Pronunciation of Cut
/kˈʌt/, /kˈʌt/, /k_ˈʌ_t/

Antonyms for cut

increased, put forth, gets on soapbox, under-takes, applause, praise, Superscribed, branch out, letting out, un folds, turn to, drag one's feet, be-speaking, minute, most scopious, spin off, diffusing, ex tended, entire, Outstretch, are prolix, engaging in, devotes oneself to, let out, un rolled, pro tract, drags one feet, compound, pro-motes, puff out, hadst go at, drags feet, increase, marked up, unmown, dis-courses, enlargement, reaching out, sew, engaged in, plenary, pre-sent, threw oneself into, concentrate, ex pounds, under-take, dilate, gets soapbox, dis-tending, wert profuse, expand, dis-tend, re-fining, dis cuss, perfect, Bulking, mend, reaches out, attends to, making longer, dis patching, spieling, get on soapbox, crane, hath at, connect, place at disposal, made larger, ran on, thorough, give talk, ex-pound, dis-patch, put forward, growing larger, pitching in to, focuses on, re double, takes the floor, delivering speech, ex pounded, dragged ones feet, solid, beer-bellied, delivered speech, puffing out, dis patched, concentrates on, made longer, postmark, unclipped, Tripled, pitch in to, switch on, ex-pounds, attended to, un rolling, dis tended, has a go at, took the floor, grow, in-scribes, soups up, add, devoted to, nicety, pyramidded, applied to, pegs away, hiking up, pitch into, most elongate, focusses on, dis-cussing, dis tending, amplify, super-scribing, focus on, un-furling, got on soapbox, knuckled down to, placed at disposal, touch off, applies to, bringing forward, re doubled, Post-mark, be speaks, un folded, have at, hast at, go at, upsurged, ex tend, focusing on, apply to, intact, closing, combine, drag one feet, be stowing, be spake, be stow, throw oneself in to, has go at, continue, re fined, had go at, branch off, un furling, dis-coursing, restart, spieled, ex-pounded, Postmarking, blow-by-blow, outspread, un-rolled, more spread, ex-tended, ex tends, extend, jack up, re-doubling, be-stows, greet, farflung, span off, more scopious, brings forward, souped up, concentrate on, ex pound, being prolix, am profuse, un rolls, composite, place disposal, puts forward, knuckle down to, hadst a go at, jacked up, apply oneself to, hath go at, dis coursed, Mantling, very long, gotten on soapbox, most scopic, far reaching, pro-moting, super scribes, post-marks, unpierced, re-fine, un-folding, be-spoke, disorganization, plugging away at, gotten a soapbox, span out, under taking, had at, in scribes, be-stowing, be-stowed, make longer, sum, grow larger, scopic, tripling, plugs away at, takes care of, post marking, closure, devotes to, art prolix, woo, take the floor, in scribe, most unfurled, fan out, tacks on, throwing in to, concentrated on, pro-longing, pegging away, most outspread, paunchy, re ached, get a soapbox, dis tend, actuate, plugged away at, re-doubled, be-speak, un-roll, goes at, postmarks, up surged, resume, under take, spun off, haddest go at, dis patch, threw into, hast a go at, give details, delivered talk, giving talk, stretching out, un-rolling, dis courses, undiluted, knuckles down to, more elongate, dragging ones feet, post-marked, gets on a soapbox, re-ached, throws oneself in to, gave details, give speech, cultivate, turning to, super scribed, drawnout, uncut, pro-mote, threw oneself in to, gat a soapbox, dis tends, promote, puts forth, mark up, pro moting, comprehensive, respect, in-crease, got a soapbox, be-spoken, under taken, create, totality, marking up, makes longer, gets a soapbox, run up, got on a soapbox, superscribes, renew, haddest a go at, knuckling down to, in-scribe, append, throw oneself into, re-double, protract, particularized, pro longing, ex tensive, full, puffed out, delivers speech, rooted for, complexify, pro-tracts, letted out, post marks, runs on, drawn out, flesh out, ex tending, up-surge, acclaim, getting