Pronunciation of De-Rived
/dəɹˈa͡ɪvd/, /dəɹˈa‍ɪvd/, /d_ə_ɹ_ˈaɪ_v_d/

Antonyms for de-rived

descend, fall, move, help, block, be immune, soothe, regular, characteristic, nonstandard, Disbursed, commence, invent, conceal, deliver, hide, diminish, abandon, start, expand, cooperate, hold, precede, end, go up, lose, national, dodge, finish, demote, recede, Familiar, turn away, supress, turn off, disallow, renounce, source, lie, important, sit, let go, except, forfeit, discontinue, deny, ignore, forget, given, wait, exhale, prevent, slump, not believe, depart, die, native, estrange, avoid, first-class, result, miss, cease, specifize, maintain, shrink, encourage, primary, halt, destroy, overlook, cancel, give, lay, hesitate, shorten, repulse, divide, refuse, keep, rise, fix, offer, withdraw, receive, fire, abstain, stop, ruin, plant, first-rate, cause, crush, lower, neglect, sow, fade, abet, cost, begin, insert, causative, disperse, similar, preface, decline, put in, return, forsake, free, misconceive, give up, throw away, misunderstand, trickle, rebuff, add, fail, dismantle, known, introduce, same, raze, push, initiate, relinquish, praise, disenchant, veto, guess, push away, scatter, disestablish, reject, regress, spend, drop, repress, refute, discharge, donate, sell, waver, go along, complete, spread, edit in, dissuade, discourage, antecede, approve, grow, increase, release, superior, estimate, disappear, necessary, disbelieve, surrender, alienate, go away, unsettle, give in, placate, measure, calculate, repel, propel, conclude, decrease, create, distribute, demolish, be honest, cover, yield, discard, terminate, pass, Delivered, leave, go, comply, aid, disregard, effect, enlarge, lessen, relevant, ascend, take, doubt, lengthen, chief, agreeing, local.