Pronunciation of Continual
/kəntˈɪnjuːə͡l/, /kəntˈɪnjuːə‍l/, /k_ə_n_t_ˈɪ_n_j_uː_əl/

Antonyms for continual

orbital, more shifting, shifting, constant, every so often, weeklier, more frosted, Ceasing, more ice-covered, every once a while, un stabler, discontinuous, more fluctuating, continuous, un stablest, herky-jerky, unceasing, most siberian, terminable, interminable, more antarctic, temporary, re-current, most chilled, chainest, on-again-off-again, Pegged, weekly, periodic, sporadic, turned stone, impermanent, inconstant, dis continuous, most icecovered, most continued, seasonal, iced, most antarctic, pro-visional, in frequent, most on-again-off-again, more checked, most ice covered, at various times, here there, hourliest, more iterant, shortlived, occasional, more seasonal, most ice-covered, most pegged, hourly, antarctic, more siberian, stopping, flash the pan, stop-and-go, now then, thrown-together, more herky-jerky, ice-covered, epochal, finished, rhythmic, un-stable, most reoccurring, bounded, most stop-and-go, intermittent, re occurring, most shifting, spotty, most stop and go, checked, dis-continuous, thrown together, more on-again-off-again, fitful, here and there, more caretaker, monthlier, more punctuated, more on again off again, fleeting, most seasonal, alternating, everlasting, more thrown together, most iced, icebound, perpetual, more ice covered, more continued, more chilled, more herkyjerky, icecovered, re-occurring, re gular, hourlier, more icebound, frosted, interim, frozen, most epochal, most fluctuating, throwntogether, more spastic, more discontinuing, provisional, herky jerky, eternal, ice cold, infrequent, incessant, flash in pan, more reoccurring, most thrown-together, herkyjerky, most herkyjerky, serial, un stable, most on again off again, dis continuing, interrupted, in-frequent, on certain occasions, most throwntogether, most iterant, monthliest, more epochal, alternate, chainer, stopgap, most spastic, every once while, transient, most centennial, every other, more centennial, ice covered, more orbital, periodical, recurrent, un-stablest, dis-continuing, most checked, icecold, most frosted, stop and go, short lived, most caretaker, every once in while, completed, turned to stone, erratic, re current, re-gular, more periodical, bits and pieces, stockstill, stock still, spastic, most herky-jerky, cyclic, pro visional, most orbital, more thrown-together, bits pieces, most periodical, more stop-and-go, ending, monthly, halting, by bits pieces, by bits and pieces, weekliest, broken, most icebound, more icecovered, Iterant, noncontinuous, centennial, more pegged, irregular, most discontinuing, more stop and go, un-stabler, most thrown together, unsteady, more throwntogether, in-constant, most punctuated.