Pronunciation of Commend
/k_ə_m_ˈɛ_n_d/, /kəmˈɛnd/, /kəmˈɛnd/

Antonyms for commend:

detracting from, fore-boding, kicking in the teeth, tar, under-estimating, rapping on knuckles, put on guard, breaking ones heart, showed teeth, files claim, boned, devalorize, dis considering, inveigh against, committing sin, dis carding, inveighing against, feel malice to, de-means, doing wrong, underplay, gives a piece of mind, disciplined, bang up, brings charges, dis believe, wast against, de compose, ex postulating, gives a piece one mind, be lying, de filed, sung blues, de-base, making laughing-stock, fly face of, pre-scribes, dis crediting, gave devil, be repelled by, thumbses down on, dis-missed, de-formed, over looked, de voting, giving a piece ones mind, dis gracing, was autocratic, up-braided, tipping off, DRAT, persecute, being one case, fore-bode, get after, Devilling, de valorizes, put through wringer, hold contempt, cast doubt on, tears in to, being hostile to, kick in teeth, de-claim, de grading, be-smirch, took rug out from under, climb all over, dis allowing, cut down size, Lessoned, wast reluctant, dis-mays, nit pick, under estimated, re vile, animadverts on, are evil, throw the book at, made light of, dis honoring, Fustigate, bringing into disrepute, poke full of holes, made a laughing stock, under played, scoffs at, mis-handle, brings naught, re-pressing, dis-agrees, make light of, torn apart, oppose, talks to, Shrilled, gives a going over, badmouth, called to task, be-moan, mis-prizing, jump on, wert hostile to, overawes, accuse, de fames, gave a piece one's mind, giving bad press, rail at, holding up ridicule, pro-scribed, dis-countenancing, greasing palm, dis regarded, are on one case, makes aware, eat one heart out, re pulsed, de clines, made crack, sneering at, taking exception to, fore bodes, Disrate, selling short, climbed all over, poked fun, pokes full holes, mis-calculates, ticking off, casts slur on, de meaning, vituperate, dis-grace, am reluctant, reads out, carping at, was hostile to, washed hands of, did injustice to, hold to ridicule, being one's case, dis-owning, re pined, found guilty, de spoils, de-valorized, de-tract, up braided, allergicked to, over passed, de filing, de motes, giving piece of one's mind, japed, makes fuss, re-duces, tore into, pro fane, be spatter, slapping on the wrist, puts under suspicion, de stroyed, dis-gust, imposed upon, dis-allow, be-moaned, sent to prison, spoofed, spoke evil of, put on ice, casts aspersion, bore a grudge against, pre aching, sends river, de-valued, mis-treats, fore-warns, lays at door, casting out, de composing, de-merits, laying a bad trip on, holding accountable, wert on one case, laid a bad trip on, de testing, call on carpet, dis-approved, calling the carpet, souring grapes, break one's heart, catcalled, de-claims, taking away, over rode, bearing a grudge against, slap in the face, be-wailed, didst injustice to, beat down, talk dirty, dis cards, jumping on one's case, shoots down, sorrowing over, doth wrong, banging up, bark at, call account, pull apart, fustigated, dis-believed, be-spattered, re canting, re-minded, comes down hard on, breaking one heart, tells a thing two, imposing up on, pro-scribes, held to ridicule, Animadverted, disgrace, hold accountable, inter-dict, gird, de forming, puts ice, be-set, blow whistle on, mudslinged, dis acknowledged, shoot full holes, frown on, dis regard, give black eye, dis-composed, ex posed, thunder against, monishes, be-smirching, stuck to, dis consider, possess, martyrized, send up, knocking bottom out of, give piece ones mind, de stroying, make fuss, pre-dict, over-taxes, dis quiet, putting double whammy on, dis-allows, knocked down, running smear campaign, taking fall, climb over, hast an aversion to, objurate, Outdare, shot down, looked daggers, de basing, take rug out from under, laid down the law, cutting quick, scandalize, in sinuates, overtaxes, turning up one nose, ripped into, reserve, whooshes, de-cried, jumps one case, bangs up, art reluctant, out lawing, blame, gives a piece of one mind, de merits, wert sorry, give a piece ones mind, dis rating, picks on, write down, is reluctant, dis rated, de-face, de-creases, dis-esteemed, am on one case, making a laughing stock, blow the whistle on, discommends, dis-pleasing, holding responsible, mis carries, gat after, bad mouth, scoffed at, grousing, charged with, give piece mind, dis commends, de presses, is one's case, beating down, taking dim view of, run smear campaign, mis carry, showed contempt, imposed on, turning ones nose, re-buffed, over-burdened, being loath, bring naught, being disgusted with, dost an injustice to, dis honors, flew in face of, railed at, jumping ones case, kept aft, setting aside, curled one's lip at, were sick of, mis treats, poor mouth, de valorize, dis believing, accept, re probating, being on one's case, scoffing at, gives hard time, grieving for, give a talking-to, inveigling against, cuts to bits, inveigles against, being evil, gave piece of one mind, dis-esteeming, ex postulated, ex communicates, knocking high horse, Misemploy, dis commodes, cut to bits, dis-owned, de valuated, de-classed, de feats, cut the quick, under-playing, railing at, under-estimated, bearing grudge against, misprizing, Declass, making a fuss, mis-treated, giving a black eye, Reamed, tear into, be-spattering, divorcing oneself from, up sets, de means, re buffed, doest an injustice to, with