Pronunciation of Consummate
/kˈɒnsəmˌe͡ɪt/, /kˈɒnsəmˌe‍ɪt/, /k_ˈɒ_n_s_ə_m_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for consummate

unpolished, coming into existence, untested, artless, comes forth, least, under-taking, be ginning, gat show on road, questionable, restart, pre-paring, came into existence, enter up on, under took, sending off, tiniest, gets going, uncertain, art born, stemming from, be born, laying foundation for, fewest, establish, incomplete, intro-duces, under-taken, plunging in to, in-duces, neglect, are born, worst, smallest, kick off, sets up, setting in motion, issued forth, trigger, ham-handed, intro duces, equivocal, ineffectual, weak, in-duce, ignorant, broke ground, getting going, plunged into, green, making active, lays foundation for, spoil, sent off, gotten under way, set motion, plunge in to, untalented, was born, break ice, coming forth, unschooled, made active, being born, brake ground, doubtful, inefficient, got under way, Instituting, under take, am born, minimal, proceed from, break ground, gat show road, commence, eventuate, pro duce, untrained, inducing, rough, minutest, stem from, under-took, laid foundation for, makes active, got show on road, gat under way, crops up, ruin, proceeded from, pre pares, initiate, Initiating, wast born, destroy, got going, stems from, giving birth to, would-be, came in to existence, kicking off, untutored, Ungifted, go in to, baffle, gave birth to, set up, poor, get going, cropping up, comes in to existence, defeat, lay foundation for, get under way, unfinished, come into existence, beginning, come short, getting show road, set in motion, breaking ground, gat going, makes tick, gets show road, miss, sets motion, gets show on road, minimum, in duces, pro-duces, resulted from, triggers, be gun, giving impulse, gives impulse, under taking, renew, resume, make tick, frustrate, primitive, pro duces, make active, sets in motion, mar, plunges into, plunge into, grew out of, in duce, gives birth to, setting motion, were born, crop up, pre-pared, not finish, be-ginning, get show road, issues forth, under takes, unseasoned, give birth to, slightest, rude, results from, come forth, miscarry, cropped up, sends off, triggering, issuing forth, grows out of, pre paring, ham-fisted, reopen, made tick, under-take, give impulse, gave impulse, mitigated, set about, result from, making tick, pre pare, untried, cropt up, dubious, introduce, start, plunging into, inept, untaught, gotten going, proceeds from, crude, littlest, give up, gets under way, intro duce, lowest, bring pass, pre-pares, heavy-handed, begin, growing out of, resulting from, imperfect, getting show on road, wert born, intro-duce, sets about, coming in to existence, be-gun, under-takes, impelled, come in to existence, plunged in to, came forth, went ahead, fail, pre-pare, stemmed from, is born, continue, plunges in to, gotten show road, restricted, under taken, originates, stop, setting about, raw, new, breaks ground, grow out of, ineffective, jackleg, pre pared, got show road, comes into existence, qualified.