Pronunciation of Customer
/kˈʌstəmə/, /kˈʌstəmə/, /k_ˈʌ_s_t_ə_m_ə/

Antonyms for customer

Proprietaries, sender, inter ceders, sales rep, marketer, inter mediate, ex porter, organization persons, auctioneer, inter agent, shopkeeper, retailers, re tailer, sales reps, bigtime operators, inter agents, big-time operator, middle-person, out-crier, the bacons, animal, businesswomen, salesman, re-tailers, trafficker, store owners, barterer, owner, the bacon, big time operator, franchisers, stockbroker, manager, big time operators, ex porters, storekeeper, ex-porter, business people, re presentative, stockbrokers, proprietary, handlers, middle-persons, Working Women, gray flannel suit, chandler, Tradespeople, outcriers, vendor, businesswoman, salesclerk, Interagent, exporters, fence, traveling salesperson, land owners, inter mediates, critter, business person, sales assistants, sales assistant, salesgirl, dispenser, out criers, re-presentative, barterers, seller, sales representatives, dealer, Outcrier, big-time operators, go between, tradesman, changers, broker, businessperson, businessmen, senders, middlepersons, inter-ceder, land owner, ex-porters, inter-mediates, saleslady, chandlers, inter ceder, vender, wholesalers, salesperson, traveling salespersons, inter-agents, middlepeople, wholesaler, saleswoman, Working Woman, inter-agent, inter-ceders, out-criers, freeholders, changer, consigner, interagents, store clerks, traveling salespeople, re-tailer, wheelerdealer, store owner, store clerk, franchiser, handler, intermediates, freeholder, merchant, career person, dispensers, re tailers, auctioneers, gray flannel suits, career people, out crier, retailer, middleperson, career persons, titleholder, exporter, wheeler dealer, business persons, merchandiser, marketers, businessman, proprietor, grocer, tradesperson, titleholders, trader, sales helps, consigners, bigtime operator.