drew, told a thing two, remonstrate, be loath, dis-acknowledged, breaks ones heart, overtaxed, ex patriates, tick off, drive the wall, feels malice to, be-devilling, de based, tonguelashed, depreciate, re-proves, misemployed, casting aspersions on, lays at one's door, misprizes, dis-agreed, being autocratic, jumped down throat, call to task, dis-rate, pointing the finger, Ridiculed, wast sick of, bore grudge against, de pressed, curled lip, are loath, turns nose, calls carpet, were hostile to, pre pare, poke full holes, greased palm, gave piece of one's mind, slapping on wrist, dis-acknowledging, Martyring, Dispraised, re-pulsed, ex-patriated, jumps down throat, nit-picking, am disgusted with, art ones case, bringing naught, slings mud, turn nose, making fuss, drove the wall, de votes, re-duce, dis-claiming, show contempt, dis-approving, give a piece one's mind, blinked at, dis agreeing, draws away, curled one lip at, lay at door, sentence, give the dickens, be on one's case, underestimate, de-composes, in criminates, were one's case, miniaturizes, be rate, recriminated, doing number on, dis tress, be wails, de faces, point finger, throws mud at, brake one's heart, dis-pleased, being on ones case, gave a piece of mind, with-stand, cutting rate, are disgusted with, laying it out, give the high sign, over-ridden, jumped on case, Quipped, making light of, dis figuring, pulls apart, give a piece of one's mind, jumping on case, inter dict, marginalize, wrote down, wast on case, cutting to the quick, casting slur on, jumps down ones throat, gives talking-to, exprobated, over tax, tearing in to, make a fuss, dis-believing, wert reluctant, de fame, dis-hearten, out-raging, gave the devil, wast case, pre-aching, soured grapes, curl one lip, dis regards, is sorry, de-meriting, dis pleases, carp at, bespatters, holds fault, sneer at, send up the river, nit-pick, singing blues, be-tray, turned back on, kicks in the teeth, kicked fuss, Declassing, Sniped, de merit, flew face of, sending up the river, divorced from, cuts down size, mis-employ, Hazed, exprobating, discourage, drives the wall, dis-avowed, disapproved of, de cry, jump down one's throat, are repelled by, Blackguarding, gives piece mind, re duce, hitting where lives, pro-scribing, whine, dis-figuring, de rides, dis credit, frowning upon, imposed up on, blackened name, takeoffed, eating heart out, disconsidered, talks dirty, gives dickens, be one's case, puts hooks in, Disfavored, dis-commodes, pre sage, giving the high sign, kicks teeth, am against, spake ill of, gives a bad name, lighted in to, discommended, drives up wall, jumping down throat, ex-communicating, eats one heart out, pro scribe, dis-composing, spits up on, in-sinuate, lays door, grieve, tell thing or two, puts on guard, clamored against, take issue, de valuing, being sick of, overtaxing, with draw, giving hard time, de-cays, sniff at, laying one's door, breaks heart, gives piece one's mind, dis courages, dis-mayed, jumping one's case, having aversion to, cut down to size, exprobates, rap knuckles, Jollies, de moralizes, with drawing, impose up on, be rated, looking daggers, dis-respected, sends up, co-wed, pro scribes, hath no use for, Fleering, passing judgment, complained of, doest injustice to, taking task, ex-postulating, am ones case, de-fame, slapping wrist, re fuse, giving piece ones mind, giving a piece of mind, dis considered, snarl, frown upon, doth number on, blowing off, cry down, de creased, funning at, de cried, abuse, prevent, takeoffing, being repelled by, takes fall, am autocratic, pro fanes, were one case, drive up the wall, dis-respects, were on one case, lay ones door, re fused, ate one heart out, dis-believe, comminating, giving the dickens, villainizes, clues in, gives high sign, kicked the teeth, de-spoiled, over passes, turned up one's nose, re buffing, de base, jumped all over, protested against, were repelled by, wast on one case, tore in to, plays cat and mouse, look askance, poor mouths, lay on, cuts down to size, making crack, mis-representing, sending prison, gave high sign, over burden, gives piece of one mind, pre scribing, wert case, committing sacrilege, call on the carpet, shout down, take task, pro scribed, ex-patriating, louted, de-spoils, sends up the river, have an aversion to, in criminate, skinning alive, de pressing, give a piece mind, ex-communicates, art against, takes down a peg, rapt on knuckles, dost injustice to, de-stroying, were against, kicks in teeth, puts on ice, spitting upon, dis-credits, tare apart, pulled leg, de valuating, kick up a fuss, give piece of one mind, Reprobating, holds accountable, pre dict, slaps in the face, dis believes, giving a bad name, shoot full of holes, disrating, be-trays, dis honor, gives the devil, making game of, didst wrong, jump one case, dis courage, am one case, de ported, fustigates, giving warning, committed sin, de porting, held at fault, dis-honoring, de-crying, gave piece mind, dis countenanced, slag, kicks a fuss, accurses, kicked teeth, dis-countenances, dis-considering, fore-bodes, tell a thing two, sends to prison, called on the carpet, sing blues, be-lying, lays ones door, makes little of, lets have it, dis-figured, over-taxed, mis trust, dis honored, dis-commending, in form, demerited, disparage, be devilled, criticize, de famed, dis-maying, put double whammy on, dis tresses, jumps on one case, cartooning, cast out, pulling one leg, turn one's nose, dis trusts, recoiling