Pronunciation of De-Cline
/dəklˈa͡ɪn/, /dəklˈa‍ɪn/, /d_ə_k_l_ˈaɪ_n/

Antonyms for de-cline:

concur, inflation, comply, breakthrough, take on, mound, remember, wake, fail, be born, admire, coagulate, attract, land, confront, look at, connect, draw, satisfaction, revert, mountain, forfeit, mismatch, adolescence, excite, couple, own, rebuild, win, achievement, go up, mount, calm, earnings, release, comfort, betterment, benefit, collect, clean, admiration, soothe, make well, straight, forge, explain, give, accept, grow, let out, represent, solidify, climb, finish, combine, moralize, exalt, trouble, esteem, admit, begin, addition, enlighten, starve, dissuade, germination, allow, harmonize, enliven, dislike, obtain, commend, virtue, clear, advance, misunderstand, stop, break off, go along, take away, get, start, go, clear up, leave, dislodge, enter, like, surrender, behave, put together, liberate, continue, fight, color, boon, awake, include, meet, dignify, cherish, join, store, emphasize, enlargement, encourage, pour, upturn, despise, attain, sunrise, goodness, offer, provoke, be active, development, embrace, not like, let go, success, continuity, divulge, save, stay, partake, evenness, enhance, promotion, loose, unmix, hire, egg on, open, sufficiency, say yes, disrobe, expansion, sanction, youth, oblige, good fortune, boost, brave, observe, unleash, assemble, arrive, worry, continuation, extend, magnify, encounter, animate, initiate, love, upgrade, discourage, be honest, develop, combination, engage, loosen, flatter, refuse, deny, assist, disregard, consent, even, attach, energize, strengthen, worsen, shape nicely, decency, enough, earn, enforce, construction, depart, dilate, incite, prime of life, walk, link, value, germinate, cease, mix up, use, gather, lift, bloom, leave alone, pursue, restart, appear, merit, take up, achiever, confuse, attend, appreciate, support, marry, recover, lengthen, legalize, heal, organize, lessen, unsettle, neglect, maintain, promote, float, order, notice, disagree, perfection, take, involve, humility, correct, fix, displace, regard, irritate, aid, reject, move, make happy, bulge, cheer, enlarge, secure, ascension, keep, receive, permit, preserve, attainment, agree, infancy, approve, condone, overcome, acknowledge, DO, improvement, increase, employ, straighten, revive, rise, strengthening, flourish, hold, triumph, laud, building, progress, meld, ascend, keep on, lie, plenty, create, dry, fill, honor, adore, amplify, ripening, approval, add, respect, live, gain, recognize, reach, ratify, succeed, show, ok, compliment, submit, build up, believe, help, expose, stretch, endorse, hoard, blessing, trust, daybreak, accumulate, draw up, fortune, agitate, want, speed-up, obey, childhood, complete, growth, tell, praise, underwhelm, aggravate, unite, be happy, ascent, mend, procure, lay bare, tighten, brighten, improve, downpour, incline, confirm, elevation, strength, halt, be calm, integrate, take in, take off, assent, forget, claim, uphold, swell, be willing, spread, shoot up, note, achieve, creation, turn over, go on, freshen, morning, overthrow, welcome, corroborate, hold on to, remove, inflate, heed, scaling, construct, disclose, indulge, uncover, grant, get better, build, ripen, conform, deliver, bear, sharpen, veto, invigorate, lose, remain, fall behind, intensify, forward, overvalue, prolong, climax, raise, accomplishment, authorize, pay attention, blow up, choose, cleanse, appoint, overrate, delight, concentrate, activate, hate, capture, morality, hug, level, retain, elevate, purify, upset, reveal, tell truth, advantage, refresh, do well, please, cure, beautify, accomplish, scale, resolve, free, face, commence, expand, smooth, decrease, prosper, adequacy.

