Pronunciation of Conservative
/kənsˈɜːvətˌɪv/, /kənsˈɜːvətˌɪv/, /k_ə_n_s_ˈɜː_v_ə_t_ˌɪ_v/

Antonyms for conservative

neglectful, thoughtless, free-and-easy, com-symps, mis fit, un-compromising, most accelerating, more latitudinarian, mis-fit, apparatchiks, low-class, more innovating, more forwardlooking, pinko, negligent, comsymps, un selfish, fish out water, Oddities, left-winger, deep seated, un stinging, co-pious, maverick, member the communist party, reckless, tawdry, CP member, most meat-and-potatoes, activist, de stroyed, monomaniacs, advanced, malcontents, reformist, under ground, lefty, more leading-edge, more zestful, more excusing, revolutionaries, easy with, left winger, up to date, most leftist, gilded, inadvertent, Socialists, remiss, inattentive, farout, asleep, subversives, large-minded, dime dozen, unguarded, fanatic, foundational, in-temperate, Leftists, deepseated, un-selfish, monomaniac, gone the dogs, latitudinarian, more bleeding-heart, more aplenty, graceless, more cutting edge, most libertarian, most intensifying, un-stinging, Ultraist, hushhush, more recusant, crazies, commies, misbelievers, dis-solute, incautious, Leninists, cutting-edge, more trailblazing, up and coming, hush hush, mis believer, openminded, vulgar, mis-believers, Bolsheviks, most spearheading, most softtouch, more insurrectionary, untrustworthy, true believer, high minded, trotskyites, avant-gardes, extremist, leadest, gone dogs, re-former, left of center, mono-maniac, meretricious, com symps, most forward looking, more intensifying, un-usual, on qt, dogmatist, more accelerating, gradual, Stalinists, com symp, member of communist party, most unbigoted, impetuous, weak, die hard, more leftist, left, true believers, more free-and-easy, objectors, lead, most free-and-easy, castroites, baroque, most zestful, ultras, leftwingers, easy on, pro fuse, more advancing, more unbigoted, leftwinger, aplenty, jazzy, most ultraist, reformers, rococo, on the sly, bleedingheart, avantgarde, c p member, more leading edge, middle of the roader, most leadingedge, un-bigoted, leftist, on sly, more cutting-edge, more bleeding heart, gone seed, cuttingedge, more socialist, most forwardlooking, most aplenty, most socialist, most cutting-edge, more libertarian, mono maniacs, left center, Marxists, more anarchistic, newest, zestful, member communist party, more free and easy, most leading edge, lax, most humanistic, non conformist, rioters, more foundational, longsuffering, contemporary, inconstant, avant-garde, most leading-edge, c p members, dis solute, played out, apparatchiki, unstinging, left-wingers, dogmatists, rash, un-prejudiced, mis-fits, most advancing, more freethinking, changeable, gone to seed, more ultraist, innovative, nonconformist, soft-touch, in subordinate, neoliberal, more forward looking, trendsetting, anarchistic, un compromising, groundbreaking, in creasing, sectarian, gone bad, exaggerated, leading-edge, gone to dogs, meat-and-potatoes, more onward, bleeding-heart, underground, un conventional, most cuttingedge, most squandered, un bigoted, odd bird, most extremist, more extremist, secessionist, radical, wobbly, more humanistic, un-bowed, more forward-looking, more developing, comsymp, more leadingedge, apparatchik, viet congs, careless, more vanguard, most bleeding heart, progressive, mis believers, heedless, more cuttingedge, most escalating, unbigoted, most reformist, broad minded, more meat-and-potatoes, more trendsetting, un-conventional, freethinking, re-formers, most consumed, most vanguard, more reformist, more bleedingheart, unsafe, regardless, Liberalist, most trailblazing, un biased, goahead, most freethinking, activists, wavering, pro-fuse, gone to the dogs, most insurrectionary, injudicious, die hards, maoists, cp members, most bleeding-heart, unwary, pinkos, inconsiderate, overdone, broadminded, under-lying, secessionists, more escalating, de-stroyed, most anarchistic, free easy, un bowed, most onward, most soft touch, non-conformists, more pioneering, pro-founder, modern, un usual, re formers, ex citing, zealot, re former, unplanned, unmindful, progressives, non-conformist, more squandered, more soft-touch, tolerant, brash, unintentional, modernist, in temperate, most pioneering, immoderate, pro found, forgetful, no end, most trendsetting, leadingedge, non conformists, avant garde, frilly, most forward-looking, Bolsheviki, die-hards, tacky, more innovative, most recusant, left wingers, communist, fancy, hellbent, libertarian, Innovating, un prejudiced, unfixed, under-standing, lower class, unstable, forwardlooking, venturesome, odd birds, pro-found, dissipated, ultramodernist, com-symp, center, Rara Avis, leftwing, most cutting edge, liberal, in-subordinate, under standing, most foundational, avantgardes, recusant, rioter, rarae aves, co pious, ultraists, highminded, absentminded, forward looking, party members, humanistic, most bleedingheart, unsteady, more softtouch, Bolshevists, imprudent, under-cover, open minded, avant gardes, forward-looking, pinkoes, most latitudinarian, Revolter, pro founder, indiscreet.