De Vising

Pronunciation of De Vising
/də vˈa͡ɪzɪŋ/, /də vˈa‍ɪzɪŋ/, /d_ə v_ˈaɪ_z_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for de vising:

original (adjective)

causal, causative, creative, devising, envisioning, fertile, formative, generative, imaginative, ingenious, innovational, innovative, inspiring, inventive, novel, originative, productive, quick, ready, resourceful, seminal, sensitive, unconventional, unprecedented, untried, unusual, Demiurgic, Conceiving, innovatory, avant garde, breaking new ground.

making (noun)

building, causation, composition, conception, construction, designing, fabrication, fashioning, forging, formulation, origination, performing, planning, production, shaping, Fancying, Occasioning, Constituting, Contriving, Producing, authoring.

planning (noun)


arrange (verb)

adapt, adjust, compromise, concert, decide, determine, devise, direct, draft, establish, harmonize, iron out, lay out, manage, map out, negotiate, organize, promote, provide, quarterback, resolve, schedule, settle, tailor, shape up, line up, agree to, get ready, make ready, come to terms, make a connection, get act together, hammer out a deal, pull a wire, pull things together, set stage, work out a deal.

bequeath (verb)

bestow, commit, endow, entrust, grant, impart, leave, legate, pass on, transmit, will, hand down, hand on, leave to.

bethink (verb)

recall, recollect, remember, reminisce.

cast (verb)

allot, appoint, assign, choose, delegate, designate, detail, name, pick, decide upon, give parts.

chart (verb)

block out, delineate, graph, outline, sketch.

compose (verb)

author, bang out, clef, conceive, draw up, dream up, fabricate, fudge together, ghost, ghostwrite, indite, orchestrate, originate, pen, poetize, produce, score, scribble, script, set up, time, write, turn out, knock out, knock off, put down, COMP, note down, put pen to paper, coin a phrase, push pencil, set type.

conceive (verb)

consider, develop, envisage, envision, fancy, feature, image, meditate, ponder, purpose, realize, ruminate, speculate, spitball, visualize, Depicture, become pregnant.

concoct (verb)

batch, brew, compound, mature, prefab, slap together, ad lib.

connive (verb)

angle, cabal, collude, conspire, diddle, finagle, operate, wangle, wire, frame up, be in cahoots with, work hand in glove.

conspire (verb)

collogue, confederate, connive, cooperate, maneuver, be in cahoots, get in bed with, put out a contract, work something out.

contrive (verb)

achieve, carry out, compass, effect, elaborate, engineer, execute, fashion, handle, jockey, make, manipulate, manufacture, move, pass, rig, shift, swing, wrangle, hit upon, play games.

create (verb)

actualize, beget, build, coin, compose, constitute, erect, father, found, generate, initiate, institute, invest, occasion, parent, perform, procreate, rear, sire, spawn, start, bring to pass, bring into being, give birth to, bring into existence, cause to be, give life to.

design (verb)

accomplish, aim, contemplate, describe, destine, diagram, draw, fulfill, mind, propose, set out, trace, sketch out.

determine (verb)

affect, bound, circumscribe, command, condition, control, delimit, impel, impose, incline, induce, influence, lead, limit, mark off, measure, modify, rule.

devise (verb)

arrange, blueprint, brainstorm, cast, chart, cogitate, concoct, construct, contrive, cook up, craft, create, design, discover, forge, form, formulate, frame, get off, hatch, imagine, improvise, intrigue, invent, machinate, mastermind, plan, play it by ear, plot, prepare, project, scheme, shape, spark, think up, throw together, trump up, vamp, whip up, work out, head trip, make up, come up with, dope out, ad-lib, fake it.

discover (verb)

ascertain, catch, come across, come upon, debunk, detect, dig up, discern, disclose, distinguish, elicit, espy, explore, ferret out, glimpse, hear, identify, learn, light upon, locate, look up, nose out, notice, observe, perceive, pioneer, recognize, reveal, see, sense, smoke out, spot, think of, turn up, unearth, get wind of, pick up on, bring to light, get wise to.