Synonyms for de-cline:

angle (noun)

bend, corner, crook, cusp, divergence, dogleg, edge, elbow, flare, flection, flexure, fork, intersection, knee, nook, notch, obliquity, point, turn, turning, twist, V, crotch, y.

anticlimax (noun)

bathos, disappointment, letdown.

comedown (noun)

anticlimax, blow, collapse, comeuppance, crash, defeat, deflation, demotion, discomfiture, down, humiliation, reverse, setback, undoing, wreck.

cutback (noun)

curtailment, decrement, economy, lessening, reduction, reversal, belt-tightening.

decadence (noun)

corruption, debasement, declension, degradation, dissipation, evil, excess, gluttony, incontinence, intemperance, lasciviousness, lechery, lewdness, licentiousness, regression, sensuality, Sybaritism.

decay (noun)

adulteration, atrophy, blight, caries, consumption, corrosion, decadence, decomposition, depreciation, dilapidation, disintegration, disrepair, dying, extinction, fading, gangrene, impairment, mortification, putrefaction, putrescence, putridity, putridness, rotting, ruination, rust, senescence, spoilage, spoilation, wasting, wasting away, withering, Perishing, Crumbling.

declension (noun)


declination (noun)

regrets, rejection, turndown.

decline (noun)

abatement, backsliding, comedown, cropper, decay, declivity, decrease, decrepitude, degeneracy, degeneration, depression, descent, deterioration, devolution, diminution, dip, dissolution, dive, downfall, downgrade, downswing, downturn, drop, dwindling, ebb, ebbing, enfeeblement, failing, failure, fall, falling off, flop, hill, incline, lapse, loss, lowering, pitch, recession, relapse, sag, senility, slide, slip, slope, slump, wane, waning, weakening, worsening, downslide, skids, downtrend, pratfall, drop-off, fall-off, on the skids.

decrease (noun)

compression, condensation, constriction, contraction, cutback, declining, discount, shrinkage, subsidence, Striction, decrescence.

decrement (noun)

slowdown, subtraction, Diminishment.

degeneracy (noun)

declination, Depravation.

degradation (noun)

abasement, derogation, disgrace, dishonor, ignominy, perversion, downgrading.

descent (noun)

cadence, falling, grade, gradient, header, inclination, landslide, pathos, precipitation, settlement, sinking, tailspin, Downcome, Plunging, coming down, plummeting, cave-in, sinkage.

deterioration (noun)

devaluation, dislocation, retrogression, spoiling, vitiation, Decaying, degringolade.

devaluation (noun)

devaluing, markdown, write-down.

diminution (noun)

alleviation, deduction, retrenchment.

downturn (noun)

downtick, retreat.

eclipse (noun)

concealment, darkening, obliteration, occultation, penumbra, shading, shroud, veil, Dimming, Extinguishment, Obscuration.

entropy (noun)

breakup, destruction, falling apart.

evening (noun)

black, dark, dim, dusk, duskiness, eve, even, eventide, nightfall, sundown, sunset, twilight, late afternoon, early black.

failure (noun)

abortion, bankruptcy, bomb, botch, breakdown, bungle, bust, checkmate, deficiency, deficit, faux pas, fiasco, flash in the pan, frustration, implosion, inadequacy, lemon, loser, mess, misadventure, miscarriage, misstep, nonperformance, overthrow, rout, rupture, stalemate, stoppage, turkey, washout, nonsuccess, lead balloon, sinking ship, total loss, false step.

fall (noun)

nose dive, spill, belly flop, downward slope.

lapse (noun)


nonfeasance (noun)

delinquency, dereliction, omission.

putrefaction (noun)


recession (noun)

hard times, inflation, shakeout, stagnation, unemployment, big trouble, bottom-out, bad times, rainy days.

recidivation (noun)


recidivism (noun)


senility (noun)

age, dotage, feebleness, second childhood, Anility, Senectitude.

slowdown (noun)

arrest, deceleration, delay, falloff, freeze, inactivity, retardation, slack, slackening, slow-up.

toboggan (noun)

bobsled, luge, sled.

twilight (noun)

afterglow, dimness, evening, gloaming, half-light, night, early evening, afterlight, crepuscular light, last phase, late-afternoon.

unsuccess (noun)


unsuccessfulness (noun)


abate (verb)

allay, chill out, coast, cool, cool it, decline, dull, let go, mellow out, moderate, quell, reduce, slacken, slow, subdue, take it easy, taper, taper off, unlax, let up, go with the flow, hang easy, hang loose, lay back, let it all hang out.

abnegate (verb)

give up.

