De stroyed

Pronunciation of De Stroyed
/də stɹˈɔ͡ɪd/, /də stɹˈɔ‍ɪd/, /d_ə s_t_ɹ_ˈɔɪ_d/

Antonyms for de stroyed

abstain, build, wait, fixable, fine, be indifferent, give, fixed, plan, fortify, leave alone, save, combine, commend, clarify, put together, institute, loved, erect, clean, honest, decent, balanced, incite, coagulate, hate, brighten, cure, benefit, please, store, employ, nibble, fail, Soothed, fortunate, help, accomplished, tied, comfort, wish for, populated, assuage, resolve, compose, encouraged, merry, facilitate, worthwhile, convex, hire, joyous, fasten, tidy, free, order, Energized, rested, receive, maintain, finished, beautify, solidify, zipped, ratify, abet, ornament, bulging, satisfied, stored, sunny, fill, completed, assemble, systematize, have faith, introduce, release, warm, protected, raised, marry, rich, soothe, restore, nice, lively, fastened, go on, increase, gather, flatter, buttoned, integrate, wealthy, bore, full, intact, balance, magnify, bright, ignore, accept, engage, joyful, start, establish, compliment, pleased, embellish, flourishing, repairable, enlighten, pleasant, happy, yield, continue, offer, approve, fresh, believe, calm, animate, enact, refreshed, enliven, sane, refresh, enable, bear, place, adorn, honor, intensify, optimistic, accumulated, vitalize, join, mobilize, sterilize, laud, hope, light, unused, initiate, pass, raise, virtuous, arrange, cheerful, uplift, sober, restored, blessed, secure, clear up, schedule, concentrate, clothe, unburdened, dislike, restart, open, decorate, dirty, Solaced, upright, conservative, confirm, uncompress, upgrade, extend, do well, uncover, sanctify, hold back, invigorate, advance, grow, liberate, allow, validate, permit, credit, push, begin, expect, organize, uphold, saved, respect, surrender, underwhelm, gathered, encourage, revive, pushed up, unselfish, sound, expand, repair, untroubled, DO, stay, inhabited, embolden, pursue, activated, heal, not impress, praise, support, fix, enlarge, exalt, preserve, prohibit, give birth, improve, enhance, build up, add, sanction, elated, commence, retain, promote, indulge, smooth, straighten, welcome, cultivated, lose, assist, trust, explain, hold, stand, close, succeed, set up, hopeful, let go, Mendable, construct, win, stimulate, Consoled, good, rise, put in, unite, above, gay, generous, keep, cover, forfeit, used, invigorated, comforted, neglect, timely, successful, reparable, lucky, current, rebuild, consolable, tip, cherished, activate, sew, guard, unmix, energetic, imbalance, Befriended, repaired, anticipate, create, capacitate, prosperous, strengthen, glad, legalize, clean up, insert, retreat, neaten, heartened, new, remain, pick, give in, energize, protect, purify, mend, appear, boost, Hoarded, aid, develop, done, include, collect, inspirit, heat, refrain.