Pronunciation of Countenance
/k_ˈaʊ_n_t_ə_n_ə_n_s/, /kˈa͡ʊntənəns/, /kˈa‍ʊntənəns/

Antonyms for countenance:

decry, took a dim view of, dis esteemed, object to, Disfavored, take dim view of, frown on, deter, disagree, counted me out, dis-favoring, censure, fight, frustrate, dis esteem, dis-countenanced, Vilipend, dis-approving, chide, hinder, discountenance, expose, grizzle, dis countenanced, growl, nervousness, dis composes, dis commending, dis-approve, dis-countenancing, block, concern, discourage, disallow, baffle, dis countenancing, holds no brief for, dis-compose, dis-composes, bad-mouth, dis-commending, dissuade, reprove, dis commended, take exception to, caterwaul, minimize, yawp, disturbance, impede, look down, veto, takes exception to, contemn, apprehension, dis composing, dis-comfit, takes a dim view of, counts me out, dis-composed, uneasiness, dis-approved, dis comfits, hurt, objecting to, depreciate, warn, disconcert, upbraid, Disfavoring, dis-countenance, alarm, deprecate, denigrate, forbid, spurn, anxiety, refuse, dis-courage, reject, frowned on, solicitude, disparage, dis countenances, took dim view of, dis-esteems, dis-comfits, dis favors, repudiate, dis-esteeming, frowning on, dis comfit, discommends, taking a dim view of, criticize, inveigh, frowns on, dis-favor, agitation, dis-favored, protest, dis-commended, dis-commends, counting me out, objects to, deny, dis approve, dis-courages, dis-composing, taking dim view of, dis-favors, dis commends, dis compose, discommending, dis-esteem, trash-talk, injure, dis favor, dis-commend, pass up, excitability, oppose, dis approving, dis courage, not go for, counteract, belittle, play down, outlaw, maunder, dis esteeming, held no brief for, denounce, dis-approves, disapprove, dis courages, enjoin, cry down, holding no brief for, croak, reprehend, poor-mouth, dismiss, confound, diminish, count me out, took exception to, apprehensiveness, obstruct, discommended, dis commend, kiss off, dis approves, disquiet, take a dim view of, worry, takes dim view of, admonish, dis countenance, dis composed, taking exception to, care, deselect, excitableness, dis favoring, dis favored, throw over, dis approved, write off, hold no brief for, dis-esteemed, not stand for, dis esteems, nix, complain, objected to, perturbation, anxiousness, dis-countenances, squeal, discomposure, Discommend, talk down.

Usage examples for countenance:

  • At these words the Prince and Annouchka both changed countenance. - "The Secret of the Night", Gaston Leroux.
  • What is it that has happened to your countenance? - "Cleek: the Man of the Forty Faces", Thomas W. Hanshew.

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