De Posits

Pronunciation of De Posits
/də pˈɒsɪts/, /də pˈɒsɪts/, /d_ə p_ˈɒ_s_ɪ_t_s/

Antonyms for de posits:

disinter, detach, sky, leave open, disallow, block, part, harm, penalty, ditch, stand, wait, squander, remove, liquefy, withhold, throw away, gather, breach, unfasten, separate, one, throw overboard, pour in, idle, dislodge, withdrawal, want, give up, awake, endanger, ignore, maintain, open, release, cancel, load, unsettle, catch, dishonor, halt, dispossess, forget, be busy, stop, take away, plant, go up, whole, move, erase, divide, fill, remain, make vulnerable, increase, little, expose, ascend, diminish, mix up, fail, valley, scatter, disagreement, disorganization, break, fix, dissipate, not have, spread, individual, lack, retract, be active, distribute, debt, loosen, disorder, consume, wake, expend, keep from, give, dig out, disorganize, hurt, finish, dissuade, subtract, refuse, take out, soften, save, disregard, reject, waste, use up, depart, tell, receive, collect, bit, uncover, let happen, end, disperse, dig up, failure, stoppage, straighten, lift, abandon, hide, leave, take in, disapprove, continue, overlook, keep, lay bare, reap, hand over, destroy, cease, upset, transfer, change, destruction, disturb, debit, energize, hold, let go, take, spend, deny, impediment, let out, retain, Unfix, discourage, hinder, lose, use, displace, disobey, conceal, discompose, misplace, recession, neglect, ruin, empty, DO, rest, lessen, decrease, stagnation, disestablish, Unstick, hesitation, disarrange, need, stay, unlock, reveal, confuse, uncertainty, harvest, desist, back out, deplete, rise, possessions, rough, loaf, disburse.

Synonyms for de posits:

Earth (noun)

clay, clod, coast, compost, dry land, dust, fill, glebe, gravel, humus, land, loam, marl, mold, muck, mud, peat moss, sand, shore, sod, subsoil, surface, terra firma, terrain, topsoil, turf, Terrane.

advance (noun)

accommodation, allowance, bite, credit, down payment, floater, hike, increase, loan, prepayment, rise, score, take, touch, deposit, front money.

bank account (noun)

checking account, current account, deposit account, funds, savings account.

deposit (noun)

alluvium, delta, deposition, dregs, drift, drop, grounds, installment, lees, pledge, precipitate, precipitation, retainer, security, sediment, settlings, silt, stake, warranty, money in the bank, partial payment.

detritus (noun)

rubble, scree, Grains, Leavings, fragments, shavings.

down payment (noun)

binder, earnest money, security deposit.

dregs (noun)

dirt, residue, slag, waste, Draff, deposits.

drift (noun)

alluvion, batch, bunch, bundle, clump, cluster, lot, mountain, parcel, set, shock, stack.

formation (noun)

accumulation, architecture, arrangement, compilation, configuration, constitution, construction, creation, crystallization, design, development, dispersal, disposition, embodiment, evolution, fabrication, figure, generation, genesis, grouping, induction, makeup, manufacture, order, organization, pattern, production, rank, structure, synthesis, Forming.

fossil (noun)

eolith, impression, neolith, paleolith, petrifaction, reconstruction, relic, skeleton, specimen, trace.

gob (noun)

Jillion, jumb.

grounds (noun)


guarantee (noun)

agreement, assurance, attestation, bail, bargain, bond, certainty, certificate, certification, charter, collateral, contract, covenant, earnest, gage, guaranty, insurance, lock, oath, pawn, pipe, recognizance, sure thing, surety, testament, token, undertaking, vow, warrant, word, word of honor.

heap (noun)

a lot, abundance, agglomeration, aggregation, assemblage, bulk, cargo, collection, concentration, congeries, fullness, gathering, gobs, great deal, haul, jumble, load, lots, lump, million, mint, much, ocean, oodles, plenty, profusion, quantity, scad, stock, sum, thousand, ton, total, trillion, volume, whole, Amassment, pot.

jillion (noun)

multiplicity, ream.

metal (noun)

alloy, casting, foil, hardware, ingot, leaf, mail, mineral, ore, plate, solder, vein, native rock.

payment (noun)

acquittal, advance, alimony, amends, amortization, amount, annuity, award, bounty, cash, defrayal, defrayment, disbursement, down, fee, hire, indemnification, outlay, part, paying, pension, portion, premium, quittance, reckoning, recompense, redress, refund, reimbursement, remittance, remuneration, reparation, repayment, requital, restitution, retaliation, return, reward, salary, settlement, subsidy, support, wage, pay-off.

