, dis integrating, dis-mantle, metastasize, re-pulsed, lotting out, hast hand in, put to flight, evens out, turn dust, dis connect, sizes into, dis-lodging, blows out water, spiralled, de creases, was of no avail, de-ranges, lavish, being wasteful with, be-dewing, sends off, am no avail, over powering, dis-placed, dropped a line, becomes poorer, handed on, dividing with, putting order, puts to use, re-lay, up-reared, has a hand in, frivols, pouring down drain, waste, partake, up raise, sets odds, sleet, put out order, Cannonading, peppers, setting large, multi-plied, dis create, be party to, inter lards, stuffs ones face, makes known, size in to, be-reaved, fail keep, being a party to, sleets, have a portion of, set loose, being no avail, de humidify, spread the word, up-held, hadst finger in, art reduced, deal, re-pulses, de-ceases, was distributed, cuing, dis-close, gambled away, giving ring, setting asunder, un-winds, gives call, wast in to, over whelming, re apportioned, send off, in creasing, smear, pass up, sieved, going in with, cutting pie, spend, cut in to, resectioning, dis solve, de ploys, unfixes, dealing out, sizes up, in-haling, mis employing, stuffing ones face, Bandied, dis-creating, in gests, has portion of, de-livering, divided with, turned to dust, dis membered, pre sent, drop a note, am of no avail, dis-gorged, pieced up, put order, coming across with, failed to keep, lots out, re allocated, discreating, letting fly, Demising, wast of no avail, go, redistricted, puts use, un-twisted, dis-engages, came apart, de-taches, up lift, un makes, slough, re-pulsing, setting apart, turns topsy turvy, went halves, sate on, take off all directions, clue in, un fixing, polka dotted, redistricts, re apportion, gat wet, cut to pieces, Besprinkling, bedewed, going soft, setting loose, were wasteful, Disarraying, puts out of order, disco loring, ex-tending, running dry, Trolled, folded up, swash, un leashes, mis-employ, dis joined, hoovered, trans ported, over running, inter-view, ante up, be daubed, de-range, piecing up, un-folds, cuts pie, re pulsed, throws money at, pre-pared, failed keep, ex-press, dis-severing, passes up, wast wasteful, de-materialize, circulate, up-raised, chases away, pull away, part, sur renders, Plashing, be into, indulge oneself, pro portion, up-lifting, un-fasten, run away, sets free, takes off in all directions, cash out, de-composing, clean on, inter-viewing, inter-mixed, become poorer, turns loose, fails to keep, disburse, up-heaved, dis-placing, is sequence, pitted against, are careless, turning loose, un did, hefts, mis applied, hast a hand in, being distributed, pro-motes, dis-integrates, Caved, Misemploy, re lease, notify, untwist, intersowed, mis-employs, lift, out laying, dis-comfits, torpedo, went in with, Excurse, disjects, go to waste, passing up, un-bound, wet, pro-vide, dispel, un settled, threw money around, un-folded, cleaning up on, over filling, take one measure, take apart, haddest hand in, dis-playing, dis mantles, putting down for, de-humidify, wast no avail, ex-pending, bears aloft, de luging, is on, ranking out, bi-furcated, ex pire, de-mobilized, clean up on, turn liquid, dropping line, suffering loss, is prodigal with, ponies up, passed the word, takes off all directions, in corporates, coughs up, weaseled out, under mined, come with, in-creases, un-horsing, mis applying, was party to, tuned in, de-cease, dematerializes, tossing down, hadst a hand in, mis-places, Disimprove, lapidating, de cree, de-ceasing, turned topsy-turvy, freckled, re-sounds, were of no avail, dis composed, dis-sent, unmake, art a party to, had recourse to, springs for, over-run, takes one measure, re lays, was prodigal with, re section, unchained, over-flowing, mis-place, sprung for, dis-carded, de-stroyed, be of no avail, dissociate, is in on, wets whistle, osmosing, passing the word, art prodigal with, cashed out, out laid, over