Pronunciation of Commonly
/kˈɒmənli/, /kˈɒmənli/, /k_ˈɒ_m_ə_n_l_i/

Antonyms for commonly

remarkably, weirdly, particularly, un customarily, in credibly, off cuff, in frequently, that is, signally, uncustomarily, very, indescribably, in confidence, unaccountably, between you me, in-credibly, off record, so much, hushedly, in describably, fantastically, just barely, namely, unusually, unfamiliarly, surpassingly, exaggeratedly, noticeably, don't breathe word, only just, sur-passingly, in specie, anomalously, on occasion, not often, Indispensably, extra-ordinarily, in few instances, in particular, radically, pre eminently, uniquely, in-describably, sur passingly, between ourselves, scarcely, in other words, queerly, strangely, scarcely ever, explicitly, to wit, un-common, rarely, un-commonly, superlatively, un common, atypically, scantily, extra ordinarily, un usually, oddly, now then, in the ground floor, strikingly, before all else, by way explanation, incredibly, startlingly, in on the ground floor, amazingly, especially, outstandingly, unco, curiously, astonishingly, un familiarly, un accountably, hardly ever, in on ground floor, in ground floor, extraordinarily, un-familiarly, surprisingly, un-naturally, terrifically, supremely, before else, prodigiously, pre-eminently, by way of explanation, conspicuously, exotically, between us, funnily, seldom, un-accountably, don't breathe a word, in-frequently, un commonly, dont breathe word, irregularly, in dividually, confidentially, peculiarly, uncommonly, strictly speaking, dont breathe a word, in-dividually, un-customarily, un-usually, un naturally, infrequently, untypically, abnormally.