draft (verb)

adumbrate, characterize, rough, skeleton.

dream (verb)

crave, fantasize, hallucinate, hanker, hunger, idealize, long, lust, picture, pine, sigh, stargaze, sublimate, think, thirst, daydream, be delirious, be moonstruck, be up in clouds, build castles in air, have a flash, have a nightmare, have a notion, have a vision, search for pot of gold.

dream up (verb)


elaborate (verb)

amplify, bedeck, clarify, comment, complicate, deck, decorate, discuss, embellish, enhance, enlarge, evolve, expatiate, explain, expound, flesh out, garnish, improve, interpret, ornament, particularize, polish, refine, specify, unfold.

excogitate (verb)

deliberate, derive, educe, mull over, study, think out, weigh, Perpend.

extemporize (verb)

toss off, Improvisate, dash out, do offhand, play by ear.

fabricate (verb)

assemble, cobble up, counterfeit, fake, feign, fib, fudge, jive, join, lie, misrepresent, mix, pretend, prevaricate, put together, structure, throw up, Whomp Up, knock together, make like, piece together, fit together.

fashion (verb)

accommodate, carve, cut, fit, model, mold, sculpture, suit, work.

feign (verb)

act, assume, bluff, dissemble, dissimulate, imitate, play, play possum, sham, simulate, stonewall, put on, put up a front, do a bit, four-flush, give appearance of, make show of, phony up, put on act.

forge (verb)

beat, hammer out, pound.

form (verb)

bring about, complete, consummate, cultivate, finish, fix, pattern, perfect, set.

formulate (verb)

codify, couch, define, express, map, phrase, put, set down, systematize, give form to.

hatch (verb)

bear, breed, bring forth, brood, cause, engender, give birth, incubate, provoke, work up, get up, lay eggs.

imagine (verb)

conceptualize, conjure up, depict, fantasy, figure, harbor, nurture, vision, see in one's mind.

improvise (verb)

dash off, extemporize, jam, make do, slapdash, IMPROV, wing it, do off top of head, speak off the cuff.

invent (verb)

find, inaugurate, mint, wing, off-the-cuff.

leave (verb)

apportion, bequeath, bequest, cede, confide, consign, demise, leave behind, refer, give over.

machinate (verb)

pull strings.

make up (verb)

blend, combine, fictionalize, fuse, meld, merge, mingle, Fabulize, Storify.

maneuver (verb)

beguile, cheat, cook, doctor, exploit, fence, finesse, navigate, proceed, push around, put one over, scam, trick, upstage, go around, con, leave holding the bag.

meditate (verb)

dream, have in mind, intend, moon, muse, puzzle over, reflect, revolve, roll, think over, track, view, brood over, entertain idea, put on thinking cap, say to oneself, think deeply.

mint (verb)

issue, monetize, punch, stamp, strike.

mold (verb)

pat, plant, round, sculpt, whittle.

plan (verb)

calculate, figure out, represent, rough in, steer, bargain for, figure on, reckon on, fix to, lay in provisions, make arrangements.

plot (verb)

lay, rough out.

produce (verb)

afford, blossom, bring out, come through, contribute, deliver, effectuate, fetch, flower, furnish, give, give forth, multiply, offer, present, propagate, render, reproduce, return, supply, yield, show fruit.

project (verb)

estimate, extrapolate, forecast, gauge, predetermine, predict, reckon.

strategize (verb)

lay plans.

systematize (verb)

array, dispose, marshal, order, pull together, rationalize, regulate, schematize, standardize, straighten up, systemize, tighten up, Methodize, make uniform.

will (verb)

confer, disinherit, probate, transfer, Disherit, cut off.

wing it (verb)

do off the top of your head.

work out (verb)

attain, bring off, clear, come out, find out, go, happen, pan out, prosper, result, succeed, up, win, pull off, be effective, get something done, go well, reach agreement.

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