laying, gamble away, tar, sent off, dis unites, sow dissension, de-files, dis-coloring, re pulses, dis-arrayed, in-corporate, dis-ordered, bi-furcate, frivoled, dis connects, pitting against, sprinkle, be dewing, sucked dry, putting rights, de-ranged, frivol, indulging oneself, de materialize, partition, art in on, tele-phoned, letting steam, dis mantled, dis-burdened, up-sets, Lotting, un-loosing, soaks through, runs out of, dis-burden, typecast, kisses goodbye, trifling away, bankrupts, un leash, lets steam, re-sectioning, re-echoing, rolled out, washes down, inter-mixes, Besprinkled, shared out, de liver, inter viewing, prodigalized, over-lays, dis-tilling, take off in directions, de-creases, ex-changing, turning topsyturvy, pro portioning, de luge, cannonaded, unfettering, take off in all directions, in creases, wetted one's whistle, un horsing, letted go, dis-integrated, de frays, Trundled, ex cursed, dehumidifying, burning up, dis-create, going waste, pulling on, de voted, de livers, pulled the plug, in-haled, ex pends, dis appearing, dis close, un made, un seated, re-solved, re-fine, blow out of water, threw around, Scarfing, took part of, putting the air, broke in to pieces, pelleting, bombinates, dis-improving, inter mixed, bruit, dis ordering, dis closing, being impoverished, dis-connect, inter-sprinkles, dis inheriting, Interfuse, un making, put to rights, mis used, are in to, over flowing, Torpedoes, Pirouetted, run, under-line, wipe slate clean, dis solves, burnt up, out-laid, walls off, de range, forking out, ex change, Worsting, availed of, give a call, parcels out, Peppered, un-fettering, washed away, dis assembled, dehumidify, un chain, up heave, un wind, de cay, re-porting, up-holding, Dichotomizing, in gest, disseminate, un fixes, be-strew, be-daub, came across with, de creasing, out-lay, wipes off map, give up, am sequence, inter-sowing, be sprinkled, springing for, was in on, gives take, spilled over, sits in on, Filtrating, were in to, co ordinates, polka-dot, metastasizing, give forth, in-undated, puts rights, un-coils, hadst a portion of, wastes away, make public, filtrates, taking out, passed on, de posited, chowing down, sows dissension, de-parted, casts loose, expend, letted up on, up rear, falls short, re veals, am into, un-seated, spritzed, soddening, de-ploys, de ranged, take measure, dis united, de tach, de-creased, spend money like water, besprinkles, mete out, goes fifty fifty, taking a part of, re-echoed, meted out, sate in on, re districts, Tars, un-coupling, de cays, puts on air, cuts one in, avails oneself of, wiping off map, dis-closing, un-settle, dis severed, under lined, took off in all directions, mis placed, Shying, pulled plug, dis played, dis tilled, availing of, be-daubing, excursed, paying out, reallocating, un roll, unfetters, un-does, portion, throw money at, de fault, causing disagree, spritzing, intersows, give with, trans-lated, having hand in, frivol away, bore aloft, spread out, pouring down the drain, Fluxed, are prodigal with, un fettered, setting odds, untwisted, pro vides, anteing up, sucking dry, with draw, pre-paring, re echoes, Tarred, leans over, cause disagree, prodigalizing, un-rolled, in-fusing, lets fly, de compose, wiping slate clean, un twisting, sized up, wet whistle, over-powering, puts air, dis member, Unshackle, inter-mixing, Lotted, dis possessed, broke into pieces, pro-claims, be-sprinkled, dis order, re echoing, de-filed, putting down as, dis-patched, un fastened, un-made, dis-closed, be dew, re echo, dropping note, wipe off map, trans fuse, dis possessing, lets in on, sup, mis-spending, dis possess, de-mobilizes, dis-appear, pulling the plug, de materializes, un-settling, mis spend, over whelm, dis card, dis-associate, interfusing, re warded, took out, breaks apart, profits by, blow out water, un-fixed, re strict, taking off all directions, pre-occupied, dis severs, un