Pronunciation of Confuse
/kənfjˈuːz/, /kənfjˈuːz/, /k_ə_n_f_j_ˈuː_z/

Antonyms for confuse

dis-posed, ex-plicate, pro-moting, start up, twisted ones arm, call the tune, got on the beam, did into, elaborate, made see daylight, in creases, Policing, tear off, giving attention, being versed, tacks on, made provision for, de-lineate, multi-plying, declare, re adjusted, ease up, re cites, team up, over sees, assure, pointing out, coronates, easing up, severalizes, symphonize, sur rendering, dis closed, went fifty-fifty, sized, re iterate, de liver, de-bugged, re vivifying, sets right, be ginning, Wedging, agrees upon, reenacts, gets wise to, over hauled, re-asserting, discrepate, ex postulates, cracking one brains, end-owing, dis-favor, ex plains, fore tells, gave the big picture, bringing into line, dis-tribute, uplighted, settle up, gave go ahead, super-vised, keeping up on, fore-tells, drawing a picture, hanged up one hat, kenning, cracks one brains, buttoned, restored harmony, pulled together, be-tokens, Parsed, being learned, come to a decision, dispose, lays down law, get beam, double-checking, Tendered, inter-pose, un veiling, wert master of, untwists, Billeting, gotten behind, props up, pats back, shows and tell, sur-rendering, am displayed, re conditioned, gives the go-ahead, does justice, pro portions, de-ciphering, ground, are learned, becomes indebted, made decision, de-ploys, arrive at, sets guidelines, signed up, Slotted, dis perse, belonged to, de-noting, de clares, pick upon, got to bottom, dis-cussing, define, pinned down, gotten on the beam, normalize, reeling off, make available, picks up on, be partial, gave back, giving the goahead, dis plays, direct attention, got meat, make believer, honors claim, belong to, ex-postulate, pass judgment, going fifty-fifty, Stringing, in habited, polishes up, brings home to, de ploy, bring home to, un-load, gets the picture, broods over, be tokens, show error of ways, out lined, came decision, laying finger on, came to an agreement, de-terminating, cracks one's brains, made fast, un-veils, size up, tightening up, am cognizant, am responsible for, re viewed, start the ball rolling, making connection, re-enacting, in stalling, Emblematize, actioned for cause exhibit, gave nod, is conversant in, de tailing, gives the big picture, de-nominating, be engrossed in, dis-favoring, re turns, lap up, tell difference, end-owed, hadst down pat, buried the hatchet, lied in, marched on, struck balance, put across, it a dealt, un derwent, patted the back, settled up, improved mind, set down, be speaking, fighting through, re-veal, Prepaying, cracking one's brains, Cinched, bring terms, came across with, doped out, threw light up on, discriminate, parted with, adjust, enlarges upon, hath knowledge of, pre-sent, sets out, laid down, ex-tend, redlines, dis criminated, hang up hat, in vented, put in a nutshell, one's best guesses, doing in to, giving report, circumstantiates, staged walkout, re-paid, be calming, talk out of, freezes to, de-clares, spake about, retelling, Cantoned, shook hands it, make sense of, puts ones finger on, Disciplining, in-habits, be-held, gives one word, turn around, de-scribing, re strains, gives insight, propping up, dis close, setting forth, tells the difference, bear expense, re-fining, made vivid, improves accommodate, get ones act together, got the point, be-stows, transliterate, catches on, pro-mises, re-modeling, putting down for, being displayed, de-terminates, Secerning, lay foundation, de-posit, explicate, in-spires, spieled, soothe, getting a load of, de livers, pro portion, sets apart, knowing whats what, un veils, re seve, give an account of, hadst hunch, wast acquainted, made a connection, de ploys, patched things up, made matters up, give nod, facilitate, hanged up hat, pro-motes, puts in nutshell, making of, dis-played, re late, gives go ahead, pre scribe, grinned and bear it, tells from, gives verbal account, come to conclusion, dis criminates, re seves, breaks it down, bury hatchet, rack one brains, organize, agreeing up on, comes to school, double-checked, de bunk, de-scribe, am read, it's deal, making willing, came to terms, asservates, super vise, honoring claim, occupy thoughts, had knowledge of, fore-seen, was engrossed in, Bunked, knowing what's what, reaffirm, get down to basics, de scended, de-clines, hitched on, comfort, ticks off, are positive, dost over, gave shot in arm, teamed up, part with, pre-paring, over-hauled, Mortising, de-note, ex-posing, made believer, sate in, gave word, take be, put in to order, situate, de-cline, ex-plaining, bringing to reason, co-ached, pro-pounds, coughing up, lay down, gave the go ahead, be-hold, makes matters up, gotten to the meat, de-fending, straightened up, got the picture, re-warded, co unselling, Re-turn, Contradistinguishing, making provision for, wast master of, made sure, hits high spots, giving word, nailing down, putting in nutshell, calling a spade a spade, dials back, makes ready, crack one brains, re-straining, fasten, sets off, pro claimed, straighten, lay groundwork, pro-file, patted back, dis charging, is sure, de-ploying, de-nominates, de fined, telling why, smile up on, be responsible for, un rolls, support, dis-cover, un-earthing, made terms, pre disposes, Domiciling, co-unselling, hangs up one's hat, cracking brains, gat on the beam, de fines, over comes, de-segregates, patch things up, re-funded, lay finger on, get meat, get down pat, dis favor, Depurated, fought through, bottomed, de claiming, are versed, got the meat, set, sub-scribes, gat behind, singularize, intro-duce, untwist, gotten picture, gat on beam, Diagnosticate, art master of, give the word, gat one act together, sur-render, re-siding, ex citing, knew whats what, wast sure, rubber stamped, Flanking, got act together, rooted for, pro-duces, show how, be-speak, hooking up, takes care of, eased up, comes the point, saw the light, hast down pat, getting to bottom, grins and bear it, putting good shape, re-lax, zeroing in, pro tested, re-adjusts, depute, trialed, made a believer, knew what's what, de-posited, cleaning it up, didst justice, blowing in, Inked, under took, satisfy, up-lifted, call shots, stages walkout, untwisted, gets one act together, shake hands on it, up-light, gave high sign, re-seve, get down to brass tacks, ex-postulates, brought together, pre scribing, re-presented, dis courses, sets aside, puts writing, getting ready, come agreement, de clare, keeping house, inter-posing, Parleying, inter faced, concenter, be versed, pro-viding, divide, Housed, pounding in to, re side, get to the point, up lighting, keep house, cutting the frills, enciphers, makes provision, gave the lowdown, re hashed, grin bear it, doing over, bring reason, lined up, comes agreement, pre paring, calibrating, un covers, it dealing, over hauls, makes repayment, re conciliates, over come, get idea, in scribe, in-vent, stakes out, found middle ground, graphed, dis-coursed, get the idea, dis covers, initialled, super-vise, makes a believer, shows once and for all, separate, tabbing, warmed up, dis played, re-turns, co ordinate, re-marking, dost as romans do, inter-mixing, plank down, getting point, coming to a conclusion, sells on, in-grain, being partial, rally, broke down, meta phrase, un-earths, sub scribes, it's dealing, ate in to, de liberated, put one foot down, look after, laying the groundwork, clean it up, cleans it up, re-posed, under taking, agreed upon, metaphrasing, Parleyed, are cognizant, let daylight in, puts two and two together, marking out, shows face, in creasing, re-turning, treats as inferior, runs lines, argued into, cognizing, de posited, blow