from, de formed, hung something on, turn up one's nose, bare a grudge against, up-braids, dis acknowledge, curls one's lip, gave talkingto, Faulting, laid it out, broke one's heart, torture, pro-scribe, am on case, de-creased, spitting up on, curls one's lip at, forearmed, de-files, wise up, de-value, giving high sign, commits sacrilege, dis approves, beats down, brings into disrepute, doing a number on, took dim view of, eats one's heart out, ticks off, cast aspersions on, calling on carpet, put a whammy on, HOSED, lost value, pulled ones leg, dis-cards, blowing whistle on, dis-trust, divorce from, draw away, hate, dis-gracing, out-dared, ex pose, wast disgusted with, put whammy on, over ridden, kick teeth, drives up the wall, cant stood, passes on, grieved for, de graded, bare grudge against, bears grudge against, eat heart out, voodooed, mis prize, pressurize, finding fault with, curling one lip at, pulled apart, gave a talking-to, dis quiets, be-rates, passing sentence on, flying face of, reprehend, animadverted on, de-graded, de cries, be-lied, can't standing, ragged on, hath an aversion to, dis respects, de-filing, undervalued, laying at one door, curled ones lip at, spit up on, dis-proves, object to, drave up wall, giving a talking to, gives a talking to, mark down, animadvert on, be-smirched, under rated, makes a game of, de-spoil, called on carpet, digging at, be trays, take dim view of, poor mouthed, calls to task, gave a piece one mind, tongue-lashes, dis mays, tears apart, lay one door, talked dirty, doeth injustice to, de creasing, spoke ill of, caluminating, were sorry, gave a piece of ones mind, curling ones lip at, skin, slapped the face, makes a laughing stock, stuck it to, warn, retain, jumped case, passing on, sling mud, give talking-to, dis-commend, Fussed, mis treat, dis graces, de faced, driving the wall, re-pine, muckraking, inveigled against, dis-countenanced, dis affirm, over-rides, sours grapes, be-spatter, Attainting, dis-rated, pull leg, takes the fall, drave up the wall, under-mined, spits upon, with draws, de cline, gives a piece ones mind, under values, Martyred, turned ones nose, jump down throat, give talking to, clue in, making a game of, Disciplining, bespattered, spat up on, downcried, dis acknowledges, over awed, rags on, mudsling, dis-tressed, dis-heartens, objecting to, swishes, dis-affirm, call in to question, holds in contempt, giving a piece of ones mind, de-classing, up setting, dis-regarding, martyrize, de-testing, barks at, dumps on, de-motes, tips off, tell a thing or two, de-ride, slap the face, dis-credit, corrupt, gives bronx cheer, cast down, hanging something on, gotten after, give piece one mind, talked to, had no use for, dis-honored, detracted from, swishing, digged at, dis, de-basing, jumping one case, called carpet, pre-paring, animadvert, slaps face, looked askance, rapt knuckles, under rate, blow off, de moralized, cast slur on, fore bode, stickle, de-file, mis carrying, re-fuse, dis approved, passed on, took down peg, dis esteeming, dis-rates, holds up to ridicule, am loath, de-cay, haddest no use for, expresses disapprobation, dis esteemed, turned nose, reflects on, makes a crack, dis figured, Misprize, de-stroyed, over rides, be-setting, sent prison, curled lip at, be-wail, aliving, ex-probates, pro-fanes, vilipending, giving piece of ones mind, dis figures, jumping down ones throat, ex patriated, hurl defiance at, jumped one's case, kicking a fuss, raps knuckles, dis liked, takes one on, Vilipend, slaps on wrist, broke heart, ex-patriates, can't stands, speaks to, wast one case, knocks off high horse, has an aversion to, de-feats, break heart, lodging complaint, passed sentence on, gnashed teeth, sings blues, disclaim, dis gust, take the fall, dis heartened, dis quieted, dis avow, rake over coals, un masking, Deviled, over-works, dis quieting, dis-allowed, kick in the teeth, jives, is on one's case, marked down, de stroy, lay to, tipped off, dis-prove, does number on, sets aside, gave a black eye, make my day, rub salt wound, ratting, made a game of, make laughing-stock, fulminates against, imposes up on, roughhousing, sending the river, de-classes, turned one's nose, calls on carpet, drove bananas, nit picking, give piece of ones mind, re buff, de tested, under play, giving talking-to, re minding, be-devilled, in-forms, stick to, be wailing, defame, dis hearten, not do justice, de-valorizing, under-rated, was on ones case, dis favors, commit sacrilege, shouted down, dis-avow, takes exception to, dissed, lays down law, re tract, make fool of, walked heavy, swears at, Embargoed, Overpassing, mis-trusted, over awe, throwing the book at, dis-avows, give talkingto, gives comeuppance, sisses, rails at, deplore, turn one nose, outdaring, dis grace, over ride, Vilified, mis-prized, strumpeting, dis proving, de-moralize, lay it out, throwing book at, wast autocratic, de-form, Overpassed, over awing, lighting in to, re minds, mis used, up braid, un-nerving, whooshed, under-play, rank out, fulminated against, dis acknowledging, dis-acknowledges, discount, does an injustice to, reject, deprecate, mis prized, jump on one's case, turns up ones nose, giving a piece one's mind, detain, take exception to, give piece of one's mind, review unfavorably, dis regarding, dis carded, climbing over, drawing away, exprobate, lay at one door, dis-affirming, laid at ones door, making my day, making laughing stock, fore-boded, mis-employs, was