fastens, soddens, filter, busting up, pull plug, be-sprinkle, dis-plays, dismiss, sits on, dis coloring, parcelling, dis arraying, sub divides, dis burse, taking measure, mis spends, pulled on, pre-sent, up holds, de mobilized, pointed up, untwisting, Bankrupting, lighted up, lapidate, is distributed, foot bill, over powered, intersprinkling, sized into, art party to, up lifting, Docketed, turned loose, stuff ones face, move up, be-daubed, dis colors, sit in, splured, turned topsyturvy, pro moting, un-shackling, bombinated, dehumidifies, set at odds, de-scends, putting to flight, took one's measure, pro-portions, dis-color, pro-vided, hast finger in, letted off steam, re-ached, bedews, up setting, de-ployed, have hand in, mis using, re-sounding, letting fall, dis-arranging, forks over, re-district, profit by, light up, turns liquid, un-fetter, un fixt, anted up, spray, spilling over, cough up, be sprinkle, is wasteful, goes around, over-throwing, Traject, be impoverished, unmaking, dis tilling, letted in on, ex curse, branching, thrusting upon, frivolled, dematerializing, pulls on, bi furcated, quotaing, come down buckets, gets act, un-doing, raised high, de file, redistricting, un-fixt, de ceased, inter view, be daub, cleaning on, setting free, run out of, mis spending, dis-tills, be distributed, sub divide, stuff one's face, give, lose, be-stowing, spilt over, dis-join, dis missed, dis engages, be displayed, turning to liquid, un-horses, over-power, set large, pro claiming, sent word, dis created, ex cursing, be-smirching, tele phoned, besprinkle, am wasteful, over lays, un-chained, split, dis assemble, re apportions, took apart, dis-mantled, putting in order, come apart, opening up, de-clare, hadst portion of, turned liquid, over flowed, dis charging, wast in on, drop line, dis arranges, wast in sequence, dis solved, re-veal, be sprinkles, payed out, de cease, spiraling, splur, washing down, drops note, up-raise, dis ordered, over-powered, de brief, dis-appearing, re-leasing, dis accord, dole out, dis associated, catalogued, fork over, be-reaving, giving call, Unfetter, put shape, un-fixing, up-set, takes in directions, Dichotomized, pirouettes, over-turning, took in all directions, letted fall, with drew, separate, re-solves, wast careless, availed oneself of, re sounds, dis-patch, polka dot, strew, turn topsyturvy, Larruped, bearing aloft, haddest a finger in, be-smirches, brake down, folds up, emaciate, un settling, folding up, tosses down, un chaining, de-fray, gets in act, be sequence, use up, wasted away, pre-occupy, burned up, put the air, de composed, stuffing face, up-lift, puts an end to, un fetter, thrust upon, un-horse, re laid, dis-improves, dis-organizes, set apart, dis-charge, pre pared, dissolve, downing, becoming poorer, were in on, trans fused, dis-lodged, typecasts, Docketing, stuff face, un-coupled, falling short, roll, send word, un fetters, dropt note, mis applies, interfuses, breaks into pieces, running out of, cut one in, wall off, wast into, dis-orders, letted upon, share out, raising high, paid out, haddest recourse to, puts on the air, skunked, gyring, throwing money at, wet one's whistle, dis possesses, let fall, set against, un bind, runs dry, taking off in all directions, dis-burse, de faulting, under-lined, making public, are sequence, dis-entangle, factoring, dis comfit, taking off in directions, uses up, sub-dues, de mobilize, soak up, stuffed one face, pulls away, Bespattering, snacking, un leashing, de-positing, siphoned, fatigue catch flies, mis-applying, up lifts, intersowing, Studding, cut the pie, un-twists, dis-perse, throwing around, mis laying, disorganize, was wasteful with, be reduced, up-holds, disjected, stuff one face, de-voted, falling to pieces, de filed, wetted one whistle, cast loose, un looses, was sequence, lights up, be dews, Prodigalize, setting at large, coughed up, un-make, dispense, un couples, stuffed