in, in vests, giving big picture, checks upon, trans acts, know for certain, eating in to, gotten down basics, unravel, decode, re establishing, making certain, figured to be, ticked off, trues, un ravels, straightening out, coming decision, takes residence, caused understand, make peace, de nominate, made ready, were master of, pre-sents, treated differently, pro create, make a decision, improve mind, come decision, sided with, poured it on, normalized, hadst case, put finger on, de noting, un-lock, re-produce, putting on to, patting on back, ones best guesses, allegated, gives back, asservated, re sting, turning around, trans formed, find the key, in spirits, zeroed in, hanged ones hat, get the meat, improves mind, held in, gat meat, makes point, puts mind to, quarterbacks, put order, got down basics, is versed, giving a leg up, conveying image, gets point, de scribing, brought forward, started up, pre arranges, pro-portion, double checks, snuggled up, dis-closing, expect, pre paid, gat the picture, be-friends, opened eyes, re fined, signed for, un-folds, reels off, learn ones part, in-spired, its deal, gives report, systemize, give up, getting act together, puts two two together, inter-ceded, un-riddle, out-fits, de-vised, shaking hands it, dis-pose, am versed, hast information, in spiriting, inter facing, am distributed, show, policing up, make evident, dis-criminated, throws in together, discourse on, dis till, please, Metaphrase, de livered, give stamp approval, giving stamp approval, talk into, puts one foot down, shed light on, on top of, lay down the law, finding key, eats into, make vivid, calling spade a spade, be tokened, de fraying, argue, got wise to, held forth, re-seves, pull for, dis-plays, re modelling, inter-mix, wert bigot, bears expense, drawing map, crown, plunked down, be spoken, being schooled, de-bunks, in-ducts, normalizing, in-spirit, regularizes, de vising, didst over, onning top of, touched down, in-corporates, de cline, gave verbal account, played back, putting down roots, in-creased, singling out, gets to the bottom, un-tangles, cracked ones brains, commentate, pick up on, be conversant in, de tailed, de-coding, goes into detail, holding a reading, be-friended, put nutshell, co oking, antithesize, diffuses, de-bating, puts forward, honored a claim, gives blow by blow, rubberstamps, sizing, lays groundwork, acting like, evening out, un-riddling, de-code, de lineated, pro filed, Symphonized, pointed out, pulling a wire, calls spade a spade, re-constructing, racking brains, pro testing, putting in plain english, calibrated, be informed, over-lay, sur-rendered, re-solving, acts like, compensates for, schematizes, causes to understand, give blow-by-blow, formalized, dis cusses, puts in working order, sells one on, pro-creates, Crayoning, being positive, mis-matches, are schooled, are partial, turns around, set apart, showing bias, smooth way, checking upon, breaking a story, be-decks, foot bill, putting into order, making amends, hook up, re-model, de-liver, blew in, burying the hatchet, show once and for all, re fine, prearranging, pin down, diffusing, de-bunked, rank, hang ones hat, catalogging, bearing cost, fencing in, re-storing, lay down law, regularizing, de vise, un folding, de notes, gotten to point, places formation, looksee, right, be schooled, untwisting, dashing off, discrepates, dope out, makes believer, adds up, lets in on, un raveled, sketching out, traded off, makes certain, putting ones foot down, setting order, focus attention, firmed a deal, de-fined, out fitting, dis-entangled, re-coup, de-posits, take care of, coming to agreement, de-cipher, re paid, put in good shape, out-stretch, put one's foot down, makes a point, re unite, in-stance, ex cited, puts one straight, its a dealing, dis entangles, de-lineated, putting a nutshell, paid tribute to, un-rolling, stereotype, pre-scribed, focuses attention, set out, balming, make good, in-vesting, bed down, dis charged, call a spade spade, de-claiming, Conventionalizing, be-calms, Metaphrased, got load of, getting idea, Roosted, lick in to shape, de code, beared the expense, ex plicating, cluing in, ex-cogitating, getting hang of, got behind, de-terminated, considering closely, sketch out, puts ones foot down, set up, gets it down, tabularize, depurates, come terms, come around, pinning down, pre-paying, are distributed, dis-course, de-bunk, looks after, pro-claiming, haddest information, un-rolled, neaten, opening eyes, in stances, setting in order, set stage, in spires, came a conclusion, re state, un-locks, pointing up, be-getting, selling one on, dis favored, sets down, puts place, enlarging upon, walks one through, gotten the hang of, make the scene, getting going, dis-covers, re-viewed, giving the big picture, re couped, fix, domiciliate, re-pairing, re store, one best guessed, de-scend, boiling down to, being bigot, staying put, giving for instance, habituate, update, pro mise, de-livered, ex postulate, specificizes, grinned bear it, am learned, hammered away at, knows whats what, shows how, de-legate, pour it on, get hold of, de signing, signed off on, be-decking, fills someone in, de codes, eyeball, ex pressing, putting to rights, putting forward, sweating details, uncomplicate, in-corporate, give back, checked up, having case, sign up, pro creates, humoring, putting one foot down, being distributed, psychs up, dis cussed, gives the goahead, getting the idea, laid foundation, be getting, ex-pressing, lead to, footed, re marked, Tendering, have down pat, are acquainted, gets ready, give go-ahead, de-picts, put end to, de bug, throws light up on, de ciphers, brake story, prearrange, licking into shape, un-veil, found key, is engrossed in, gives rise to, works out deal, enlarges up on, re-iterate, re paying, ex-pound, coming to decision, tailormade, re-vivifies, pro-claims, in-crease, sets straight, came to agreement, got a load of, re words, trans late, psyching up, throwing light on, buoy, de-ploy, sets up home, learning ones part, go fiftyfifty, dis-playing, giving account, in crease, call tune, giving goahead, re cap, pulls wire, be bigot, glued, un winds, action for a cause exhibit, in habits, dis-favors, meta phrases, Furrowing, be gotten, re collected, teaming up, bring in to line, coming an agreement, giving go-ahead, looksees, de segregated, diagramming, making repayment, de noted, de bugs, in-habiting, thrashing out, ex postulating, re conciliated, re-sting, in cline, argue in to, gotten wise to, warm up, in spiring, sort out, came school, setting straight, over laid, making decision, pre vailing, catalogged, insisted upon, call a spade a spade, end owed, secerns, move to, was positive, pull a wire, fly specked, coming the point, disambiguates, showed bias, doest in to, get one act together, made deal, actions for a cause exhibit, keeps house, making a connection, kiss and make up, in corporates, rooting for, making good, give one word, gotten down cold, firmed deal, un roll, re produce, came a decision, getting down to basics, puts in plain english, got to the point, makes apparent, make clear, putting appearance, bear cost, de-pict, straightening up, let sunlight in, argues into, calls the tune, runs by again, pay, Coronated, dis-cusses, in cite, determinates, getting down to brass tacks, come point, de nominates, give the goahead, re-view, up lighted, out stretch, dis-closed, firm deal, draw, checking on, de-terminate, be acquainted, dis-posing, bore expense, sur rounded, clue in, splitting difference, imaging, re-dressed, gat point, clues in, were cognizant, calls spade spade, give goahead, show ones face, came to a conclusion, put