Pronunciation of Darkness
/dˈɑːknəs/, /dˈɑːknəs/, /d_ˈɑː_k_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for darkness

sparkle, shimmer, brights, high noon, sunbeams, sunrise, glossiness, during day, luster, fluorescences, noon, luminousness, shining, SOLS, slicknesses, glistening, lambency, ex-ample, re velations, clarity, light, sunup, sidereal days, ex planations, in sight, gaudiness, dawn-to-darks, afterglows, radiance, in-candescences, crack dawn, fore day, breakfast time, Fulgor, wee hour, irradiation, fore-noons, comprehensibility, before noons, whiteness, wee hours, explicitness, sidereal day, scintillation, straightforwardness, daysprings, light day, re velation, in-formation, ex ample, midday, Morningtide, Whites, brilliance, directness, astronomical day, phosphorescence, dawn to dark, diurnal courses, sensibility, early bright, radiancy, working day, dayspring, tangibility, incandescences, foredays, opalescences, pallidities, patina, candescences, astronomical days, after-glows, tinsel, refulgences, After-glow, fluorescence, during the day, Aubade, dawn-to-dark, finish, showiness, shininesses, obviousness, ante meridiem, showinesses, nautical day, glistering, refulgence, bedazzlement, readableness, luminosity, dawning, Self-evidence, tinsels, sunrise-to-sunset, incandescence, re-flections, glossinesses, shine, before noon, daylight, perspicuity, forenoons, irradiations, gleaming, morrow, fore-days, morningtides, after midnights, morrows, lighting, ante meridiems, cognizance, hoarinesses, fulgors, plainness, in sights, sunrise to sunsets, early brights, in formation, morn, readability, diffused light, tapers, illumination, Lights, hoariness, dawn, blinkings, after glows, starlight, afternoon, sense, glaze, noonday, daytime, tangibleness, fore-day, day peep, lighthouse, certainty, surety, brightenings, visibility, silkiness, daybreak, Pallidity, legibility, patinas, dis plays, in-sight, light of day, morning, exactness, flash, Candescence, nautical days, brightness, before lunches, shininess, dis play, dis-plays, in candescence, in-sights, sunbeam, fore days, openness, diffused lights, lucidity, enlightening, crack of dawn, forthrightness, re flection, noontime, luminances, distinctness, in-candescence, incision, definiteness, sumptuousness, day peeps, re-flection, gaudinesses, sheen, fore-noon, after glow, intelligence, noontide, understanding, dawn to darks, sur-face, moonlight, palpability, lightness, day, ex-planations, ex planation, sunshines, diurnal course, breakfast times, daytimes, sunshine, silkinesses, sunrise to sunset, luminousnesses, sol, perspicuousness, sur face, sur faces, polish, in candescences, Lucidness, aubades, after midnight, dis-play, bedazzlements, working days, incisiveness, resplendency, intelligibility, before lunch, brilliancy, in formations, break day, glitter, opalescence, clearness, in-formations, afterglow, re-velation, forenoon, sunlights, re flections, foreday, re-velations, sunlight.