Pronunciation of Confine
/kənfˈa͡ɪn/, /kənfˈa‍ɪn/, /k_ə_n_f_ˈaɪ_n/

Antonyms for confine

unstrapped, came across with, gat out hock, dis-engage, dis burdening, give break, lets go, un-clasps, save neck, buy out, in vented, Differenced, un-strap, dis-close, dis-imprisoned, gets out hock, got out hock, un barred, ransom, dis-patches, de-vised, came to rescue, gat the hook, untwisted, dis-missing, re counting, gave forth, pulling out of fire, puts on the street, re-leases, with drawing, in-vented, pro creates, incite, un-snapped, ex plain, unburdens, un-cages, dis-patched, handed, un-barred, un ravelling, Bailing, dis-enthralled, un-fetters, uncages, chimed in, dis-embarrassing, gives a break, re lax, dis-cumbered, de liver, dis-encumber, re fine, pro-viding, dis-involving, un-twisted, unstrapping, be tide, re covered, dis burden, develop, come to rescue, de-signing, de tach, let off hook, un-clasp, un-snaps, multi plying, dis-imprison, setting free, un fastening, re-covered, dis-entangles, re-deem, dis enthralled, in vent, gat off hook, un coils, un latches, pro-pounding, wriggles out of, un-stick, dis-burdens, un-latches, gets hook, puts on street, dis joining, dis charge, dis-entangled, letted hook, got off hook, works loose, laxing, buying freedom of, ex-plicates, reprises, letting off hook, putting on street, un bars, be tides, fore-tells, unhooks, untwisting, un coiled, dis involving, un packing, dis-cumbering, un-tightened, pro pounds, un rolling, pro-claiming, wriggled out of, ex-plained, forked over, dis involves, un lading, de-taches, de vised, un-lade, birthed, un-shackle, letted off the hook, Discumber, dis-tribute, re turning, unlash, ex tend, got the hook, un twists, obtain release of, lets hook, loose, dis-patching, chime in, dis-engaged, dis-burden, un lades, repurchase, un does, work loose, dis connecting, un-chained, re lease, de-mobilizes, repurchases, dis tributes, growing up, un twisting, pro claim, phonated, un-folds, re turns, un rolls, un fix, un-bars, sur-rendering, re-turns, un leash, de-signed, dis missing, de signed, de-clare, re leases, deliver, come rescue, de-mobilized, out-lines, un-stuck, dis entangling, permit, dis entangled, easing off, giving break, dis charges, un raveled, un-looses, got out from under, letting upon, un-bar, unbolting, dis-charges, un chain, out-lined, letted go, un latching, lets off the hook, un roll, letted off steam, letted steam, unlashes, pro-creating, gave a break, dis imprisoning, multi-plying, de contaminates, un-hitch, de livered, manumit, un loading, fore told, lets up on, un wound, coming across with, un-bind, un locking, pro-motes, re-purchases, saving ones neck, let the hook, showing fruit, re signed, de-vising, re-gains, letting off steam, un-furling, un-pinning, pro viding, uncaged, un buckling, un-leashes, un burdened, dis imprison, un fixt, fore tell, un-burdens, parented, pulls out fire, un-coil, became unfastened, exceed, dis embarrasses, overreach, de-fended, hand carries, un winding, dis imprisoned, in-vested, dis close, dis tribute, dis-enthralling, re-gain, dis imprisons, dis encumbered, give a break, handcarry, in-tone, fork over, un-raveled, un loads, grew up, Uncage, set at large, dis patched, Evolved, lets off steam, un ravel, pro-vides, Re-turn, un bolted, un-buttons, un-fixed, un tied, unshackled, trans pire, dis encumbers, pro pounded, accouching, un-loads, disimprison, de vise, re-turned, hand carrying, sets loose, enroots, ex plicates, un sticking, re-ached, re-moves, dis patching, un-pinned, dis cumber, buys out, dis engaged, un sticks, re purchasing, unfixed, lets upon, produce, ex-plain, dis-enthralls, un-binds, laid down, hand-carried, taking out, wipes slate clean, turn loose, letted up on, ex plicating, dis-charged, un-screwed, un pinned, in toning, in venting, pro-pounded, with drew, un-folded, put the street, re prising, un latch, let off the hook, letting hook, let out, dis engages, re-producing, bought out, de fended, dis-involve, become unfastened, lets the hook, arouse, un folding, got out of hock, obtains release of, un buckles, re counted, unbolted, discumbered, unlaces, de-livered, sets free, ex plicate, un leashes, un looses, casts loose, disimprisons, animate, trans-pire, un-furled, un shackling, in vests, dis-closing, unlatched, un-covering, re gained, dis cumbered, wiping slate clean, unshackles, pro-creates, pulling out fire, un shackles, un