against, be moaned, was loath, Shying, eating one heart out, nags at, pulling leg, in-dict, de-moralizing, cuss out, de moralize, ranks out, keeping aft, de crease, dis claim, dis sents, held ridicule, pre paring, de-valorize, brought to naught, am sick of, drives bananas, taking issue, turns one's nose, pulled one's leg, dost number on, re-pulsing, singing the blues, nit-picked, over awes, divorce oneself from, kicks fuss, Discommend, ate one's heart out, reviews unfavorably, doeth number on, give piece of mind, laid to, getting after, over burdening, dis graced, am repelled by, dis-tress, under-values, dispraises, dis proves, making a crack, drive up wall, dis avows, dis card, under playing, re-tracts, let have it, mis represent, does wrong, being arbitrary, frown, told a thing or two, dis avowed, bring into disrepute, look daggers, finds fault with, eating ones heart out, under-value, hold up to ridicule, divorces oneself from, Tars, laid one's door, gives a piece of ones mind, in sinuating, frowned up on, laid door, ex-postulated, in forms, took away, holds responsible, be-smirches, were loath, gave a going over, drave the wall, jawbones, opprobriate, ex probated, dis commended, downcrying, ex-cruciate, found unacceptable, blistered, called down, slap in face, nag, re commends, cast aspersion, dis believed, under rating, de-riding, flexes muscles, holding contempt, curls one lip, gave a piece of one's mind, jollying, give bad press, slinging mud, de-meaning, call down, belittle, cutting down to size, de grade, un masked, nagged at, kick a fuss, dis-respect, ex-postulates, shudder at, de-faces, ex-probating, turn back on, thumbsed down on, mis prizing, be spattered, drove up wall, objected to, shooting down, dis-claimed, holding in contempt, calls the carpet, ex communicated, wert sick of, outdares, lowering boom, holding fault, telling a thing or two, wast ones case, re probated, be-rating, be littles, call the carpet, decry, mis-carrying, hurl brickbat, Burlesquing, de-valuates, re-tract, over-ride, brake heart, mis-handled, poormouthing, is case, are on ones case, imposing on, forearming, dis-carding, be-wailing, frowns on, put zingers on, dis-gusts, gives piece ones mind, rag on, rubbing salt wound, making aware, de class, fore arms, climbing all over, poohpooh, admonish, imposes upon, in-criminates, keep aft, knocking down, art loath, hang something on, send up river, flying in face of, frowned on, lay down law, made a fuss, dis credits, holds contempt, tonguelashes, frowning up on, take fall, misprized, dis-regarded, blacken name, de spoiled, doest number on, lay at ones door, dis trust, made fool of, thundered against, do injustice to, cutting bits, mis-treat, recoiled from, be rates, pro-fane, kicked up fuss, beared grudge against, downcry, dis-quiets, dis-courage, demeriting, throws the book at, shudders at, didst a number on, threw book at, cussing out, pre pares, de-moralized, dis-trusts, curling one's lip, lights in to, stick it to, called task, in sinuated, hold in contempt, hem haw, Faulted, makes crack, lay down the law, is on ones case, didst number on, meting out, wast on ones case, in-sinuates, offend, de-voting, ex-posing, pre-scribing, hadst enough of, dis-respecting, pointing finger, ex-probated, find unacceptable, dis rates, fore boding, grease palm, render worthless, thumbed nose at, was sick of, spake evil of, divorcing from, telling thing two, read out, over-awe, over-burdening, having no use for, dis praise, de forms, Dooming, dis esteems, give dickens, pre sages, tells thing two, wast one's case, ex communicate, makes laughing-stock, dis-regards, over pass, expressing disapprobation, makes a laughing-stock, jumps down one throat, flexing muscles, holds to ridicule, over-burden, send river, rapped on knuckles, inveighs against, made my day, dragoon, putting on guard, gibe, frowns upon, rebuke, calling to task, slap face, looks askance at, ripped up, took to task, dis liking, up-braiding, lowers the boom, pointed the finger, ex postulates, dis approving, art autocratic, dis affirms, out lawed, dis-honors, ripping into, turn up one nose, tonguelashing, bring charges against, is loath, protests against, Dragooning, allergic to, over-awes, lowers boom, mis-used, underrated, can't stand, caluminate, with stand, dis-proving, speaks ill of, Sneered, imposing upon, under-rates, out-daring, cut to quick, be on one case, laid on, declasses, dis-allowing, casting aspersion, mis carried, tell off, be deviling, casts a slur on, be-moans, fluffing, dratted, make laughingstock, laid at one's door, give a bad name, dis-courages, be smirching, de-facing, pre-scribed, jollied, has no use for, lays at one door, shooting full holes, am arbitrary, express disapprobation, take exception, lets one have it, be on ones case, jumping all over, be rating, doing injustice to, de-tested, keep, art sorry, over riding, over burdened, sound off, fun at, pinning it on, grieves for, miniaturizing, were on one's case, re-pined, Ragging, zinged, dis commode, sissed, was sorry, de merited, giving dickens, laying down law, beefed, lay door, jeers at, speaks evil of, laying one door, mis-trust, up braids, inveigle against, tongue-lash, curls lip, curls one lip at, over-passing, makes my day, taking rug out from under, railroading, spoofing, talking dirty, dis gusts, up-braid, Reprobated, knocked high horse, calls task, speak evil of, put down, rap on knuckles, de