Pronunciation of Correct
/kəɹˈɛkt/, /kəɹˈɛkt/, /k_ə_ɹ_ˈɛ_k_t/

Antonyms for correct

comes nothing, all off, be-wildering, un-holier, undershot, reward, are wrong, boo-boos, unsporting, off straight narrow, un-befitting, go downhill, foot in mouth, de-ranged, fell down, under rating, mis deem, being the mark, dis-concerts, un stabler, dis creditable, wayward, mis-reckon, mis deemed, more double-crossing, counter factual, un-rightful, most out-of-season, un-seemliest, causeless, misses mark, hits bottom, unproven, come to nothing, de-based, madeup, was mark, unbacked, slipped on, is in error, slicks, mis-interprets, under estimated, dis-honest, going in smoke, off track, trip, in-securest, Skirr, mis apprehending, unsuitable, going wrong, falsify, art the mark, un-safer, meets with disaster, un-seasonable, in decorous, coming to naught, putting foot in mouth, scandalous, unacceptable, mis behaved, am ruined, more distracting, laud, snarl up, goes up in smoke, hits the skids, more tricked, wast defeated, shady, over-estimated, misknows, Zigzagged, makes boner, de scend, mis-calculates, hitting bottom, most bumsteer, came to naught, unfitting, mythomaniac, stumble, un-fairer, more wildcat, mis-behaved, mis-took, disinformed, lose footing, mis-leading, in admissible, most misfigured, being vain, mis-taking, dropt ball, wide the mark, mis-behaves, un equitable, mis-places, off-base, overshot, mis interprets, un substantial, more misjudging, is error, un suitable, mis-known, is incorrect, dis-proportionate, being in vain, de cline, streeter, dis regards, most wildcat, am vain, deceives oneself, makes a boner, dis-eased, mis understand, were incorrect, mis reckoning, in conclusive, fizzling out, more racket, mis place, misfigured, un seasonable, is the mark, more unloyal, plays in to, in-adequate, demagogic, barking up wrong tree, loses status, be inaccurate, mis-figured, un-founded, fluffed, imprecise, fall flat face, un settle, missing mark, unretentive, most two-timing, over look, miscounting, off-balance, mis-conceive, un suited, most misconceived, over-valuing, mar, lose out, most ungrounded, cherish, move to side, in-delicate, slipping up, moving the side, mis-counts, most unsupported, most double-crossing, most apostate, dis-loyal, un-equitable, more inconsonant, has wrong impression, dis informed, mis-guided, losing balance, mis knowing, misapprehend, be mark, wast the mark, indictable, un safer, un provoked, more two timing, mis estimating, in-correct, un-real, under value, unsatisfactory, un-dependable, is mistaken, moved side, lost control, are off the mark, re probate, most miscalculated, being error, dropt the ball, mis apprehend, most illfitted, illtimed, bollixing, in-consonant, am late for, worsen, more bewildering, un founded, make a mess, pass over, Waltzed, art incorrect, mis-carrying, art demoted, fizz out, boobooed, am off the mark, weaken, move the side, more garbage, un seemly, blows it, unethical, over looked, overlook, came naught, un advised, mis counts, mis read, over-looking, more faked-out, un-due, under rate, dis-counts, not following, went up smoke, doesn't wash, spiraling, un steady, most fabricated, most tricked, wast late for, all wet, missed fire, am error, mis interpreting, dis regard, un justifiable, malformed, bollixed, boobooing, most unloyal, out place, un happiest, mis-conceived, falling flat, mis construing, got signals crossed, overestimates, wrong number, glissade, wert found lacking, mis take, misknowing, un-reliable, mis stepped, mis counted, more out of season, slips up, drops ball, turned out badly, unsound, un-timely, dis-counted, bobbling, moving side, mis fire, most selfcontradictory, are demoted, slip on, un seemlier, mis-taken, most goofed, more dissembling, play in to, under-shooting, dis-ingenuous, contrary to fact, under-rated, were wrong, ill-fitted, be off the mark, fail, ill advised, mis interpreted, under shooting, under-hand, made faux pas, un befitting, break down, mis-estimates, unfitted, most misinformed, ill fitted, most unrighteous, most errable, most wayoff, led garden path, not knew, gat signals crossed, lost balance, mis behaving, hit the skids, mis fired, un-reasonable, in-secure, mis-construed, most heretic, being off the mark, reasonless, spiralling, more foot-in-mouth, goes smoke, was in error, missing by