abstain (verb)

abnegate, cease, constrain, curb, eschew, evade, fast, pass, pass up, quit, shun, sit out, starve, stop, withhold, do without, keep from, deny oneself, take the pledge, fence-sit, give the go by, go on the wagon, sit on one's hands, sit on the fence, take the cure.

age (verb)

develop, get along, grow, grow up, mature, mellow, push, ripen, grow old, put mileage on, grow feeble.

cheapen (verb)

abase, beat down, belittle, corrupt, damage, debase, decry, degrade, demean, denigrate, derogate, devalue, discredit, disparage, mar, mark down, minimize, ruin, spoil, undervalue, write off, render worthless.

come down (verb)

descend, suffer.

contract (verb)

abbreviate, abridge, acquire, afflict, bring on, cause, clench, compress, confine, constrict, consume, curtail, deflate, derange, disorder, draw in, edit, epitomize, evaporate, fall away, get, incur, indispose, induce, lessen, lose, narrow, obtain, omit, purse, shrivel, sicken, syncopate, take, tighten, upset, waste, wither, wrinkle, take in, come down with, go down with, grow less, be afflicted with, be ill with, become infected with, become smaller, fall victim to, succumb to, take one's death.

crack up (verb)

freak out, go to pieces, flip out, blow a fuse, go crazy, go nuts, become demented, become psychotic, come apart at seams, go bonkers, go off deep end, go off rocker, go out of mind, have breakdown, schizz out.

decay (verb)

corrode, curdle, decompose, defile, discolor, dissolve, get worse, go bad, mildew, mold, molder, mortify, perish, pollute, putrefy, sap, suppurate, wear away, Putresce, break up, waste away, be impaired, become contaminated, dry-rot, go to seed, hit rock bottom, pejorate, reach depths.

decline (verb)

abate, abjure, abstain, avoid, backslide, balk, bypass, cheapen, degenerate, demur, deny, depreciate, desist, deteriorate, diminish, disapprove, disintegrate, dismiss, droop, dwindle, fade, fail, fall off, flag, forbear, forgo, gainsay, go down, languish, lower, nix, pass on, pine, recede, refrain, refuse, reject, renounce, reprobate, repudiate, retrograde, return, revert, rot, set, settle, shrink, shy, sink, spurn, subside, turn down, turn thumbs down, weaken, worsen, Disimprove, go to pot, go to the dogs, go downhill, slant, lose value, beg to be excused, don't buy, hit the skids, not accept, not hear of, not think of, send regrets.

decrease (verb)

calm down, check, contract, crumble, cut down, devaluate, die down, dry up, ease, lighten, modify, narrow down, peter out, quiet, restrain, run low, slack off, slash, slow down, soften, wear down, drop off, lose edge, tail off.

degenerate (verb)

deprave, regress, retrogress, vitiate, die on vine.

descend (verb)

cascade, cataract, cave in, crouch, deplane, detrain, disembark, dismount, dribble, get down, get off, gravitate, ground, light, penetrate, plop, plummet, plunge, prolapse, stoop, stumble, submerge, swoop, toboggan, topple, trickle, trip, tumble, weep, slough off, fall prostrate, lose balance.

deteriorate (verb)

adulterate, alloy, break, debilitate, fall apart, impair, injure, lose it, pervert, skid, undermine, be worse for wear, become worse, lose quality.

die (verb)

bate, break down, dilapidate, disappear, ease off, end, expire, fade away, fade out, fizzle out, halt, rankle, run out, vanish, wilt, run down, melt away, lose power.

diminish (verb)

attenuate, close, cut, die out, drain, extenuate, minify, retrench, temper.

dip (verb)

drop down, reach, sheer, skew, slue, spiral, tilt, veer, verge, nose-dive.

disclaim (verb)

abandon, contradict, contravene, criticize, deprecate, disallow, disavow, discard, disown, forswear, negate, recant, retract, revoke, traverse, Disacknowledge, Disaffirm, divorce oneself from, turn back on, wash hands of.

disintegrate (verb)

atomize, break apart, come apart, detach, disband, disconnect, dismantle, disorganize, disperse, disunite, divide, pulverize, separate, sever, shatter, splinter, taint, take apart, wash away, wash out, Deliquesce, fall to pieces, turn to dust.

