Cool It

Pronunciation of Cool It
/kˈuːl ɪt/, /kˈuːl ɪt/, /k_ˈuː_l ɪ_t/

Synonyms for cool it:

seriously (adverb)

actively, determinedly, down, earnestly, fervently, gravely, in earnest, intently, passionately, purposefully, resolutely, sedately, sincerely, soberly, solemnly, sternly, straighten out, thoughtfully, vigorously, zealously, in all conscience, all joking aside, cut the comedy, for real, in all seriousness, with a straight face, with forethought, with sobriety.

calm down (noun)

quiet down, take it easy, be sensible.

cool it (noun)

calm, calm down, chill out, cool off, settle down, simmer down.

abate (verb)

allay, chill out, coast, cool, decline, decrease, diminish, dull, dwindle, ebb, mellow out, moderate, quell, recede, reduce, slacken, slow, subdue, subside, take it easy, taper, taper off, unlax, wane, let up, go with the flow, hang easy, hang loose, lay back, let it all hang out.

calm (verb)

alleviate, appease, assuage, balm, becalm, compose, hush, lull, mitigate, mollify, pacify, placate, quiet, quieten, relax, relieve, sedate, settle, simmer down, soothe, steady, still, tranquilize, stroke, take the edge off, cool out, soft-pedal.

calm down (verb)

cool down, cool off, go easy, restrain oneself, get hold of oneself, control oneself, keep cool, regain one's composure.

chill out (verb)

chill, loosen up, mellow, settle down, take a chill pill.

halt (verb)

adjourn, arrest, balk, bar, block, break off, cease, check, close down, curb, cut short, desist, deter, draw up, drop anchor, end, frustrate, hamper, hold back, impede, intermit, interrupt, obstruct, pause, punctuate, rest, stall, stand still, stay, stem, stop, suspend, terminate, wait, pull up, call it a day, bring to an end, come to an end, blow the whistle on, bring to standstill, cease fire, hold at bay, put a cork in.

postpone (verb)

defer, delay, hold off, hold over, hold up, lay over, pigeonhole, prorogue, put back, shelve, table, hang fire, give a rain check, put on back burner, put on hold.

quiet (verb)

ameliorate, calm down, choke, clam up, console, dummy up, fix up, gag, gratify, ice, inactivate, muffle, muzzle, palliate, please, reconcile, satisfy, shush, shut up, silence, slack, smooth, soften, square, squash, squelch, patch things up, can it, hold it down, take the bite out of, button one's lip.

relent (verb)

acquiesce, capitulate, cave in, come around, comply, die away, drop, ease, ease off, fall, fold, forbear, give in, give up, give way, lighten up, melt, quit, weaken, yield, show mercy, go along with, be merciful, change one's mind, ease up on, give quarter, give some slack, go easy on, have mercy, have pity, let it happen, say uncle, cry uncle.

silence (verb)

choke off, clam, close up, dampen, deaden, dry up, dumb, extinguish, hush-hush, mute, overawe, pipe down, quash, quiet down, stifle, strike dumb, suppress, cut off, sit on, decrease the volume, hold one's tongue, hush one's mouth, keep it down, say nothing, tongue-tie.

sit tight (verb)

anticipate, hang around, hang out, hold on, lie in wait, lie low, linger, stay put, stick around, stand by, mark time, bide one's time, fill time, hold the phone, keep your shirt on.

stop (verb)

break, close, cold turkey, conclude, discontinue, finish, halt, hold, refrain, scrub, shut down, sign off, stand, tarry, wrap up, cut out, wind up, blow off, kill, put an end to, be over, come to a standstill, hang it up, quit cold, run its course.

wait (verb)

abide, await, bide, dally, expect, foresee, hang, hole up, look for, remain, sit tight, watch, sit up for, look forward to, stay up for, hang onto your hat, hold everything, keep shirt on, save it, sweat it.

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