Pronunciation of Constrict
/kənstɹˈɪkt/, /kənstɹˈɪkt/, /k_ə_n_s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_k_t/

Antonyms for constrict

drag one feet, spinning off, swell, dissipate, distend, grows larger, span off, give, Bulking, dragged feet, dragging one's feet, grow larger, outspread, un-rolling, un-roll, letting out, were prolix, drags ones feet, puffs out, increase, being prolix, multi-plied, dragged one's feet, ex tended, spun off, diffused, pro-long, dragging ones feet, un-rolled, spreads out, in-crease, crane, release, lengthen, growing larger, in creases, Bulked, puff, pro-tracts, dis-tend, run on, spin off, dragging one feet, up surges, drags one feet, gives details, disperse, scatter, un furled, puffing out, accumulate, un folded, diffuses, liberate, expand, string out, drags feet, un roll, ex tending, am profuse, am prolix, dis tending, ex pounded, ex pounding, pro-tract, pyramidded, up-surge, cranes, puff out, make larger, be profuse, slapped on, makes larger, putting rubber in, Craning, put rubber in, give details, let go, drag ones feet, grew larger, pro-longs, up surge, un furling, puffed out, spins out, ex tend, pro tract, are prolix, un-furled, puts rubber in, fan out, Outstretch, un rolls, jacked up, dragging feet, ran on, strung out, wast profuse, ex-pounding, wert profuse, diffusing, is prolix, un rolling, un fold, ex-pound, un-folds, fanned out, jazzes up, free, drag feet, are profuse, art profuse, ex tends, ex-tends, un-folded, was profuse, up surged, inflate, pyramidding, extend, un folds, pro tracts, un rolled, Prolonging, ex pound, protract, upsurged, un-rolls, drag one's feet, dragged ones feet, is profuse, dilate, balloon, dis tends, up-surges, runs on, letted out, Mantling, giving details, dragged one feet, snowball, spins off, multi-plying, slap on, up-surging, jazzing up, be prolix, wert prolix, ex-pounds, ex pounds, pro longing, un-folding, dis-tended, grow, being profuse, in creasing, open, pro long, Craned, loosen, spun out, made larger, pro-longed, ex-tending, stringing out, pro-longing, fans out, in crease, un-furling, wast prolix, strings out, dis-tending, ex-tended, pro longs, enlarge, spin out, ex-pounded, up surging, multi plying, Lasted, in-creases, span out, dis tend, gave details, un-fold, spinning out, elongate, dis tended, drags one's feet, loose, ex-tend, un folding, were profuse, stretch, lets out, fanning out, dis-tends, was prolix, jack up, let out, in-creased, spread out, slapping on, upsurging, decompress, art prolix.