dismiss (verb)

abolish, banish, boot, bundle, cast out, chase, chuck, clear, deport, dispatch, dispense with, dispose of, divorce, drive out, eject, expel, force out, kick out, let out, lock out, outlaw, push aside, push back, release, relegate, relinquish, repel, rid, send packing, shed, supersede, sweep away, turn out, brush off, send off, cast off, show out, have done with.

disobey (verb)

counteract, dare, defy, desert, differ, disagree, flout, ignore, infringe, misbehave, mutiny, neglect, object, overstep, rebel, recalcitrate, resist, revolt, revolution, revolutionize, riot, shirk, strike, transgress, violate, withstand, insurrect, be remiss, break rules, go counter to, not heed, not mind, pay no attention to, run riot, set aside, fly in face of, not listen, rise in arms, take law into own hands.

dissent (verb)

argue, break with, buck, disaccord, discord, oppose, pettifog, protest, stickle, vary, wrangle, fly in the face of, put up a fight, put up an argument, say no way, say not a chance, say nothing doing.

dissolve (verb)

diffuse, dissipate, evanesce, unmake, break into pieces.

distort (verb)

alter, angle, belie, bias, buckle, change, color, contort, crush, curve, deceive, deviate, disfigure, doctor, fake, fudge, garble, gnarl, knot, lie, mangle, melt, misconstrue, misinterpret, misrepresent, scam, snow, torture, trump up, warp, whitewash, wind, wrench, writhe, Misshape, con, make out like, phony up, put one on.

drain (verb)

effuse, exude, flow, flow out, leak, ooze, percolate, run off, well, Osmose, filter off, leave dry.

droop (verb)

dangle, depress, faint, fall down, lean, let down, loll, lop, sling, slouch, suspend.

drop (verb)

bring down, duck, dump, fell, floor, keel over, knock, loosen, plump, shoot, unload.

dwindle (verb)

die away.

evade (verb)

baffle, cavil, circumvent, conceal, confuse, cop out, dodge, double, elude, equivocate, escape, fence, fend off, flee, fly, get around, hedge, hide, parry, pretend, prevaricate, pussyfoot, shift, shuck, shuffle, sidestep, sneak away, tergiversate, trick, waffle, weasel, put off, lay low, steer clear of, slip out, beat around bush, beg the question, give the runaround, keep distance, lead on a merry chase.

fade (verb)

etiolate, fag out, fold, hush, poop out, rarefy, thin, tire, tucker out, Evanish.

fail (verb)

abort, blunder, fall flat, fall short, fall through, fizzle, flounder, founder, go wrong, miscarry, miss, run aground, lose out, be defeated, go astray, come to naught, come to nothing, go up in smoke, meet with disaster, hit bottom, back wrong horse, be demoted, be found lacking, be in vain, be ruined, go down swinging, lose control, lose status, miss the boat, play into, turn out badly.

fall (verb)

drag, fold up, hit the dirt, land, spin, tip over, totter, trail, be precipitated, take a header.

forbear (verb)

bridle, hold back, inhibit, keep, pause, sacrifice, go easy.

glide (verb)

drift, flit, float, glissade, roll, run, sail, scud, skate, skim, skip, slink, slither, soar, stream, waft, wing, Skirr, smooth along.

go (verb)

cave, conclude, decease, demise, depart, deplete, devour, exhaust, expend, finish, fritter, give, pass away, spend, squander, succumb, terminate, use up, yield, run through.

go down (verb)

crumple, go under, keel, submerse, submit, be beaten, make less, suffer defeat.

languish (verb)

brood, conk out, desire, despond, fag, grieve, hanker, hunger, long, repine, sigh, snivel, sorrow, tucker, yearn, knock out, be disregarded, be neglected, go soft.

lapse (verb)

apostatize, die, elapse, recidivate, go by, become obsolete.

lean (verb)

bear on, beetle, bow, cant, careen, deflect, divert, fasten on, hang on, heel, jut, list, nod, overhang, place, prop, recline, repose, rest, rest on, tip, cock, be off, be slanted, put weight on.

lessen (verb)

amputate, clip, crop, cut back, de-escalate, dilute, erode, mitigate, slack up, truncate, downsize, roll back, wind down, take the edge off, soft-pedal, take the bite out, take the sting out.

loathe (verb)

abhor, abominate, despise, detest, execrate, hate, have no use for, be allergic to, be down on, feel repugnance, find disgusting, have aversion to.