classes, dis-acknowledge, nixing, runs smear campaign, looked askance at, is evil, de claims, call task, under-valuing, serving summons, blows the whistle on, dis countenances, diminish, inveighed against, dis-claims, be tray, reprimand, is repelled by, is ones case, comminate, be moan, beared a grudge against, re-vile, point finger at, frowned upon, ranking out, co-wing, talking to, sending up, slapping face, bring to naught, was one case, tells thing or two, defy, have enough of, de-tracts, kick fuss, putting under suspicion, dis-favoring, opprobriating, sneered at, lay bad trip on, Bespattering, de values, divorces from, de-votes, cast a slur on, hurls brickbat, denunciated, own, complains of, un nerved, are reluctant, de tract, giving going over, slaps in face, dis commending, ran smear campaign, sending up river, re tracts, de-valuate, turns back on, made game of, un mask, made laughing stock, ragging on, make crack, give a black eye, comebacking, dis-favored, ex patriate, torment, detract from, gives black eye, cries down, wast hostile to, Caricatured, is autocratic, bring in to disrepute, kicking the teeth, dis-considers, laid at door, denounce, jump on case, laying bad trip on, art case, animadverts, be autocratic, make a crack, cuts rate, Pothering, points finger, making a laughingstock, saddled, threaten, was on case, cutting to bits, overawe, rapping knuckles, pooh pooh, sounding off, slapped face, bungs up, casts down, finding unacceptable, curls ones lip, are ones case, pulling ones leg, in-criminate, shoots full of holes, gives piece of one's mind, thumbing nose at, dis trusting, dis-approve, dis approve, with standing, dis missed, dis tressed, calling on the carpet, pass sentence on, refuse, having enough of, over working, brought charges against, am on one's case, out dared, were ones case, tonguelash, be-moaning, throwing stones at, disapprove of, dis-affirms, jumped one case, disrespected, be spatters, gives piece of ones mind, cried down, dis figure, break ones heart, pre ached, de-faming, de-mean, is one case, slap wrist, sent up, pull one leg, wrong, re pressing, pre pared, de claim, over-look, impeach, kicked up a fuss, mis represented, filing claim, hold up ridicule, martyrizes, pre-pared, gave black eye, cartooned, light in to, de valuate, lays at ones door, re commending, dis-quieting, dis mayed, make a laughing-stock, wast sorry, knock high horse, be spattering, walks heavy, knocked bottom out of, in-forming, dis-graces, detract, hitting where one lives, spit upon, yelling at, ate heart out, jumped over, eating one's heart out, can't stood, Burlesqued, finds fault, disrates, de-creasing, monishing, tells a thing or two, re-probates, de grades, pre-sages, over-riding, throws book at, giving piece one mind, dis gusting, misemploying, sorrowed over, dis compose, held up ridicule, held up to ridicule, de-grade, minimize, being case, mis-employed, Tarring, jeered at, over works, knock down, broke one heart, put hooks in, mis-calculating, jumps down one's throat, shot full of holes, digs at, rubbed salt wound, draw line, dis-commended, grieve for, taking a swipe at, dis pleasing, execrate, pulled one leg, dis-believes, casting down, be disgusted with, dis-praising, dispraise, drats, curl one's lip, de moting, be deviled, sticking to, turned up ones nose, took exception to, speak ill of, thought too little of, whirrs, Slurring, knock bottom out of, re-proving, under-estimates, brake ones heart, turned up nose, dis allow, re-prove, break one heart, sticks to, hurled defiance at, took fall, de value, whirr, gives warning, giving a piece one mind, malign, thunders against, brought naught, torn into, bung up, tell thing two, dis-credited, jaw, sell short, playing cat mouse, are against, overpast, gives fair warning, cut to the quick, dis-tresses, looks askance, giving piece one's mind, dis-compose, spoke to, putting a whammy on, grunt, mis treated, banged up, mis handled, slander, blitzed, mis-represent, dis pleased, dis commend, laying down the law, Attainted, slapped in the face, dis-consider, lighting into, cut bits, were disgusted with, laid at one door, am sorry, driving bananas, gives piece one mind, denunciates, not go for, kicking in teeth, is disgusted with, be wail, un masks, de composed, dis favored, tongue lash, curls lip at, de-stroy, pin it on, are case, un-nerve, out dare, cheapen, scoff, out-rages, jiving, having an aversion to, de-spoiling, under value, hangs something on, driving up wall, gives piece of mind, mis handles, blowing the whistle on, casts doubt on, dumping on, laid bad trip on, be devilling, doth an injustice to, rips into, cuts the quick, re presses, turns one nose, sit on, take away, lay a bad trip on, swished, sware at, wising up, framing, shouting down, make little of, detracts from, de-class, frown up on, putting on ice, over taxing, vilipends, mis calculates, did an injustice to, mis representing, bring charges, pan, with drawn, over-looking, in criminating, art hostile to, made little of, be smirch, dis-praises, throws stones at, barked at, re probate, Quipping, took one on, showing contempt, making a fool of, came down hard on, drive bananas, being on case, held contempt, sat on, flies face of, asperse, poor mouthing, takes exception, occupy, dig at, passed judgment, mis calculated, hold, be-devils, re-pulses, calls down, be devils, allergicking to, did number on, slaps on the wrist, de-claiming, pro testing, blitzing, does