Pronunciation of Consume
/k_ə_n_s_ˈuː_m/, /kənsˈuːm/, /kənsˈuːm/

Antonyms for consume

vomit, de-livered, co oking, de signing, eject, de lays, authored, in-vents, out-fitting, enforce, watched over, be have, adheres to, dis-play, re-spect, cast out, multi-plied, de-lays, complied with, de-fended, looking after, accumulate, de-tains, be stowed, parenting, produces a result, co oked, watch over, with-held, in vents, care for, comply with, radiate, collect, dealing in, preserve, dissipate, brought forth, be stow, fixes with, putting forward, makes for, in vent, revive, put forth, in-vented, gives forth, pro-vided, re straining, provide, rebuild, hoard, complying with, takes care of, de posits, are in action, re turn, dis played, get results, Re-turn, sets off, renew, de fended, out fits, de lay, getting results, be-stow, adhered to, deals in, de posited, parented, deal in, de-posited, was in action, de posit, co-oked, exude, re strains, pro moting, de-laying, nibble, save, distract, am in action, wert in action, pro-creating, de liver, re-tains, trans ported, pro-creates, be action, de laying, de-vise, re plenishes, pre-served, flowered, re-strain, pro-visioned, caring for, pre-serves, trades in, build, un-folds, trade in, gives birth, be in action, desist, pre served, Provisioning, un folded, took care of, fix up with, de-lay, re plenishing, put forward, re-spects, produced result, erect, store, puts forward, fixed up with, in-duces, enlarge, re serve, stock up, fit out, trading in, being in action, de-vised, un fold, increase, de-tain, out-fit, giving forth, with-hold, sets forth, making for, fast, neglect, de-signs, in vented, bringing forth, ritualize, out fit, got results, un-fold, out-fits, Victualing, let go, pro vide, help, Victualled, result in, be-having, bolster, fixing with, pro-viding, fixed with, re-plenished, set forth, multi-plying, pro visions, be-getting, re-served, pre pares, ministers to, re tains, shows fruit, taking care of, operate, stocking up, pre-pare, strengthen, starve, de livered, re-strains, de fending, re-serving, de livering, re-tain, de-posit, pro create, un folds, de-signed, gotten results, pro duces, re spects, de-livering, disgorge, abstain, was action, cared for, pro-vides, re tain, Perking, be-gotten, brings forth, showed fruit, pre serve, de-liver, looks after, out fitting, appear, pro visioning, de fend, pre-serve, dis-played, bring light, pro-created, pro visioned, fortify, disperse, construct, pro-mote, pro-visions, pro creates, is action, with holding, encourage, re-turned, pre-sents, re produces, pro-vision, de-fending, pro-moting, pro curing, were in action, victual, re-plenishing, producing result, pro-motes, producing a result, de fends, gave birth, re served, re turning, re serving, re producing, re-serves, be haves, in-venting, replace, pre-pared, minister to, looked after, with hold, wast action, send out, re plenish, stocks up, setting forth, pro created, authoring, produce a result, fitting out, re spect, re-plenishes, are action, feathering, pro-cure, pro viding, re-turns, re-straining, out-fitted, de tains, dis-plays, pro cures, ritualizing, perked, un-folding, in venting, out fitted, giving rise to, de signed, pro-curing, un-folded, gat results, pre serving, show fruit, pro creating, multi plying, dealt in, traded in, adhering to, de-vising, reinforce, brought forward, pre sent, dis-playing, pre serves, ministering to, watching over, in duce, be-stowed, adhere to, re acted, pro vides, de-sign, pre pare, setting off, de sign, pro-duces, de livers, gives rise to, fits out, fixt with, pro-cured, pro-vide, being action, with held, in-duce, take care of, un folding, re-produces, were action, be-stows, re-producing, re gards, pro vided, wast in action, be gotten, make for, bring forward, re strain, de signs, de positing, be-haves, re-produced, fixt up with, de vising, re-gard, fill, in duces, gave forth, pre-sent, dis play, de tain, not use, pro cure, brings forward, be stows, re-strained, be-have, repair, augment, gather, cares for, de-posits, de-livers, art action, give forth, with holds, ministered to, re-serve, look after, de-fends, showing fruit, re acting, re-adies, release, feathered, give rise to, art in action, bring forth, de-signing, de-positing, pre paring, in-vent, pro vision, pre pared, be having, pro-cures, be getting, bringing forward, de vise, pro-create, pre-paring, dis playing, give birth, protect, Provisioned, re-acted, give up, pre-serving, wert action, de vised, re adies, keep, fixing up with, be stowing, re strained, emit, restore, produce, Victualed, resulted in, create, be-stowing, with-holds, raise, re produced, complies with, dis plays, ritualized, pro cured, re plenished, de-fend, co-oking, re-produce, re-turning, re turns, pro duce, am action, set off.