Pronunciation of De-Sign
/dəsˈa͡ɪn/, /dəsˈa‍ɪn/, /d_ə_s_ˈaɪ_n/

Antonyms for de-sign:

death, generalization, disorganization, raze, inactivity, indifference, put together, hobby, invalidity, openness, consume, outside, insignificance, push away, destroy, cause, generality, finish, misunderstanding, reveal, certainty, discard, take, not believe, strip, cessation, wreck, keep, hurt, volition, derange, lose, hindrance, ignorance, original, shrivel, deviation, decrease, conclude, distaste, innocence, guess, use, creation, whole, decline, imbalance, disadvantage, miss, stoppage, misuse, withdraw, dissuade, forget, dislike, confuse, purposelessness, excite, lessen, result, disgrace, repulsion, weakness, total, begin, depression, look away, frankness, means, ignore, end, entertainment, idleness, disdain, shun, anger, carcass, tangle, cave in, concept, unemployment, distrust, existence, remain, estrange, Exteriority, mend, dullness, disarrangement, truth, catch, disproportion, mercilessness, photograph, rebuff, unfit, disagreement, Unskill, fun, stop, demote, disbelief, truthfulness, hate, difference, fade, foundation, waver, ruin, boredom, divergence, fear, impossibility, concrete, scatter, discouragement, disarrange, fasten, arouse, annihilate, discourage, meanness, terminate, departure, disorganize, substance, origin, bad fortune, slight, uncover, refrain, science, indolence, assemble, veto, opening, unlikelihood, disinterest, mix up, distress, halt, unimportance, entirety, question, conformity, uselessness, disregard, oppose, waste, disperse, cruelty, not plan, thoughtlessness, suppress, heedlessness, wonder, refuse, let go, alienate, measurement, choice, disorder, discord, repel, leave alone, hesitate, whiten, loss, hatred, destruction, condemn, aimlessness, shorten, reality, honesty, fail, birth, dismantle, free will, misunderstand, neglect, pass by, break, theory, push, being, deterrent, hold, wait, upset, thing, beginning, individual, ineffectiveness, misfortune, wavering, avocation, tell truth, exhale, fact, misrepresent, kill, harshness, follower, steal, personality, demolish, disapprove, disbelieve, cowardice, agreement, abort, shapelessness, propel, avoidance, blindness, act, doubt, repulse, surface, distort, dismiss, receive, rejection, unevenness, deny, knowledge, drop, depress, source, hopelessness, lack, bluntness, unstylishness, scorn, condemnation, turn off, overlook, hide, hinder, plainness, put in, actuality, peace, unity, lower, die, disagree, disturb, mull, join, shrink, vacuity, calmness, cancel, refusal, abortion, abandon, commencement, inappropriateness, inaction, reject, be original, be idle, subject, one, agitate, exterior, start, construction, continuity, proof, disallow, confine, withhold, vacancy, conceal, eyesore, borrow, irregularity, indecision, play, mismanage, photographer, meaninglessness, prevent, pastime, unsettle, block, gather.

Synonyms for de-sign:

aim (noun)

ambition, aspiration, course, desideratum, design, desire, direction, intent, intention, mark, wish, where one is heading.

arrangement (noun)

alignment, array, classification, combination, display, disposition, distribution, grouping, lineup, ordering, pecking order, ranging, rank, sequence, structure, system.

array (noun)

batch, body, bunch, bundle, clump, cluster, exhibition, host, lot, multitude, order, parade, set, show, supply, throng.

art (noun)

abstraction, carving, description, imitation, modeling, molding, portrayal, representation, shaping, simulation, symbolization, Sketching, sculpting, pictorialization.

blueprint (noun)

archetype, architectural plan, master plan, prototype, rendering.

cachet (noun)

prestige, stature, status.

composition (noun)

agreement, balance, beauty, concord, consonance, content, harmony, proportion, relation, rhythm, spacing, symmetry, weave, Placing, make-up.

conception (noun)

apperception, appreciation, apprehension, clue, cognition, comprehension, conceit, concept, consideration, dreaming, explanation, exposition, impression, inkling, intellection, interpretation, meditation, musing, perception, philosophizing, realization, speculation, version, Cogitating, Deliberating, Envisaging, Fancying, Imagining, Meditating, Communing, Concentrating, Considering, Speculating, mental grasp.

constitution (noun)

character, contents, essence, habit, habitus, nature, physique, temper, temperament, type, vitality.

contemplation (noun)

cogitation, pondering, reverie, rumination.

