Pronunciation of Confirm
/kənfˈɜːm/, /kənfˈɜːm/, /k_ə_n_f_ˈɜː_m/

Antonyms for confirm

dis allow, de-bates, divorcing from, re peals, canceling out, Suppressing, dis-affirms, dis allowed, goes back on one's word, dis-crediting, trans versed, re peal, dis-carded, re butted, found unfounded, invalidate, dis maying, going against, over-throw, turn back on, de-cline, dueled, eat words, re tract, reverse, discourage, dis cuss, controvert, illegalize, dis-confirming, over came, crisscrossing, dissuade, cuts shreds, poking holes in, with drew, eats words, knocked props out, blew sky high, shoot holes in, ban, go back on one word, dis-avow, call in question, dis-credit, go back on ones word, zinged, throws the book at, over-came, re canted, disapprove, thumbsed down, pins something on, up-set, puts kibosh on, disallow, re-canting, dis-proves, ate words, hath bone to pick, finding unfounded, fly in face of, be little, throw the book at, flies in face of, contest, skins alive, re canting, abolish, cancelled out, dialing back, knocksed props out from under, dispute, dis-avowing, counter-checks, stick it to, counter-acts, inhibits, counter-acting, dis-avows, de-bated, dis claiming, un-does, counter checks, dishearten, skin alive, swipes at, set aside, bring to naught, cutting across, end, dis affirming, dis-solved, dis credit, go back one's word, de feats, de bate, re fusing, put the kibosh on, re-dress, overlook, traverse, recant, challenge, dis-cards, bringing to naught, eat one words, casts doubt upon, dis-proving, divorced oneself from, went back one word, dis-allows, spurn, dis avowed, refute, dis mays, eats one words, dis proving, ex-pose, dis-cusses, counter check, dialed back, cancel, goes back on ones word, counter-acted, flew in the face of, Counterchecking, counter checked, un doing, dis crediting, counterchecks, put kibosh on, under-mining, had bone to pick, went back on one's word, over turns, throws book at, re fuses, dis-acknowledged, Parried, knocked bottom out of, unsettle, de-feats, dis avows, oppose, move over, dialling back, un-saying, dis may, re-fused, condole with, proves false, throwing book at, re-peal, going back one's word, dis mayed, de-stroying, crisscrosses, knocks bottom out of, flies the face of, go back on word, dis owning, blows sky high, annul, flying in face of, re-butted, hadst bone pick, dis proved, cut shreds, goes back on word, dis confirming, with-drew, duelled, wormed out of, counter-checked, going back one word, ignore, re-calling, refusing accept, worm out of, calls question, having bone to pick, over-throwing, unsays, proving false, go back on one's word, dis-affirmed, flying the face of, with stood, calls in question, Negatived, de-stroy, cuts across, dis card, thumbsing down, with-drawn, re fused, question, un did, eating one's words, impugn, dis-solving, de-bate, de stroying, disconfirmed, puts the kibosh on, dis-established, flying in the face of, cutting shreds, re-verse, over-turn, goes back word, dis establishes, dis confirms, re tracts, dis claim, divorce oneself from, re-call, dis proves, de clines, dis acknowledges, thumbses down, in validating, knocking bottom out of, dis cussing, cut across, dis-avowed, divorced from, blowing sky high, turns thumbs down, divorcing oneself from, dis-establishes, contradict, dis solved, travelling over, thumbing nose at, repudiate, sticking to, de bates, sticked it to, countercheck, re dress, cutting to shreds, over throwing, de-feat, put end to, going across, over coming, dis acknowledged, over-turning, finds unfounded, enjoin, refuses accept, with stand, over-whelm, dis-may, knocks props out from under, poke holes in, call in to question, re-fuse, skinning alive, over throws, dis-allowed, fly the face of, flying face of, with draws, Quashed, putting the kibosh on, casting aspersions up on, discredit, disconfirms, unsay, under mining, over-whelmed, in-validated, dis claimed, un-did, going back on one word, has bone to pick, goes across, swiped at, counter acted, over-whelming, de bated, dialled back, dis allows, knockses props out from under, dis-cussed, dis solving, passes through, dis-confirmed, went back word, casts doubt up on, eats ones words, re-called, over comes, trans-verse, proved false, stuck it to, dis solve, trans versing, un says, up set, dis cusses, dis-prove, with standing, be littles, fly in the face of, prove false, de bating, trans-versed, goes back one's word, counter checking, be-little, going back on ones word, dis-owning, proving wrong, dis-establish, flew in face of, disestablished, in validated, disestablishes, putting an end