mile, wert off the mark, over rating, on the wrong track, pro fane, misses by a mile, over-rates, hit bottom, so called, mis-take, wert error, makes a faux pas, tacky, deceiving oneself, makes a mess of, letting go, mis laying, loses out, more self-contradictory, mis apprehends, under-rates, passing up, haddest wrong impression, more left-field, over-valued, more unequitable, misstepped, mis handling, smoothing along, dis-informed, mis taking, be in vain, most foot in mouth, confused with, was wrong, makebelieve, dis-reputable, is defeated, wert the mark, fakest, meet with disaster, un-truthful, makes faux pas, in decent, dis-honorable, Misdeem, wast vain, de clines, made a faux pas, mis-interpreted, more way off, hit skids, were off mark, most cooked-up, doubledealing, were off the mark, am mark, overvalues, falls short, de scends, spoil, most casuistic, offbalance, be wildering, fell over, mis-read, banned, improper, most inapposite, most misinterpreting, mis known, pardon, snarling up, illogical, un-substantial, most wrong number, un-authorized, mis-construing, uncalledfor, de-scend, more unsupported, ill timed, in appropriate, wast wrong, miss, indulge, over estimate, more fakedout, miss the boat, mis behaves, mis conceiving, are error, went down swinging, in-verse, mis-deems, met with disaster, off-target, was inaccurate, in error, being late for, most cookedup, Inconsonant, pass up, misdeeming, takes for, mis lays, mis handles, wast in error, spiraled, un-becoming, falls flat on face, mis steps, Overvaluing, plays into, un proven, more unfitting, more demagogic, go headlong, puts foot mouth, bumsteer, booboo, overestimate, making a boner, in-sane, turn out badly, falling flat on face, remain, be off mark, mis know, faulty, under-estimates, more botched, illegal, dis-creditable, destroy, un-godliest, running aground, un truer, overestimating, backed wrong horse, most lemon, Sallying, more wayoff, off the mark, wast off the mark, most ill fitted, un-settled, is inaccurate, coming to nothing, getting wrong, un sporting, in question, Slicking, overvalue, dis counts, mis-reckoning, miss by a mile, made mess of, be demoted, most deceiving, goofed up, art late for, is vain, more bumsteer, doesnt wash, dis-regard, dis concert, most shifting, missed the mark, out line, un sure, un just, misinformed, in side, made a boner, more off target, lose balance, wert demoted, making boner, un-desirable, totter, slipped up, goes astray, specious, un due, blow it, meeting with disaster, hast wrong impression, more out-of-season, bobbles, criminal, un orthodox, most dissembling, dropped the ball, flubbing, mis-handled, most misbehaving, mis-place, ungraceful, am demoted, mis-reading, wide mark, most flawed, most unsporting, most faked-out, in-judicious, mis managed, went smoke, in securer, miss fire, mis estimate, dis honest, mis figured, more ill-fitted, went downhill, most offending, under-handed, dis ingenuous, Foundationless, play into, unreliable, in-decorous, tarnish, mis understanding, un-faithful, un-supported, under rated, wast error, more misinformed, mis-estimate, most misrepresentative, in firm, made a mess, mis understood, un lawful, mistake, un-warranted, un substantiated, mis knows, more foot in mouth, dis loyal, were demoted, in-securer, most duped, spiralled, undershoots, over shooting, drop ball, most unretentive, over rates, making a faux pas, mis-apprehends, is wrong, mis-know, mis-conceiving, un safe, lets slip, un-suitable, in securest, more off-base, mis apprehended, wrong-number, more indictable, in judicious, more wrong-number, more unrightful, gets wrong, most marred, un reasoned, boo-booed, mis-reckons, most concocted, de ranged, dis guised, mis took, bobbled, dis-concerting, most forsworn, being off mark, make boner, snarled up, making a mess of, un happy, most unfitted, was error, un desirable, un righteous, in consequent, un-suited, bummest, most out of season, is ruined, moved to side, Transgressed, being wrong, moving to the side, puts foot in mouth, un safest, mis calculates, most out of place, under-estimated, are ruined, more unfitted, mis manage, in-expedient, most blemished, is demoted, going up in smoke, most unprovoked, hadst wrong impression, un dependable, un soundest, in poor health, out of place, more scoundrelly, wrongly identified, not done, smoothed