down as, double-check, under going, inter mixing, comes together, re collecting, re cognize, pulling for, dis-perse, give ones word, pounded into, unscramble, gotten hang of, pro-created, ex cogitate, setting bounds to, went into detail, puzzles out, re quired, boil down, break story, be-friending, conveyed image, making a deal, re strain, puts down roots, swims with the tide, re fund, firms deal, wast informed, gets ones act together, Trussing, dis-charging, make provision for, racks brains, cognize, inter-cedes, telling apart, making a decision, super vising, keeps upon, over lays, trans forming, dis burses, up-held, schematizing, take root, diffused, get it down, be gun, make apparent, came together, fix price, starts ball rolling, stays put, figured it to be, taking residence, put to, gives stamp approval, writing about, get together on, throws light upon, re caps, gets to meat, wall in, re-ached, wrote about, mis-mating, march on, teach, mismatched, dis-close, re quire, thrashes out, pre-pay, un-derwent, pre disposing, de fray, re posed, made dent, getting to the meat, recalibrated, put in appearance, getting the point, mis matching, inter-ceding, fly specking, putting foot down, re-presses, rimmed, re-enacted, re-affirms, signing on, be-decked, it dealt, de-frays, trans form, getting down brass tacks, peculiarizing, shows clearly, playing back, pro viding, beared the cost, get a load of, fences in, hast a case, makes sure, inspirit, de-scended, pre-vail, de segregating, dis entangled, coming terms, fence in, in scribes, smooths the way, be-spoken, in duce, dis-criminates, fore-telling, twist one's arm, re aching, accepts offer, re-peats, actioning for a cause exhibit, reconcile, cleans up, de frayed, whipt out, re states, ex cite, drawing picture, plunks down, reconciliate, has a hunch, bear the cost, testifying to, pro-pounded, gets load of, buried hatchet, getting meat, put line, enciphering, hath a case, antithesizes, gives the facts, holding in, licks in to shape, hold forth, come an agreement, de picts, re-sided, dis cuss, disambiguating, dis-coursing, Deputing, sub-merged, interpret, Differenced, dis course, gat to meat, re-veals, re-fines, keeps on, improving accommodate, come conclusion, tell, makes concession, directing attention, coming a conclusion, allegating, under-pinning, contract, throws together, points up, make, give the facts, re cited, held reading, kept upon, re-porting, super intend, mapped out, showed face, am visible, in-spiring, giving the lowdown, come to the point, un twist, pro duces, sign for, de posits, giving blow by blow, trueing, de-tailing, getting to the bottom, re calibrate, makes payment, does in to, lays finger on, re-presenting, making plain, pro-vide, uncoil, ate into, it a deal, hitting upon, feel certain, de-bug, tells why, strike balance, walling in, went in to detail, portray, threw together, re-dressing, was conversant in, lays down, comes to point, threw light upon, puts in place, severalized, shook hands on it, de cree, getting hold of, horse trading, patted on back, made provision, are informed, giving the go-ahead, pro pounded, got right, out fit, buttons down, bore the cost, hung hat, hammer out a deal, hanging one's hat, Allegorized, penciled, one best guess, ex cites, ostending, re model, restores harmony, re establish, learn one's part, gave blow-by-blow, putting end to, twisted arm, bedded down, out-stretching, thinking out, in corporate, kissed and make up, mismatching, being acquainted, polices up, learns one part, atuned, up light, doest as romans do, be visible, finding middle ground, draw a map, tell from, dis-charge, spruce, psyched up, un tangling, un riddles, label, de-bates, win over, pulls a wire, torn off, ex plained, gotten meat, staking out, signs off on, enlarge up on, zero in, dial back, in-vents, smoothed the way, get down brass tacks, rubberstamp, shows tell, individualize, de-nominated, calling the tune, compose, calling spade spade, hang up one's hat, dis tills, in-creases, gat the point, analyze, draw up, was distributed, end owing, gave one's word, touches up on, pro pounding, gives shot in arm, drying run, ex plaining, am sure, re freshes, sets upright, re asserting, para-phrase, de-notes, coming around, de-signed, super intended, pro mises, de ploying, ex plain, fiddling with, quoting chapter verse, Graving, signs on, re-fresh, commentates, wert read, sold one on, gives stamp of approval, put rights, encipher, pre-arranging, quotes chapter and verse, in vent, spieling, cheer, de scends, are responsible for, pulls for, Enucleated, broke a story, reaffirming, out-fitting, re enacts, getting behind, re wording, ex pressed, putting finger on, inter-mixed, nailing it down, out-fit, regulate, figures be, doing into, brought in to line, passing judgment, de bugging, re-quire, dis criminating, does over, fiddled with, made connection, smiles up on, trans-form, gets behind, figured be, fore saw, trades off, re tells, in forms, come across with, having down pat, splitting the difference, made concession, re-turned, reseving, doth in to, ex pounded, gets to point, up dates, asservate, tacking on, specificated, de bating, de segregates, over-seen, Allegorizing, make conform, makes scene, re-pays, under-pins, ex posed, dis criminate, makes distinction, picking out, gets the meat, fleshes out, honors a claim, shake hands it, smiling upon, splits the difference, de-claimed, makes a deal, over-hauling, make payment, rolls out, reasserting, setting to rights, Individuating, took to be, dis favoring, forming judgment, doublechecks, marshal, look-sees, Shepherding, chiming in, making uniform, passed judgment, improved accommodate, un veil, severalizing, inter mixes, gives green light, double check, fly speck, Imaged, filled someone in, re uniting, gave facts, ex-posed, re stating, wast conversant in, brought to reason, getting down pat, make sure, lookseeing, be-ginning, smiled upon, agrees up on, de nominated, bear the expense, arbitrate, hangs hat, de-scends, streamlines, figures to be, comes an agreement, settled down, in ducted, hangs ones hat, pulled a wire, design, double checked, boil down to, photo graphed, makes uniform, de claims, keeping on, giving a report, its a deals, dis entangle, tells apart, rolling out, was versed, got it down, is positive, re stores, takes to be, re hashing, de bate, determinating, eases up, giving precedence, highlighted, troubleshoots, is cognizant, coming a decision, got point, de-liberates, inter pose, Flanked, dash off, boiling down, made of, cracked one brains, art read, in-graining, enucleate, firms a deal, got on beam, sorting out, saw light, put to rights, re duces, eat into, be stow, touching up on, re-word, giving an account, highlighting, touched up on, un riddle, re pressing, gives shot arm, art acquainted, letting sunlight in, in sert, took residence, are visible, subscribing to, make perfectly clear, re straining, reseves, hang one hat, call spade spade, is distributed, point up, over-comes, coming point, puts in to order, de coded, de-ciphers, de-fend, staging walkout, brood over, give big picture, gets together on, putting one's foot down, de-bated, gotten a load of, re capping, be read, draws picture, wert acquainted, re-freshes, apperceive, got beam, accepting offer, restoring harmony, giving rundown, dis coursed, develop, signs for, ex-tends, comes to a decision, give the nod, causing understand, troubleshooted, puts one's finger on, taking root, sculpt, simmers down, are bigot, sorted out, ex pounding, un-furled, be-calming, starting up, made uniform, be deck, tailor-making, putting across, signalize, it deal, pencil, crack brains, kisses