Pronunciation of Confess
/k_ə_n_f_ˈɛ_s/, /kənfˈɛs/, /kənfˈɛs/

Antonyms for confess

disclaim, secrete, dis proves, Tabooed, re-buffing, dis acknowledges, cover, says no to, dis-claims, dissimulate, gainsay, re butted, re buffing, take exception to, with-held, dis allow, Tabooing, withhold, cloak, reject, forsake, dissemble, calls on, dis-claimed, dis credits, say no to, dis believes, re-strains, dis-owned, re canting, not bought, spurn, re buffed, re fused, calling on, forgoing, dis-avowed, dis-credited, taking exception to, with hold, enjoins from, dis-claiming, re fuses, dis-carding, re-straining, screen, veto, turn thumbs down, dis owned, dis proving, dispute, dis claim, re canted, call on, turn down, kid, called on, be grudging, dis credit, re-strain, saying no to, dis-believing, dis acknowledged, re-butting, taboo, re-strained, hush, dis-avow, be-grudging, re-buffed, dis-allow, dis cards, conceal, dis-claim, re-buffs, re-fuse, negate, shut up, be grudged, clam up, dis avowing, dis-believes, dis claiming, re strain, dis claimed, disown, dis-acknowledges, dis claims, with holding, dis crediting, re fusing, dis-cards, re-canted, keep back, dis-avowing, turned thumbs down, with-holds, withholds, re-fused, disguise, dis allowed, keeps back, dis-proved, veil, dis-acknowledging, dis believe, dis carded, dis-believe, re-canting, be grudge, dis-carded, hide, refute, ignore, not buying, dis-owning, said no to, dis owning, enjoined from, dis acknowledge, dis credited, enjoin from, obscure, dis avowed, suppress, deny, dis-card, kept back, contradict, disavow, be-grudged, dis-proving, not buy, Forgone, re fuse, dis-prove, dis proved, Negatived, dis-allowing, keeping back, rebut, dis allowing, quiet, be grudges, Negativing, refuse, turns thumbs down, re strains, dis card, dis believed, re buffs, disallow, re butting, dis-proves, dis-allows, dis avow, be-grudge, condemn, repudiate, with-hold, dis believing, takes exception to, dis-acknowledge, dis acknowledging, with held, dis avows, be-grudges, dis-avows, mask, keep, with holds, dis-crediting, negative, re strained, took exception to, dis prove, dis-acknowledged, re straining, dis-credits, re-butted, turning thumbs down, dis allows, dis-credit, dis-allowed, not buys, enjoining from, re buff, dis carding, dis-believed.