burden, un locked, un-button, de-mobilizing, getting hook, un tightened, worked loose, letted off hook, disimprisoning, unbars, in-toning, be-tided, broaden, be tided, increase, re-aching, re-solve, de contaminate, de fending, ex tended, un folded, un-pack, dis connects, untwist, unscrew, comes to rescue, un fastens, dis joins, un straps, un hitched, ex plaining, reprised, Disenthrall, getting the hook, authoring, letting off the hook, un-caged, un snapped, cast loose, dis-missed, dis embarrassed, extricate, gotten off hook, un-fetter, un hooking, release, re-gaining, be-falls, un did, fore-telling, dis enthralls, letting out, un binds, dis-embarrasses, dis-embarrass, ex pressing, letted out, re fines, let steam, re-lax, un lashes, un fasten, ex-tends, un-coiled, let go, opened up, un-screw, give up, un-clasped, re prises, dis-burdened, accouched, be-falling, re-lease, un loaded, un-rolls, un-folding, re-fine, un-burdening, get out from under, in tone, un cage, ex press, get out of hock, re turn, unstrap, un bolting, be-fallen, pro claims, letting steam, out lined, un buttoned, pro-duces, dis embarrassing, un-ravelling, going easy on, re signs, re-moving, un-latched, un clasp, un-lashing, un snaps, un-sticking, un screws, re signing, give out, un-hitches, un bolt, re-produces, unfixing, let hook, dis burdens, un fetters, un-burden, un-pin, un-buttoned, save one neck, un-packs, de mobilize, pulled out of fire, hand-carrying, dis-cumbers, gotten hook, save ones neck, re deemed, un-bolting, letted the hook, pro-pounds, un-cage, ex-plicated, gotten out hock, gimmed, dis-joining, unscrews, Handing, coming rescue, un caged, in-vesting, ex plained, liberate, trans ported, un-burdened, be-fell, let loose, uncoiled, went easy on, gat out from under, de-liver, be tiding, ex plicated, un-hitching, un-leashed, re-counts, re covering, dis-encumbers, dis-connect, pre sent, re-solved, be-tide, un clasped, un ravelled, uncoiling, hand-carries, unpinned, Bailed, de fend, sets large, dis engaging, chimes in, pro-created, re prised, re gains, de-contaminated, pro-vide, un-barring, de signs, re-covers, accouches, out line, dis entangles, un clasping, out lining, un-did, in-vests, in-venting, brings forth, gat off the hook, un covering, un-fastened, dis-involves, encourage, re-fining, gotten out from under, un doing, bring forth, pro create, with-drew, pro pounding, be fall, un twist, Unhooked, un-locked, getting off hook, putting on the street, saves one neck, sur rendering, working loose, dis encumbering, lets steam, un fastened, un-wound, in vested, un-bound, un buttons, de-mobilize, impel, neglect, re-signs, re ached, discumbers, got off the hook, re-purchase, un cages, get hook, re moving, un cover, aid, un-fasten, dis closing, un-screws, dis enthrall, re moved, borned, in tones, pays for release of, unburdened, widen, out lines, re-gained, dis-entangle, un furling, pro-moting, turning loose, dis-embarrassed, un fetter, un packed, ex-plains, be gotten, un-hitched, un screwed, in-vest, dis embarrass, un-hooked, Borning, expand, un-cover, sur-rendered, open up, de-fend, un hooked, un covered, un covers, un ravels, un screwing, saves ones neck, set loose, un-tying, de-clares, dis cumbering, un bolts, becoming unfastened, un-lades, un stick, Unfetter, pro creating, parenting, letting up on, re-produce, un-buckled, free, sur-render, uncoils, comes rescue, un pack, ex pressed, bringing forth, un snap, dis missed, Enroot, eased off, unfettering, un-leashing, un-fixes, un-fettered, loosen, uncoil, un-buckling, un lade, re-covering, wiped slate clean, be getting, pro claiming, re-signed, un loosed, un-winding, un loosing, un bound, Re sign, discumbering, un-doing, dis-closes, re produced, getting out hock, dis patch, enriches, bought freedom of, de signing, ex tending, un-buckle, re-counting, laxes, be fallen, un-raveling, un lash, re-solving, un pins, un strap, unstraps, in-tones, re-produced, un fixes, un-bolt, lets off hook, un-hooking, forks over, un leashing, pro-create, ease off, re produces, turns loose, dis-joins, get out hock, pro created, un-loose, gotten off the hook, dis connect, dis engage, go easy on, unfixt, re-prised, unchains, pro vide, de mobilizes, un-laced, un hook, phonating, un-does, with draw, un bind, de-tach, phonate, un buckle, un-rolling, un-twisting, pro-mote, dis patches, pro duce, sur renders, ex tract, phonates, in-vents, un-covers, letting