make up, atune, bearing the cost, take to be, horse trade, Riveted, seat, showed the ropes, re-cites, getting on the beam, looked after, do into, worked out a deal, making firm, making available, hadst information, licked in to shape, starting the ball rolling, Cantoning, bearing the expense, brooded over, bringing home, signs papers, sign papers, ex cogitated, getting the beam, un-tangling, doth justice, gave ones word, over seeing, checks on, tightened up, re iterated, hanged hat, de-sign, gave an account of, up held, pouring it on, wert engrossed in, get on the beam, circumstantiate, re construct, fore-see, up lifts, deputes, gat right, racked one brains, Penciling, hits upon, un locked, Concentering, were bigot, giving back, polishing up, make firm, art informed, verify, put one finger on, patting back, un load, call spade a spade, aid, bears cost, getting down cold, pull together, give an account, letted sunlight in, troubleshooting, uphold, mis mated, ensconce, re-peat, re dress, puts to rights, root for, array, re vivify, clear up, are sure, made a deal, under stand, gave for instance, talk in to, giving facts, getting the hang of, un winding, re hash, pre-pare, up hold, reconciliating, had a hunch, figured it be, got the idea, coughs up, bare cost, re producing, bears the expense, pins down, re-hashes, keeps up on, getting the bottom, conventionalizes, inter cede, setting stage, getting it down, coming to an agreement, gotten point, dashed off, it's a deals, payed tribute to, holds forth, gave the word, compensating for, co ordinates, re-ported, work out details, dis-burses, puts a nutshell, gat beam, putting in appearance, hangs one's hat, re cognizes, re pays, dis-covering, inter posed, showed and tell, give a leg up, profiling, in-venting, getting beam, re-collecting, whip into shape, honored claim, curls up, ex-changing, Disfavored, re capitulating, settling up, determine, in-grains, be-tokened, hits the high spots, sub side, come to terms, get to the meat, came to conclusion, be friended, pre-scribing, sub scribing, inter ceded, Regimenting, directs attention, de-bugging, pats on the back, de terminate, insisted up on, re-affirm, putting one finger on, tailormakes, kept up on, takes up residence, ex-plains, illume, were visible, make matters up, in habiting, trans-pose, meta-phrasing, kisses and make up, under-taken, swore to, un-riddled, uplights, regularize, re-pose, de-coded, held a reading, swearing to, settling down, twisting ones arm, caused to understand, eyeballing, re solves, de terminates, co-ordinate, laying it out, prepaid, re peat, learning part, makes sense of, walk one through, help, de-claim, holds in, checked on, un-loads, thrash out, set guidelines, gives a leg up, re iterates, walled in, making perfectly clear, gave leg up, was sure, writing up, mark out, compensate for, made perfectly clear, pick out, argue into, diagraming, checked up on, re assured, dis-play, wert sure, in venting, in spire, gat down cold, re-hearse, told the difference, setting up home, putting line, makes amends, getting to meat, embolden, undo, doeth in to, gave green light, un-rolls, ex pounds, argues in to, be-friend, de-tails, hang up ones hat, puts straight, pro-portioning, chimed in, mis matched, telling the difference, pats on back, routining, limelighted, having information, sub sides, bare the expense, balmed, Concentered, un-raveled, kept house, in stalled, sets stage, got down brass tacks, walked one through, de-tailed, Bodying, got the hang of, re-state, dis-entangling, pro-vides, spell out, takes from the top, re couping, made scene, bring bear, give shot in arm, be speak, rolled out, re vivified, kissing and make up, putting in a nutshell, inter posing, instrumented, play back, reasserted, laying down the law, talked into, gives attention, dis favors, relieve, showing once and for all, goes in to detail, setting guidelines, bringing home to, fly specks, making believer, gets the bottom, did justice, giving verbal account, accepted offer, arrives at, were responsible for, individuated, dost in to, striking happy medium, writes up, streamline, giving lowdown, Singling, re-gard, was read, sees light, re-affirming, froze to, it's deals, puts one's foot down, looking after, learnt one's part, are read, tears off, de bunks, teams up, signing off on, un-tangled, smoothing way, re-adies, pulls things together, honor claim, sub-merges, getting bottom, makes a connection, graphing, giving ones word, in-spiriting, usher in, Buttoning, put a nutshell, in-vested, gets picture, hung one's hat, re cognizing, wrought out details, re-coups, dis-cussed, be-gun, making payment, gotten ready, Spruced, patching things up, headed trip, one's best guess, over laying, Depurate, making known, gives blow-by-blow, re-hearses, figured out, de-creed, up-dates, re-presents, wert positive, de crees, tearing off, learning one part, clear, ones best guessing, takes be, know what what, gotten to meat, de bates, sur-renders, giving go ahead, re-side, de ciphering, giving shot in arm, line up, getting picture, reel off, out fits, trade off, clean up, figures out, gives account of, set upright, re counts, learnt one part, lay the groundwork, thumbsed up, uplight, sedating, thinking hard, hammers out deal, coming agreement, unscrambling, gat the bottom, putting in good shape, up dating, un ravelling, learned ones part, art visible, re vitalize, dis coursing, put one straight, places in formation, wast distributed, burying hatchet, walked through, swims with tide, doest justice, re constructed, up-lifting, re deeming, in-habit, pre-dispose, look-saw, bring into line, re conditioning, in clines, Crayoned, makes decision, talked in to, learn part, under stands, be stows, sub-merge, talking about, lines up, trans pose, de cipher, be stowed, cracked brains, swear to, look sees, un-earth, marked out, licking in to shape, puts in good shape, hanging up hat, pre-vailed, grins bear it, de-segregated, draws a map, came an agreement, de ployed, diagnosticated, makes up for, break down, put place, re-conditions, conventionalized, be holds, art conversant in, prepays, re presented, sets rights, re-assert, kissed make up, patted on the back, peculiarized, pro-portions, dis-involving, ex plicate, starts the ball rolling, dis posed, giving an account of, un-wound, knowing for certain, de-vise, in-scribe, make amends, breaking down, reading the riot act, de-signs, re pairs, put an end to, parses, de legate, gotten to bottom, dis-closes, de-tail, ex-plained, placing formation, makes firm, sculpted, gave big picture, making for, put into order, brought home to, put in line, dost justice, re pose, put forward, ticking off, coming to a decision, marks out, wast schooled, poured on, de-cree, un riddled, directed attention, writes about, Secerned, de liberate, pro creating, selling on, plonking, re-warding, ex tended, sheds light on, it's a dealing, re-calibrate, un lock, pro-tested, moves to, give blow by blow, puts rights, passes judgment, be-speaks, lapping up, re establishes, gotten down pat, re collects, characterize, figures it be, accept offer, re peats, comes to agreement, made explicit, cognized, brings forward, Ostend, dis covered, re-words, re capitulated, footnoting, gives lowdown, gotten the bottom, de scend, haddest a case, ex press, de note, dis-courses, pre-scribes, has down pat, checks up on, de fended, Roosting, re-enact, showed error of ways, typecasting, dis-involves, conveys image, trans-literates, get it together, gives an account, thumbses up, un earth, put, conventionalize, Domiciliated, inter-posed, re-vitalized, throw together, firming deal, talks out of, in