Pronunciation of Deal
/d_ˈiː_l/, /dˈiːl/, /dˈiːl/

Antonyms for deal:

shortage, lay over, under stands, few, pittance, sur-mise, dissension, making the scene, receive, shot, scrape together, meagerness, forgathered, re-uniting, skimpiness, peanuts, making scene, in-gather, fragment, scrapes together, piled up, under stand, scared up, cling to, pinch, in-gathered, de-duce, piling up, stacks up, sur-mises, dash, collect, agree, ex tract, bunched up, made scene, pours in, join, gang up, dot, remit, re aped, ganging up, drop, piece, jot, take, sur mises, ingathers, undersupply, scraped together, whit, denial, make scene, refusal, retain, scantness, made the scene, draws in, closing with, forgathers, ace, misunderstanding, Massing, de duces, stacked up, re uniting, lack, ex-tracts, re-united, in gather, re-aping, insufficiency, closes with, scaring up, hint, scare up, scraping together, drawing in, conceal, mouthful, withhold, closed with, drew in, ingathered, deficit, re unite, portion, under-stood, deficiency, stacking up, unite, make the scene, modicum, scarceness, purchase, mismanage, makes scene, scantiness, de duce, combine, famine, consolidate, re unites, ex-tract, under stood, pour in, forgather, poverty, little, re united, scrap, taste, hold, gangs up, put over, stack up, dab, section, makes the scene, pouring in, re-aped, scarcity, re-unites, ganged up, in gathered, close with, inadequacy, re-unite, draw in, piles up, iota, forgathering, hang out, bunch up, paucity, defer, disagreement, in-gathering, need, want, sur mise, attach, under-stands, under standing, keep, Thronging, bunching up, gather, poured in, deny, ingather, bunches up, scares up, refuse, pile up, in gathering, de-duces, under-standing.

Usage examples for deal:

  • " What would be a great deal of money to me. - "The Duke's Children", Anthony Trollope.
  • Then you know a great deal! - "Dame Care", Hermann Sudermann.
  • No answer from Purdy, and a deal or two went by. - "Prairie Flowers", James B. Hendryx.

Idioms for deal:

Quotes for deal:

Rhymes for deal:

  • feel, eel, beall, squeal, peele, he'll, scheele, riel, neil, meal, shiel, spiel, seel, we'll, niel, heal, mele, teall, zeal, kiel, steel, she'll, neel, smeal, teale, zele, veal, steal, heel, diel, beil, teal, neill, beale, neall, neale, neal, deale, cele, seal, deel, teel, neile, steele, gilles, leal, keel, real, skeel, creel, weil, peale, peal, wheel, kneel, beal, peel, ciel, reel;
  • ideal, o'neill, lucille, emil, emile, nevil, repeal, puerile, brasil, camille, adriel, reveal, mcneil, macneal, savill, unseal, corneal, congeal, oneal, verrill, conceal, mcneill, unreal, anneal, macneill, reseal, morrill, shaquille, appeal, ferrill, cecile, mcneal, ordeal, surreal, lucile, o'neal, genteel, abele;
  • villarreal, averill;
  • automobile;

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