contrivance (noun)

artifice, coinage, dodge, expedient, invention, inventiveness, measure, ruse, stratagem, switch, twist.

custom (noun)

attitude, canon, ceremony, convention, conventionalism, etiquette, formality, manner, mode, mold, mores, observance, observation, performance, policy, practice, praxis, precedent, precept, rite, routine, rule, second nature, taste, unwritten law, usage, use, vogue, way, matter of course, Customariness, dictates, folkways, established way, inheritence, unwritten rule.

decoration (noun)

arabesque, bauble, braid, color, curlicue, doodad, extravagance, festoon, filigree, finery, flounce, flourish, fretwork, frill, frippery, furbelow, fuss, garbage, garnish, gilt, gimcracks, gingerbread, inlay, jazz, lace, ornament, parquetry, plaque, ribbon, scroll, sequin, spangle, thing, tinsel, trimming, trinket, wreath, Garniture, tooling, dingbat, gewgaws, fandangle, appliqué.

design (noun)

action, aim, angle, animus, architecture, arrangement, blueprint, brainchild, chart, child, composition, conception, configuration, conspiracy, constitution, construction, deliberation, delineation, depiction, device, diagram, doodle, drawing, dummy, end, enterprise, figure, form, formation, game plan, gimmick, goal, idea, illustration, intrigue, layout, machination, makeup, map, meaning, method, model, motif, motive, notion, object, objective, organization, outline, painting, paste-up, pattern, perspective, picture, pitch, plan, play, plot, point, portrait, project, proposition, purport, purpose, recipe, reflection, scenario, scene, schema, scheme, setup, shape, sketch, story, study, style, target, thinking, thought, tracery, tracing, treatment, trick, undertaking, view, volition, will, Intendment, Conation, COMP, big picture, what's cooking, lay of the land.

destination (noun)

harbor, haven, station, stop, terminal, terminus, journey's end, landing-place, resting-place.

destiny (noun)

afterlife, break, certainty, circumstance, conclusion, condition, constellation, cup, expectation, finality, foreordination, fortune, future, happenstance, hereafter, horoscope, inevitability, karma, kismet, luck, moirai, ordinance, portion, predestination, predetermination, prospect, serendipity, Wheel of fortune, breaks, course of events, divine decree, the stars, way the ball bounces, way the cookie crumbles, what is written, world to come.

detail (noun)

abcs, accessory, article, component, count, cue, element, fact, factor, fraction, item, minutia, nicety, nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts, part, particular, peculiarity, respect, singularity, specialty, specification, technicality, trait, trivia, triviality, Circumstantiality, meat and potatoes, dope, fine point, minor point, brass tacks, chapter and verse.

device (noun)

badge, cabal, chicanery, colophon, craft, craftiness, crest, ensign, evasion, fake, feint, finesse, gambit, game, improvisation, insignia, logo, loophole, motto, racket, shift, sign, slogan, strategy, stunt, subterfuge, token, trap, wile, Cunningness, clever move.

diagram (noun)

floor plan, ground plan, rough draft.

discovery (noun)

algorithm, bonanza, breakthrough, contrivance, coup, data, find, finding, formula, godsend, innovation, law, luck out, machine, principle, process, result, secret, theorem.

drawing (noun)

cartoon, commercial art, etching, graphics, likeness, work of art, Storyboard.

dream (noun)

hope, pipe dream, flight of fancy.

drift (noun)

gist, implication, import, progress, progression, scope, significance, tendency, tenor.

emblem (noun)

adumbration, arms, attribute, banner, brand, coat of arms, colors, flag, hallmark, identification, impress, marker, medal, memento, miniature, monogram, pennant, regalia, reminder, scepter, seal, standard, symbol, trademark.

end (noun)

drift, reason, where one's heading.

engineering (noun)

metallurgy, surveying, structures, blueprinting, installations.

expectation (noun)

assumption, assurance, calculation, chance, confidence, conjecture, expectancy, fear, forecast, likelihood, outlook, possibility, prediction, presumption, probability, promise, reliance, supposition, surmise, suspense, looking forward.

expediency/expedience (noun)

makeshift, maneuver, means, recourse, resort, step, stopgap, substitute, surrogate, tactic, easy way out, band-aid.

faction (noun)

band, bloc, camp, caucus, cell, circle, clan, clique, club, coalition, combine, combo, concern, conclave, confederacy, contingent, coterie, crew, crowd, division, entente, gang, guild, junta, knot, lobby, minority, mob, network, offshoot, outfit, partnership, party, pressure group, ring, schism, sect, section, sector, side, splinter group, team, unit, wing, insiders.