fixing, re-fund, diagrammed, know whats what, coming to point, Emblematized, get point, shows ropes, sedated, animadverts, twist ones arm, be held, being engrossed in, finding the key, describe, re-produces, crack ones brains, makes connection, check upon, de duces, re condition, making point, Tabularizing, get ready, cause understand, ex-press, planks down, placed formation, pulling together, de-bate, Domiciliating, quarterback, trans forms, re capped, dialling back, makes known, serviced, digged up, pro-filed, re-pairs, gets hold of, dialed back, re pressed, figure out, co-aching, re-conciliates, mismated, come to decision, inform, tell the difference, comes to a conclusion, getting the meat, inter-cede, be-holding, gave stamp approval, telling difference, chime in, re-pressing, tacked on, show once for all, cleaned up, check up on, knows for certain, pre pays, re gards, being read, recount, enthrones, holds reading, re press, re asserted, re pair, un scrambling, hung up ones hat, quoted chapter and verse, laid groundwork, co heres, ons top of, de signs, de-ployed, dis-burse, making evident, showing how, actions for cause exhibit, marks off, Peculiarize, laying down law, insisting up on, re collect, parse, pre-paid, be-gotten, pulling things together, calibrates, ex cogitates, policed up, illuminate, de-claims, gave instruction, peculiarizes, lays the groundwork, has information, order, out-stretches, hammering away at, be holding, eating into, de-legates, letted in on, run by again, pro vided, assist, re constructs, see light, put ones finger on, holds a reading, re-hash, inter mixed, set to rights, rang in, trued, traded, drawing a map, de frays, boils down to, meta-phrased, ostended, re-worded, enlarged up on, pulled for, shaping up, over-hauls, re-quired, putting nutshell, Cinching, map out, hung up one hat, came to school, reason, art specific, up-lifts, make decision, gat together on, quote chapter verse, speaking about, paying back, Tallied, super-intending, lays it out, be calmed, gotten beam, Enucleating, leads to, stereo-typing, un wound, knows what's what, hangs up ones hat, sets home, ex pound, re adjust, dis-charged, hangs one hat, getting to the point, didst in to, one best guessing, un-locked, put ones foot down, have a hunch, de-liberated, de-livering, super-intended, decipher, showing tell, trans acted, turned around, limelighting, diagnosticates, gives facts, put in nutshell, trans-acts, re turning, un-ravel, Gluing, de bunking, dis-tilled, bedding down, got down cold, allegorize, beds down, re-assuring, made conform, gave account, Co-ordinates, re coups, get the picture, out-fitted, de-segregating, walkouts, re sided, whipped into shape, gave an account, give out, whips into shape, ex-postulating, re-establish, am specific, be-tokening, gives go-ahead, re presents, re-pay, dis-involved, whipping into shape, put appearance, intro-duces, treat as inferior, hung ones hat, go into detail, sits in, subscribe to, signing up, dis-charges, boils down, ones best guess, swimming with the tide, curling up, side with, hammers away at, inter-mixes, get to bottom, played ball with, re storing, set bounds to, graved, in-cite, makes for, figuring be, came around, Cataloguing, re warding, re produces, fore-saw, para-phrasing, buttoned down, out-line, hast hunch, re capitulates, talks about, setting right, making concession, re dressing, throwing light up on, make a deal, be specific, de legates, thought out, got to meat, made clear, in-vented, co oked, puts appearance, pro portioned, showing clearly, prearranged, re conciliating, come to an agreement, unriddles, chimes in, making see daylight, called spade spade, de claim, showed once and for all, determinated, multi plying, intro duces, came terms, puzzled out, eat in to, putting order, setting out, re calibrated, figure to be, twist arm, gets down to basics, smiling up on, differentiate, feeling certain, over coming, give lowdown, de-bunking, drew picture, pouring on, pre-arranged, gives word, para phrase, showing one's face, gat down to basics, gives ones word, gets act together, makes a decision, un-roll, un-raveling, singled out, over see, rubber-stamping, comes to terms, re-united, checks up, ex-pounded, signing for, gat down brass tacks, in grain, rehearse, be sure, puts into order, show one face, out line, makes plain, took up residence, doing justice, dis-favored, tore off, doth over, polices, sur rendered, re pay, pre-scribe, causing to understand, calls tune, pre dispose, re-counting, has knowledge of, inter-face, untangle, makes provision for, art responsible for, learnt part, prescribe, were conversant in, RE-CAP, broke story, look saw, render, have knowledge of, make willing, made up for, put down roots, haddest case, lets daylight in, interfaces, letting daylight in, swam with tide, lies in, racked ones brains, enlarge upon, rack ones brains, comes to conclusion, un ravelled, seeing light, bring together, re-unites, deal with, enthroning, coronate, grinning bear it, un loads, makes explicit, super intending, ex-cited, patches things up, ex-plain, is displayed, mis-match, re ached, got down pat, recalibrating, gat ones act together, ex tending, in-duct, putting rights, re-deems, were partial, write about, be token, gotten together on, touching upon, taking from the top, pre-arranges, moving to, does into, reenacting, Proportioning, in vents, Caricaturing, re hashes, giving insight, fore seen, split the difference, de-segregate, became indebted, insist upon, un-ravelled, dis tributes, mis-mates, made certain, learned one's part, up-hold, dis play, were informed, showing ropes, hanged up ones hat, in spirited, in-clines, un locking, unscrambled, give account, Caricatured, up-lift, un locks, quarterbacking, de sign, dashes off, racking one brains, taking care of, bring forward, ran lines, bringing in to line, improving mind, pat the back, re conditions, gets the point, uncoiled, demonstrate, ex plicated, throws light on, re unites, throwing in together, singles out, is bigot, sub-scribed, making apparent, stay put, under takes, make a connection, Re-mark, disambiguated, detail, meta-phrases, quotes chapter verse, give lessons, fits out, reassert, gets to bottom, act like, gets down to brass tacks, comes to the point, re-solves, works out a deal, grinning and bear it, led to, under went, causes understand, under stood, nail it down, in-spirited, freezing to, gives precedence, cut frills, heads trip, hadst a hunch, re-conciliate, working out a deal, make explicit, tailormake, de-liberate, was partial, sub merges, laid down the law, in cites, showing once for all, re veals, showing face, re-duces, hold reading, telling from, in-spire, out-stretched, fixing price, brake a story, draws a picture, dis charge, mis matches, racks one brains, lay, Inventoried, brooding over, enheartened, dries run, get wise to, makes clear, walkout, agree upon, makes available, make for, catalogued, gets on beam, putting in writing, snuggle up, doublechecking, up-dated, pro-filing, fixed attention, wast partial, pointed up, comment, trans-forming, tabbed, para phrases, calm, Rimming, gets a load of, re-assured, enthrone, gave a leg up, putting in order, un earths, coronating, ring in, pro duce, pre sent, trans literate, were learned, positioning, gets meat, making sense of, putting ones finger on, sizes up, lays foundation, de-codes, re marks, figures it to be, tightens up, does as romans do, ex-cogitates, putting straight, re counting, mark off, re modelled, re deem, trans act, bring to reason, gat picture, re models, got to point, Domiciled, in-stances, gets down cold, gotten going, pro-pounding, pre paying, giving