De lights

Pronunciation of De Lights
/də lˈa͡ɪts/, /də lˈa‍ɪts/, /d_ə l_ˈaɪ_t_s/

Antonyms for de lights

apathy, delight, repress, disturb, boo, bother, reject, humiliation, pacify, Hell, dull, conforming, gravity, dimness, cheerlessness, disregard, free, misunderstand, repel, injury, disappointment, release, discontent, hate, exhaust, be mean, harm, torment, make mad, dislike, cool, be still, forget, coolness, dismay, woe, sadden, disillusion, work, disapproval, disloyalty, Staying, help, disapprove, bring down, assist, sadness, labor, indelicacy, give, repulse, dissuade, indifference, dissatisfy, deaden, moderate, forfeit, sorrow, intensify, lamentation, incite, turn away, decline, disappoint, decrease, bear, disrespect, disturbance, push, debasement, anger, dishonor, dissatisfaction, refrain, blandness, stay, disgust, exasperate, destroy, chore, dark, dishearten, frustrate, deprive, criticism, sobriety, economy, misery, animosity, magnify, melancholy, please, timidity, halt, provoke, lethargy, trouble, agitate, lose, annoy, fail, diet, refuse, die, enmity, seriousness, indecision, boredom, shrink, liberate, dampen, discourage, excite, obstruct, calmness, agitation, weaken, need, contradict, Disenthrall, modesty, roughness, end, unhappiness, discontinue, lull, retard, profession, keep, contempt, avoid, condemnation, reassure, worry, receive, cease, disfavor, vocation, injure, disobedience, languish, create, quiet, offend, fast, suppress, disallow, hatred, self-deprecation, despair, humility, maintain, make happy, hold, pain, bore, lack, increase, distress, frugality, dispirit, penalty, abstain, heaviness, worsen, depression, mourning, enervate, vex, deny, dullness, dodge, laziness, deter, irritation, turn off, castigation, add, neglect, depress, torture, coarseness, want, extreme, loathing, stunt, compose, discouragement, aversion, block, ill will, let go, soothe, failure, oppose, aid, give birth, unenthusiasm, praise, drudgery, offer, displease, disgrace, tranquilize, tire, aggravate, keep to, deplete, depart, denunciation, task, robustness, be direct, not use, inelegance, lot, irritate, disenchant, be immune, gloom, stop, hurt, bad fortune, slow, upset, put out, austerity, ignorance, be honest, reluctance, treachery, be sad, shyness, ignore, calm, prevent, misconceive, hinder, displeasure, cloudiness, diminish, disinterest.