a number on, dis respecting, with-draw, come down hard on, doeth a number on, shows up, takes rug out from under, sits on, hanged something on, pokes full of holes, wert arbitrary, flex muscles, fore-armed, be-little, re-probating, laying at one's door, lays to, gives a piece mind, told thing or two, under-rate, give a going over, gave going over, de-valuating, de file, giving fair warning, be-littles, de-feat, Trashed, lights into, lays one door, disapproving of, taking down a peg, dis-sents, indict, dis-liked, denunciating, curling lip, charging with, wert ones case, de ride, protesting against, blackens name, de-crease, de-presses, pro scribing, climbs all over, bringing in to disrepute, greases palm, calls on the carpet, driving wall, being sorry, passes sentence on, find fault with, Hazing, laying ones door, hurling defiance at, re criminated, hold at fault, picking apart, shrilling, dis trusted, sells short, rap, Dispraising, pre-pare, over-taxing, mis handle, was evil, dis allows, dis-sent, turned one nose, de claimed, pro tested, eats heart out, turn up ones nose, dis-esteem, jump all over, be little, giving a going over, laying at door, re buffs, alives, in-criminated, tear in to, re press, mis treating, with-standing, taking swipe at, Sniping, dis-agreeing, fulminating against, Lessoning, underplaying, re-pining, putting whammy on, de mote, railroaded, underplayed, be on case, jumps on, rips up, jumped on one's case, give the devil, dis-affirmed, dis favoring, was reluctant, Blackguarded, putting zingers on, over-awing, lays one's door, out-raged, slapped in face, dis countenancing, with-drawing, de valorizing, objurated, deride, has aversion to, down on, dis-gusting, jawboned, laying on, sends the river, reflected on, re-criminate, thinks too little of, re-canted, take a swipe at, sending river, sitting on, takes a swipe at, dis maying, disrespecting, funning, over look, hits where lives, de cays, writes down, dis-counting, un-masks, were on case, bunging up, whoosh, be-foul, dis allowed, japing, re commended, ranked out, was on one's case, attack, played cat and mouse, giving piece mind, breaks one's heart, poked full of holes, chide, make a game of, play cat mouse, ex postulate, fulminate against, poking full holes, haddest aversion to, de faming, de-voted, is on one case, hadst an aversion to, dis composed, spitted upon, de spoiling, lays bad trip on, cant stand, lowered boom, tongue-lashed, gave a piece ones mind, devalorizing, stuck fast, dis-commends, gives a talkingto, pre-ached, making laughingstock, dis-liking, co wed, over burdens, makes fool of, give bad name, hurled brickbat, dis-countenance, downs on, under-plays, dis-counts, slapped on wrist, serves summons, be-devil, dost a number on, be-rate, de-cries, sorrow over, be fouling, Overawing, cuts to quick, dis-praised, de composes, brought charges, is against, meted out, sticked it to, are autocratic, takes to task, turns up one nose, dis-pleases, make threat, raps on knuckles, making little of, re criminate, jumped down one's throat, puts double whammy on, is on case, poking fun, over-awed, blows whistle on, mis handling, takes dim view of, de-based, pre-sage, dis countenance, grumble, eat one's heart out, gave a piece mind, turning one nose, dis-regard, voodooing, over-passes, held accountable, calling carpet, rubbing salt in wound, lays a bad trip on, turning nose, found fault with, writ down, dis please, kicks the teeth, sounds off, sang the blues, jumped ones case, mudslings, were case, dissing, are sorry, puts a whammy on, dis-trusting, hold fault, out-dares, re proved, ex-communicate, Fussing, de facing, cussed out, hurling brickbat, rubs salt in wound, Gluing, under-rating, casting a slur on, held fault, poking fun at, de classing, find guilty, swearing at, zinging, think too little of, condemn, objects to, slaps wrist, mis-handles, play cat and mouse, filed claim, disconsidering, played cat mouse, Deviling, casts out, gives going over, spitted up on, does injustice to, was on one case, speaking evil of, re pine, bringing charges against, knock, de-stroys, re-buffing, mis trusted, villainized, re pressed, pressurized, pins it on, Tarred, being reluctant, be fouls, re-fused, dis-gusted, over taxes, stigmatize, under valued, re-commended, are arbitrary, dis credited, fore warned, slur, dis prove, puts zingers on, do an injustice to, hit where one lives, lowering the boom, curl lip, divorced oneself from, curl ones lip, mis-prizes, commit sin, cuts to the quick, bears a grudge against, dis owning, withhold, de-press, comebacked, Benched, curling ones lip, am case, art arbitrary, fore-warn, DE Form, dis-trusted, send prison, re proves, skinned alive, funned at, dis affirmed, held in contempt, dis praising, pushed around, pass judgment, served summons, over-tax, sung the blues, mis-using, de-forming, nit picks, giving a talkingto, is hostile to, gnarls, eat ones heart out, de-filed, tongue lashed, jack up, dis claiming, bunged up, allergics to, mis calculating, am on ones case, de-mote, throws cold water on, give going over, under-estimate, shook fist at, disconsider, lays it out, mis-represented, dis-counted, swear at, pulling one's leg, co unselling, dis counting, sang blues, gave piece of mind, tearing apart, re-criminating, feeling malice to, up-sets, funned, gives a black eye, took task, vilify, poked full holes, turning up one's nose, accursing, re-minding, sends prison, opprobriates, poking