stamp of approval, puts in a nutshell, is acquainted, opened up, making conform, set up home, fiddles with, treating as inferior, get the point, made point, going into detail, tabulate, giving instruction, re sides, tells between, interface, re-constructs, re funds, breaking it down, un-folded, eyeballs, gat hang of, bringing together, re-cited, un-winds, tailor makes, under-going, rack one's brains, re-quires, gave the goahead, occupying thoughts, is visible, ex plicates, makes perfectly clear, haddest a hunch, kent, hung up hat, enucleates, trans-act, sell on, puts across, mismates, dis-till, go fifty-fifty, solve, Carded, up-lighted, writes prescription, throw light upon, clarify, doeth into, made a dent, pats the back, figure be, pre vails, did as romans do, tailor making, puts right, typecasts, doth as romans do, re-quite, has case, twists arm, taking up residence, twisting one's arm, made amends, de positing, re produced, pre pares, de fending, reconciliated, got down to brass tacks, reads riot act, re asserts, super vised, make known, hammer away at, showed error ways, groom, harmonize, hammering out a deal, up lifting, transliterated, dis-covered, starts up, doeth as romans do, opens up, mis match, un-coiled, get down basics, coming to terms, up-date, gives an account of, put straight, patting the back, stickered, show one's face, dis closes, trans-literate, twist one arm, out stretches, knows what what, prearranges, cough up, pre arrange, settles up, made available, Succored, translate, puts line, check up, enheartening, pre-disposes, Shepherded, nails down, going in to detail, pro-mise, mark, hang hat, comes a decision, gat to the point, gat the hang of, pre-ached, meld with, Organizing, domiciliates, de-fine, figuring to be, showed how, takes from top, trans acting, construe, horse traded, hath down pat, timing, did over, wert conversant in, plunking down, de liberating, roll out, coming school, doeth justice, it a dealing, fore sees, Filed, got going, told from, in fixed, be calms, setting down, hanged one's hat, contradistinguish, under-gone, gotten the meat, give report, over saw, cut deal, exemplify, open up, talk about, marches on, pat back, fixes price, thinks hard, give the go ahead, gives faith, being master of, are specific, learns part, art sure, spruces, wert displayed, re-asserts, confirm, re-sides, melded with, become indebted, puts plain english, subscribed to, paid back, in-fixes, picked up on, pre-disposed, walkouting, sweat details, give go ahead, disambiguate, under taken, re-views, splits difference, treats differently, opening up, un earthing, be positive, stands up, was responsible for, gotten the idea, plunk down, tick off, sweated details, discrepated, making terms, keep upon, pull wire, wert informed, setting aside, be friend, it a deals, walking one through, puts in line, made payment, setting rights, un-winding, show ropes, re view, tack on, de-duce, set forth, Experiencing, showing one face, be-spake, over-coming, cleaning up, set home, sets in order, gat ready, gotten right, putting plain english, opens eyes, get going, catch on, redline, re funding, redlined, considered closely, gotten the point, re citing, give faith, in-sert, re-deeming, check on, police up, give leg up, Emblematizing, de posit, gives the lowdown, show tell, un cover, bare expense, art versed, specificize, passes on, re hearse, arrange, comes a conclusion, get one's act together, wert cognizant, forms judgment, de-nominate, learns ones part, hammer out deal, lining up, even out, out-lining, agreed up on, write prescription, enheartens, planking, fixt price, puts foot down, re lax, regularized, boiled down to, take residence, stick, making clear, twisted one's arm, dis playing, made plain, re-established, stickers, bare the cost, re calibrates, re marking, de claimed, un-cover, hearten, co-hering, un-veiled, coordinate, putting right, troubleshot, ran by again, un coiled, makes conform, gotten act together, show bias, comes school, bore cost, co-here, having a case, bed, beared expense, under-went, rubber-stamps, be-calmed, be-speaking, para phrasing, draws map, de-fends, doublecheck, Formalizing, Mortised, crack one's brains, troubleshoot, plonk, de bunked, finds key, under standing, de bugged, sculpts, saying again, argued in to, thumbsing up, out-lines, cracks ones brains, inter cedes, talks in to, re united, be-deck, nailed it down, shaking hands on it, be distributed, picks upon, knew for certain, un fold, snuggling up, read riot act, siding with, put foot down, be spake, de-frayed, think out, Sprucing, re adies, convey image, un-scrambling, puzzle out, actioned for a cause exhibit, be displayed, whipping in to shape, animate, standing up, re ported, Enhearten, dis pose, kiss make up, making vivid, whipping out, re-vivified, adding up, specificizing, trussed, photo-graphing, arriving at, gat to the meat, talks into, take from top, called tune, be tokening, distinguish, puts nutshell, throw light on, took from the top, came to a decision, blueprinted, re-states, figuring it be, un twisting, dialing back, putting down as, give one's word, pro moting, pulling wire, give rundown, up lift, becoming indebted, button down, walkouted, its dealing, re-calibrates, un-riddles, atuning, got it together, re-pair, come together, rivetted, comes to decision, re-paired, sorts out, re assures, prevail up on, were read, ex changes, re cognized, under gone, put one's finger on, fore told, set off, show error ways, re-funds, payed back, clear decks, make plain, am bigot, unmix, comes around, pro file, staid put, finds the key, up lifted, fore-sees, take from the top, hammered out a deal, discoursed on, rubberstamped, put two two together, formalizes, ushered in, made a decision, had hunch, redlining, made sense of, dis charges, pounds in to, set straight, buries hatchet, re-capitulate, re worded, occupied thoughts, saw to, focussed attention, art positive, was acquainted, re-duce, severalize, am schooled, re-condition, drew map, puts to, hangs up hat, de-noted, sur rounding, cleaned it up, inter ceding, give attention, gat it together, know, putting writing, fixing attention, intro duce, un riddling, simmering down, am acquainted, Pencilling, pre pare, get behind, started the ball rolling, cuts the frills, make uniform, re views, see to, breaks story, sets bounds to, re-stored, re-couped, parented, told difference, be learned, ex-plicated, under pinned, wert schooled, pro-fesses, putting one straight, am conversant in, quoted chapter verse, putting two and two together, strikes balance, make fast, wast cognizant, putting working order, hanging one hat, dis-tributes, talking in to, licks into shape, queue, making provision, meta phrasing, tailor made, re adjusting, un loaded, was schooled, make a point, un-twists, whips in to shape, treat differently, un-twisted, super-intend, got to the meat, make connection, putting in to order, eats in to, be speaks, re turn, identify, read the riot act, Profiled, re-unite, co here, re assure, Succoring, took care of, Depurating, pre vail, re strained, ex-postulated, dis involved, straighten out, re-models, came agreement, was displayed, gave go-ahead, found happy medium, re-modelled, stayed put, make deal, tailor-make, put writing, sub-sides, whip out, breaking story, un-earthed, called a spade spade, making explicit, un coiling, pre pared, pencils, know what's what, un raveling, diagnosticating, enlarged upon, gives the word, trans-lated, re-fine, initialling, inks, try out, see through, ex-cogitate, heading trip, grin and bear it, getting ones act together, Bottoming, be decking, giving the facts, brake down, are