Pronunciation of Comforted
/k_ˈʌ_m_f_ə_t_ɪ_d/, /kˈʌmfətɪd/, /kˈʌmfətɪd/

Antonyms for comforted

panic stricken, most amazed, more low-down, most cut, un easiest, more hurting, strung out, more warped, more disfigured, most pestered, more scarred, most hit, unnerved, more chicken-hearted, bundle of nerves, Bummed, more trembling, dis-enchanted, un happy, most harrowed, most butterflies, most disfigured, dis tressed, warped, more agonized, most warped, more balked, most vexed, dis enchanted, more chicken, in pits, more dismayed, dis trait, most trembling, torn up, more vexed, bummed out, more dragged, in a cold sweat, more aggravated, more bummed, aggrieved, dis appointed, on a downer, most cast-down, Mopish, faint hearted, dis-tressed, most chagrined, un easier, shaky, most chicken, panicky, most exercised, most piqued, low spirited, more toppled, more unconsolable, more butterflies, more cowed, most lowdown, uncomfortable, Mauled, frightened, scared to death, un-fortunate, most tormented, dis mayed, un-happy, most cast down, un consolable, most terrorized, having kittens, in low spirits, busted up, most bruised, come apart, more piqued, poverty stricken, most battered, broody, in toilet, in pain, more exacerbated, more spooked, dis-quieted, be set, most recessed, dis-illusioned, broodier, most inconvenienced, most scraped, lily livered, dis-mayed, rabbity, more harrowed, depressed, most affrighted, most anguished, de-pressed, more rattled, Butterflies, more buffeted, more hit, down mouth, unconsolable, lowdown, faint-hearted, more bruised, most hyper, harassed, worried, distressed, dis quieted, fidgety, most bugged, most irked, more depreciated, terrorstricken, more grieving, un-nerved, sissiest, more contused, sissier, under privileged, most chicken-hearted, most thwarted, most vanquished, most disquieted, more unnerved, in stew, more bugged, forgotten, in awe, most faint hearted, lilylivered, under-privileged, upset, ex-acerbated, most nicked, more terrorstricken, woebegone, most hurting, psyched out, in cold sweat, most mauled, terror-stricken, most grieving, de stroyed, more faint-hearted, most unglued, de-solate, most lacerated, more tormented, top pled, anguished, most agonized, castdown, dis pleased, most bummed, in-consolable, dis-heartened, most clutched, most suffering, most riled, more marred, up wall, up the wall, more ruffled, most rabbity, un-consolable, most terror-stricken, be-set, disappointed, most crushed, most depreciated, most terror stricken, de-valued, down out, dis-appointed, most exacerbated, most low-down, in sweat, ex acerbated, more chicken hearted, in a tizzy, more harassed, down in dumps, more tumbled, ghostest, more lacerated, up-tight, lowspirited, more cut, most castdown, miffed, most harassed, more thwarted, de-stroyed, dis-figured, most toppled, more cheapened, broken up, cast down, most low down, more objecting, pushing panic button, more pestered, most chicken hearted, most foiled, de valued, most shot, all torn up, down the mouth, more castdown, more recessed, more daunted, more persecuted, in dumps, most tumbled, most aroused, most plagued, unhappy, more inconvenienced, more scratched, more scraped, povertystricken, most mirthless, un nerved, most spooked, shooker, un happiest, shantier, most rattled, more cast down, down in the dumps, run scared, co wed, dis illusioned, most ripped, down dumps, dis contented, have cold feet, dis-pleased, more disheartened, un fortunate, most cowed, most marred, more moping, most unnerved, more mirthless, dis-trait, most ruffled, down the dumps, scared death, more crushed, shot down, more riled, most scarred, cast-down, be-reft, more disquieted, most unzipped, dis figured, most terrorstricken, chicken hearted, chapfallen, co-wed, un-zipped, panicstricken, forlorn, dis ordered, running scared, de solate, in the pits, more mopish, down in mouth, low-down, most mortified, more ripped, most bleeding, shookest, mirthless, on pins and needles, more battered, more faint hearted, most dragged, in a stew, more amazed, more unglued, un-happier, re cessed, more unzipped, up tight, most dismayed, in a panic, more wronged, contused, more grazed, un satisfied, most unconsolable, most saddened, broodiest, more jellyfish, un-happiest, un happier, tipped over, on downer, taken down, terror stricken, more bleeding, in the dumps, more mortified, most buffeted, low down, un easy, more affrighted, more terrorized, dis heartened, in dented, most persecuted, more beset, more tortured, more vanquished, be reft, de pressed, un-settled, more anguished, more exercised, more plagued, up-set, more foiled, more cast-down, in a blue funk, scared stiff, most tortured, dis-satisfied, more devalued, un settled, un-glued, down and out, in panic, more shot, jellyfish, unglued, more terror stricken, on pins needles, most jellyfish, in blue funk, most grazed, more saddened, un glued, in tizzy, shantiest, more mauled, most wronged, more aroused, more rabbity, more low down, more lowdown, worsted, re-cessed, hurt, in a sweat, un-easiest, worried stiff, over-wrought, pushing the panic button, in consolable, up set, more terror-stricken, more nicked, morose, most scratched, dis-ordered, helpless, dis satisfied, more chagrined, dis-contented, most disheartened, Chicken-hearted, un-satisfied, bundle nerves, more hyper, dis concerted, most contused, more clutched, dis-concerted, in-dented, in the toilet, upsidedown, more suffering, most devalued, more chapfallen, most aggravated, un-easier.