to, disagree, throws doubt on, pinned something on, casting doubt upon, with draw, re versing, Tarred, over whelmed, puts an end to, reject, re-tract, dis affirmed, with-stand, knocks props out, disestablish, crisscrossed, Trashed, refuse to accept, skinned alive, in validates, de-clines, cancelling out, called question, de stroyed, dis-mayed, stick to, counter acts, disclaim, casts aspersions up on, de-stroyed, dis-confirm, went back ones word, nixed, counter-check, over-thrown, refused to accept, in-validating, tar, Dueling, dis-cuss, proves wrong, dis-claimed, gainsay, counter act, threw book at, re-tracts, over-come, console, puts end to, eat one's words, re-dressed, un saying, dis confirm, called in question, dis allowing, dis-confirms, ate one words, go back ones word, remove, dis established, re-peals, call question, goes back on one word, dis-solves, go back one word, Voided, haddest bone pick, re-calls, putting end to, negate, over-threw, moving over, un done, counter-act, cast doubt up on, upset, turn thumbs down, weasels out, un-doing, dials back, refuse, Negativing, over come, setting aside, re dresses, over-comes, over-coming, refuses to accept, over thrown, up-sets, divorces oneself from, dis-cussing, shooting holes in, cast doubt upon, over whelming, dis-claim, destroy, knock props out, with-draw, dis credited, with-stands, repeal, dis acknowledge, bringing naught, calling in question, pin something on, putting kibosh on, forbid, re calls, throw doubt on, washed hands of, re-dresses, flew face of, sets aside, throw book at, dis establishing, under-mined, dis owned, re fuse, over threw, de-stroys, deny, hadst bone to pick, eats one's words, terminated, counter acting, dis-solve, brought naught, re-dressing, go against, turn down, nixing, haddest bone to pick, went back on ones word, poked holes in, dis-carding, ex-posed, swiping at, have bone pick, weaseling out, unsaying, dis solves, dis-proved, Tarring, duelling, dis confirmed, up setting, casting aspersions upon, under mined, re pealing, up sets, refusing to accept, re verse, un-say, in-validate, flies face of, throwing doubt on, threw the book at, decline, passing through, dis-owned, re dressing, going back on one's word, disprove, pokes holes in, ate one's words, re-canted, dis carded, disregard, sticks to, un does, dis establish, brings to naught, moves over, shake, dis avow, dis-affirm, went back on one word, Counterchecked, has bone pick, dis affirms, hast bone pick, over whelms, ex posed, dis-acknowledge, hast bone to pick, dis-acknowledges, throwing the book at, shatter, confute, worms out of, un say, ate ones words, be-littles, cast aspersions up on, with stands, brought to naught, flew the face of, go across, pass through, hath bone pick, fly face of, eat ones words, weaken, re-butting, vitiate, dis-claims, re-pealing, rebuff, go back word, had bone pick, divorce from, ex-posing, traveled over, disestablishing, sticks it to, dis-card, cuts to shreds, negative, kill, worming out of, cut to shreds, knocking props out, interdict, be lying, with drawing, cancel out, prove wrong, dis affirm, traveling over, expunge, turns back on, brings naught, re-versed, knocksing props out from under, over-whelms, de-bating, over whelm, proscribe, dis cussed, sticked to, dis claims, over throw, dis credits, prohibit, re-pealed, blow sky high, dial back, dis acknowledging, passed through, goes back ones word, in-validates, de stroy, void, went back one's word, with-standing, flies in the face of, de stroys, dis-maying, abrogate, have bone to pick, ex pose, dis avowing, goes against, having bone pick, going back on word, travel over, calling question, de cline, with drawn, dis-credited, refuse accept, suppress, hurt, be lied, thumbs nose at, dis-allowing, refused accept, quash, goes back one word, dis prove, went across, proved wrong, casts aspersions upon, put an end to, pinning something on, with-drawing, disconfirm, went against, over-throws, be-lied, cast aspersions upon, de feat, went back on word, dis-allow, Killed, bring naught, dis-mays, shoots holes in, eating words, up-setting, disconfirming, veto, be-lying, canceled out, re pealed, dis cards, thumbed nose at, dis-affirming, weaseled out, in validate, neglect, over turn, Tars, eating one words, un-says, dis-establishing, thumb nose at, eating ones words, confuse, re calling, counter-checking, turned back on, re butting, going back word, overthrow, stuck to, over turning, trans verse, going back ones word, dis-credits, divorces from, dis-acknowledging, dis carding, cancels out, casting doubt up on, dis-claiming.