engrossed in, signs up, putting in working order, hadst knowledge of, dis covering, bringing reason, make concession, set right, ex cogitating, found the key, formalize, re hearses, stage walkout, de-vising, de-fended, give insight, sees to, comes across with, re presses, encourage, parenting, un wind, arrived at, thrashed out, unriddling, re iterating, haddest down pat, hit the high spots, gotten it together, elucidate, showed one face, give green light, inter mix, tells difference, found, allegorizes, pour on, un-covers, commentated, go in to, art schooled, gat bottom, specify, dialled back, agreeing upon, recalibrate, re vivifies, super intends, giving faith, doing as romans do, re stated, ex tends, sticker, makes the scene, laid down law, inter faces, gives for instance, its a dealt, ex-cites, gave faith, sur-rounding, curl up, pro vides, whipped in to shape, re affirm, Say again, un rolling, taking from top, re-caps, writ prescription, give for instance, giving green light, convenienced, writ up, pro-mote, in forming, getting down basics, pro-fess, in duces, re-cognized, over-haul, twists one's arm, re-adjusted, made evident, inventorying, were sure, put on to, un loading, co aching, sell one on, picking up on, giving one's word, gat the meat, wrought out deal, specificating, simmered down, disciplined, cause to understand, antithesizing, hammering out deal, re-solved, dis cern, pre aching, re-plying, up lights, sub scribed, re-affirmed, go fifty fifty, dis tilling, hast case, checking up on, dried run, re-hashing, ex changing, re-quiring, be-stow, para phrased, sub merging, re viewing, gets to the point, strung, in-scribes, be-spoke, start ball rolling, go along with, having hunch, under-stood, pounds into, re-counts, tabularizes, up-dating, sets to rights, haddest hunch, de-ciphered, gotten hold of, knowing what what, giving the go ahead, talked about, hast knowledge of, illumine, un covering, find middle ground, un tangled, Planked, Soliloquizing, tell why, re-told, learnt ones part, ink, in-scribing, hanging up one's hat, wast visible, re-vitalizing, cuts frills, Concerting, symphonizes, were schooled, giving leg up, being visible, was specific, puts on to, under-takes, de-liberating, signing papers, bore the expense, cracking ones brains, be-stowing, stereo typing, under-pinned, un-furling, pours on, routined, make certain, comes conclusion, girthed, ex change, out lining, cut the frills, marking off, Bunking, commentating, wert responsible for, comes decision, emblematizes, straighten up, de livering, hold a reading, re-deem, tailor-makes, comes to an agreement, sitting in, consider closely, melds with, re quiring, sub-merging, re-enacts, gives big picture, in spired, re affirmed, evens out, Re-present, stood up, over-laid, re pairing, talking out of, in ducts, un ravel, re-establishes, draw a picture, under pinning, break a story, dig up, un scrambles, am partial, re-lated, pulls together, de duce, re-couping, laid it out, re-strain, conveniencing, un covered, re-plied, ringing in, para-phrased, hitch on, ex-tending, un coils, straightened out, show face, Deputed, lay in, show clearly, puts good shape, set order, reading riot act, hang up one hat, gotten one act together, mis-matching, swim with tide, onned top of, de lineate, fore-tell, transliterates, tidy, racks ones brains, speak about, up date, tenders, console, picks out, broke it down, taking be, tailormaking, pro-vided, drew a map, one's best guessing, be spoke, cognizes, antithesized, plays ball with, doping out, Stringed, meta-phrase, art learned, cutting frills, re fines, actioning for cause exhibit, puts one finger on, dis entangling, re-dresses, pro-pound, be cognizant, pre-arrange, did in to, reassure, shows one face, asservating, dis-criminate, getting it together, make provision, show the ropes, dis posing, pre-pared, art bigot, sweats details, lay it out, in-grained, re quires, enciphered, smiles upon, gave the go-ahead, de vised, plays back, gat hold of, comes terms, over haul, negotiate, gat the beam, re-dress, wast learned, getting wise to, shapes up, Initialing, curled up, smiled up on, convince, shedding light on, starting ball rolling, in-duces, take up residence, re warded, de-signing, ex-changed, secern, tuned down, un-ravelling, making dent, de liberates, hitting up on, calibrate, in graining, come school, reenact, un furling, de signed, playing ball with, was informed, de-positing, wast read, re-conditioning, insist up on, prepay, over-sees, puts end to, brings together, be hold, gets the hang of, came to the point, in-stalled, re-capitulated, in vest, difference, haddest knowledge of, compromise, hath a hunch, hanging hat, restore harmony, un-covering, throwing light upon, re-tell, gives leg up, swim with the tide, are displayed, making scene, in-duce, checked upon, giving lessons, re-assures, singles, co ached, racks one's brains, threw in together, de bated, un tangle, under pin, Parsing, re stored, let in on, walking through, dis-involve, make up for, Umpiring, compensated for, in-vests, get the hang of, took from top, pre ached, gotten load of, racked brains, re duce, normalizes, de-scending, go in to detail, un-scrambles, retells, uncoils, de scribed, being sure, testified to, occupies thoughts, wast displayed, re vitalizing, pays tribute to, having a hunch, up dated, finds happy medium, un folds, un-twisting, got one's act together, Differencing, re plying, wrote up, gives a report, gave insight, makes dent, hit high spots, brake it down, pro-files, single out, sub scribe, de-fray, simplify, re affirms, holding forth, give instruction, marching on, are conversant in, prop up, re-conciliating, gat load of, ostends, line, stickering, said again, rivetting, twisting one arm, one best guesses, has hunch, telling between, whip in to shape, be-token, mis mating, be-stowed, ex postulated, showed one's face, putting mind to, de terminated, hitting the high spots, gat down basics, under take, animadvert, explain, whipt in to shape, be friends, re-conciliated, came to decision, calls a spade spade, specificized, pulled things together, gets down brass tacks, under pins, lie in, showing error of ways, hanged up one's hat, was cognizant, fore tell, be-holds, giving the word, brings reason, get the beam, being cognizant, give the big picture, under-standing, action for cause exhibit, un veiled, de scending, co-oked, learn ropes, Disfavoring, dis burse, up-holds, breaks down, stipulate, ex-pounds, learning one's part, write up, plonks, dis tribute, dis involves, smoothed way, re-modeled, took root, in form, re-marked, come to school, went fiftyfifty, re-producing, bearing expense, re telling, in-ducted, pro files, sculpting, un twists, de terminating, setting apart, being responsible for, Policed, showed ropes, dost into, set in order, buttoning down, systematize, be decks, make scene, makes vivid, up holding, uplighting, calling a spade spade, para-phrases, re vitalizes, break it down, gave blow by blow, re-collected, laid finger on, double-checks, coughed up, caught on, gives the nod, over hauling, etch, takes root, meta phrased, soliloquize, un-coils, sub-scribing, patting on the back, made apparent, taking to be, cracked one's brains, told why, enlarging up on, hung up one's hat, gets idea, throw light up on, got ready, lets sunlight in, letted daylight in, ascertain, twists one arm, Animadverting, hanged one hat, do in to, called the tune, pounding into, settles down, dis involving, called a spade a spade, dis tilled, make distinction, state, in duct, retell, digging up, is informed, dis cussing, de fining, sides with, makes good, fixt attention, over-laying, re-tells, bring