one's face, de generated, over fills, was displayed, thrusts upon, pits against, wast distributed, reallocates, setting against, Dilapidating, junked, rationing, availing oneself of, spreading the word, scatter, un rolled, tossing off, had portion of, hadst hand in, finish up, dis-sents, be smirches, pointing up, swang around, overfills, am prodigal with, re-warded, took a part of, dis-unites, wert wasteful with, dis improves, opens up, dis burdens, gotten in act, in-gests, cutting the pie, de-hydrating, up raising, take in directions, dis-inherited, Bandying, tost down, dis-possessing, re-laid, Trundling, causing to disagree, dis tributes, de briefed, pepper, dropt a line, dis banding, leant over, dis burdening, dis-comfit, inter sow, de composes, de-luged, reapportion, be smirch, dis-order, dis-possessed, re districted, dis engaging, art generous, trans-fuses, over runs, with draws, un-folding, are on, sub jugate, were reduced, are wasteful, un folding, under-mined, un fasten, trans fuses, inter-sprinkling, Hefted, had a portion of, mealing, hiking up, turned to liquid, be strewed, drizzle, breaks it up, humidified, de-part, in cline, am wasteful with, soaked up, wetting ones whistle, dis associate, un couple, putting on air, re-solving, went dutch, getting in the act, de stroy, inter sowed, Hoovers, humidifies, un fettering, making known, letting know, art careless, wells over, dropping a note, goes dutch, Trajected, rout, beating off, dis gorged, shoots out, over-filled, Enswathe, un-wind, intersperse, leaning over, ex press, de-briefs, went to waste, ex curses, dis place, chows down, re-section, be generous, with-draw, washed up, un-twist, let steam, flung off, being careless, wet one whistle, dis-inherit, dis arrayed, was in sequence, partook of, takes one's measure, letting upon, take in all directions, Evanish, hast recourse to, drape, over throws, lays waste, take off directions, mis-placing, cluing in, slices up, is party to, took off directions, tabbed, in stilled, up lifted, un-seat, up hold, spent like water, give and take, un-furled, dis sever, dehumidified, dis joins, splatter, de-vote, unchain, sets at odds, Larruping, pulls plug, beats off, un loose, re allocating, de fraying, over turn, mizzles, worsted, put on air, going dutch, de-tach, puts flight, bestrewed, in-hale, turn to dust, up hove, overspreading, pro-rate, swilling, over powers, Parcelled, un-winding, put rights, was impoverished, pony up, sur rendering, art no avail, unmakes, got in act, de-frays, took in directions, went soft, dis plays, gives with, ex-tend, bi furcate, sub dividing, going through, inter-sprinkled, comes down in buckets, dis-connected, re-warding, take ones measure, dis-joining, are wasteful with, avail of, gives and take, go waste, uncoils, Mete, end owed, up-hold, un seat, fail to keep, dis gorges, kiss goodbye, un shackle, Doling, give out, setting at odds, un-loose, in-hales, set at large, re-allocates, un-seating, frivoling, overfilling, giving with, dis-organize, tabbing, fences off, soddened, be sprinkling, pro vide, eating away, bled dry, un binds, up heaved, prodigalizes, DAMPS, un rolls, gave with, radioing, dis-improved, be wasteful with, inter fused, busts up, be reaved, ran dry, un-settled, were prodigal with, over thrown, dis lodge, in haled, are displayed, fall to pieces, de-fault, cut into, de hydrating, were no avail, dis banded, re-allocated, up sets, re-fining, tossed off, thrust up on, ex-pended, soaking through, stuffs face, de luged, dis lodges, dilapidate, pro viding, spring for, lets know, un rolling, up-hove, put air, suffers loss, dis patches, sending word, larrups, became poorer, go halves, broadcast, de-scend, enswathed, hand on, spend like water, re porting, inter-fuses, overfilled, be-reave, parceling, catapulting, blows out of water, circumducts, un wound, un coils, dis-created, dis-posed, re fine, runs over, sliced