Pronunciation of Dehydrate
/dˌiːha͡ɪdɹˈe͡ɪt/, /dˌiːha‍ɪdɹˈe‍ɪt/, /d_ˌiː_h_aɪ_d_ɹ_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for dehydrate

bubbling over, in spiring, over-flown, regenerate, passed through, energize, charge, sub merging, over-whelming, dost the laundry, de-luging, waterlogging, Starched, enliven, does laundry, rekindle, be sprinkles, Besprinkling, reanimate, squenching, overfill, clean up, humidifying, souse, in-filtrates, pre-serves, in spire, in-stilling, macerate, over fills, imbathing, in-fusing, sub-merges, kindle, humidify, invigorate, diffuses, Whelmed, be spattering, over-flowing, breathes into, in vest, intro duce, pro created, over spread, sop, over whelm, taking shower, falls over, doth the dishes, re producing, overfilling, dip, over brimming, over-whelmed, Overtopping, douches, taking a bath, whip, over-fill, imbrues, reawaken, weaklinged, co loring, doeth dishes, renew, bedew, in spired, re-produce, provoke, Ladled, electrify, plashes, pour into, inter-fused, re-producing, be dews, took bath, emaciate, gat wet, rehydrate, HOSED, permeate, in vests, moisturizes, bespattered, pour in to, doest the laundry, over-brimming, milksopped, recharge, trans-fuses, pouring into, over spreads, marinade, doest the dishes, vivify, stimulate, in-vested, be-sprinkle, imbathed, Overtopped, overbrimming, plash, be-spatter, interfused, resuscitate, freshed up, doeth the dishes, intro-duce, Interfuse, Damping, rejuvenate, Tubbed, embolden, be spatters, brining, spark, in stilling, in undated, over-run, breathe in to, inter-fuse, blowing out, breathing in to, fell over, over flowed, trans-fuse, in-stilled, be dew, deluge, ferment, wash up, squenched, over brims, hosing, douche, Overbrim, Whelming, Ladling, over whelming, dis charges, gets wet, inter-fusing, be-spattering, submerse, be-dew, rinse, pro-create, does the dishes, pro-created, be-dewing, pre serve, trans fused, doeth laundry, besprinkles, cheer, re produces, cleaned up, in-grained, over-tops, be-dews, re-produced, dost the dishes, imbathes, diffusing, co-oking, freshes up, get wet, bespatters, pro duces, overfilled, de-luge, in-filtrate, fire, abet, galvanize, Besprinkled, in-spires, did the dishes, Welling, squenches, spilled over, did the laundry, pour on, taking a shower, over-brims, runs over, pre serving, overbrims, doing laundry, de-luged, douched, buoy, falling over, be-spattered, infuse, be-sprinkles, Bedewing, co oking, intro duces, trans fuse, didst the laundry, breathed into, pro create, overflow, in stilled, doest laundry, in-fused, poured into, hearten, pours on, over topped, blew out, splatter, pass through, Soaped, salted, over flown, bespatter, resurrect, de luge, de luged, Starching, imbrued, pours in to, be sprinkling, re-produces, in vested, wet, didst laundry, breathed in to, shampoo, took a bath, doeth the laundry, does the laundry, over-brimmed, breathes in to, diffused, whelms, pro duce, over flows, bubbles over, does dishes, over whelmed, humidifies, marinading, moisturized, dis charge, drench, run over, sub-merging, inter fuses, trigger, besprinkle, pro-creating, do the dishes, in filtrating, freshening up, Imbathe, got wet, over-fills, getting wet, freshens up, over-filling, soak, did dishes, Bailing, in-spiring, rained on, Retting, dunk, fresh up, breathing into, overbrimmed, bedewed, dampen, interfusing, moisturize, dis-charged, spill over, SOG, immerse, intro-duces, marinaded, ret, co oked, pre serves, be spattered, incite, overtops, cleaning up, trans fuses, steep, Shampooing, do laundry, fall over, in fuses, damp, reactivate, ran over, douse, brace, hydrate, in-grains, waterlog, did laundry, over-flows, spills over, in spires, take a bath, co-loring, de luges, over brimmed, over flowing, inter-fuses, lade, Bespattering, retted, cleans up, sub-merge, in-spired, overfills, imbruing, over-filled, sluicing, Douching, over brim, weaklinging, takes bath, squench, arouse, pours into, Irrupted, pro-creates, Damped, soddened, be dewing, passes through, marinades, irrupts, overspread, pre-serving, in-grain, be dewed, moisten, be-spatters, in fused, raining on, in-vests, blows out, rouse, over-runs, brew, in-spire, sub merges, wells over, RETS, doing dishes, SOGS, over tops, take a shower, suffuse, pouring in to, Welled, pre served, pouring on, dis-charge, in-fuse, imbrue, in grain, over topping, lave, water, doing the dishes, over runs, dis charged, saturate, impregnate, dis-charging, wash, trans fusing, boost, instigate, gotten wet, over-flowed, de-luges, trans-fused, humidified, waterlogs, refresh, in-undated, Sluiced, bathe, in-vest, inter fuse, over filling, de luging, over-whelm, excite, Bailed, over-spreads, doth laundry, blow out, over-whelms, spilling over, quicken, over-flow, poured in to, doth the laundry, over filled, sub-merged, Tubbing, didst dishes, over whelms, moisturizing, over-topping, pro creates, doest dishes, in fusing, swamp, fortify, overtop, irrupting, be sprinkled, in filtrate, washed up, Emaciating, pro-duces, over fill, running over, re produced, irrupt, bedews, rains on, do dishes, Shampooed, spilt over, dost dishes, takes a shower, takes shower, over running, be-dewed, over flow, pre-served, DAMPS, trans-fusing, over-brim, inspire, dis charging, be spatter, inter fused, in graining, sogging, brined, in-filtrating, in-vesting, didst the dishes, took a shower, be-sprinkled, take bath, poured on, Reawake, foment, pickle, flood, Soaping, co-oked, washing up, doing the laundry, overspreading, dost laundry, swash, freshing up, revitalize, soddens, bubbled over, dis-charges, in filtrated, pro creating, inflame, vitalize, be-sprinkling, passing through, rain on, whelm, bubble over, be sprinkle, over-spreading, stir, soddening, Plashing, breathe into, doth dishes, lift, revive, in-graining.