form (noun)

anatomy, appearance, articulation, class, conformation, contour, cut, die, embodiment, framework, grade, guise, manifestation, semblance, silhouette, sort, species, stamp, variety.

formation (noun)

accumulation, compilation, creation, crystallization, development, dispersal, evolution, fabrication, generation, genesis, induction, production, synthesis, Forming, deposit.

gambit (noun)

jig, ploy.

game (noun)

butt, derision, hoax, joke, practical joke, prank, object of ridicule.

game plan (noun)

strategic plan, tactical plan, working plan.

goal (noun)

destination, duty, limit, mission, zero, ground zero.

grouping (noun)

categorization, deployment, placement, rangi.

guide (noun)

adviser, attendant, captain, chaperon, cicerone, conductor, controller, convoy, counselor, criterion, director, escort, example, exemplar, exhibitor, genius, guru, ideal, inspiration, lead, leader, lodestar, mentor, monitor, paradigm, pathfinder, pilot, rudder, scout, superintendent, teacher, usher, vanguard, Docent, Genie, guiding spirit.

handicraft (noun)

achievement, art, artifact, calling, handiwork, product, profession, trade, vocation, artisanship, craftship, métier.

handiwork (noun)

handwork, workmanship, Doing.

idea (noun)

approximation, belief, conviction, doctrine, estimate, feeling, flash, guess, hint, hypothesis, intimation, judgment, opinion, solution, suggestion, suspicion, teaching, theory, understanding, viewpoint, believed abstraction.

illustration (noun)

adornment, decoration, engraving, frontispiece, halftone, line drawing, photo, photograph, plate, snapshot, tailpiece, vignette.

import (noun)

consequence, emphasis, importance, magnitude, moment, momentousness, pith, signification, stress, substance, value, weightiness, worth.

imprint (noun)

dent, emblem, heading, indentation, influence, print, signature.

ingeniousness (noun)


intent/intention (noun)

acceptation, bottom line, heart, meat, nub, Significancy, name of the game.

intention (noun)

designation, impulsion, struggle.

intrigue (noun)

collusion, complication, deal, fraud, graft, hookup, manipulation, trickery, double-dealing, frame-up, little game.

invention (noun)

apparatus, black box, concoction, contraption, creativity, discovery, gadget, gizmo, imagination, ingenuity, novelty, opus, original, originality, resourcefulness.

inventiveness (noun)


label (noun)

characterization, company, epithet, number, sticker, tag, tally, ticket, price mark.

layout (noun)


machination (noun)

sellout, skullduggery, song and dance, monkey business, on the make, dirty work.

makeup (noun)

assembly, format, spread.

map (noun)

atlas, elevation, globe, plat, projection, topographical depiction.

meaning (noun)

interest, trend.

method (noun)

adjustment, approach, channels, custom, disposal, line, mechanism, modus operandi, orderliness, planning, proceeding, program, receipt, regularity, ritual, rote, rubric, rut, shortcut, tack, tactics, technique, wise, wrinkle, Modus, Technic, red tape, ways and means, the book.

methodology (noun)


model (noun)

apotheosis, beau ideal, epitome, gauge, hero, kind, mirror, nonesuch, nonpareil, paragon, quintessence, role model, saint, touchstone.

mold (noun)

cavity, depression, matrix, womb.

monogram (noun)

cipher, initials.

motif (noun)


motive (noun)

antecedent, basis, determinant, drive, emotion, grounds, impulse, incentive, incitement, inducement, mainspring, motivation, passion, rationale, root, spring, spur, stimulus.

object (noun)

function, end in view, end purpose.

objet d'art (noun)

artistic production, curio, art work, collector's piece, object of art, piece of art.

orderliness (noun)

systematization, Systemization.

organization (noun)

assembling, chemistry, coordination, formulation, institution, making, management, methodology, organism, regulation, running, situation, standardization, unity, whole, Organizing, structuring.

ornament (noun)

beautification, embellishment, embroidery, flower, gewgaw, gimcrack, honor, jewel, knickknack, pride, treasure, frou frou.

painting (noun)

canvas, mural, oil, watercolor.

plot (noun)

booby trap, complicity, connivance, conniving, enactment, movement, narrative, theme, thread, unfolding, Covin, events, incidents.

