Pronunciation of Decent
/d_ˈiː_s_ə_n_t/, /dˈiːsənt/, /dˈiːsənt/

Antonyms for decent:

fallen, demoralized, heavenly, exquisite, capital, preeminent, terrific, defiled, marvelous, useless, venal, nifty, wonderful, unsophisticated, tainted, debauched, casual, matchless, top-notch, extreme, unchaste, dissolute, immoral, banned, peerless, jim-dandy, cheap, lacking, inferior, barred, dandy, divine, unreasonable, supernal, depraved, proscribed, exceptional, top, grungy, untrustworthy, inadequate, sensational, first-rate, A1, unscrupulous, libertine, spotted, classic, swell, groovy, prime, grand, improperly, shabby, Interdicted, unjust, lamentable, banner, fabulous, scoundrelly, evil-minded, corrupt, unclean, noble, decadent, blamable, loose, culpable, imperfect, miserly, poor, seedy, ungraceful, unendurable, rascally, disagreeable, unmatched, unparalleled, unbearable, fine, reprobate, high-grade, splendid, Misbehaving, gauche, maximized, disobliging, optimum, roguish, intolerable, great, degenerate, unsurpassed, niggardly, incompetent, maximum, forbidden, fancy, sterling, insufferable, first class, stained, faulty, keen, profligate, scanty, discourteous, unsuited, awkward, stingy, debased, improper, atrocious, tip-top, unrespectable, crackerjack, superior, defective, short, knavish, outlawed, insufficient, sullied, blackguardly, optimal, superb, boss, unprincipled, unaccommodating, unkind, tacky, special, ungenerous, unreliable, erring, pitiful, stellar, spare, dissipated, skimpy, mean, incomplete, premium, incorrect, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, unfit, unfair, neat, blameworthy, prohibited, unrefined, soiled, unsuitable, Dissatisfying, indecent, inappropriate, rude, superlative, unworthy, tarnished, bad, degraded, tasteless, meager, blemished, supreme, par excellence, perverted, informal.

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