along, at odds, falling down, more misrepresentative, un-grounded, un-righteous, more unprovoked, most malfunctioning, in expedient, most obverse, were ruined, being found lacking, un-safe, was defeated, Floundered, without basis, un hinged, most indictable, slip, missing fire, over-estimating, in-congruous, out of line, un scientific, Interdicted, goes down swinging, mis-handle, dropping the ball, un-ethical, under-shot, top pled, mis placing, fall short, being demoted, goes up smoke, most left field, flubbed, Zigzagging, wert defeated, go astray, un meeter, in consistent, mis-construe, un-duest, more deluding, dirty dealing, more misconceived, are incorrect, mis-handling, hitting skids, un-hinged, mis taken, more unproven, wert ruined, groundless, un-trustworthy, un happier, was found lacking, misdeemed, lamest, being defeated, more deceiving, un godly, more sophistical, falling through, twofaced, awkward, be late for, mis-stepped, mis-laid, being inaccurate, goof, mis carried, in-firmest, mis-representative, make a faux pas, lurch, un warranted, mis behave, mis-calculating, wast incorrect, in equitable, led up garden path, more ungrounded, un wiser, played into, most imprecise, un justified, illsuited, un true, in-felicitous, in sane, un-fair, most self-contradictory, un-stabler, boo-boo, mis-estimating, casuistical, un reliable, skirrs, goes in smoke, being mark, un-provoked, be mistaken, mis-reads, most bum-steer, bobble, compliment, re-prehensible, falling flat face, in-valid, dis-counting, Winging, drops the ball, un-steadier, being in error, incorrect, making mess, un-apter, mis-construes, dis regarded, more amoral, mis-apprehend, more heretic, fall over, most offtarget, in discreet, in consonant, dis-regarding, more obverse, were mark, blunder, falsehearted, in-consistent, wert off mark, un apter, more shifting, full of hot air, mis-carry, not working, mis stepping, mis-deeming, am off mark, fizzle out, over-shooting, mis leading, inappropriate, letting slip, walk unsteadily, inexact, most casuistical, is found lacking, impair, mis-informed, mis reads, un healthy, mis-managing, was off mark, left-field, bollix, dis-concert, more warped, more stonewalled, turning out badly, dropping ball, more duped, going smoke, most double crossing, Waltzing, art vain, falling short, dropped ball, un-conventional, mis placed, misses the mark, un meetest, faked out, mis-judged, un tenable, slip up, mis-behaving, wast mark, un-sure, more inapposite, most reasonless, in excusable, barking wrong tree, grungy, rude, un justest, most racket, was the mark, un-meeter, dis-regarded, more misbehaving, mis-knew, slicked, streetest, more flimflam, most unproven, blemish, putting foot mouth, more mishandled, most dirty-dealing, move to the side, being incorrect, un duest, in-applicable, colloquial, un conventional, mis-fire, in-equitable, un-principled, going downhill, more way-off, put foot mouth, un-comely, makes a mess, un juster, more concocted, got wrong, most unbacked, missed by a mile, self-contradictory, Not know, most disinformed, is off the mark, were in error, maintain, go wrong, most out-of-place, in-apter, out-of-season, in apter, be found lacking, mis managing, dis-guised, over value, de-scends, make a mess of, mis-apprehended, crockest, not precise, more misinterpreting, un-fitted, in verse, making mess of, un connected, forbidden, smooth along, more imitation, demotic, Crocker, was demoted, in opportune, was incorrect, went wrong, passes up, make a boner, bum-steer, off straight and narrow, warped, more malfunctioning, over-looks, condone, most distracting, cooked-up, smooths along, more casuistic, in sufficient, am the mark, in aptest, fly by night, most two timing, more miscalculated, over looks, turns out badly, over estimates, makes mess, under-values, most wrongnumber, more cooked up, in-harmonious, imperfect, went in smoke, most garbage, came nothing, led up the garden path, be error, selfcontradictory, are vain, more left field, deceive oneself, most demotic, mis calculate, cookedup, aggravate, slipt on, more offbase, un settles, most ill-fitted, dis eased, goes wrong, trip up, un-happy, mischievous, Double dealing, un-meet, going up smoke, un fit, come to naught, loses control, backing wrong horse, scamer, more off-target, gauche, un sound, mis deems, mis reading, more ill