Pronunciation of De-Cline
/dəklˈa͡ɪn/, /dəklˈa‍ɪn/, /d_ə_k_l_ˈaɪ_n/

Antonyms for de-cline

concur, inflation, comply, breakthrough, take on, mound, remember, wake, fail, be born, admire, coagulate, attract, land, confront, look at, connect, draw, satisfaction, revert, mountain, forfeit, mismatch, adolescence, excite, couple, own, rebuild, win, achievement, go up, mount, calm, earnings, release, comfort, betterment, benefit, collect, clean, admiration, soothe, make well, straight, forge, explain, give, accept, grow, let out, represent, solidify, climb, finish, combine, moralize, exalt, trouble, esteem, admit, begin, addition, enlighten, starve, dissuade, germination, allow, harmonize, enliven, dislike, obtain, commend, virtue, clear, advance, misunderstand, stop, break off, go along, take away, get, start, go, clear up, leave, dislodge, enter, like, surrender, behave, put together, liberate, continue, fight, color, boon, awake, include, meet, dignify, cherish, join, store, emphasize, enlargement, encourage, pour, upturn, despise, attain, sunrise, goodness, offer, provoke, be active, development, embrace, not like, let go, success, continuity, divulge, save, stay, partake, evenness, enhance, promotion, loose, unmix, hire, egg on, open, sufficiency, say yes, disrobe, expansion, sanction, youth, oblige, good fortune, boost, brave, observe, unleash, assemble, arrive, worry, continuation, extend, magnify, encounter, animate, initiate, love, upgrade, discourage, be honest, develop, combination, engage, loosen, flatter, refuse, deny, assist, disregard, consent, even, attach, energize, strengthen, worsen, shape nicely, decency, enough, earn, enforce, construction, depart, dilate, incite, prime of life, walk, link, value, germinate, cease, mix up, use, gather, lift, bloom, leave alone, pursue, restart, appear, merit, take up, achiever, confuse, attend, appreciate, support, marry, recover, lengthen, legalize, heal, organize, lessen, unsettle, neglect, maintain, promote, float, order, notice, disagree, perfection, take, involve, humility, correct, fix, displace, regard, irritate, aid, reject, move, make happy, bulge, cheer, enlarge, secure, ascension, keep, receive, permit, preserve, attainment, agree, infancy, approve, condone, overcome, acknowledge, DO, improvement, increase, employ, straighten, revive, rise, strengthening, flourish, hold, triumph, laud, building, progress, meld, ascend, keep on, lie, plenty, create, dry, fill, honor, adore, amplify, ripening, approval, add, respect, live, gain, recognize, reach, ratify, succeed, show, ok, compliment, submit, build up, believe, help, expose, stretch, endorse, hoard, blessing, trust, daybreak, accumulate, draw up, fortune, agitate, want, speed-up, obey, childhood, complete, growth, tell, praise, underwhelm, aggravate, unite, be happy, ascent, mend, procure, lay bare, tighten, brighten, improve, downpour, incline, confirm, elevation, strength, halt, be calm, integrate, take in, take off, assent, forget, claim, uphold, swell, be willing, spread, shoot up, note, achieve, creation, turn over, go on, freshen, morning, overthrow, welcome, corroborate, hold on to, remove, inflate, heed, scaling, construct, disclose, indulge, uncover, grant, get better, build, ripen, conform, deliver, bear, sharpen, veto, invigorate, lose, remain, fall behind, intensify, forward, overvalue, prolong, climax, raise, accomplishment, authorize, pay attention, blow up, choose, cleanse, appoint, overrate, delight, concentrate, activate, hate, capture, morality, hug, level, retain, elevate, purify, upset, reveal, tell truth, advantage, refresh, do well, please, cure, beautify, accomplish, scale, resolve, free, face, commence, expand, smooth, decrease, prosper, adequacy.