loose, gets off the hook, dis-burdening, unbarring, unscrewing, un-laces, un shackled, put on the street, unpins, lay down, paid for release of, be-gotten, overextend, show fruit, dis-encumbered, with-drawing, giving forth, un-twist, be-tides, un-clasping, gives birth, disenthralls, un-fold, setting large, re-deems, disenthralling, dis-involved, un locks, buying out, un-hooks, un wind, gotten the hook, un loose, un shackle, ex-tending, saves one's neck, fore-tell, dis-patch, took out, pro-claims, comes across with, buys freedom of, coming to rescue, dis-imprisons, un-fettering, borns, with drawn, un tying, dis-charge, un-twists, un-ravel, untwists, letted upon, re solve, unbind, de-livers, un-tightens, un-fixt, ignore, re aching, fore telling, un-loosing, de clares, dis-closed, de-contaminate, un-shackles, de-fending, pro-vided, casting loose, un fixing, un coiling, unsticks, putting the street, ex-plicate, un-sticks, opening up, re-prising, un lace, unlace, get the hook, un chains, puts the street, dis enthralling, de-fends, de-contaminates, un-chaining, un lashed, authored, come across with, hand-carry, un-locks, sets at large, Unfix, dis-joined, un done, re deem, reprise, unfetters, unfasten, Unshackle, with draws, ex-plaining, un-strapping, un raveling, un-loosed, Unlatch, saved one's neck, un laced, re-turning, de taches, re move, un leashed, emancipate, un folds, in vents, unfixes, un hitches, unlashed, wrought loose, un snapping, un lock, un laded, un winds, un-chain, re gaining, un burdens, in-toned, GIMME, un-roll, giving a break, dis joined, getting off the hook, out-lining, unlaced, saving one's neck, fore tells, eases off, unscrewed, un-fixing, pre-sents, lays down, re prise, un-caging, letting go, puts street, be fell, dis entangle, un-winds, de vising, ex-tend, un coil, un-ravelled, un-strapped, un buckled, out-line, un bar, un-tighten, de mobilizing, dis burdened, un hitch, be-fall, sur rendered, unpinning, handcarries, dis-connects, un-tightening, unburdening, unhook, with-draw, dis-enthrall, un chained, unbolts, de-contaminating, grows up, pro vided, un chaining, gets out of hock, un-bolts, un-snapping, un-shackling, get off the hook, in vest, un-lading, pulled out fire, gave birth, saves neck, disimprisoned, un fold, pro claimed, re cover, un-buttoning, getting out from under, de sign, gave break, un fixed, unbar, de-vise, sur-renders, dis connected, un fettered, un button, un-load, un lacing, be-getting, re-fines, ex-tended, re-counted, dis closed, fore-told, open, ex-press, saved neck, lets out, unchained, dis-engages, un-ravels, saved ones neck, un laces, discharge, give forth, re solves, Widened, de-signs, un-fix, un-lashes, un barring, give birth, un-leash, dis join, un-lace, dis closes, put street, re-deeming, chiming in, wrought free, un-coils, de-sign, disenthralled, ex plains, gets off hook, dis-join, with-drawn, dis-charging, de clare, gets out from under, un-shackled, gives forth, payed for release of, dis-tributes, un-buckles, ex-pressing, excite, setting at large, accouch, be-tiding, pro-pound, in toned, un tighten, pay for release of, unlashing, dis-imprisoning, paying for release of, un hooks, de-livering, re purchase, re gain, de contaminating, de livering, turned loose, got hook, ex-tracts, dis-entangling, dis charged, un-chains, un screw, un-coiling, un rolled, setting loose, gotten out of hock, saving one neck, dis-connecting, ex-tract, un-screwing, Differencing, brought forth, dis-engaging, un-tied, pro vides, in-vent, opens up, un-straps, dis charging, dis encumber, dis cumbers, enunciate, worked free, un hitching, re-solves, pro duces, unchain, pro moting, re counts, saved one neck, dis-connected, un fettering, un-lock, pre-sent, un tightens, put on street, be falls, laying down, de livers, un pinning, ex tends, Unlatching, repurchased, forking over, re deeming, let upon, obtained release of, save, un-rolled, un strapped, multi-plied, letting the hook, un burdening, de contaminated, getting out of hock, un caging, uncaging, unsnapped, un clasps, un strapping, re-move, re fined, re-leased, putting street, un load, dis involved, work free, pulls out of fire, dis-encumbering, re-cover, set free, de mobilized, allow, ex-plicating, un furled, be falling, dis involve, save one's neck, came rescue, buy freedom of, de fends, becomes unfastened, dis-cumber, re purchases, re producing, wriggle out of, let up on.