Pronunciation of Comforting
/kˈʌmfətɪŋ/, /kˈʌmfətɪŋ/, /k_ˈʌ_m_f_ə_t_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for comforting

aggravating, in-sufferable, hair-raising, shuddersome, revolting, more glowering, dis comforting, more wraithlike, dis agreeable, more saddening, in tolerable, painful, saddening, frightening, suspenseful, regrettable, mind blowing, more blighted, un-utterable, most cliff hanging, frustrating, more agonized, in describable, drear, cold, de generate, sickie, fairier, more dismaying, displeasing, stimulating, stimulant, un-yielding, un sheltered, ex citing, more unpopulated, most bulldozed, most plaguing, the end, de solate, most percussive, more kidding, sad, troublesome, un earthlier, more deforested, most sickie, more heart rending, vexatious, most cliffhanging, most horrifying, fairiest, frightful, cliff hanging, dismaying, un-pleasant, illstarred, unfriendly, most suspenseful, un relenting, percussive, un earthliest, grating, most daunting, more stupefying, most unpopulated, corpselike, unsatisfactory, ex posed, beyond words, most harassing, windswept, more bothering, most deforested, more spinechilling, heartrending, dis appointing, more appalled, endest, most oppressing, more dejecting, most scaring, unpleasant, nettlesome, spinetingling, Dissatisfying, un-comely, in-expressible, in-tolerable, more grieving, shocked, de-generate, most anguished, depressing, blood stained, dis-agreeable, in-conceivable, worrisome, most spine-chilling, more scaring, weatherbeaten, more harassing, traumatic, more discomposing, un-holiest, more heart-rending, invigorating, disturbing, more discommoding, most unpromising, un-nerving, more exasperating, most splenetic, most shuddersome, most heart-rending, un speakable, re solute, most blood-stained, super natural, de-grading, dis graceful, dis-tasteful, most foreboding, more afflicting, Harassing, disheartening, in-communicable, hopeless, more impeding, rebarbative, dreadful, gloomy, un-holy, un cannier, dis-concerting, more traumatic, Plaguing, un favorable, most dejecting, un happiest, in tractable, more ribbing, most bothering, in-effable, more horrifying, most beast, more windswept, grabber, un-cannier, appalling, more disheartening, over-whelming, dis concerting, un fortunate, somber, dis-heartening, un-sightly, un holiest, most disheartening, most scowling, most cliff-hanging, dis-composing, illadvised, dire, more percussive, heart rending, god awful, heart-rending, most blighted, most scorched, de-pressing, god-awful, un-fortunate, more spine chilling, more plaguing, most ribbing, in effable, weather beaten, mindblowing, un imaginable, beastlier, unkind, disconcerting, most discommoding, most god-awful, hideous, in expressible, more hurting, un-favorable, more god-awful, dis-gusting, ex asperating, un kind, most god awful, anguished, upsetting, aweinspiring, in sufferable, most crushing, alarming, most stupefying, troubling, in-convenient, de based, de grading, more blood-stained, unpopulated, in communicable, un-godliest, vexing, godawful, in-describable, more dreaded, perturbing, horrible, vile, more racked, more aggravating, de forested, most kidding, funereal, hair raising, more daunting, more troubling, drearer, more discomforting, more tortured, awesome, more oppressing, in-definable, un settling, more scowling, grievous, most spine chilling, most unnerving, more mortuary, un sightlier, irritating, un utterable, un-sheltered, more electrifying, Blood-stained, more vexing, most troubling, un-believable, spine-chilling, un-sightliest, most traumatic, beastliest, cliff-hanging, more taunting, unsettling, dis-graceful, hairraising, galling, un godliest, lamentable, de pressing, un pleasant, in adequate, un-speakable, dis mayed, un holier, most jarred, un godlier, dis-quieting, more grabber, in-exorable, most discomposing, most grieving, more suspenseful, re-doubtable, more petrifying, un satisfactory, more blood stained, up setting, un-imaginable, most tortured, more agitating, most blighting, re-solute, demoralizing, most exasperating, more jarred, grodier, in human, calamitous, most saddening, in-tractable, un believable, in-human, over whelming, bleak, de-solate, un populated, unpalatable, un happy, real gone, more sickie, un-earthly, most taunting, grisly, un kinder, dis-maying, dis-comforting, most glowering, un-kinder, super-natural, most impeding, cheerless, more cliffhanging, exasperating, cliffhanging, more unpromising, grody, de-forested, un-holier, un happier, spinechilling, most spinechilling, terrible, more dismayed, un-kind, dispiriting, grodiest, un holy, disappointing, most grabber, something else, more blighting, annoying, most dismaying, un yielding, most agonized, teasing, un-canniest, unspeakable, most agitating, un nerving, unloving, spine chilling, heartbreaking, woeful, most vexing, un canny, de testable, more cliff-hanging, more foreboding, ex-asperating, in definable, unreassuring, in-adequate, Ender, fore boding, de-sert, dis maying, unpromising, un bearable, gruesome, un-settling, most heart rending, spine tingling, un godly, deforested, tiresome, more rebarbative, stressful, more badgering, un-earthliest, awe inspiring, drearest, un welcome, un-godlier, more beast, up-setting, un-promising, most badgering, maddening, more shuddersome, dis tasteful, trying, most windswept, un promising, dis quieting, tragic, un palatable, un-palatable, un-earthlier, un earthly, unfeeling, more tickling, de-based, worrying, in convenient, most petrifying, un-satisfactory, un-populated, un kindest, awful, more astonished, bothersome, most tickling, most wraithlike, shocking, most rebarbative, most aggravating, energizing, de sert, most godawful, in conceivable, un-godly, zero cool, un-natural, dis gusting, de-testable, fore-boding, un canniest, un-kindest, dis-mayed, grim, ex-posed, ruinous, more god awful, illfated, more unnerving, most dismayed, distressing, dis composing, dis-appointing, most wounding, dis heartening, ill fated, most disconcerting, ghastly, most electrifying, discouraging, more corpselike, re doubtable, un-happy, more scorched, most racked, wraithlike, un sightliest, most dreaded, more anguished, more wounding, ill starred.