De posits

Pronunciation of De Posits
/də pˈɒsɪts/, /də pˈɒsɪts/, /d_ə p_ˈɒ_s_ɪ_t_s/

Antonyms for de posits

disinter, detach, sky, leave open, disallow, block, part, harm, penalty, ditch, stand, wait, squander, remove, liquefy, withhold, throw away, gather, breach, unfasten, separate, one, throw overboard, pour in, idle, dislodge, withdrawal, want, give up, awake, endanger, ignore, maintain, open, release, cancel, load, unsettle, catch, dishonor, halt, dispossess, forget, be busy, stop, take away, plant, go up, whole, move, erase, divide, fill, remain, make vulnerable, increase, little, expose, ascend, diminish, mix up, fail, valley, scatter, disagreement, disorganization, break, fix, dissipate, not have, spread, individual, lack, retract, be active, distribute, debt, loosen, disorder, consume, wake, expend, keep from, give, dig out, disorganize, hurt, finish, dissuade, subtract, refuse, take out, soften, save, disregard, reject, waste, use up, depart, tell, receive, collect, bit, uncover, let happen, end, disperse, dig up, failure, stoppage, straighten, lift, abandon, hide, leave, take in, disapprove, continue, overlook, keep, lay bare, reap, hand over, destroy, cease, upset, transfer, change, destruction, disturb, debit, energize, hold, let go, take, spend, deny, impediment, let out, retain, Unfix, discourage, hinder, lose, use, displace, disobey, conceal, discompose, misplace, recession, neglect, ruin, empty, DO, rest, lessen, decrease, stagnation, disestablish, Unstick, hesitation, disarrange, need, stay, unlock, reveal, confuse, uncertainty, harvest, desist, back out, deplete, rise, possessions, rough, loaf, disburse.