up, up-heaves, putting out order, put to use, takes directions, Creaming, Damping, un-leashed, un-leash, slurped, un-did, un-binds, putting out of order, out maneuvering, un folded, be strews, uncoiled, dis-engaging, up-rear, tipping off, pass on, dis color, gets wet, drops a line, toss off, wetted ones whistle, out stretches, running over, ex-pend, dis locate, in-cline, tele-phone, upheaving, de hydrate, misemployed, goes past, break it up, pour down the drain, dis-creates, quotaed, wast on, being in to, admeasure, Bankrupted, Weltering, stuffing one's face, sub-divides, putting flight, dis engage, unshackled, un shackles, were careless, up-rearing, under-lining, re-solve, pieces up, Mizzling, take off, weaseling out, un-fastened, ex tend, be reaves, Osmoses, pays out, cashes out, divvy, with-drew, wetting whistle, with drawn, took measure, dis arranging, am careless, pre occupy, goes easy on, out-stretches, gyred, gets in the act, get the act, melt away, spritz, dis-entangled, inter fuse, puts end to, de mobilizes, dis mantling, wast generous, unchains, runs through, dis-integrating, is in to, had finger in, diffused, has a portion of, lapidates, be-sprinkling, de mise, unfixed, leave, gives a call, irrigate, has finger in, were impoverished, cleaned on, take directions, un coiled, washing away, cuts pieces, re allocates, bestrew, breaking down, set odds, throw away, gooses, mis-lay, humidify, was reduced, up-lifted, fatigued catch flies, spread word, re-laying, ex-changed, over-thrown, parcel out, be spattered, under-lines, re solve, up-raising, Fluxing, inter larded, go easy on, fails keep, be-daubs, took directions, in-stilling, over-flow, over-whelming, over flows, wet ones whistle, puts out order, wert on, all-owed, re leasing, throws around, laying waste, Experiencing, hath a portion of, finishing up, go with, Damped, breaking it up, beared aloft, hand out, de-hydrate, brake in to pieces, art into, cuts into, over-turn, frivoling away, be spattering, wert displayed, all owing, radiate, siphoning, put flight, hath portion of, de-mobilizing, share, is displayed, plash, evened out, dis-places, un-fix, over-whelms, de-generating, giving a call, un chained, boiled away, wast displayed, soaked through, dis-entangles, de-voting, Cabling, were generous, ate away, all owed, takes measure, having portion of, pay half, be strewn, washes out, de parted, gotten act, sucks dry, letting up on, ex-cursed, un settles, gotten the act, up holding, wash away, de-ploy, shooting out, re-echo, dis-mantles, being sequence, finished up, dis-mantling, un-coiled, came down in buckets, dichotomize, were wasteful with, cast forth, trans fusing, de taches, re-districting, being reduced, spill over, wiped map, stoning, dis tribute, un coupling, wipes map, spending money like water, be-strewed, were sequence, dis cards, puts order, dis-assembling, mis-using, liquoring up, be in to, wert in sequence, de-clines, inter-lard, shell out, going halves, sub-divide, bespatters, getting wet, rolls out, trans-fusing, de-composed, dis assembling, were in sequence, antes up, let upon, caused to disagree, discreated, even out, drowsing, hoovering, pro-rated, goes halves, coughing up, dis improving, wetting one's whistle, spritzes, skunking, up-rears, de-faults, dis appears, haddest finger in, humidifying, wert no avail, over flow, took one measure, de-materialized, took part, disimproving, forked over, swinging around, de-creasing, gave forth, dis entangles, taking part of, de-parting, size up, ration, beat off, sort, re-allocating, specked, Caving, mis-employed, be spatter, re-apportioning, Doled, dis creates, be-dews, cut pieces, de scended, dis posing, getting act, cleans on, went past, re fines, dis-inherits, slurp, fence off, dis-lodges, ranked out, turned topsy turvy, drave off, puts in order, Redistrict, deals out, takes off in directions, am on, lot out, trundle, inter mixes, dropped a note.