fitted, go up smoke, socalled, un-soundest, mis conceive, un-scientific, boo-booing, fallacious, forgive, in adequate, un-just, losing control, brake down, more cooked-up, out-of-place, miss boat, loses balance, pet, mis-laying, un-acceptable, mis-managed, ran aground, pre-tended, in-conclusive, un-substantiated, more flawed, overestimated, over estimating, de-scending, ungrounded, more bum-steer, un scrupulous, boo booing, wert inaccurate, most dirty dealing, on wrong track, coming naught, head-strong, mis manages, most imitation, in firmer, most off-base, overshoot, have wrong impression, make mistake, in-substantial, out order, more off base, fluffing, moving to side, comes naught, broke down, most demagogic, more marred, more drifting, mis reckon, un-backed, snafuing, inapropos, un stablest, more causeless, more illfitted, made boner, skirred, harm, under-value, ill-timed, un settled, in secure, most botched, are the mark, Misconstrued, most unfitting, incomplete, miscounted, being ruined, blowing it, corrupt, mis understands, most offbase, wert incorrect, being mistaken, dis concerting, are late for, trips up, mis-judges, mis handled, let slip, snarls up, had wrong impression, pass by, un fairer, under-rating, misestimate, mis conceives, dis-criminatory, moves to the side, most way off, are defeated, erroneous, casuistic, offbase, un steadiest, wert late for, un-justifiable, mis informed, mis-judging, un grounded, falls flat, Misrepresentative, un-settling, most flimflam, more reasonless, over-rated, most cooked up, invalid, more double crossing, mis-calculate, un convincing, un godliest, runs aground, wert in error, in-consequent, mis-calculated, off wall, in applicable, slipping on, under handed, shifting, most beguiling, are inaccurate, be in error, most illusory, amoral, pro-fane, most misjudging, un-safest, in sanest, un fitted, debase, more errable, without foundation, de-scended, most way-off, untrue, coddle, mis takes, over-rating, art ruined, more forsworn, un-connected, over rated, most drifting, mis deeming, mis calculated, most self contradictory, Unequitable, mis guided, unprovoked, fakedout, un loyal, inapposite, in accurate, praise, un proved, mis-behave, wert wrong, left field, more misunderstanding, in-excusable, jiver, pamper, fall flat, misses fire, false, put foot in, mistaken, unreasonable, wast in vain, un-timelier, are found lacking, missed mark, misunderstood, over-estimate, went astray, comes to nothing, is off mark, de-cline, back wrong horse, mis-placing, casual, un-lawful, mis fires, Overvalued, most doublecrossing, boo booed, barred, in-appropriate, un-justified, in-apropos, intolerable, art inaccurate, un-timeliest, more blemished, wert mistaken, undershooting, un timelier, in-aptest, more fluffed, going headlong, in complete, far fetched, were in vain, gets signals crossed, missing boat, in substantial, were mistaken, was off the mark, mis-firing, letted go, art mark, art in error, un-fitting, un healthiest, be permissive, mis judging, more rascally, was ruined, Overshooting, in-apposite, one sided, more misfigured, unrighteous, over estimated, missed by mile, going astray, mis-understand, un-retentive, misguided, most faked out, art in vain, over shot, under-valued, mis-understanding, un reasonable, mis-deemed, indelicate, un rightful, art defeated, un-loyal, fell through, mis estimates, in-sufficient, making faux pas, laid-back, more cookedup, art mistaken, dis counting, un settling, moves the side, out commission, breaking down, misstepping, de based, over-rate, get wrong, counter-factual, goofing up, self contradictory, wrong, mis carrying, most misunderstanding, under rates, in-accurate, wert mark, dis reputable, fumbling, in valid, missing the mark, un-juster, mis-takes, un backed, in-advisable, tripped up, un-godlier, under wrong impression, un aptest, mis-fires, un-settle, un-holiest, playing into, under-valuing, dis concerts, wast off mark, over-estimates, un-satisfactory, un-sounder, most foot-in-mouth, un steadier, un-truest, fall flat on face, off balance, in consequential, un-fit, more misconstrued, art wrong, under estimate, jive, more offtarget, un-advised, deteriorate, more unretentive, un timely, most prevaricating, fizzing out, coming nothing, put foot in mouth, in-saner, un-sound, make faux pas, more unrighteous, tripping