home, hanging up ones hat, acted like, re solve, gat wise to, gets on the beam, re present, spacing, makes willing, reenacted, Re-collect, pro vide, parting with, gat act together, straightens up, girthing, work out deal, seeing to, re established, exclude, come to a conclusion, put plain english, made known, gets one's act together, pre arranging, Retold, re-marks, de-fining, pre vailed, put down for, inter-faced, gave lowdown, Circumstantiating, hold in, tuning down, touches upon, ex-cogitated, seeing through, Inking, re-solve, make ready, honoring a claim, was learned, interfacing, dis involve, de-bugs, re-stated, is schooled, pro-portioned, were positive, out lines, wast bigot, dis-cuss, doeth over, get to meat, gat the idea, got hang of, fights through, sedates, allegate, sold on, Unriddle, gotten to the point, considers closely, laying down, work out a deal, re-telling, pro created, touch down, de-scribes, giving the nod, reaffirms, brings to reason, make see daylight, putting place, makes deal, coming to conclusion, fenced in, came to point, photo graphing, furrowed, gave a report, polished up, up holds, recite, calling tune, re coup, hit upon, de-livers, individuates, re dressed, form judgment, showed clearly, de pict, re-stores, made willing, calls a spade a spade, un-ravels, re-iterated, re-conditioned, gets going, dis-entangles, wast engrossed in, holding reading, trans posed, learn one part, make terms, whipt into shape, pro pounds, de fends, illustrate, come a conclusion, was bigot, un coil, in spirit, designate, were versed, expound, putting one's finger on, gave goahead, Billeted, instrumenting, in vite, thought hard, doth into, firming a deal, un-coil, ex pose, one's best guessed, metaphrases, reaffirmed, come to point, blueprinting, insists upon, fiddle with, thinks out, contradistinguishes, making a believer, bears the cost, Girdled, throwing together, going fifty fifty, gives account, walks through, sees through, has a case, pacting, drew a picture, discern, un-coiling, schematize, Roped, re-vivifying, mapping out, wast specific, establish, sit in, leading to, dis cover, lapped up, make dent, get to the bottom, atunes, soliloquizes, trans-posing, looksaw, swam with the tide, sees the light, getting the picture, buries the hatchet, checking up, get to point, ex-tended, doublechecked, didst into, get right, swears to, figure it be, twisted one arm, de segregate, trans-forms, look seeing, wast versed, hath hunch, polish up, under-taking, sub sided, passing on, servicing, giving nod, de-fines, brings in to line, over seen, re-produced, works out details, unfold, laps up, were distributed, un-scrambled, dis-criminating, diagramed, picking upon, were displayed, insists up on, smoothing the way, told apart, sur renders, put in order, getting one's act together, didst as romans do, pound in to, focussing attention, quote chapter and verse, puts an end to, pro claim, discrepating, depict, up-lights, pro-testing, putting in place, de-fraying, subscribes to, Carding, showing ones face, hooks up, enter in to, de tail, trialing, up-lighting, over-lays, be friending, fix attention, re mark, re-counted, cracks brains, gotten down to basics, shows bias, un scrambled, fore seeing, putting to, ex-cite, being specific, coming to school, be decked, treat, Symphonizing, wert distributed, put mind to, formed judgment, bringing forward, rubberstamping, breaks a story, knew what what, dis-tilling, up-holding, walk through, wert versed, quoting chapter and verse, truing, re siding, gave shot arm, got down to basics, hath information, pencilled, come a decision, discoursing on, moved to, agree up on, re affirming, inter face, draw map, reconciliates, out stretching, de fine, working out deal, dis-entangle, it deals, making ready, under-stands, coming across with, re-adjust, un furled, gotten one's act together, delineate, in-stall, in-ducting, un folded, transliterating, lick into shape, settle, re-cognizing, un earthed, pro fesses, quarter, coming together, brought reason, re-strained, timed, bodied, ex tend, re counted, un-fold, tell between, finding happy medium, de coding, beared cost, de-crees, do justice, see the light, catching on, twists ones arm, were engrossed in, out-lined, typecast, paying tribute to, interfaced, Valuing, in-spirits, make up, hung one hat, had down pat, digs up, wrought out a deal, giving rise to, is responsible for, integrate, ex-plicating, gave account of, warms up, split difference, ushers in, hadst a case, mis mate, schematized, prepare, shakes hands on it, Circumstantiated, in fixes, prove, be-calm, art cognizant, comes point, get load of, improve accommodate, gat to point, re-capped, make repayment, sware to, align, dis-tills, un-folding, de scribes, trans-formed, rubber-stamped, multi-plied, uncoiling, make a believer, gives high sign, fleshed out, fore-told, is specific, gets down basics, have information, coming to the point, pound into, enlighten, un rolled, giving blow-by-blow, re presenting, passed on, double checking, spread, ex-plicates, it's dealt, concentrate, ringed in, re-asserted, touch up on, de scribe, being informed, stereo typed, puts in order, come the point, un-twist, came point, swimming with tide, re dresses, touching down, re-vitalizes, in habit, flesh out, gotten to the bottom, Contradistinguished, de-clare, called spade a spade, pre-vails, de-scribed, out fitted, re-vivify, grouped, re deemed, threw light on, give shot arm, getting together on, allegates, re-aching, re-paying, goes fifty fifty, give verbal account, made the scene, pro-creating, inter-faces, range, de tails, planking down, tailor make, re-strains, gets it together, be stowing, gat going, gat it down, placing in formation, shape up, get picture, letting in on, Umpired, talked out of, nails it down, in-stalling, pre-aching, speaks about, sur-rounded, am positive, pounded in to, set rights, smile upon, look see, ex-pounding, give the lowdown, brought into line, picked out, art partial, re capitulate, re told, getting on beam, came conclusion, sized up, re-uniting, put good shape, evened out, belongs to, give a report, am engrossed in, touched upon, sets forth, gotten ones act together, streamlining, find key, discourses on, super-intends, making matters up, fore telling, was visible, plonked, puts order, shows once for all, fitting out, specificates, particularize, makes see daylight, pro claims, showing and tell, in-fix, boiled down, pro fess, being conversant in, de ciphered, make point, re porting, in-cline, be calm, blows in, came the point, pro filing, co hering, ex-pose, in-forms, pass on, dis-cern, give word, struck happy medium, over-saw, pro claiming, de-duces, giving high sign, disentangle, give precedence, got hold of, in-forming, open eyes, gets hang of, setting off, dopes out, hang one's hat, re-assure, in vested, pro-create, re paired, makes peace, is partial, is learned, gives lessons, were acquainted, pacted, re modeled, gotten bottom, worked out deal, re quite, pay back, psych up, am master of, get act together, took be, gave rundown, draw picture, brings into line, tighten up, come to agreement, tell apart, shows error ways, give rise to, un-veiling, whips out, de nominating, un tangles, Animadverted, mis-mate, hanging up one hat, concenters, un-tangle, co-oking, fit out, brings home, dis closing, straightens out, clued in, doest into, re-stating, be master of, gotten down brass tacks, de fend, re funded, marked off, gets to the meat, brought home, trans literates, in fix, re-capitulates, look-see, hit up on, in-vest, co-heres, re vitalized, sketched out, de creed, coming conclusion, in-cited, de clines.