Pronunciation of Counter
/kˈa͡ʊntə/, /kˈa‍ʊntə/, /k_ˈaʊ_n_t_ə/

Antonyms for counter

maintain, part with, fitting in, nonlethal, throws in towel, folding up, facilitate, benignant, divide, abet, benign, helpful, cordial, gave way, good, toe line, assert, dis charging, dis-charge, pro-vides, pro-vided, promote, equally, Re-turn, Corroborating, fold up, caved in, tolerant, caves in, go with flow, nonfatal, Re sign, affable, provoke, fit in, declare, innocuous, calling it quits, throws in the towel, gave oneself over, dis charged, caving in, promotes, going with the flow, lay down arms, dis-charging, pro-motes, folds up, calling quits, in-citing, letted go, favorable, in-cited, sur-rendered, understanding, threw the towel, re signed, lays down arms, came to terms, suffers defeat, toed the mark, re lax, aid, parted with, dis charge, goes with flow, pro motes, dis charges, same, Knuckled, give over, plays the game, decide, coincide, folded up, sur-renders, throwing towel, Tendering, similarly, re-signed, letting go, give up, pro viding, sur rendered, go with the flow, throw towel, sur-render, calls it quits, re turning, throwing in towel, aver, concur, unresistant, complying, play the game, propitious, avow, agreeable, sur rendering, pro-moting, toed mark, Urged, playing the game, toeing mark, concurring, avouch, nourish, call quits, re-turned, toe the mark, bringing forth, budge, yielding, neutral, amicable, laid down arms, knuckle, beneficial, playing game, conform, separate, Tendered, went with the flow, well-disposed, all owing, in-cite, re-turning, admits defeat, harmonious, cultivate, call it quits, admitted defeat, re turns, coming to terms, play game, useful, come terms, re turn, giving way, lets go, in cites, harmless, played game, pro vides, nurture, brought forth, pro mote, in cited, came terms, giving oneself over, re-turns, yield, admitting defeat, throw in towel, in-cites, go along with, innocent, parting with, pro-vide, submit, affirm, advantageous, gave over, called quits, capitulate, pro-viding, help, cave in, toe mark, in citing, support, pro vide, threw towel, bring forth, all owed, toes mark, re-lax, Promoted, pro moting, permit, threw in the towel, fits in, going with flow, hospitable, harmonize, knuckles, pro vided, agreeing, all-owed, brings forth, throws towel, dis-charges, blink, tenders, give way, toes the mark, corresponding, toeing the mark, contend, congenial, nondestructive, suffer defeat, throw in the towel, chime in, arrange, throwing the towel, went with flow, called it quits, played the game, re signs, gives oneself over, re signing, pro-mote, comes terms, agree, re-signs, encourage, sells for, gives over, profess, settle, sur renders, throws the towel, goes with the flow, concede, suffering defeat, inoffensive, friendly, succumb, insist, comes to terms, in cite, plays game, equal, sell for, sympathetic, allege, similar, foster, coming terms, sur-rendering, come to terms, assist, assort, suffered defeat, relent, amiable, admit defeat, all-owing, dis-charged, allow, calls quits, give oneself over.