Pronunciation of Court
/k_ˈɔː_t/, /kˈɔːt/, /kˈɔːt/

Antonyms for court:

keeping on toes, keep on ones toes, minding p's q's, be waring, kept on toes, ignore, avoid, walked eggs, offend, keeping one's toes, kept on one toes, abjure, keep toes, watching step, minds p and q, am cautious, were cautious, keeping on one's toes, abdicate, was cautious, minded p and q, keeps ones toes, keep one's distance, keeping on ones toes, minding p and q, keeping eyes open, steers clear of, mind p's and q's, keeps toes, overlook, wast wary, mind ps and qs, kept one's toes, kept on one's toes, repudiate, cut, be-wares, are cautious, scape, mind p and q, keeps on toes, minding ps and qs, be wared, displease, keep on one's toes, disregard, being cautious, bypass, refuse, kept eyes open, minded p's q's, keeping ones toes, watching one step, reject, be wares, art wary, take heed, mind p q, shirk, watches one's step, watching out, kept on ones toes, walks eggs, watched out, kept distance, be-ware, took heed, watching ones step, kept one toes, watches step, kept ones distance, keeping distance, art cautious, refrains from, keeping one's distance, minded p's and q's, take care, retract, keeping one toes, wast cautious, mind p's q's, forego, turn off, be-wared, neglect, keeps one distance, discontinue, be-waring, minding p q, minds p's q's, mind ps qs, watch one step, watched ones step, keeping ones distance, minds ps and qs, keeping on one toes, watch out, circumvent, minded p q, circumnavigate, keep one distance, took care, is wary, cede, minds ps qs, watching one's step, guard against, quit, give up, renounce, kept one's distance, eschew, walks on eggs, deny, keeps one's toes, repulse, refraining from, keeping toes, watch one's step, keep on one toes, keeps distance, takes heed, takes care, sidestep, keep ones toes, be wary, minding ps qs, wert wary, elude, was wary, keeps on one toes, keep on toes, refrain from, minds p q, wert cautious, walk eggs, keep one toes, watches out, guarding against, repel, steered clear of, am wary, minds p's and q's, resign, were wary, is cautious, keep distance, are wary, minded ps qs, keeping one distance, keeps on one's toes, walking eggs, forsake, minding p's and q's, be cautious, keep ones distance, taking heed, recant, watched step, get around, kept toes, keeps ones distance, walked on eggs, kept ones toes, refrained from, be ware, minded ps and qs, relinquish, walking on eggs, being wary, condemn, shortcut, keeps one toes, steer clear of, keep one's toes, keeps eyes open, pass, watches one step, forswear, watches ones step, walk on eggs, pass by, guards against, watch step, evade, vacate, watch ones step, keeps one's distance, kept one distance, keeps on ones toes, guarded against, watched one step, keep eyes open, beware, watched one's step, steering clear of.

Usage examples for court:

  • Once the judge was in court, which court no one seemed to know. - "Lonesome Town", Ethel and James Dorrance.
  • In court, is he? - "Corporal Cameron", Ralph Connor.
  • Edward remained at court several days. - "The Children of the New Forest", Captain Marryat.

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