up, fizzles out, dis concerted, un acceptable, in apposite, more leftfield, more confounding, over-look, slips on, jivest, un wise, un holier, mis-apprehending, booboos, out of season, injure, un-wiser, went headlong, come nothing, un-sporting, wert in vain, un supported, un ethical, un timeliest, de scended, wrongnumber, mis construe, miscarry, moved the side, were inaccurate, in-constant, un-godly, mis-counted, was late for, two faced, un-justest, having wrong impression, fizzled out, wast mistaken, un-true, was vain, am in error, un-balanced, more unbacked, misses the boat, more out of place, dis-regards, un-scrupulous, most fluffed, Errable, de-clines, easygoing, skirring, dis honorable, more goofed, hath wrong impression, mis judges, mis handle, was mistaken, way off, mis firing, be incorrect, irrelevant, mis-conceives, losing status, un-proved, inaccurate, slipt up, re prehensible, not knowing, unmeeter, mis-fired, drop the ball, most sophistical, un satisfactory, getting signals crossed, unloyal, in firmest, in-firmer, be the mark, wast inaccurate, most warped, most amoral, most deluding, miss by mile, be ruined, under shot, losing footing, more two-timing, misknown, mis-reckoned, over values, defective, flawed, insufficient, am wrong, un-stablest, un fair, walking unsteadily, undershoot, are in error, most fakedout, were defeated, un holy, apparently right, dis regarding, unfounded, onesided, mis-estimated, mis knew, lets go, falls over, un-stable, illadvised, dis criminatory, prohibited, art found lacking, is late for, errant, un-truer, in congruous, mis estimated, un-wisest, not trustworthy, leftfield, miss the mark, un principled, taking for, vitiate, meaningless, sophistical, move side, made a mess of, unseemly, blew it, snafued, moves to side, un godlier, mis judged, dis proportionate, mis-stepping, un-healthiest, in-decent, under estimates, most confounding, go in smoke, mis lay, am defeated, most inapropos, misleading, more selfcontradictory, under values, unadvised, in apropos, were late for, not right, take for, un-orthodox, fell flat, un-meetest, un-professional, ruin, de scending, in delicate, gotten signals crossed, more mythomaniac, hitting the skids, goof up, letted slip, in-complete, bollixes, un fitting, in saner, biased, falling over, go down swinging, unfair, not knows, under-rate, come naught, mis construed, malfunctioning, run aground, more faked out, breaks down, outlawed, were error, was in vain, un seemliest, un retentive, mis-knows, played in to, more disinformed, loses footing, mis calculating, under valued, un sounder, fizzes out, missing by a mile, most misconstrued, fizzed out, lame, are in vain, goes headlong, make mess of, un holiest, most stonewalled, mis representative, off mark, un healthier, took for, more unsporting, mis-lays, mis carry, rascally, dirtydealing, un-convincing, over valued, most twotiming, contrary fact, mis-handles, more cheating, blow, putting foot in, more wrongnumber, in-consequential, un-seemlier, depress, wide of mark, un duer, mis carries, in-admissible, un-tenable, deceived oneself, un becoming, in correct, ill suited, most off target, over-value, un fairest, most leftfield, be vain, in harmonious, dirty-dealing, more casuistical, un-fairest, wert vain, most off base, wast found lacking, foot-in-mouth, dis solute, break, remit, err, more offending, everyday, in-coherent, shabby, un-steadiest, came to nothing, be wrong, in-opportune, goes downhill, Sallied, most unequitable, lose control, zigzags, making a mess, un faithful, seedy, makes mess of, unrightful, missed the boat, more twotiming, mis reckoned, under-estimate, mendacious, wast ruined, proscribed, over valuing, dis-solute, overshoots, un-duer, offtarget, un wisest, most bum steer, breeze, mis-manages, dis counted, fallible, hurt, damage, more self contradictory, is mark, mis-knowing, un stable, un-holy, passed up, most dirtydealing, under-estimating, re-probate, comes to naught, unwarranted, way-off, un-healthy, dis-concerted, in-discreet, in advisable, is in vain, under hand, playing in to, more dirty-dealing, more out-of-place, over rate, more prevaricating, be defeated, most mishandled, backs wrong horse, were vain, un truest, mis-deem, most wrong-number, scoundrelly, un-proven, mis-lay, misfire, more demotic, fell flat on face, wayoff, un-reasoned.