Pronunciation of Declare
/d_ɪ_k_l_ˈeə/, /dɪklˈe͡ə/, /dɪklˈe‍ə/

Antonyms for declare:

pro mise, pro positioning, counterfeit, puts two cents, in sinuated, crossed mind, gives tip, re-presents, re present, de noted, pointing direction of, in-sinuates, giving tip, obscure, pro posing, puts on to something, put in two cents, pro-pose, twist, negative, putting forward, re commending, propones, being sign of, gave a tip, puts on something, cover, understate, leading believe, ignore, rebut, be a sign of, distort, putting two cents, revoke, crossed the mind, pro-pones, tipped off, putting in mind of, proponing, being a sign of, pro posed, deny, puts to something, puts in two cents, put two cents, de notes, were sign of, in-sinuating, de-note, pro-posing, retreat, in sinuating, occlude, am sign of, suppress, pro positioned, suggest, were a sign of, pro-pone, pro-positions, proponed, veto, contradict, putting to something, gives a tip, disprove, disclaim, reject, mask, puts something, tips off, abandon, leads to believe, pro pones, is a sign of, keep, re-commended, am a sign of, Propone, in sinuate, giving a tip, are sign of, re-commend, disregard, forget, challenge, puts forward, fail, pro mises, pro pose, re commended, counter, crossing the mind, hush, re commends, put in mind of, re-presenting, cross mind, pointing in direction of, crosses mind, wast sign of, pointed direction of, point in direction of, pro pounding, pro-pounds, in sinuates, putting something, recall, pro-pound, are a sign of, re-presented, crossing mind, pro-mises, art sign of, re presenting, question, misrepresent, pro pounded, re-commending, disguise, putting on something, point direction of, wast a sign of, pro positions, put mind of, Re-present, retract, leading to believe, led believe, dispute, was a sign of, put to something, confuse, tip off, confute, hide, points direction of, disavow, whitewash, pro-pounded, pro-positioning, give tip, put something, neglect, repudiate, cross the mind, is sign of, overlook, wert a sign of, belie, lead to believe, refuse, putting in two cents, secrete, oppose, in-sinuate, putting on to something, re presents, put forward, de-noted, take, varnish, gloss, conceal, de-notes, re commend, gave tip, falsify, minimize, leads believe, art a sign of, be sign of, gild, pro pone, re-commends, renounce, garble, pro-pounding, mumble, re presented, de noting, puts in mind of, withhold, points in direction of, de note, camouflage, put on something, wert sign of, crosses the mind, lead believe, de-noting, tipping off, was sign of, silence, give a tip, pro-mise, puts mind of, put on to something, putting mind of, pro position, pro pounds, veil, led to believe, disown, pro-positioned.

Usage examples for declare:

  • I declare you make me feel quite afraid." - "The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons", Jacques Casanova de Seingalt.
  • As her husband is silent, I declare myself her knight, and I will not suffer her to be injured by word or look. - "Old Fritz and the New Era", Louise Muhlbach.
  • But nothing shall come of it, I solemnly declare. - "The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood", Arthur Griffiths.

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