Pronunciation of Communicate
/kəmjˈuːnɪkˌe͡ɪt/, /kəmjˈuːnɪkˌe‍ɪt/, /k_ə_m_j_ˈuː_n_ɪ_k_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for communicate

cool it, dummy up, hushing one's mouth, sub-dues, hush hushes, keep down, mask, choking off, keeping it down, clams up, decreased the volume, softpedal, keep back, cooling it, conceal, tongueties, overawes, counterfeit, repress, lose, contract, struck dumb, hide, clamming up, disguise, sits on, camouflage, belie, overawe, keeps down, decrease volume, held tongue, over awed, Overawing, clam up, suppress, decreases volume, hushhushed, Clamming, hush-hushing, bottle up, tongue-tie, Unchurch, stop, hush, withhold, kept it down, over-awes, held one tongue, say nothing, keep quiet, says nothing, cover, catch, held one's tongue, over-awed, striking dumb, keep secret, falsify, gild, dried up, secrete, be quiet, choked off, hush hush, varnish, holding tongue, overawed, tonguetie, hold tongue, sitting on, tongue tied, dumbing, cooled it, de adens, said nothing, keeps it down, decreasing the volume, de-aden, chokes off, holding one tongue, hushed ones mouth, dry up, dumbs, dummied up, over-awing, bury, tongue-tying, hushed one's mouth, dumbed, silence, occlude, veil, over awes, closing up, hush one's mouth, strook dumb, hushhush, hushes mouth, holds ones tongue, hush-hushes, garble, sub dues, sub-due, sub due, dummying up, Dulling, take, holding one's tongue, decreases the volume, cools it, hushed one mouth, over awing, piped down, hushhushes, piping down, delude, sate on, clammed up, hush one mouth, quiet down, keeping down, closed up, close up, quieted down, saying nothing, misrepresent, decrease the volume, dulls, hold, hushed mouth, distort, whitewash, hush hushing, hushes one mouth, tonguetying, hushing mouth, over-awe, deceive, decreasing volume, hush-hushed, decreased volume, obscure, tongue tying, quieting down, strike dumb, pipe down, hold one tongue, de aden, drying up, hold one's tongue, keep, closes up, hushes one's mouth, holds one tongue, de-adens, over awe, keep it down, held ones tongue, Clammed, twist, quiets down, kept down, hush hushed, hushes ones mouth, choke off, sit on, strikes dumb, secret, holds tongue, hush mouth, hushing ones mouth, hushing one mouth, gloss, mislead, dummies up, come down, pipes down, tongue tie, excommunicate, dries up, hushhushing, hush ones mouth.