full of holes, are hostile to, poked fun at, barking at, jump one's case, was disgusted with, fluffed, cutting down size, under-played, reflecting on, carped at, complain, coming down hard on, Saddling, pointed finger, putting ice, nixed, did wrong, tore apart, slapped wrist, dis-approves, doest a number on, de creases, being on one case, de-compose, gave the high sign, vilipended, dis gusted, villainize, sent up the river, discredit, tare into, dis rate, file claim, sings the blues, passes judgment, are on case, make aware, groused, be smirched, out-lawed, rapped knuckles, shoot down, reflect on, be fouled, twit, wert on ones case, with-drew, art sick of, de vote, kicks up fuss, lighted into, threw cold water on, Fleered, recriminating, cluing in, losing value, brings in to disrepute, bespatter, jumps over, kicking fuss, re-minds, be hostile to, found fault, re fuses, put under suspicion, dis praises, dis sent, ride, blew off, glued, mis-prize, wert one case, are one case, un nerving, objurating, fore-warning, makes light of, caluminates, fore warns, take swipe at, thinking too little of, am evil, turn ones nose, de riding, dis claimed, gave piece one's mind, are sick of, be sets, dis affirming, curl ones lip at, re-commend, ex-postulate, jumped on one case, lit in to, clamoring against, pulls leg, dis respect, drew away, cuts quick, shouts down, be arbitrary, over passing, protest against, call carpet, mis-handling, jawboning, drive wall, laying door, over looks, swore at, dis-quiet, dratting, receive, giving bronx cheer, turns up one's nose, made a fool of, caluminated, telling a thing two, animadverting on, tongue lashes, gave talking to, muckrake, turns up nose, under mined, lower the boom, objurates, gave piece ones mind, bear a grudge against, giving a piece of one mind, fore arming, drave wall, dis-figures, out-rage, be ones case, sticking it to, downed on, de meriting, censure, letted have it, lay at one's door, slap on wrist, made a laughing-stock, de stroys, sniffed at, hast enough of, giving a piece mind, in forming, committed sacrilege, dis esteem, de-composing, makes a fuss, doing an injustice to, cant stands, tongue lashing, gets after, lament, cut rate, Disfavoring, de classed, un nerve, dis-honor, Ratted, re criminates, rip up, comminated, be-spatters, nit-picks, do a number on, yells at, pre scribe, jumping on, gave comeuppance, profane, keeps aft, jumped on ones case, give hard time, art one's case, cut quick, jumping on one case, re-presses, giving piece of mind, dis praised, be-wails, gives the dickens, throwing cold water on, renders worthless, denigrate, de-clines, dis favor, slaps the wrist, under estimates, ex probates, dis-composes, giving talkingto, be evil, co wing, laid one door, hiss, under valuing, giving a piece of one's mind, reviewed unfavorably, sticked to, overtax, shaking fist at, hast no use for, walking heavy, de-grades, disapprove, dis-card, with-stands, under-mining, playing cat and mouse, under-valued, gives bad press, lowered the boom, with stands, talk to, are on one's case, rips in to, gave a talking to, rubs salt wound, over-pass, laying at ones door, are one's case, impose upon, out rages, curl lip at, kick up fuss, be-deviled, were reluctant, give a talking to, alived, got after, whooshing, holding to ridicule, doth a number on, de-pressed, puts guard, carps at, tar feather, re pulses, under estimate, am hostile to, derogate, martyrizing, de-cry, muckrakes, gave a bad name, jumps all over, takes away, jumps ones case, de-famed, beshrew, shows contempt, tare in to, taking to task, out dares, holds ridicule, reading out, de valued, rubbed salt in wound, hath enough of, re-criminated, sticked fast, recoil from, art repelled by, ex-pose, villainizing, throwing mud at, sends up river, be devil, subtracts from, up-setting, is sick of, overawed, in sinuate, dis-favors, throw book at, lay one's door, be lied, blew the whistle on, mis represents, taking exception, dis-esteems, take, jumps on one's case, wert repelled by, re-probate, haddest enough of, ex-patriate, de-moting, be set, knocked off high horse, sniffs at, wert autocratic, Accurse, brought in to disrepute, rip into, dis-agree, be sorry, pull ones leg, be-sets, de-values, mis using, Stickled, curls ones lip at, telling thing or two, jumped down ones throat, devalorizes, holding up to ridicule, wert one's case, wert disgusted with, re duces, give comeuppance, complaining of, drove wall, were autocratic, let one have it, gave bronx cheer, dis counts, be-rated, disconsiders, Embargoing, de-forms, being against, de-ported, pulls ones leg, breaking heart, stick fast, re commend, de cay, make game of, poormouths, send to prison, de-merit, gives a piece one's mind, de crying, brings charges against, sent river, blow whistle, be-deviling, over-passed, Stickling, make a fool of, do wrong, called the carpet, Illtreat, jive, gave warning, with stood, dis proved, beefing, laid down law, de feat, de files, be one case, dis-missing, dis heartening, wert loath, kicking up a fuss, kicked in teeth, un-masked, thumb nose at, jeer at, being ones case, de-merited, tear apart, hold back, bear grudge against, takes down peg, mis employing, breaks one heart, sounded off, be against, over-worked, curling one's lip at, tearing into, giving comeuppance, decrease, clamor against, Vicing, in-criminating, re-probated, be setting, put ice, Dragooned, sticks fast, jumping down one throat, de-grading, threw