soapbox, drag ones feet, under-taking, un-rolls, gat soapbox, up surging, super scribing, gives details, post mark, commendation, dis cussing, superscribe, run on, adulation, in-creases, dis-patches, be prolix, be-spake, extended, spins off, un-furled, uncastrated, untrimmed, reopen, diffused, out spread, farreaching, be-stow, dragging one's feet, has at, stretch out, spin out, under took, more continued, having go at, perplex, pro longs, is prolix, turned to, spread out, throws in to, fleshed out, took care of, pitches into, grew larger, drag feet, whole, unsheared, entangle, in creasing, hadst at, dragging one feet, devoting to, be speaking, peg away, pegged away, complete, ex-pounding, dis patches, re fines, takes floor, soup up, fanning out, slap on, throwing oneself in to, gat on soapbox, throws oneself into, devoted oneself to, rooting for, Craning, marks up, re-fines, got soapbox, most continued, under-took, devoting oneself to, ex pounding, most unfolded, attend to, reached out, giving details, grows larger, pool, places at disposal, dis-patched, un-folds, dis coursing, art profuse, engage in, tacking on, embarrass, applies oneself to, pro-tract, dis-coursed, fanned out, take up, dis cusses, far flung, un-fold, spins out, pro-longs, were profuse, stringing out, throwing into, getting on a soapbox, Lasted, deliver talk, in-creased, was profuse, most spread, multi-plying, puffs out, apostrophize, join, more outspread, develop, dis-tends, super-scribes, pro longed, Tendering, fleshes out, elaborate, devote to, putting forward, dragging feet, more expanded, more unfolded, take care of, applied oneself to, re fine, focussing on, multi-plied, take floor, mantled, make larger, un furled, spreading out, spinning out, slapped on, prolong, pre sent, lets out, getting on soapbox, jazzing up, post-marking, devote oneself to, stretched out, string out, have a go at, ex-tend, dis-cuss, upsurging, construct, spreads out, engages in, having a go at, re doubles, enlarge, souping up, putting forth, going at, get on a soapbox, wert prolix, hast go at, hath a go at, be profuse, cranes, jazzes up, pre-sents, up surge, compleat, drags one's feet, pitches in to, were prolix, fans out, brought forward, turns to, be-speaks, build, more unfurled, close, had a go at, super scribe, be spoke, slapping on, particular, pro long, plug away at, activate, pro-longed, applying oneself to, un-folded, in-scribing, unite, gives talk, threw in to, large scale, pitched in to, drags ones feet, compliment, give birth, tenders, address, throwing oneself into, tack on, tacked on, taking care of, raise, throw into, took floor, pitched into, condense, imperforate, having at, under-taken, taking the floor, largescale, have go at, throws into, dis cussed, re doubling, stringed out, am prolix, applying to, being profuse, in crease, is profuse, ex-tending, be stowed, up surges, strings out, up-surges, detailed, adjoin, strung out, dragged one feet, be spoken, under takes, diffuses, super-scribe, dis course, dis-cusses, giving speech, accolade, places disposal, aggregate, be stows, re-doubles, most expanded, snowball, runs up, haddest at, throw in to, flattery, makes larger, un roll, dragged feet, Bulked, grand, dis-cussed, Postmarked, potbellied, un folding, placing at disposal, was prolix, placing disposal, be speak, gotten soapbox, root for, concentrating on, spun out, wast prolix, reach out, dis-course, pro-long, circumstantial, re aching, spinning off, in creases, dragged one's feet, gives speech, running up, pitching into, un fold, integral, focussed on, unabridged, deliver speech, pyramidding, bring forward, focused on, pro tracts, dis-patching, delivering talk, went at, lengthen, hiked up, Craned, attending to, re-aching, multi plying, up-surging, ex-tends, are profuse, dis-tended, trigger, scopious, Tendered, delivers talk, bear, ran up.