lose (verb)

take the count, kiss goodbye, be humbled, be outdistanced, be sunk, be taken to cleaners, be the loser, be worsted, come up short, drop a bundle, take a beating, take the heat.

miscarry (verb)

misfire, miss fire, miss the mark.

moderate (verb)

alleviate, appease, assuage, calm, chasten, modulate, mollify, pacify, play down, qualify, regulate, relent, relieve, repress, tame, tone down, meet halfway, cool out.

pass (verb)

disregard, forget, overlook, slight.

peter (verb)

rebate, tail away.

plummet (verb)


rebuff (verb)

chide, cross, discourage, hold off, rebuke, reprove, repulse, send away, snub, stave off, tell off, ward off, beat off, keep at a distance, keep at arm's length, keep at bay, lash out at, put in one's place.

recede (verb)

back, die off, draw back, fall back, go away, go back, retire, Retrocede, drain away, flow back.

refuse (verb)

beg off, dissent, hold out, rebuff, regret, turn away, withdraw, not buy, give thumbs down to, make excuses, not budge, not budget, not care to, refuse to receive, turn deaf ear to, turn from, turn one's back on.

reject (verb)

burn, cashier, cast aside, disbelieve, disdain, eliminate, exclude, jettison, jilt, pass by, scoff, scorn, scout, scrap, second, slough, throw away, throw out, veto, put down, shoot down, kill.

renounce (verb)

abdicate, arrogate, defect, disclaim, drop out, forsake, leave off, opt out, rat, resign, sell out, swear off, waive, Demit, throw off, throw over, walk out on, abstain from, apostacize, leave flat, tergiverse, toss over.

repel (verb)

beat back, chase away, confront, dispute, drive away, drive back, drive off, duel, fight, force back, keep off, kick, rebut, stand up against, put to flight, knock down, force off, give cold shoulder to.

repudiate (verb)

cast, default, disinherit, flush, oust, repeal, rescind, cut off, be against, wash one's hands of.

revert (verb)

about-face, come back, flip-flop, hark back, inverse, invert, react, recrudesce, recur, resume, throw back, transpose, turn back, fall off the wagon, take up where left off.

rot (verb)

debauch, demoralize, fester, stain.

rust (verb)

oxidize, stale, tarnish.

sag (verb)

bag, bulge, flap, give way, hang, swag, hang down.

settle (verb)

alight, bed down, immerse, lay, lodge, perch, put, roost, seat, set down, settle down, sit, touch down.

shun (verb)

bilk, ditch, hide out, palm off, shake, shake off, stall, have nothing to do with, keep away from, give a wide berth, keep clear of, cold-shoulder, have no part of, stand aloof from, stay shy of.

sink (verb)

bore, capsize, cast down, couch, dig, drill, drive, drown, engulf, excavate, overturn, overwhelm, ram, scuttle, shipwreck, stab, stick, swamp, thrust, force down, go to the bottom, touch bottom.

slant (verb)

aim, bank, beam, bevel, direct, diverge, level, splay, swerve, train, lie obliquely.

spurn (verb)

air, contemn, sneer, look down on, give the cold shoulder, hold in contempt, steer clear, turn nose up at, sneeze at.

stagnate (verb)

constipate, hibernate, idle, stand, stand still, stifle, stultify, trammel, vegetate, lie fallow, not move.

subside (verb)

level off, lull, quieten.

turn down (verb)

say no.

veto (verb)

ban, blackball, discountenance, forbid, interdict, negative, prohibit, rule out, thumbs down, not go for, give thumbs down.

wane (verb)

draw to a close.

waste (verb)

burn up, disable, eat away, emaciate, empty, enfeeble, fritter away, frivol away, gnaw, lavish, misapply, misuse, run dry, splurge, trifle away, wear, wear out, Misemploy, gamble away, be of no avail, go to waste, pour down the drain.

weaken (verb)

cripple, devitalize, ease up, enervate, impoverish, invalidate, limp, relax, thin out, tremble, water down, lose spirit.

wear (verb)

abrade, chafe, fatigue, fray, gall, graze, grind, jade, overuse, overwork, rub, scrape, scuff, tax, wear thin, weary, weather, be worthless, become threadbare, become worn, scrape off.

worsen (verb)

aggravate, exacerbate.

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