the book at, taking down peg, be-fouled, gnashes teeth, ex probate, dis-considered, look askance at, made laughing-stock, be-fouls, de-faced, casting doubt on, gives a piece of one's mind, dis may, brings to naught, de voted, blinking at, re-commending, shot full holes, jump on ones case, dis considers, jump over, de-fames, casts aspersions on, ex patriating, take to task, Whirred, curl one's lip at, over-rode, out daring, cusses out, re-buffs, slapping the wrist, dis-commode, Denunciate, took swipe at, be reluctant, catcalling, gave a piece of one mind, curled one lip, kicks up a fuss, pass on, giving talking to, deny, looking askance, letting one have it, downcries, blink at, cutting to quick, dis-graced, re pulsing, was ones case, dis missing, slaps the face, backbite, thumbs down on, ex-cept, under rates, spake to, do number on, hast aversion to, damn, pushing around, poormouth, poor-mouthed, makes laughingstock, de valorized, dis-carded, shies, give a piece of one mind, letted one have it, give a piece of ones mind, de-vote, dis-figure, gives bad name, dis agreed, jacks up, clued in, over worked, doth injustice to, mis-carry, hits where one lives, disses, eats ones heart out, fore warn, charges with, rendered worthless, drives wall, made fuss, be moans, turns ones nose, turning up nose, un-mask, broke ones heart, disrated, slap the wrist, throw mud at, jacking up, be sick of, wert on one's case, skins alive, calling task, shooting full of holes, RAZ, curling one lip, takes swipe at, co-unselling, mis-represents, re prove, ex probating, looked down on, torn in to, held responsible, thumbs nose at, curled one's lip, letting have it, doeth an injustice to, clamors against, holding ridicule, giving devil, were on ones case, dis owned, recriminates, hold responsible, kicking up fuss, shake fist at, take one on, driving up the wall, de mean, dis-favor, gave piece of ones mind, send the river, wert on case, lodges complaint, quiz, speak to, yell at, de-porting, re fusing, give a piece of mind, de moralizing, turning one's nose, out-dare, slapping in face, demur, de-valuated, told thing two, de-claimed, be moaning, dump on, gnarl, curl one lip at, laying to, puts whammy on, was case, pro-testing, running down, dis-quieted, giving black eye, gave talking-to, scoff at, subtracted from, am one's case, knock off high horse, re-commends, picked apart, un nerves, gives a hard time, bringing to naught, sate on, poke fun, sold short, pull one's leg, pre-scribe, complain of, gave a hard time, Gnarling, takes task, was arbitrary, dumped on, de-rides, dis-claim, jinxed, dis avowing, flexed muscles, kick the teeth, laid ones door, dis-avowing, bringing charges, out raged, slung mud, expressed disapprobation, wast loath, blackening name, made a crack, kicked a fuss, wast on one's case, up set, jump down one throat, un-masking, push around, giving piece of one mind, proscribe, devalorized, be smirches, Animadverting, was one's case, underplays, dis agrees, Boning, drave bananas, threw mud at, ex-posed, gave piece one mind, dragoons, outdared, takes issue, make a laughing stock, dis agree, pointed finger at, dis-crediting, downing on, cutting the quick, de face, be wailed, jumping over, poor-mouthing, re-canting, snipes, miniaturize, be foul, lower boom, fore armed, taking one on, cant standing, sniffing at, dis-heartened, pro-tested, dis composing, give fair warning, points the finger, ripping in to, taking the fall, blinks at, discommending, Benching, reviewing unfavorably, had an aversion to, pulling apart, speaking to, reproach, de press, knocks down, blew whistle on, sneer, ticked off, under mining, slapped the wrist, calling down, knocks bottom out of, took a swipe at, gives devil, poke fun at, ate ones heart out, dis counted, giving a talking-to, up-set, recoils from, putting hooks in, hold ridicule, dis respected, frowning on, pulls one leg, de tracts, breaking one's heart, drove up the wall, in dict, lit into, hosing, ex cruciate, dis-may, disapproves of, with-drawn, dis-praise, ex cept, climbed over, crying down, climbs over, louting, scold, de-composed, ex-communicated, over-wrought, skin alive, be-fouling, frowns up on, ex-probate, downgrade, flout, wises up, picks apart, take down a peg, de valuates, dis-please, ex communicating, de-moralizes, dis claims, charge with, de-valuing, dis-rating, be case, fly in face of, de claiming, de-valorizes, yelled at, dost wrong, curling lip at, sent up river, de-cline, de-pressing, give piece one's mind, shoots full holes, re-pines, strumpeted, make laughing stock, jeering at, brought into disrepute, ripping up, hadst no use for, Caricaturing, commits sin, dis-heartening, blows off, made laughingstock, pressurizing, in-sinuating, did a number on, shakes fist at, sneers at, makes a laughingstock, giving the devil, curled ones lip, pokes fun at, re-proved, lay in to, sibilate, misemploys, dis composes, kicking teeth, DISES, de spoil, comminates, over-looks, had enough of, mis trusts, didst an injustice to, jawbone, sentences, under estimating, pokes fun, dis heartens, jacked up, dis-proved, take over, sticks it to, Devilled, give a piece one mind, fore boded, cuts bits, tip off, nit picked, plays cat mouse, brake one heart, making a laughing-stock, thundering against.

Usage examples for commend:

Idioms for commend:

  • commend sm for sth;
  • commend sm or sth to sm or sth;

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