point (noun)

appeal, attraction, charm, cogency, effectiveness, fascination, punch, usefulness, utility, validity, validness.

policy (noun)

behavior, code, guideline, polity, protocol, tenet, administration, the numbers.

program (noun)

instructions, plan of action.

project (noun)

activity, adventure, affair, assignment, baby, business, feat, job, matter, occupation, pet, proposal, task, venture.

proposal (noun)

bid, feeler, motion, overture, pass, proffer, recommendation, tender, terms, big idea, brain child.

prospectus (noun)

announcement, catalogue, conspectus, syllabus, synopsis.

purport (noun)

bearing, burden, connotation, core, message, spirit, stuff, thrust, upshot.

purpose (noun)

bourn, determination, mecca, premeditation, ulterior motive, why and wherefore, whatfor, where one's headed, whyfor, whole idea.

reason (noun)

argument, impetus, proof, warrant, wherefore, why.

representation (noun)

delegation, impersonation, narration, personification, reproduction.

resolve (noun)

boldness, courage, earnestness, firmness, purposefulness, resoluteness, resolution, steadfastness, willpower, decidedness, fixed purpose, purposiveness.

rough diamond (noun)

raw material, first draft, mock-up, rough sketch, diamond in the rough, first stab, rough outline, unlicked cub.

scheme (noun)

codification, presentation.

skeleton (noun)

bones, cage, scaffolding, support, Osteology, bony structure.

sketch (noun)

account, compendium, digest, figuration, monograph, piece, summary, survey, précis, aperçu.

strategy (noun)

cunning, subtlety, Maneuvering, grand design.

structure (noun)

complex, fabric, interrelation, morphology, texture.

style (noun)

carriage, characteristic, cup of tea, druthers, genre, groove, hand, idiosyncrasy, rage, strain, tone, vein.

symbol (noun)

denotation, indication, note, numeral.

thought (noun)

anxiety, assessment, attentiveness, caring, compassion, estimation, inference, intuition, kindness, knowledge, premise, regard, solicitude, sympathy, worry.

view (noun)

aspect, landscape, look, opening, panorama, seascape, spectacle, stretch, tableau, vista, field of vision, range of vision.

visual arts (noun)

arts, beaux arts, ceramics, photography, sculpture, graphic arts.

way (noun)

course of action, habitude, hook, instrument, kick, shot, vehicle, wont, stroke, hang-up.

will (noun)

appetite, craving, decision, decisiveness, discipline, discretion, hankering, inclination, liking, longing, option, pining, pleasure, power, preference, prerogative, self-control, self-discipline, self-restraint, urge, velleity, willfulness, yearning, wishes, heart's desire.

workmanship (noun)

artistry, artwork, expertise, handicraft, know-how, skill, skillfulness.

aim (verb)

address, aspire, attempt, concentrate, covet, direct, endeavor, essay, fix, focus, intend, level, mean, sight, steer, strive, train, try, want, zoom in, zero in on, slant, set one's sights on.

arrange (verb)

adapt, adjust, compromise, concert, decide, determine, establish, harmonize, iron out, manage, map out, negotiate, organize, promote, provide, quarterback, resolve, schedule, settle, shape up, line up, agree to, get ready, make ready, come to terms, make a connection, get act together, hammer out a deal, pull a wire, pull things together, set stage, work out a deal.

calculate (verb)

anticipate, assume, build, count on, depend on, judge, reckon, suppose, trust, bank on, rely on, think likely.

cast (verb)

allot, appoint, assign, choose, delegate, designate, detail, name, pick, decide upon, give parts.

chart (verb)


compose (verb)

author, bang out, clef, conceive, discover, draw up, forge, formulate, fudge together, ghost, ghostwrite, imagine, indite, orchestrate, pen, poetize, score, scribble, script, set up, time, whip up, write, turn out, knock out, knock off, put down, note down, put pen to paper, coin a phrase, push pencil, set type.

conceive (verb)

brainstorm, cogitate, consider, develop, envisage, envision, fancy, feature, image, meditate, ponder, realize, ruminate, spark, speculate, spitball, trump up, visualize, Depicture, head trip, become pregnant.

concoct (verb)

brew, compound, hatch, mature, prefab, slap together, throw together, vamp, ad lib.

construct (verb)

build up, cobble up, constitute, elevate, engineer, erect, found, hammer out, manufacture, put out, put together, raise, rear, throw up, Uprear, put up, hoke up.

