Pronunciation of Demur
/d_ɪ_m_ˈɜː/, /dɪmˈɜː/, /dɪmˈɜː/

Antonyms for demur

thumbsed up, don't rock the boat, takes up on, gave nod, dont rock the boat, giving the nod, giving goahead, give go ahead, signing off on, don't rock boat, assent, make a deal, commend, acceptance, rubberstamping, Tolerated, re cognizing, play the game, take one on, gave the go ahead, fit in, holds with, defers to, yields to, sub scribing, throwing the towel, makes a deal, lives with, defer to, giving stamp approval, re cognized, gives go ahead, gives stamp approval, throw towel, coincide, give go-ahead, support, folding, agreement, giving the green light, all owed, accede, giving the go-ahead, thumbsing up, go along with, gave the go-ahead, throw the towel, sit still for, give the go ahead, submit to, yesses, said yes, all-owed, gives go-ahead, gave stamp approval, go along, gives stamp of approval, says yes, re spects, gave go-ahead, rolling over and play dead, takes one on, give goahead, concur with, giving nod, takes stock in, yessed, sub-scribes, play game, give up, approval, gave green light, re-spect, caves in, take upon, co-operates, was game for, saying yes, threw towel, wast game for, deferring to, fitting in, surrender, sub-scribing, took up on, took as gospel truth, rubber-stamped, give the nod, caving in, gives the green light, suffer, cooperating with, setting store by, take up on, submits to, said uncle, holding with, gave go ahead, under take, co-operate, is game for, gives goahead, willingness, help, lapped up, rubberstamp, under-taken, re cognize, are game for, dont rock boat, gave goahead, lived with, harmonize, makes deal, rolled over play dead, roll over play dead, throwing towel, enter in to, sitting still for, sub scribed, takes as gospel truth, approve, cave in, took upon, dont make waves, co operate, threw the towel, live with, throws in towel, fitted in, gives the go ahead, giving stamp of approval, rolls over play dead, concurring with, admit, playing the game, art game for, thumbses up, tolerates, rubber stamped, took one up on, throws in the towel, rolls over, threw in the towel, yield to, re-cognized, deferred to, takes upon, sate still for, give nod, co operating, under taken, throws towel, gives green light, throw in towel, signing on, sub scribe, took stock in, sub-scribed, accept, laps up, permit, say yes, threw in towel, all owing, cooperated with, concur, throwing in towel, says uncle, gave the goahead, gives the go-ahead, take stock in, rubber-stamping, give in, gives the goahead, agree, co-operating, re-cognizes, under-takes, making a deal, be game for, taking up on, rubber-stamps, rolled over and play dead, rolling over, under took, under takes, concurred with, giving the goahead, consent, set store by, re-cognize, acquiescence, takes one upon, re spect, concurs with, giving go ahead, lapping up, being game for, re-cognizing, saying uncle, give the go-ahead, embrace, signed off on, Tolerating, yeses, rolling over play dead, held with, cooperates with, under-taking, rubberstamps, believe, give the goahead, takes one up on, plays the game, playing game, under taking, signs on, give green light, take one up on, were game for, giving go-ahead, plays game, lap up, taking one upon, taking as gospel truth, sub scribes, took one on, obedience, took one upon, yielding to, caved in, taking one on, aid, endorse, taking stock in, make deal, signs off on, re-spects, giving the go ahead, sat still for, don't make waves, rolled over, played the game, gave the green light, say uncle, comply, give the green light, made deal, sanction, compliance, roll over and play dead, played game, hold with, praise, wert game for, co operated, submitting to, throws the towel, sits still for, fits in, made a deal, yielded to, submitted to, sets store by, acquiesce, cooperate with, throw in the towel, rubberstamped, living with, co operates, rolls over and play dead, taking upon, re cognizes, co-operated, gives the nod, give stamp approval, taking one up on, all-owing, giving green light.

Usage examples for demur

  1. After some demur, it was opened, and we entered. – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr
  2. The great man received his demur without surprise. – Masterman and Son by W. J. Dawson
  3. Then I stayed about half an hour, not longer, for Aunt Ursula, though kind enough, seemed absent- minded, or rather, wrapped in her own thoughts, and when I said I'd be going, she made no demur, and I went. – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells

Idioms for demur

  1. demur at sth;

Rhymes for demur