Pronunciation of Condensed
/k_ə_n_d_ˈɛ_n_s_d/, /kəndˈɛnsd/, /kəndˈɛnsd/

Antonyms for condensed:

more circulated, more liquefied, most unfolded, more splashing, runniest, un expurgated, scopic, realizable, more realizable, un cut, ex-tended, most disseminated, most circulated, serous, dis-solved, fusible, most scopic, un abridged, unshortened, more unshortened, most dissolved, drawn out, ichorous, more spread, most uncongealed, un-congealed, more dispersed, dis-organized, most splashing, deliquescent, more ichorous, more scopious, most realizable, most elongate, full-length, un-expurgated, more diffused, most full-length, un folded, most mellifluent, expanded, un-furled, more strewed, more aqueous, more unfurled, more elongate, most liquescent, in-frequent, more liquiform, meltable, very long, more continued, more serous, un-shortened, more fusible, more propagated, most dissolvable, un-condensed, largescale, more broadcast, more liquescent, most fluidic, outspread, uni-versal, more dissolved, most serous, unconcentrated, most strewed, most expanded, dis solvable, most spread, long, far reaching, most thawed, fulllength, aqueous, in-tact, liquescent, diffused, uni versal, more uncongealed, extended, dis orderly, more meltable, most radiated, stretched out, most diffused, un-abridged, more fluidic, scopious, most fulllength, Mellifluent, most strewn, liquiform, more deliquescent, large scale, most ichorous, uncondensed, most sown, most broadcast, more outspread, dissolvable, out spread, runnier, most continued, dis solved, runny, more disseminated, pro longed, most outspread, un abbreviated, dis organized, most sprinkled, far flung, most propagated, un concentrated, un-concentrated, most aqueous, more expanded, scattered, un furled, more strewn, Uncongealed, diffuse, most liquiform, most full length, more full-length, in tact, liquid, more full length, most fusible, more thawed, dis-orderly, most meltable, un condensed, full length, more unfolded, more dissolvable, drawnout, most scopious, un-abbreviated, ex tensive, most unfurled, spread out, un shortened, more sprinkled, un congealed, most dispersed, dis-solvable, de-liquescent, most unshortened, more sown, de liquescent, unabridged, lengthy, most uncondensed, most deliquescent, ex tended, fluidic, un-folded, un-cut, more fulllength, more mellifluent, pro-longed, farflung, diluted, farreaching, most liquefied, in frequent, more uncondensed.

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