contemplate (verb)

chew over, deliberate, excogitate, expect, foresee, kick around, mull over, observe, percolate, size up, think of, weigh, Perpend, take in, aspire to, brood over, cool out, meditate on, muse over, reflect upon.

create (verb)

actualize, beget, coin, concoct, father, generate, initiate, institute, invest, occasion, parent, procreate, sire, spawn, start, bring to pass, bring into being, give birth to, bring into existence, cause to be, give life to.

depict (verb)

characterize, illustrate, interpret, limn, narrate, paint, portray, relate, report, represent, reproduce, sculpt, state.

design (verb)

accomplish, achieve, arrange, block out, cast, compose, construct, contemplate, contrive, cook up, create, delineate, describe, destine, devise, draft, draw, dream up, effect, execute, fabricate, fashion, frame, fulfill, invent, lay out, make, mind, originate, perform, prepare, produce, propose, set out, tailor, think up, trace, work out, make up, dope out, sketch out.

destine (verb)

consecrate, decree, dedicate, devote, doom, earmark, fate, foreordain, mark out, predestine, preform, preordain, reserve, doom to.

devise (verb)

get off, improvise, machinate, mastermind, play it by ear, come up with, ad-lib, fake it.

discover (verb)

ascertain, catch, come across, come upon, debunk, detect, dig up, discern, disclose, distinguish, elicit, espy, explore, ferret out, glimpse, hear, identify, learn, light upon, locate, look up, nose out, notice, perceive, pioneer, recognize, reveal, see, sense, smoke out, spot, turn up, unearth, get wind of, pick up on, bring to light, get wise to.

draft (verb)

adumbrate, rough, skeleton.

draw (verb)

caricature, crayon, depict, engrave, etch, express, pencil, profile.

drive at (verb)

get at, have in mind, imply, indicate, intimate, signify, allude to, refer to, hint at.

forge (verb)

copy, duplicate, falsify, feign, imitate, pirate, scratch, transcribe, phony up.

form (verb)

assemble, bring about, complete, consummate, cultivate, finish, perfect, work.

hatch (verb)

bear, breed, bring forth, brood, cause, engender, give birth, incubate, induce, provoke, work up, get up, lay eggs.

intend (verb)

add up, connote, denote, look forward, ordain, spell, think, set apart, figure on, be determined, set aside, be resolved, hope to.

invent (verb)

improve, inaugurate, jam, mint, toss off, off-the-cuff.

machinate (verb)

collude, connive, conspire, finagle, pull strings, wangle, play games.

maneuver (verb)

beguile, cheat, cook, doctor, exploit, fence, jockey, manipulate, move, navigate, operate, proceed, push around, put one over, rig, scam, sham, upstage, go around, con, leave holding the bag.

mean (verb)

fit, match, suit.

meditate (verb)

dream, moon, muse, puzzle over, reflect, revolve, roll, think over, track, entertain idea, put on thinking cap, say to oneself, think deeply.

model (verb)

base, carve.

paint (verb)

brush, coat, cover, daub, decorate, dye, fresco, gloss over, shade, slap on, slather, stipple, swab, tint, touch up, wash, cover up, catch a likeness, put on coats.

pattern (verb)

emulate, follow, trim.

plan (verb)

calculate, figure out, ready, rough in, bargain for, reckon on, fix to, have every intention, lay in provisions, make arrangements.

plot (verb)

lay, rough out.

produce (verb)

afford, blossom, bring out, come through, contribute, deliver, effectuate, fetch, furnish, give, give forth, multiply, offer, present, propagate, render, return, yield, show fruit.

program (verb)

bill, book, budget, compile, compute, edit, engage, enter, feed, itemize, list, poll, prearrange, prioritize, register, slate, lay on, pencil in, get on line.

project (verb)

extrapolate, predetermine, predict, vision.

purpose (verb)

commit, conclude, make up one's mind, pursue, work toward, bid for, have a mind to, have in view, think to, work for.

represent (verb)

body forth, enact, evoke, exhibit, suggest, run down, run through.

resolve (verb)

agree, analyze, anatomize, answer, break down, clear up, clinch, decipher, dissect, dissolve, elect, elucidate, fathom, lick, pan out, puzzle out, remain firm, solve, undertake, unfold, unravel, untangle, unzip, work through, deal with, take a stand, make a point of, pass upon.

sketch (verb)

chalk, Skeletonize.

systematize (verb)

dispose, marshal, pull together, rationalize, regulate, schematize, standardize, straighten up, systemize, tighten up, Methodize, make uniform.

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