pledge (noun)


sediment (noun)

debris, dross, gunk, matter, powder, residuum, settling, trash, solids, gook.

bank (verb)

heap, hill, lay aside, mass, mound, pile, speculate, squirrel.

bury (verb)

embalm, enshrine, entomb, inhume, inter, lay out, mummify, put away, sepulcher, sepulture, tomb, Inearth, Inurn, cover up, consign to grave, ensepulcher, hold last rites for, hold services for, put six feet under.

cast (verb)

aim, bestow, diffuse, direct, distribute, point, radiate, scatter, shed, spatter, spray, spread, sprinkle, strew, train.

commit (verb)

allocate, allot, apportion, authorize, charge, commend, commission, confide, consign, convey, delegate, depend upon, depute, deputize, destine, dispatch, employ, empower, engage, give, hand over, hold, ice, imprison, institutionalize, intrust, move, offer, ordain, promise, relegate, remove, send, shift, submit, vest, leave to, turn over to, rely upon, confer trust, give to do, grant authority, make responsible for, put in the hands of.

deposit (verb)

accumulate, amass, bank, collect, commit, deliver, ditch, entrust, garner, hoard, install, invest, keep, lay, lay away, park, place, plant, plop, plunk, plunk down, repose, rest, salt away, save, settle, squirrel away, stash, store, stow, transfer, treasure, sit down, put aside, put by, sock away, stock up, give in trust.

drop off (verb)

leave, present, set down, unload, let off.

dump (verb)

cast, chuck, clear out, deep-six, discard, discharge, dispose of, drain, eject, empty, evacuate, expel, exude, fling, get rid of, jettison, junk, scrap, throw out, throw overboard, tip, unpack, throw down, let fall, fling down.

embed (verb)

bury, dig in, enclose, fasten, fix, hammer in, impact, infix, ingrain, inlay, insert, lodge, pierce, plunge, press, root, stick in, tuck in, drive in, put into, ram in, stuff in, thrust in.

file (verb)

alphabetize, arrange, catalog, catalogue, categorize, classify, docket, document, enter, index, list, pigeonhole, record, register, slot, tabulate.

garner (verb)

assemble, cull, cumulate, extract, gather, glean, harvest, hive, lay in, reap, reserve, roll up, stockpile, pick up, lay up, stow away.

heap (verb)

add, augment, concentrate, dump, fill up, group, pack, swell.

hoard (verb)

acquire, buy up, cache, hide, pile up, scrimp, put aside for rainy day.

keep (verb)

care for, carry, conduct, conserve, control, detain, enjoy, grasp, grip, have, hold back, manage, own, possess, preserve, put, retain, season, withhold, put up, trade in, deal in.

lay (verb)

adduce, allege, bear, bring forth, bring forward, cite, dispose, establish, generate, locate, organize, posit, position, put forward, set out, stick, systematize, yield.

park (verb)

maneuver, seat, stand, station, line up.

pawn (verb)

hazard, hock, hook, mortgage, give in earnest.

place (verb)

assign, finger, nail, peg, quarter, spot.

plant (verb)

found, imbed, institute, plank, plank down.

put (verb)

bring, concenter, embed, fixate, focus, rivet, situate.

put away/put aside/put by (verb)

store away, put out of the way, set aside, lay by, reserve cache.

rain (verb)

bucket, drizzle, fall, hail, lavish, mist, patter, pour, shower, sleet, storm, come down in buckets.

repose (verb)

lay down, lie, lie down, loaf, loll, lounge, settle down, sleep, slumber, stretch, stretch out, take it easy, tilt, slant.

save (verb)

cut corners, maintain, retrench, skimp, spare, pinch pennies, make ends meet, roll back, hide away, be frugal, be thrifty, feather nest, save for rainy day, tighten belt.

seat (verb)

accommodate, nestle, perch, roost, sit, squat.

secrete (verb)

conceal, cover, disguise, ensconce, finesse, harbor, hide out, keep quiet, keep to oneself, palm, paper, screen, seclude, secure, shroud, stash away, stonewall, veil, whitewash, keep secret, keep under wraps, sweep under rug.

set (verb)

affix, anchor, apply, head, introduce, level, mount, post, prepare, turn, wedge, zero in, make ready, make fast.

stick (verb)

plonk, stuff.

store (verb)

bin, bottle, can, freeze, hutch, lock away, lock up, mothball, victual, warehouse, pack away, keep in reserve, put in storage.

stow (verb)

secrete, top off, tuck, pack like sardines.

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